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Incorrect Fantastic Beasts Quotes

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Newt: Even the babies are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, so I built this case to keep him secure so there is no possible way-

Baby Nundu: -escapes-

Newt: Oh my goodness.

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Tina: Hi

Newt: Okay...

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Dumbledore: I thought I told you not to follow me, Mr. Scamander.

Theseus: Yes, well I took a lesson from Newt and decided not to follow orders.

Newt: Hey!

Source: Star Wars: Clone Wars


Jacob: I'll take of this, Newt. You go find your girlfriend. -runs off-

Newt: Right. -turns to leave-

Newt: -turns back- No, Jacob! She's not my-!

Source: Star Wars: Clone Wars


Newt: Happy Christmas!

Jacob: Merry Chris- wait, did you just say happy Christmas?

Newt: Did you just say Merry Christmas?

Jacob: That's not right! You Brits have it wrong.

Newt: No, we're normal. You Americans have it wrong.

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Tina: You got them a reasonable gift, right?

Newt: -slides box with holes in the lid away slowly- Yes. Of course. Obviously. 

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Newt: Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and getting hit by a broomstick. 

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Tina: I can't even. I don't know whether to laugh or yell.

Queenie: Don't limit yourself. Do both. 

Source: Trials of Apollo


Newt: -reveals withheld detail-

Tina: That's quite a detail.

Newt: I should've told you.

Tina: Um, yeah. Still...if I'm being honest? In your position, I might've done the same thing.

Newt: Dies that mean you're not mad?

Tina: I'm furious.

Newt: Oh.

Tina: Furious, but also empathetic.

Newt: Right.

-they smile awkwardly at each other-

Source: Trials of Apollo


Newt: Are we friends again? 

Jacob: No...


Jacob: ...we're brothers.

Newt: That was terrifying, don't pause like that!

Source: B99


Newt: In light of what you did for me, you can hug for four to five seconds.

Theseus: Forty-Five seconds!?

Newt: No! Four to Five!

Theseus: :D

Source: Modern Family


Newt: -does something cute-

Tina: I don't care.

Narrator: But Tina Goldstein did care.

Source: Arrested Development 


Newt: Tina? Do I have a thing for her? No way!


Newt: Why, did she say something?

Source: The Office


Theseus: I hope you're not going to do anything stupid.

Newt: I hope you're not hoping too hard.

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