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Deleted Scenes - Season One

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“Acting Captain's personal log. Stardate 4774.7.” Saru announced to the computer, methodically recording his thoughts as he paced thoughtfully through the Captain's ready room. “Awaiting Captain Lorca’s return from the War Council with news of our next mission. Though it has been a routine day, I am ill at ease. Vigilance equals survival. As such, I have ordered continuous scans searching the darkness for all things dubious, dangerous, worthy of fear. There is nothing except the un-mapped starless planet we orbit. I have christened it ‘ The Orb of Our Undoing.’”

“Captain Saru” a voice interrupting over the comms speaker, “Transmission from Starfleet Command.”

“On my way.” He acknowledged, taking a deep breath and straightening his uniform more out of a habitual urge which made him feel well presented - prepared - than out of a need to do so. He stepped out to the bridge to receive the transmission.



“Is the comms system malfunctioning?” Saru asks the bridge personnel after receiving no acknowledgement from Lieutenant Stamets on his congratulatory remarks following the successful jump. Saru is pleased that they had jumped to safety, clearly thanks to the Lieutenant being able to revive the tardigrade to ensure this.

“Sir,” Jnr Lieutenant Owosekun responded “- Lieutenant Stamets is in Engineering, but…” she swivelled around in her chair to look at the acting-captain after reading the stats displayed on her screen “ seems his life-signs are failing.”

A shadow crossed Saru’s face as he recalled what happened to Commander Landry and her fatal encounter with the tardigrade. “Security and Medical to Engineering.” He ordered, promptly rising out of his chair to swiftly make his way to engineering.


A gathering of people were collected around the entrance to Engineering, Cadet Sylvia Tilly was concentrating intently as she worked on the panel beside the door trying everything she could to get it open as the rest of the engineering staff were onlooking. Clearly hearing Saru’s distinct sound of his hooved boots, as he rounded the corner in a hurry and made his way directly over, she stood to attention.

“Lieutenant Stamets didn’t want us to see what he had to do to the tardigrade.” she said in a hurry, nervously. “He cleared us out and he locked the door.”

Saru wasted no time, every second was precious. “Computer, override authorisation kappa-beta-six.” and the doors hissed open at his command.

Saru entered immediately, as the others followed him. His eyes trained eyes scanned the room quickly for signs of danger, rather - he scanned for signs of a rampant tardigrade that he expected. Instead found that the tardigrade lay outside of the Spore Chamber seemingly discarded, still tightly wound in a ball. It had not changed from when he had last seen it, entirely a near-lifeless lump. It became painfully clear to Saru that the tardigrade was neither the reason for the Lieutenants failing life-signs nor that it had enabled them to jump. He caught the sight of who he could only know to be the Lieutenant laying motionless, sprawled out on the floor inside of the Spore Chamber. His keen eye spotting the holes in the side of his torso and blood trickling from the wounds that he knew instantly to be inflicted from the contraption that connects the navigator to the network. Saru and his entourage, descended the steps into engineering hurriedly making their way to save their chief engineer.