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Diviners of Runawynd

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It's amazing to me. How it can take some people their entire lifetimes to figure it out. Sure, some people understand things sooner than others. Some might learn from experiences they've had or people they've met. And there are some people that might never get it.

But for me, those fifteen minutes was all it took. Like most things that happen, I can rarely explain the why. But as the Diviner of Fate, I can tell you this; what happens, happens regardless.

I remember watching him for the first time. I saw a man, sipping tea in his favorite chair, just watching things as they happened through a glass window. Always smiling, that man.

I'll admit, he confused me then, and he confuses me now.

But before that day, I never really enjoyed my own cup of tea. I'm not sure if he knows, but on that day, he definitely woke me up and snapped me out of something horrible.

I'm now alive and awakened, thanks to that man by the window.

"So what do you think of Garrick? Isn't he darling?" The supreme god, Keiran, inquired sweetly to the Diviner of Karma.

Quietly, Sylas watched his superior "at work"; more or less, attempting a recently-acquired hobby: number puzzles. Before answering the question brought before him, the man paused to collect his thoughts. While he did so, his eyes remained fixed to Keiran's hands, which were hesitantly yet gracefully moving across the notebook; every once and a while, etching down a number or two.

Sylas then spoke, "I think he's a little uptight at this point. Takes his job too seriously. ...Or maybe he stresses too much. He's dense and close-minded, I believe. But he is still fairly new here, so maybe he's just feeling uncertain."

"As always, honesty is your strong point. I think you've analyzed him quite spot-on." With a faint smile of adoration, Keiran added, "Except for a few things. He's serious, but in his own way… A different sort of serious than yours."

"…?" Sylas welcomed a further explanation – one that never came.

Predictably, the taller man switched topics towards his own interest. "Would you be a dear and get my bath ready? And some sweets, if you have the time. I'm planning on talking with Garrick tonight. Just me and him. You know… a one-on-one, man-to-man thing. You see?" Ever-suggestively, the redhead chuckled.

For a wavering moment, Sylas was hesitant to respond to the orders. Perhaps because a puzzle was brought before him, causing him to think before taking action.

Keiran turned his attention back towards his own riddles, frowned, and then shut the book. Perhaps he, too, was frustrated with his puzzle?

Without moving his eyes, the supreme god continued, "His thoughts are just reeking of wanting to get something off his chest, you know? I'm sure you've heard them, too...?"

"Y-Yes, of course." Keiran… What a strangely generous person.

I hate Keiran, that self-centered mook.

The newly-recruited Diviner of Fate, Garrick, sat frustrated at his desk. Although attempting to concentrate on his work with full-force, his attention was hypocritically devoted on his superior, Keiran - that ever-nagging thought in his mind.

He's so laidback about everything… He alone is responsible for the world he's created, yet… Argh, it's just so frustrating!

A curt knock on the door abruptly awoke the daydreaming worker. In stepped Sylas, who greeting Garrick with a nod, then stated his business, "Keiran would like to meet with you tonight over tea."

"Tonight? As in, a few hours?" The evermore frustrated man gestured towards his workload. "I have so much I need to- Tch, very well."

After receiving the answer, Sylas gave him one last look before exiting the room. One which Garrick interpreted to be cold and unsympathetic.

Then again, I guess that's how everyone here is. Heartless. I hate this. I hate Keiran.

Reacquainted once again with his workload, Garrick wholly immersed himself. Yet all the while, his thoughts remained stuck to Keiran like skin to hot leather. Discomforting.

Although he harbored much remorse for his leader, another new (yet all-too familiar) feeling took root - loneliness. After all, as the Diviner of Fate, he deemed responsible for judging (and if need be, carry out) the fates of human lives. Such a burden seemed trifling at times, unbearable as of late, yet lonely moreover.

Garrick listened to the empty sounds of a clock ticking, the wind picking up outside, and the footsteps of his former intruder pacing the hallway to make the needed preparations for his master. Quietly, the man scoffed. Such a noble little dog, that one. Serving that idiotic lord of his with no questions asked. What a joke.

The man checked his clock. Two hours to go. For the first time that day, Garrick actually noticed himself heave a sigh. Surely, he'd done so many times previous without being aware of it...?

Unhappy with his distracted state of mind, Garrick shook his head hard, heaved in another breath of air, and took his pen more firmly in his hands. On any other day, these small actions may have been all that was required to bring him back into a working mood. But alas, today was different; a known something - or perhaps someone - vexed his mind.

As his pen movements had ceased, his mind moved on. When one first joins this godly society at Runawynd, your past name is left behind. As in, Keiran "bestows a new name, therefore new life upon you." It's kind of like a reincarnation ritual of sorts. By getting rid of your previous name, it symbolizes supposedly getting rid of your previous life.

His head unintentionally lowered upon such past recollections. Momentarily, his blue eyes stared blankly into the half-finished document beneath him while a thick drowsiness began overtaking him. Not that I have any major complaints with it. My previous name wasn't all that precious to me, anyway.

After the unwanted topic was dropped, the scratching pen commenced. And for perhaps the first time within that hour, Garrick was able to reclaim his peace of mind. He finished sheet by sheet collecting bits of information from various mortals, for whom he would grant either happiness or unhappiness, depending on Sylas' reports.

For a brief moment, that lonely man wondered what his own "karma report" would look like. What did he deserve, truly…? A life of solitude, working under a selfish, cold man? A life of monotony, never stopping to take in the world's beauteous opportunities?

But I'm working now and can't be stopped by thinking. Because thinking is… unprofessional.

Sitting calmly, sipping tea. The way of Keiran had always been so simple. He greeted his guest with a soft smile, then offered him a cup of his own, to which Garrick declined.

"Fine. Don't accept my lovely offer." Keiran hinted dramatically. "He who hesitates is lost, as they say."

Silence overtook the room moments after Garrick had entered. Smiling, the observant superior chose to remain wordless as if waiting for the other to speak first. Such a discomforting silence drove Garrick into a corner when at last he chose to speak.

"Why are you always so laid-back about everything?" He finally snapped at his superior, who merely smiled a charming response. It seemed to the distressed Garrick that Keiran found everything he did to be amusing. Which, naturally, only annoyed him further.

"We're practically gods, no? The people of earth are almost no less, believe it or not. As I watch them, I notice certain life patterns. Some continue their lives merely living… as you feel, I'm sure." He added with a knowing chuckle. "You sure you don't want some tea?"

Per usual, Garrick inwardly rated the significance in his words. I have no idea what he's getting at. And why change the subject? "No, I really don't want any."

"So, you won't sit down and talk over a cup of tea with me?"

Garrick's wild eyes remained locked on suave Keiran's. With a sense there was more talking to be done, the man sat on the nearest chair, across from his superior, and listened half-heartedly to his commander's speech.

As Keiran hospitably reached for the second teacup across the table, Garrick quipped, "I'll sit, but I won't drink."

With a shrug, the man proceeded, "But you know, truly living is a gift. A gift I - we - give them. They live as they like, I watch them do as they please in a 'live and let live' sense, but in the end, we're still here to judge them when their time comes."

Garrick couldn't supress a cynical laugh, "Kah hah, I hate how you say 'we'. I'm the one working for these people. I have a lot of responsibility and have things to do. You have no idea how hard this is! And I do all of this alone! You just sit back and watch! Nothing you say makes any sense, and I don't…" A red hue grew around his manly features, quickly regretting his sudden outburst. "I don't get you."

Why am I being so honest with him? I shouldn't be talking like this - I need to be professional… Unemotional. But now, I just can't hold it in anymore… And I'm sure he wouldn't let me leave without spilling everything anyway.

"Why do you choose to work alone? You need to have some faith in me. After all, I'm the one who keeps everything ticking." Keiran stood from his seat, abandoning his warm teacup to walk around Garrick's tense form. "I could… take all this away for you. End your work; end the world. Destroy humanity. Is this what you want?" He added, suggestively.

Garrick sat motionless and speechless. Trying to seem unmoved by the others' startling words, he avoided any and all eye-contact for fear that Keiran would read into him. Which might have already occurred, knowing the ruler of Runawynd.

"I love how you're so human-like… It's your unpredictability – among other things - that makes you so attractive, beloved Garrick of mine…"

Unintentionally, the blush across the blond's face crept into a searing heat across his body. This act of his is getting way too repetitive. "If we're done here, I'm leaving."

"Do as you please." Keiran stated simply, then gestured once more to the teacup. "But won't you try some tea before leaving?"

"Don't want any."

"Have you ever even tried it? Or have you no time for tea, is that it?"

Garrick said nothing, but from the corner of his eye, he watched his superior's tall figure stride towards his favored, lavish window. All the while sipping his tea, he lazily rested his body against the frame, brown eyes hazed through the glass.

Although he was permitted to leave, something kept Garrick stuck in that one place. His troubled mind and body felt foggy and tired; a great relief stretching over him. The formerly-hasty man lifted his eyes. He had never really spent time with his superior, yet the thought never really crossed his mind before.

I sat on my chair and watched HIM this time. There wasn't much to the imagery, actually. It was just one guy, taking a look at an entire world below him – just standing there and watching.

In a blinded moment, Garrick became fascinated. "What is it that you do here anyway?" He asked, his prior hostility slowly melting away. "All I ever see you do is sit and watch the people down there."

"Garrick, my dear. Everyone has their share of problems and workloads, I assure you." Keiran gave a graceful turn then gestured a welcoming hand towards the window, "But rather than me try to explain things to you - because we can both see how well that's going - would you rather just take a look yourself?"

The man hesitated - afraid at first, but curious all the same. Slowly, he started to rise from his seat.

Garrick's eyes adjusted to a vast plane of land, water, and a sunset that nearly took his breath away. There were various horizons in the sky, the clouds (a bubbly speculation of unpredictable patterns) left a indefinite trail before him, and even the glimmering sun and earth, too, met and traveled onward together.

On the land, there were people full of life, with each location offering its own variety of color and architecture. From structured cultivation to compact, towering cities, there were things that were familiar and things that were unrecognizable to the beholding, sheltered man. Cars and unknown objects glinted and sparkled under certain inspections of the beautiful sunlight that stretched beyond the horizon.

He saw grand and lesser bodies of water, and in them, as well, there was life. Garrick marveled that, however small they appeared, the lakes gleamed like pools of gold gems in the light. Looking closer, he watched the oceans shake like foil against the wind, and he watched small objects dart across the calmer waters like water-based meteors.

Looking out that window, Garrick could see people each with their own purposes and inspirations. Roads connected, roads strayed, but altogether, they made up parts of a whole world that functioned and all of nature in perfect harmony. The beauty was blinding, the earth was beautiful, and each person seemed to have something to hold onto that made their living worth while. To Garrick, it was thought-provoking. It made him think.

I can't explain what happened. But what happened, happened. As it was probably intended from my beginning. Being the Diviner of Fate, you'd think I would've figured that out sooner.

"My goodness, I realize I've been rambling quite a bit! I sincerely apologize, love! But hopefully, my dearest Garrick, this talk did you some good. Now," Keiran returned to his seat, retrieving Garrick's unused, neglected, empty teacup, and held it up along with the small teapot, and asked once more, "Won't you join me for tea?"

For some people, it takes a long time to figure that stuff out. Some people are unfortunate enough to never get it. But for me, that fifteen minutes was all it took.

And by the way, guess who had his first cup of tea that day? It was bitter as hell could be at first, but after those first couple sips, it wasn't all that bad.