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A demon's travel after death

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Peter threw a wolf-like monster into the portal that would send them back to their realm. He still had no idea how Loki got them and the one who seems to know, Thor, is busy three blocks ahead. Doctor Strange and Danny had joined them just minutes ago, helping them turn the tide and getting rid of the beasts.

There was still no sign of Loki. He had disappeared soon after the first claw mark was made on the Avenger’s tower. Leaving behind his furry friends while he went off to whatever he might have planned.

They seemed to have it under control, so he swung over to where Danny and Strange stood near the portal. He wanted to tell the sorcerer to leave it to them and go ahead to the kitten he knew must have been impatient by now. He started when Sam and Amadeus came up to them. When Amadeus heard Peter’s suggestion, he protested.

“if we turn him back, he will teleport again and… Should we really send him home? You saw his world. The places, the beings, the nightmares. We talked about it before thinking he only suffered abuse from his mother. Now? Now we know that there is so much worse there!”

“We can’t take the choice away from him.” Danny said. He did see the point of his comrade, and would not completely disagree, but as one who had been introduced to the minds influence in both person and sometimes mystic, he knew forcing a will can be ill advised.

“He’s a kid!” Sam shot in. “Kids are stupid and can’t make choices on their own. That’s why they need adult supervision and guidance. Something he clearly ain’t getting back there.”

“We’re also called kids. He’s barley younger than Kid Arachne and Iron Spider.” Peter pointed out. “Besides, we’re not his parents. We don’t have custody of him, let alone the say of what world he should be in.”

“No, but we’re heroes. We keep kids safe. Sending him to that nightmare is not what I consider safe.” Amadeus argued.

Peter knew all of this. He knew Damian had been hurt and finally killed in that world. He knew it was troublesome. But he also knew that the boy loved his family. The ones he called his brothers, his father. He could see that they had done something right to the kid, the way his eyes slightly lit with respect, love and longing when he talked about them. He had also seen the conflict and sorrow the subject also brought, but with the situation of their parting, that was nothing weird. Not to mention the grieving family he saw in Damian’s memories. The debate between the four went on with a certain magician turning impatient at being blatantly ignored.

Dr. Strange fake-coughed in his hand to get the attention of the four. “If I may, why don’t I at least get him his form back first? Then you can talk to him about this later. He should get a say in this, should he not?” The four finally agreed with a nod, and off he went.

After seeing him off, they helped taking care of the few beasts left. Amadeus got some tech-duty and separated for the group as well.

Peter had to admit, the two teams working together was badass. Some of these guys were on scale with a school bus and they had taken them down almost easily after they had figured how to send them home. He would not unnecessarily boast, but a victory dance after this was tempting.

“Thor has confirmed Loki’s whereabouts. We need a team to pursuit.” Peter heard Clint Barton, aka. Hawkeye, report over the comms. He looked at the teammates closest to him. Ava, Luke and Doreen had joined the three. They all gave him a nod.

“Spiderman here with five ready to go.”

“Roger that. Meet up back at Avengers tower. It looks like he went after something inside.”

Peter turned again to his friends. “You heard the old guy. Let’s go.” And they all took off to the tower that rose up above the buildings surrounding it.

In front of said building were three of its inhabitants. Thor, that stood halfway through a hole in the wall. Tony Stark, aka. Iron Man, that seemed to be yelling at the god. Natasha Romanoff, aka. Black Widow, holding on to Tony’s arm, looking at a holographic map that appeared from his glove.

Swinging from a streetlight, Peter landed right behind them. “Hey guys! What’s going on?”

Tony sighed as he turned to the young heroes that stood in a group. His mask was up, showing tired eyes. “We don’t have control over the tower for the moment. Either Loki has taken over, or, as Black Widow suggests, someone he’s got to work for him. The outer defense was keeping us out, but Thor seems to have gotten the brilliant idea of just hammering through the wall instead of waiting for me to get some control back and simply open the doors.”

Thor simply raised his chin with a still serious expression. “Aie. That I did. And my brother shall run free no longer. If you wish to help, come now, but I will not be waiting and let Loki finish his scheme.” With that he turned around, cape fluttering majestically. ‘yeah, definitively a royal god’ Peter thought watching the retreating figure.

Feeling like they had little choice, the other heroes followed him in through the big hole. The light inside was much dimmer than Peter remembered. Walking up to the elevator, they found it unsurprisingly not working. Not that it mattered for experienced heroes such as themselves. Whether it was taking the stairs or smashing through ceiling after ceiling flying straight up, they quickly neared their destination.

Only weeks earlier, they had gotten their hands on some unknown stone that could turn liquid into solid form and vise versa. They had taken it in to study it (mostly Tony), and according to Thor, Loki was after said stone. He had apparently talked to some other Asgardians to find it out. Honestly, Peter needed to update himself on Norse mythology. Was there really an aesir named Amora? Or Fon-Fandrol? Fandral? No matter. The god had used his hammer as a ram and flew upward, away from the rest of the group.

“Fast little bugs, aren’t you?” They heard a gleeful voice coming from the tower’s stereo as they just came through a doorway. There was no denying who that voice belonged to.

“Electro? When did you become Loki’s lapdog?” Peter tried to taunt. And knowing this villain in particular, it would not be a hard job. In no time at all he would be talking about his plans like a villain from some old movie.

“Who are you calling a lapdog?! I am not below anyone!” Bingo. Hook, line and sinker. “I am merely giving a hand to a common artist of crime. A common interest, common enemy and common goal. Of course, the best part of our deal is getting rid of you!” Peter really liked his villains sometimes. So much better to deal with talkers like this than the silent planners. What he really didn’t like was the ‘getting rid of you’-part. It never really leads to a friendly agreement of laying down weapons and start chasing butterflies and picking flowers together.

No sooner than he had started wondering what they might be planning, the room seemed to shut itself off from the world. Walls appeared closer. Metal sheets covered them, the ground and ceiling, cutting of the little light they had gotten.

Except for the natural glow-stick Sam, the rest used different kinds of lights either in their suits or on their person. Nothing seemed to have changed at first glance. That was until they noticed fog? ‘No, the gas’ Peter figured.

“Don’t breathe it in!” he could hear Black Widow yell, but why did she sound so far away? As a matter of fact, everything sounded far away and dragged out. Kind of like how things became blurry. Heh, he could see two of Luke. Wonder who’s stronger between Luke and Luke? They were moving. Were they on a boat? He heh, his legs felt weird. Were they even there? He looked down. Yup, still there. ‘thud’ Huh, weird. He suddenly sat down. Why did he do that? Is the light failing him too? Everything seems darker. ‘Oh yeah. The gas-…’ he thought as he closed his eyes. Laying halfway on top of Luke he drifted off.




A low buzzing and voices shook Peter from his happy dreamland. His suit was not just for show, but he could still feel the cold of his surroundings. He wanted to rub at his temple to lift the fog from his mind but found he couldn’t move his arm. Looking, he found strangely familiar arms restricting him. Holding him up above ground. What was the sound Damian made again? Oh yeah! “-tt-”

“Finally awake, Spiderman?” Peter turned to the deep, yet slimy, voice. He couldn’t say he was surprised after already seeing the robotic arms that held him by his limbs and neck.

“Doc Oc! Long time no see. You never call.” Peter kept an eye on the villain as he took in his surroundings. Were they still in the tower? There were no windows, but the walls and ceiling were like the ones he had just ran along. Beside him were the others that he came with. Sam seemed to be suspended in some forcefield. He could move his head and mouthed ‘sleepyhead’ to Peter.

Ava, Doreen and Danny were restrained much like himself. Ava on his left, the two others on his right. He could see the Iron-Man suit in front of him. Small sparks gave away that Electro had entered it. Wonder if Mr. Stark was still in it? That might be dangerous with all those bolts.

Luke was much like Sam, in a forcefield, suspended in air and frozen from neck down. They seemed to have put on some electric grid inside of his field, unlike Sam’s.

He could not see Black Widow anywhere thought. Did she get away? Did they double down on her security knowing that she was basically an escape-artist? And maybe most importantly; who had teamed up against them?

He continued the pointless conversation to by time: “We were worried about you doc. You could at least send a text with one of your arms.”

Not only had Loki gotten Electro and dr. Octavius, he could also see dr. Connors in his lizard-form in a dark corner and Kraven standing proudly with his arms crossed eying Ava. Had the creep still not given up on the amulet?

Four from the sinister six? Clad in material that looked suspiciously like the Asgardian metal Loki had lent to Octavius to ensure cooperation before. He could imagine two more running around being, well, sinister. An escape plan and info on what the creepers wanted, that would be top priority.

“How amusing.” The octopus said in a monotone voice. Clearly not amused. ‘guess robotic octopuses have a different kind of humor’ Peter kept to himself. “We, however, have some more entertaining in mind.” A smile slowly crept across his face. Not a good sign.

“Is that why you so kindly invited us here? For some fun and bonding?” Peter said as he tested the hold on his wrists. No good, huh?

“Oh, it will be fun. For us at least.” The grin only seemed to grow as the amusement entered his voice as well. “Not so much bonding, however. I had more ‘tearing’ games in mind.” Yeah, that is so not a good sign.

“You youth are so amazed by your screens these days. So I thought I would indulge you in some live action.” As the creepy doctor said so, three big screens lit up behind him. One showing all the heroes from the front. One showing them from the right. And the last one showing only Peter. There was no doubt who these villains wanted to play ‘tearing games’ with the most. And this did not seem like it was a good time to be the favorite toy.

“You’re going to make me a movie star? Gee, talk about giving big. And to think that I didn’t brig anything.” Yeah, joking was absolutely the best coping mechanism. Come on Pete. Think. You’ve fought these guys before. You were just with both your buds from the academy and the Avengers. You should get the upper hand.

“No need to worry, Spider-Man. Your presence is a present in itself. And needed for the show.” The maniac turned to the screens and started typing on a keyboard as big as a dining table with at least two hundred keys. “The rest of your friends should have gotten our signal by now. As soon as they try to respond” Octavius said menacingly as he looked over his shoulder at the teen. “it’s showtime.”

‘Yeah, no thanks.’ Peter looked around once more. He was not in a haste to get his Oscar for this. Over on his right, Kraven had thankfully found something else to do than creep on his friend. -Shiiing-. He was sharpening some kind of huge kitchen knife. Please don’t let that be related to him having just eyed Ava.

The rest of his teammates was still as stuck as him. He could see Sam wriggling his head, trying to get the rest of his body to move with him. The others were also struggling. Ava trying to reach her cuffs with her claws. Doreen listening for any rodents nearby.

And doctor Connors was… gone? He glanced to the corner where the reptile stood just moments ago only to find it empty. He quickly scanned the room. Connors was nowhere to be seen. Ugh, he so hoped he wasn’t creeping up from behind. He looks enough like a horror movie monster. No need for him to act like it as well.

“Beatle, where are you? You’re late.” Doctor Octavius said into a com in his ear. He sounded impatient. “Beatle? Beatle come in!”

‘Trouble in paradise?’ Peter was about say, but Kraven had picked up some laser-spear and shouted to the shadows behind them: “Who’s there?!”

Please be an Avenger or teammate. If Connors really were creeping behind them then Peter hoped he would not paint his pants brown. As much as he loved and respected the scientist, he really disliked monsters.

Kraven lifted his eyes higher, to the ceiling equally hidden in the dark. “Got you” he said as he raised his spear and fired off a red shot from the spear tip. He clearly hit something as it fell hard to the ground. Wrapped in some thick rope, the visible end of it smoked from where the laser had hit.

“Doc Conners?” Peter questioned. For there, on the floor in front of him, laid his friend and fellow scientist limp. In human form no less. Didn’t doc Oc usually have some control over him so he couldn’t just turn back from his lizard skin? And why would they fire on their teammate?

Looking closer, Peter could see something reflecting light from the man’s neck. A syringe? It looked like one of the containers with the antivenom SHIELD had stored.

‘Oh.’ Looking at the hunter, spear still in hand, he glances left and right into the shadows. Something was still there. Someone with SHIELD tech. Electro formed his face over the shoulder of the Iron-Man armor to see what’s going on. ‘Oh yes.’ Even doc Oc seemed uncertain of what was going on. This was a big point of working together with fellow heroes. To always have each other’s backs. Weather it was a hero or agent of SHIELD, the possibility of getting a helping hand was way up.

-Shuuuh- Swiftly swinging his spear, the hunter knocked out something that came flying towards him. A dart? “Guh!” Kraven gave of a small grunt before he fell heavy to the floor. Two darts had been shot, and one was shortly in his shoulder before he flicked t away. It seems the heroes got help from somebody who had done their homework on the hunter. Not underestimating him and actually having a second shot in the shadow of the first.

Unluckily it didn’t seem to knock him out as he tried to push himself up again, only to find it staggering to even crouch.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Kraven recognized the darts as his own, covered in his special venom and were not too happy about it being used on himself. However, it was something he had made himself resistant to even if it could normally take down a small elephant.

“Show yourself, intruder!” Octavius barked out. One of his legs pressed a key and white lights eliminated all shadows in the room. And there, on Sam’s ‘cage’, stood a small figure. Clad in dark, black pants and drowning in an oversized SHIELD sweater, the boy somehow managed to look menacing in the lit room. Piercing green eyes scanning with the everlasting scowl on his face.

Sam struggled to turn his head, trying to see who was standing over him.

Octavius finally seeing what tried to get in his way, took in the man. No, the child. The very small child. “A friend of yours I presume? My, you heroes just keep getting younger and younger.” Confidence came back after taking in the small figure. “Is SHIELD even hiring toddlers now?”

“-tt- They are indeed my friends.” The kid said as he stepped forward. Pausing when he came to the edge of the forcefield. Suddenly the emerald in his eyes got covered up as red flames burned from them. “And I let No One touch what’s mine!”

Electro slipped out of the metal armor and zoomed towards Damian. Making a fist, he got ready to punch the air out of the kid.

Taking a sidestep, Damian avoided the villain and went straight for Octavius at inhuman speed. It was not that he couldn’t handle electricity personified, it was just that he was more used to kicking butts of solid matter. Besides, the control panel was right behind the octopus and there was no need to stall for time when he didn’t have the upper hand.

Planting a little something he ‘borrowed’ from Amadeus’ lab on one of the robotic legs, it soon spasmed. Making Octavius falter for a moment. And that moment was enough. He almost felt grateful for Drake making sure all Robins could find their way through even the most complicated computers in seconds. Almost. And even if he was, he would not let Drake get wind of it.

A few fast taps and the robotic arms holding Ava, Peter, Danny and Doreen loosened and retracted. Doreen and Peter gave him a ‘thanks’, Danny a nod and Ava just wanted to release some of her pent up rage at the ones responsible for pissing her off.

Picking up the sound of something thrown, he had to jump out of the way as Kraven had gotten ahold of a knife and sent it flying towards his head. The knife embedded in the big screen over the keyboard and Ava pounced on the hunter. Danny went after Electro while Peter and Doreen pushed Octavius back.

Back to the keyboard, Damian set to erase the forcefields. The two other teens soon joined their friends, and without Electro to bother him Tony got his suit up and going and was back in action.

And of course, finishing with the first part of his goal after sending a signal to Black Widow (that had gotten him there), he was glad to see the villains was still not down.

A small grin planted itself on his face as he knocked the feet from under Kraven so he fell right into Luke’s waiting fist.

“Dudes! The demon can fight!” Sam said with glee. Getting some cables to Peter so they could capture Electro as well.




Back at the academy, the teens made their way to the cafeteria. On the way Peter got informed that Loki had gotten the stone and ran away. For now, at least.

He got to learn something new about the god thought. Apparently being the god of lies meant that he could even lie to machines. Go figure. The entire avenger tower being controlled by a computer for security sake was a blind spot he got Electro’s help to get to.

They filed into the cafeteria, but right as Damian got close Peter held out an arm and blocked his way. Making them the only two left in the hall.

“What, Parker?”

“There’s just a few things I would like to say.” Peter said with a smile behind the mask. Damian only raised an eyebrow as he looked suspiciously at the teen.

“First of all; thank you. For helping us out and for making it clear that you see us as friends.”

“-tt-” Damian glanced to the side, avoiding looking at Peter.

“Secondly: you are not to practice teleporting without guidance again. If you want, call Cloak. Got it?”

Damian’s glare was on him now. Opening his mouth, clearly to protest. But Peter held out his hand to stop him.

Standing in front of the kid, he looked down at his watch. Not to use one of it’s many fancy features SHIELD provided, but simply to tell the time. 11.02 pm. They still had time.

“Thirdly” He started looking back up at the annoyed kid. “Remember what day it is?”

“The day for villains to bother civilians, police, SHIELD agents and heroes alike?” Damian said as he crossed his arms. Not sure where this was going.

Peter simply took a step to the side and slightly turned. Gesturing with his arm for Damian to go first into the cafeteria.