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Incorrect Fantastic Beasts Quotes

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Tina: That's for trying to murder the love of my life!

Newt: I'm the love of your life?

Tina: I don't know, I'm still mad at you! 

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Newt (Writing his will): There.

Tina (Reading it): I leave everything to my lovely wife Tina and my beasts.

Tina: What about your children?

Newt: It says here, all my beasts.

Tina: Your human children.

Newt: Oh. Yes, them. I definitely did not forget about them.

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Newt: Okay, yeah, I love Tina. I have loving feelings for Tina. But does that mean I'm in love with her? No-

Newt: Oh my goodness...I'm in love with Tina.

Newt, to Queenie and Jacob: Why didn't you guys tell me?

Jacob: We thought you knew!

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Tina: Okay, if you've got any questions, just ask.

Newt: If a niffler and an occamy had a fight, who would win?

Tina: If you've got any relevant question, just ask.

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Tina: I'm a little overwhelmed.

Newt: You're overwhelmed, Jacob was underwhelmed. Why isn't anyone just whelmed?

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Dumbledore: Good response to being cursed? 

Newt: Rude.

Theseus: That's fair.

Tina: Not again.

Queenie: Are you going to want me to do it back?

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Tina: As they say, new year, new me.

Newt: New year, more beasts.

Tina: Newt, I-

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Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

--Gellert Grindelwald

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Jacob: Who would win in a duel between Newt and Queenie?

Tina: I can't answer that, Newt's my partner.

Jacob: So, Queenie?

Tina: Yeah.

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Theseus: You need a hobby.

Newt: I have a hobby.

Theseus: Staring at Tina's face isn't a hobby.

Newt: You're right. It's a profession and I excel at my job.

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Newt: -nudges Tina awake-

Tina: What's wrong?

Newt: Hey, do you like me?

Tina: Newt, I married you.

Newt: Yes, but did you marry me as a friend or, like, as a husband? Unclear. 

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Being normal is vastly overrated.

--Newt Scamander

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Newt: I have cat-like reflexes.

Jacob: Prove it.

Newt: -sees a cat-

Newt: I like that cat.

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Newt: Top reasons for us getting married?

Tina: Firmly saying, "That's my husband!" before knocking someone out in one punch.


Tina: And love.

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