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Letters to Ozo

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Hey there Ozo!


Sorry I took so long. The flight from Alola to Kanto was just brutal and our landing was delayed no less than three times. But alas, it finally did land at Viridian International Airport.

Well, I guess it's finally official that I am now in the Kanto Region!

I can't believe I was accepted at UTX Academy in Saffron City. It was a balls deep move on my part but I'm glad that I took the risk. It's an elite school and it actually teaches more about regular subjects like math and reading as opposed to being a Pokemon Trainer.

Of course that doesn't mean that they won't teach us about those amazing creatures.

Oh, and don't worry about accommodations. I'm going to be living with my Uncle and Cousin in Celadon! Though Uncle Minato did say to expect some rowdy guests. I guess he meant that trendy Girl Band my Cousin's in. I don't remember the name but I believe it's named after a grass-type.


While I am accepted into UTX, the semester doesn't start until three months later.

So I decided that I would go on a Journey not just to get stronger but to also visit you in Johto!

Of course I have to go on a Pokemon Journey because the Uranohoshi Line (the line that connects Kanto and Johto) is under maintenance so I have to find more ways to get to you.

No need to fret! I have my Rowlet to help me out! Not to mention that I have a sweet Deino that I got from my relatives in Unova! I'll be fine. I promise.

And to commemorate this moment, all of my mesaages to you would be via letters!

Hey. My LG doesn't have International calling yet. Besides, I'm too poor to afford an iPika and I'm not stupid to buy Samtrode's Volt Galaxy.

Anywho, I'll see you soon. Hopefully...


Your friend and penpal,