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No Wrong Way

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Voldemort took the statement as a challenge. After all, muggles were inferior, and so were anything they invented; therefore, he would prove the statement as a fallacy. The stupid muggle television advertisement, not knowing (or rather not caring) about the mental carnage it caused the Evil Dark Lord, obliviously went on challenging him, showing muggle after muggle gulping down some sort of strange candy, in all manner of bizarre ways.

"There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's," the TV said.

He then stole several packages of the candies and proceeded to try to disprove it in several ways including an inventive use of the shield charm, a blood ritual, Nagini, and an extremely confused duck that was just passing by.

"There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's," the telly said still.

In a rare flash of insight, Voldemort decided to cast the Killing curse on the Reese's Cup.


The chocolate shone a sickly green, absorbing the deadly spell. Voldemort looked at it strangely, and absentmindedly decided to take it with him on the way to attack the Potters; maybe he could use it in some way.

After finishing his work with James, the Slytherin went up to the child's room and killed Lily, although all she had to do was stand aside.

Shame, he thought, the Light is ringed with stupidity.

Voldemort decided then that he was hungry; the child could wait while he had himself a little snack. Forgetting what was done to it earlier, he pulled the battered, squished chocolate from his pocket and popped it into his mouth, savoring the chocolate and rich peanut buttery taste.

A green light flashed, hitting both him and the child in the crib. He soon realized what he had done, and sunk to his knees in bewildered outrage, some towards that stupid thrice-blasted child for distracting him, but most towards himself.

There is indeed a wrong way to eat a Reese's, Voldemort consoled himself with his dying breath, at least I proved they were mistaken.