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A demon's travel after death

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“How did you get me to come here for some puzzle?”

The team had half-heartedly stumbled into what was now Amadeus’ personal laboratory, which he was gifted as he pretty much occupied it all the time anyway. The three desks in there were all covered in different kinds of projects. Cables ensnared around robotic arms and tubes. Screwdrivers and other tools laid between plates and hardware.

Contrary to the littered desks, the floor was nearly spotless. It was squeaky clean except for one spot behind a long desk that seemed to divide the room. There laid a gray object on some clear plastic. Following Amadeus, the team surrounded the odd thing in the elseway modern and clean room.

“Because you might want to see this” Amadeus said as he lifted his hand in a gest to the gray thing. Getting the team’s attention to look down at it.

“A big stone box?” Sam questioned. Not impressed by being dragged out of bed to look at a shaped stone. Some of the others however stopped thinking about bed as they saw the shape as something more peculiar.

“Or a small coffin.” Danny said in a low, but steady voice.

Amadeus answered as neither he nor anyone else turned their eyes away from it: “Yes. One too small for the average adult.”

At that Sam snapped his head to his friend, now out of his metal armor: “Wait! You mean Damian?”

“Yes. I found some cells and hair in there belonging to him. I matched the DNA with what we took of him before he woke up in the med-bay.”

“So he travelled here in an unusual way. It doesn’t necessarily mean he was sent to die. Does it? I mean, he is alive and kicking now. The trip only left him unconscious.” Sam tried to argue, more to himself as he started imagining scenarios he really didn’t want to when he was supposed to sleep.

“Unfortunately, it might be worse than that.” Amadeus stated as he pulled up some holographic screen for them to see: “I found what’s called ‘post-mortem bonding’ on the hair. The cells as well states that they come from a corps, someone who has been dead for months. Maybe even over a year.”

“Months or years? Then it’s not exactly like his hearth stopped for a second while crossing worlds.” Ava stated with a hand to her chin, considering the possibilities for this.

Peter, being still rather new to the world of myths, magic and monsters, found that the reason for the boy’s death and somehow now being alive might be answered with one question. And with overexaggerated movements and a dramatic voice: “Is he a vampire? Travelling dimensions in search of his eternal bride or new victims to form a clan of the strongest! Hunting his prey in the middle of the night!”

The others did not deny any of his accusations, they just stared at him in silence. “What? It would explain the angry holier-than-thou attitude, the fighting aaand his disappearance act.”

“Maybe so web-head, but we still found him under the sun. you know, the ting Dracula and his fans don’t like too much.” Sam explained with gestures not quite as exaggerated as Peter’s.

“Duh, that’s why he started wearing sunglasses as soon as he got outside!”

“You know that’s not how vampires work, Spiderman. Besides, the DNA belongs to a human. Both the one we got while he was unconscious and the one from the coffin.” Amadeus said as he magnified a holographic picture of a strand DNA.

Luke raised his shoulders and hands in an unsure gesture as he asked: “So, what? He died, and someone sent him here?”

“Maybe he died while travelling and got stuck in between dimensions. Then the same thing that sent him here started his heart again?”

“Not likely.” Amadeus said as he pulled up a new picture, this one showing different molecules. “I did some analyses on the dirt on it. Their construct and contents show that the two origins differ too much for them to come from the same soil or close by. As it is from a different place than the stone, I assume that it has been buried in the ground”

“Okay. This is getting creepy and all, but can someone explain where this coffin came from. We didn’t exactly find him in it.” Sam said in a nearly whining tone.

“The stones that came with him.” The steady voice of Danny sounded as he turned his head to Ava. “Did you know?”

Crossing her arms, she answered: “I noticed some of the debris looked processed. Some of them had polished sides. I thought it might have been a sculpture or maybe a tool that he used to appear in, but...”

Once more silence filled the room for a short while. None in it found the news pleasing. Worry and uncertainty spread among the teens in thought. But as a team that had been living together for a while, it did not take too long for them to verbally discuss their next course of action.

Sam was the one to break the silence with his question: “So, are we gonna ask him?”

“Let us wait till tomorrow. No matter what the conversation turns to, it is better to be well rested. At the moment, we are not in our optimal form.” Danny calmly retorted

Tired as they all were, no one protested on getting sleep, but Peter felt it necessary to mention the last part of his friend’s statement: “Easy, mister optimist. You make it sound like we’re going to fight.”

“It is better to be prepared for the worst than not at all.” Danny said casually.

Finding noting necessary to say to him, Peter turned to Amadeus: “As you found out about all of this, do you mind coming with us to ask him?”

“Not at all, but aren’t we a little many to ask one kid about how he is alive?”

“No worries, Powerman and White Tiger will get to sit this one out. We need you for what you have found here, Iron Fist has the best knowledge if there is anything mystical reasons and Bucket-head knows a thing or two about extraterrestrial stuff if that’s needed.”

“Okay, but why do we need you, web-head?” Sam asked as he still felt a twinge of annoyance every time he heard Peters nickname for him.

“Easy! Because he loves me.”

Ava snorted a small laugh at that: “Yeah right. If I remember correctly, last time he looked at you he had an expression that said; ‘I would stab you if I could’ clear on his face.”

“Firstly; no, he loves me. Second; unless we find a way to send him back in two days, I’m offering Nova as his personal target if he feels like stabbing someone. You know, as the best birthday present.”

“In your dreams web-head. As I fly up high, the only one the midget is gonna stab is you.” He said as he kicked off the ground. Flying to his bed to get some much-desired sleep.