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Clarke sat on the countertop of the caravan with the razor in hand. The five year old scooted up closer and steadied herself. She put her little hands on her mother's face and began to shave away the beard. She had begged her mother to let her try it out. At first Abby was hesitant, but she didn’t see the harm.

Her daughter was a gentle kind soul, and knew that she just wanted to find a way to be helpful.

“Done !” the young blonde announced.

Abby smiled, “Thank you, honey.”

“You’re welcome, Mama.” the little girl leaned in and gave her mother a hug.

“Go on, and check on everyone else, okay ?”

The little girl nodded, leapt off the countertop, and ran out the caravan.

 “Good morning, Pepper !” Clarke gave the pinhead a hug.

“Clarke !” Pepper exclaimed.

The blonde chuckled. She headed to the dining room for breakfast where the other freaks were. Pepper waddled in front of her. This was the life she was born into. The only one she had ever known.

Upon arrival, Elsa was standing at the head of the table with Madi in her arms. The little girl was quite short in stature but she didn’t mind because her feet hardly touched the floor; someone was carrying her almost all the time. Clarke had to admit sometimes she was jealous, she set her feelings aside. Madi was a five year old for christs sakes. Soon, Raven tapped her back.

“A little help here ?”

“Shit.” Clarke picked the girl up, and sat her down on the empty spot next to her. “You good now, Rae ?”

“Yep, thanks, Crabby.”

“I won’t hesitate.”

Raven chuckled, “Hey, with all this carrying myself around, I think I can take you. Look at these guns.”

The latina flexed her well-toned arms. Clarke shook her head and chuckled at her friend. Elsa made a few loud bangs on the table to get everyone’s attention.

“Well good morning, my little monsters.”

Everyone smiled and allowed themselves a few cheers. She looked around at everyone in confusion.

“Where’s Jasper ?” she sighed slightly annoyed.

“I’ll get him.” Clarke volunteered.

The blonde got up, and left the tent. She had made it outside to the abundance of tents. She looked for the white and blue striped one. She didn’t bother announcing herself. The blonde entered the tent.

It reeked of liquor. Jasper however was sprawled on his bed quietly crying.


“Save your breath, Clarke.”

“I am, I’ve explained to you everyday that Maya leaving wasn’t because of you.” Clarke said. “At this point you should move on.”

Jasper sighed and wiped his tears off on a nearby pillow.

“Help a man up, then.”

Clarke did so.

“Do you want a shirt or something before we go to breakfast ? It’s a bit chilly outside.”


Clarke noticed the agitation in his voice, but she ignored, and helped him out with a shirt.


“Jasper ?”

“Hmm ?”

“What would you want to do if you had arms ?”

Abby gave Clarke a light slap and a glare.

“I dunno, maybe a lot of things.” the boy answered. “But then I’d be the same as everyone else, and that’d be boring.”

Clarke nodded in agreement.

“What about you, Clarke ?” Jasper asked. “What would you do if you had regular hands ?”

“I would-- well I don’t know…” Clarke looked up and furrowed her brows. “Maybe I’d draw more, and better, because I would finally be able to hold a pencil right.”


“Come on, Jasper.” Clarke skipped and hopped next to him. “Lighten up.”

The 18 year old was only agitated. Finally, they arrived to breakfast.

“Is he still on that ?” Raven asked as Clarke sat back down next to her.

Clarke nodded, “But I mean they were together for so long and well...”

At this point everyone was eating. Elsa fed Madi and cooed at her.

“God, I miss when that was me.” Raven said under her breath.

“Raven, leave her be she’s little.”

“I know you’re thinking it too.”

Elsa once again caught the family’s attention.

“Alright everyone, now that all of you are here, I’d like to let you know that we will have new additions to this family. Twins .”

Everyone’s eyebrows raised.

“I will be gone this afternoon to collect them.” She added. “Now, I ask that you be polite and friendly to your new siblings as we have been to you.”

Clarke looked back at Raven.

“I wonder what makes them freaks.”

Raven shrugged.

“You wanna go out later or something ?”

“And do what ?” Raven asked.

“I dunno maybe go fish at the river on the edge of camp.”

“I’ll pass, I gotta go build some more props.”

Clarke sighed.


“Yes ?”

“I’m leaving you in charge of Madi.”

Raven quietly snickered.

“Fuck.” Clarke covered her mouth.

Elsa set the little girl on the table. Madi walked over to Clarke and smiled. The blonde could only smile back. After breakfast everyone was free to do whatever they wanted, as long as they stayed within camp boundaries.

“Where are we going ?” Madi asked.


The girl sat on Clarke’s bed as the blonde gathered supplies.


Clarke bent down, and allowed Madi to climb onto her shoulders. To be honest, Clarke was grateful that there was a young person at the freakshow, Madi made sure everyone was in high spirits. Clarke made a few stops to collect Jasper, and Pepper from their tents.

“Hold it like this, alright ?” Clarke instructed Pepper.

The brunette excitedly nodded.

“Now stay still and quiet or else we won’t catch anything, okay ?”

“Okay.” Pepper said.

Jasper laid down on the plaid tablecloth and was taking a nap. Clarke just let him. The blonde sat next to Pepper. Madi was quietly braiding Clarke’s hair.

“You’re hair colour is cool, Clarke.” Madi said. “But I don’t think it makes you a freak.”

“It doesn’t, Madi.” Clarke explained. “This does.”

She lifted her hand to show Madi. Clarke’s pointer, and middle finger were fused together, and her ring, and pinky were separately fused together. She had this on both hands.

“Oh.” Madi said quietly. “But I didn’t notice till now.”

“Oh I caught something !” Pepper announced.

“Good job, Pepper.” Clarke helped bring up the fishing line.

Pepper did in fact catch a fish.

“It’s gonna taste good !”

“I know, right.”

Clarke put the fish in the bucket, and put another worm on the hook. Pepper immediately threw the line in.

“Damn, y'all are so loud.” Jasper groaned.

The fish flopping around the bucket next to his head was becoming slightly annoying.

“For christs sake !”

“Don’t. You. Fucking. Kick. It.” Clarke warned.

After a while, Jasper simmered down. Madi later curled up on a corner of the tablecloth next to Jasper.

“Don’t you guys get tired here sometimes ?”

“Not really. Not when I think about how the rest of the world treats us.”

“What’s it like, Clarke ?”

“Maybe I’ll show you when we’re allowed off camp.”

Madi smiled. There was faint thumping on the ground.

“They're here.” Raven said.

They looked back excitedly.

“Pepper, take Madi.”

She did so. Madi and Pepper giggled excitedly.

“Wow, you really weren’t joking about having strong arms.”

“Clarke, I rarely joke when it comes to me.” she scoffed.

Clarke left their things there, woke up Jasper, and picked up Raven.

“Pick up the pace, Griffin !”

Clarke chuckled.

“In Elsa’s tent !” Raven said.

Clarke went in and nearly bumped into Pepper.

“Sorry.” Clarke whispered.

Clarke knew that they were in fact freaks . There were two heads on one body. Madi and Pepper practically clung to each other.

“Monsters, this is Bellamy…” Elsa pointed at the head on the right, then she pointed to the one on the left. “and Octavia.”

Clarke sheepishly smiled politely at them.