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The MILF of Lakewood Plaza

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Carol Kincaid was a total MILF, and absolutely everyone knew that. What could possibly be said about her that hasn't been said already? She was the woman that everyone either wanted to be or be with. Some would even tell K.O. how lucky he was to have such a sexy mom.

Initially, K.O. didn't think sexually about his mother, but all that changed when one day he was walking down the hall, minding his own business, when he suddenly heard moaning coming from her bedroom. Fearing that she may be hurt, he barged into the room only to find Carol sitting on her bed completely naked, legs spread wide, and moaning as she fucked herself with a dildo. He could only stand there with wide eyes and a red face as he watched her push the vibrating sex toy in and out of her vagina while she fondled her breast with her other hand, and later that night he ended up experiencing his first ejaculation by having a wet dream about his mother in sexy black lingerie lying on her bed and moaning like a bitch while he stood above her plowing her pussy.

Ever since then, K.O. had been peeping on Carol every chance he got, from when she was taking a shower to when she got dressed in the morning. Sometimes he would even take pictures or record videos of her when she was naked so that he could get off to them later. Now he knew what everyone meant when they told him how much of a lucky boy he was. He didn't realize until now how much of a MILF his mother was, with her large and perky tits that bounced up and down every time she walked, those wide and curvaceous hips that swayed back and fourth with each step, not to mention that thick and luscious booty to compliment. Yep, all of that was total MILF material, and K.O. wanted to have that body. He knew that it was so wrong to be thinking about his own mother this way, but that only fueled his desires even more.

Carol knew all too well how much of a MILF she was. Every day at the plaza many folks would stare with hungry eyes and wolf whistle at the sight of her, and some would even go as far as to give her a pinch or smack on the butt whenever she passed by them or was in a situation that left her in a rather...suggestive position, let's just say.

With all the "attention" that Carol had been getting, she knew that it was only a matter of time before her own son would fall victim to it. While K.O. hadn't been caught in the act, that didn't mean she wasn't aware of what he was doing. She definitely wasn't stupid enough to not hear his moans of pleasure as he jacked off to her getting dressed every morning, so this morning she decided to tease him.

When Carol woke up, she headed over to her closet to get dressed for the day. While she was searching through her clothes, she stuck her booty out and wiggled it towards the door, and sure enough, K.O. was standing right outside with a hand in his pants as he watched that sweet booty sway back and fourth enticingly.

Once Carol had gotten her work clothes, she walked back to her bed and began to change, starting with her shirt. Since she didn't wear a bra underneath, her tits bounced freely as she took off her shirt, causing K.O. to begin stroking himself a bit faster. She then slowly shimmied out of her sweatpants, wiggling her hips as she did, leaving her only in her panties. He tried his hardest to not make himself moan out loud as the pressure in his groin began to grow.

Carol then turned around and bent over to reach her clothes on her bed, giving him a really good view of her nearly naked rear as her panties rode right up her crack. K.O. couldn't hold it in anymore and quickly covered his mouth to muffle a loud moan as he came right in his pants, but little did he know, she still heard it, and she grinned to herself.

"K.O., breakfast is ready!" Carol called out as she had just finished making breakfast.

K.O. was in the bathroom rubbing one off when he heard his mother's voice call to him. "Coming, Mommy!" he called back, a bit frustrated that he didn't get to finish getting off. He quickly went into the kitchen and sat down at the table before she could notice his boner.

Carol noticed how quickly her son came to the table, almost as if he was trying to hide something from her. She grinned to herself as she saw down as well. She had him right where she wanted him.

K.O. tried to focus on his breakfast, but it was really hard for him to do so with the throbbing arousal in his pants and his oh so sexy mother sitting right across from him. He stared at his plate and tried to act natural as he moved a hand down to the bulge and began to gently rub it, biting his lip to try to keep himself from moaning.

Carol noticed her son fidgeting in his chair and decided that now was the time to get him to fess up. "K.O., I've been meanin' to ask ya something."

"Wh-What is it, Mommy?" K.O. asked, trying his hardest to sound like he wasn't having a boner right now.

Carol sat there silently for a moment and then she asked, "Do you think I'"

K.O.'s eyes went wide and the cock in his pants began to pulse. "I...I-I..."

"And do you really think that Mommy is stupid enough to not know that you've been masturbating to her every morning?"

K.O. began to sweat nervously. "I-I...I...I..."

"And do you have a boner in your pants right now that you're trying so hard to hide from me?"


'I thought so.' Carol thought, and then she said sternly, "K.O., come with me to my room."

K.O. gulped, fearing that he was in big trouble for what he had just confessed to his mother. He got up and followed Carol to her room where she ordered him to sit on her bed. He sat down and looked away feeling very ashamed of himself.

"Look at me, K.O." Carol ordered, and K.O. looked up at her nervously. She had her arms crossed and a stern look on her face as she asked, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Tears welled up in K.O.'s eyes and he confessed, "I'm...I'm so sorry, Mommy. I...I know it's wrong for me to be thinking about you this way, but ever since I accidentally saw you masturbating, I just...thought differently of you. I realized that I...I love you more than a mom. I-I know you're gonna ground me for the rest of my life and think I'm a total freak, and...I'm sorry." He then turned his head away from her, the tears starting to stream down his face.

Carol was taken aback by this and she stepped closer to her son and moved his head so that his teary eyes met with hers as she smiled at him. "Aw, don't be ashamed, K.O. I'm not gonna punish ya. You know that I would never hate you no matter what. Besides, I figured that you would be feeling that way about me."

"Y-You're not gonna punish me?" K.O. asked as he wiped his eyes. "Wh-What are you gonna do then?"

Carol's response was to get on her knees in front of him and reach for his pants, looking up at him with a hand near the bulge. "You want this, don't you?"

Before K.O. could answer, he gasped as she moved her hand into his pants and began to stroke him. He gripped onto the sheets tightly and moaned as pleasure began to course through his body.

Carol smiled as she heard the moans coming from her son as she jerked him off, but then she got an even better idea. Using her other hand, she unzipped the top of her bodysuit and lowered it, freeing her breasts. She then moved up and squeezed her tits around K.O.'s cock, earning a loud gasp from him as she began to move up and down.

"A-Ah...Oh my Cob!" K.O. gasped. This wasn't a dream. Carol was really giving him a titjob right now, and just the fact that it was actually happening caused him to reach his orgasm fairly quickly, clutching the sheets tightly and moaning as thick strings of semen shot out all over her face and chest.

K.O. panted as he came down from his high, and he opened his eyes and blushed madly upon seeing his mother's face and tits stained with his cum.

"O-Oh, I-I'm so sorry, Mommy."

Carol laughed. "Don't be sorry, K.O. I just didn't think you'd cum this quickly." She then made a 'come here' gesture and asked seductively, "Now why don't you come here and clean me up?"

K.O. blushed deeply at the fact that Carol was going to make him taste his own cum, but nodded as he got off the bed and knelt down in front of her, moving his head down to her chest and beginning to lick his seed off her tits. It had a salty yet sweet taste to it, and he soon got used to the strange taste as he dragged his tongue along her boobs, leaving behind a trail of saliva with each string of seed that he collected on his tongue. Carol moaned as K.O. pleasured her breasts, and then erupted into a giggling fit as he moved his head up and moved on to her face, licking the white substance off her cheeks like a dog licking its owner's face.

Once K.O. had completely cleaned Carol's face and chest of his cum, she said, "Alright K.O., lay down on the bed." He nodded and did so, his throbbing erection standing tall. He then saw her getting completely undressed and climbing onto the bed on top of him.

"Um, Mommy...what are you-" K.O. began when he was suddenly shushed as Carol put a finger on his lips.

"Don't you say any more, K.O. This is what you've been wanting, right?"

"Y-Yes, n-no, I-I mean...isn't it wrong for us to be doing this?"

Carol laughed and then looked at her son with a seductive look on her face as she answered, "It's not wrong as long as we keep it a secret between just the two of us. You and me." she added as she bopped him on the nose.

Before K.O. could say anything else, he gasped as he felt his cock slip into Carol's tight vagina, and he gripped the sheets tightly as she lowered herself onto him, engulfing his entire length in warm and wet flesh. "Gah...s-so hot...and tight..." he gasped, feeling his dick throb within her tight walls.

"Oh, it's been so long since I've had a real cock inside me~." Carol moaned in content at having her walls stretched by a cock, and then looked down at her wide-eyed, red-faced son. "What are ya waitin' for, kiddo? Start ravaging me."

K.O.'s mind was getting lost in pleasure, and he moved his hands up and grabbed onto Carol's sides, beginning to buck his hips upward as he sat up and buried his face in her chest.

"Ah, yes...that's it, K.O..." Carol moaned as she wrapped her arms around her son as he continued to bounce her on his cock. While K.O. was doing that, he moved his hands down her slender backside and began groping her bubble butt. She yelped in surprise and then grinned naughtily at her son as he raised his head. "Mmm...someone's gettin' really naughty~."

"" was all that K.O. responded, his voice low and raspy from pleasure. He then raised a hand and gave her rump a quick but hard smack, causing her to yelp again.

"So that's how you wanna play, huh?" Carol asked as she moved her hands up to K.O.'s head and quickly pulled it closer to hers, smashing their lips together. Like a snake, she slid her tongue into his mouth and within seconds they were locked in a full-on make-out, and she could get a taste of salty and sweet from his cum, which only added fuel their lustful kiss. This went on for several minutes, and soon the two of them were getting close to their orgasms.

"A-Ah...I-I'm...c-cumming!" K.O. managed to moan out through the kiss, and with one last buck of his hips, he moaned into Carol's mouth and planted his seed directly into her womb. She moaned back as she felt his hot seed filling her up, which lead to her own orgasm as she stained their crotches with her juices.

Once they came down, K.O. fell onto the bed panting while Carol got up and went to retrieve her clothes. She was all sticky and sweaty from that experience, and she knew that she would have to take a shower now. K.O. still lay on the bed, panting and processing what on earth had just happened. Carol couldn't help but smile, and then moaned a little as she felt his white liquid begin to drip out of her pussy, and she left to get herself washed up. This was only the beginning of what other sexy fun was in store for her that day.