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Off The Clock

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Deku was leaping from rooftop to rooftop. The sky set low, bathing the city in hues of orange and purple. Deku's dark green hood flowing in the wind.

"Oi," The voice of Ground Zero enters his ears, "What's your status over their?"

"Nothing much," He replies, looking around the city, "What about you?"

"Nothing. Signal me when you find them."

"Mhm," He hums, as the line on the other end goes silent.

Deku leaps from rooftop to rooftop once more, stopping a few petty crimes here and there. Then he hears footsteps and the light rustling of... feathers?


"Wow, I can't believe the Deku knows my name! I'm a big fan! Of you and Ground Zero!" The small figure comes out from the shadows, in a dark purple hoodie with a mask wrapped around their head. Wide goggles cover their eyes. A pair of dark wings move behind them mechanically.

Deku takes a step back, touching his ear piece, "Zero, I found them they're—"

"— I have a task for you—" Ryoko appears behind him

"What the-!?" Deku turns, they're not there.

Ryoko is now on the roof of the nearby building.

"—Deku, I need you to do something for me—"

"Like I'm gonna do something for you? Sho—" Deku leaps forward aiming to attack but before his attack connects he seems to freeze mid-air.

"— I need you to fix somethings, so change the future will ya?" They place their hand on Deku's chest.


All he sees is white and hears a faint ringing. He feels like he's falling. It feels like hours have passed.

Once his senses return he sees his room— his childhood room to be more accurate.

He checks the date on his phone, February 15, 20XX. That can't be right. That means he's...

"No... This... This has to be a dream," He gasps, but then he sees his arm. It not longer has any of his scars, "Unless... All that was the dream...?"

He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. No, it couldn't have been a dream. It all felt too real. The pain of breaking his limbs repeatedly after getting One For All. The aches in his bones after he destroyed his arms one too many times. The burning warmth of flames consuming him during the sports festival. The chilling fear the Hero Killer invoked, that still sends shivers up his spine. The feeling of dread and threat of death when All For One appeared. The fear and worry of watching All Might face All For One. The absolute dread and guilt he felt when Sir Nighteye died, and Mirio left Quirkless.

Deku exhales, before getting up and checking his hero notes #13, it's still intact. Not yet damaged by a blast, a throw, fish water, and a sludge villain. Okay, he's definitely time travelled.

He jots down everything he remembers up to the encounter with Ryoko Tempus. The sludge villain, his training with All Might- Toshinori, the entrance exam, the first day, the training on ground beta, the USJ, the Sports Festival, Stain, the final exam, the training camp, the raid, Kamino Ward, the provincial license exams, the internship and Eri, and so on and so forth from his second year at U.A. to his many years as a Pro Hero.

His final clash with the League, his graduation, his hero debut, ranking in the top 10, then the top 5, earning the title symbol of hope, his first fan, his first kiss... date... love...

He crosses the last three out and goes back to detailing more critical events. Not too hard, considering the walls of the alley of Stain's fight haunt him still, Muscular crushing him as Kacchan tells him not to go, All For One's mere presence and All Might's last fight before retirement, Sir Nighteye dying right before his eyes—

He needs to stop, those haven't happened yet. Time travel is a fickle thing, something best not tempered. But... He wants to befriend his friends sooner. He wants to tell Shouto it's his power. He wants to prevent Aizawa's Quirk from being hindered. He wants All Might to have more time on his transformation. He wants to prevent Kacchan from being kidnapped. He wants to tell Kacchan he never looked down on him, that he's Deku's image of victory. He wants to—

"Izuku! Breakfast!" His mom's voice brought him out of his head. Right, he's still in Junior High. He hasn't met All Might, he doesn't have One For All yet.


Breakfast first, then figuring this shit out.

Over the course of the past three days since Izuku arrive, he's started his training regimen for U.A. and One For All. As well as update his hero notes on the thing he's seen in the future. His mom hasn't noticed if he's acting differently, or at least decides not to mention it. He hasn't seen any of his old classmates yet, so that's good. He doesn't think he can stand being near bully Kacchan again. Especially knowing what they mean to each other in the future.

Izuku shakes away those thoughts before they could go further. He has to train to receive One for All. And, god, he forgot how painful this routine was before he got used to it.

"Izuku? Can you go pick some things up at the store for me on your way back?" His mother asks while he's putting on his shoes, a list in her hands.

He grabs the list from her hands, "Alright, bye mom!" He runs out the door and makes his way through the city.

He does his warm ups before he starts his actual work out, for now he's working out at a regular gym instead of cleaning the beach. He can save that for when he's training with All Might. This is how his routine has been for the past two days, workout, update notes, watch a hero fight on the way to or from training, eat, sleep, plus whatever errand his mom needs him to do.

On his way home he picks up the items on the list and begins jogging home.


"Sorry!" He squeaks out before getting up to go run home.

The person suddenly grabs their wrist, "Wait."

That voice. Gruff and sharp, but not as deep as he remembers. Not yet, anyway.

Izuku slowly turns his head, "Kacchan...?"

Red meets with green. A string harshly tugs at Izuku heart at the sight of those red orbs, piercing in a way that only Katsuki could. God, how he wanted to just look at them all day. How he wanted to drown in them. Sadly, he doesn't have the pleasure of doing so. They're not dating yet. And won't be until long after they've graduated U.A.

It stings, but Izuku has a lot of things to worry about for now. At least, that's what he tells himself.

The two seem to stare at each other for an eternity, before Kacchan breaks the silence, "Deku..."

Ah, right... he still thinks that Izuku looks down on him. He still calls him 'Deku' as an insult, not as a nickname created by habit. And it'll be a long time— too long— before that changes. Everything Izuku has bottled up and tucked away since he returned; the fear and anxiety of knowing, and knowing that he can't— shouldn't change anything for fear of making things worse. Or never seeing the future he had before again. With Katsuki, Shouto, Ochako, Tenya, , Momo, everyone... The loneliness of home, even with his mom there. It just feels so empty. He wants his friends. He wants Ochako, Shouto, Tenya, Tsuyu. He wants Katsuki. He doesn't want to be alone again.

"I've been looking for y—"

Izuku yanks his wrist away before running away. Kacchan is chasing him, easily keeping up to him; which isn't surprising, since at this point Izuku's barely built up any muscle mass or stamina back while Kacchan has always been good.

Eventually, Izuku makes it home... He's not sure if he lost Kacchan but he definitely didn't follow him into the apartment building.

But why was Kacchan looking for him?

Tempus was the bastard responsible for putting Deku in the hospital. Deku has been in a coma for two days, and many of his fellow Pro Hero friends and co-workers all rushed to work on the case of Ryoko Tempus to find out what they were capable off and how the hell they took down Deku. The lone driving factor wasn't just the fact that they got one of the top five pros, but after Tempus got Deku; All his other victims woke up from their comas.

Katsuki has been pulling his hair over this case, they took down Deku of all people. Shouto and Tenya have poured over the case files for the past two days while Ochako and Katsuki patrolled around the areas Tempus has struck. The sky is shrouded in darkness. The usual times Tempus would find their next victim.

Ground Zero looks over the rooftop off of one of the buildings, his hair flowing in the wind, "Tempus, that son of a bitch will pay."

Tempus appears behind him on the roof, "That's quite a rude thing to say, Ground Zero."

Zero whips around, "You-!" Suddenly Ground Zero is frozen in place.

"It seems that Deku hasn't done what I asked, though I did put him a long way back," Tempus starts, pacing on the roof, "But it would be easier for him to change it with someone else there. So~, can you both change the future for me?"

"Wha... what... the hell are you... on about?!" Zero manages to snarl through whatever was keeping him in stasis.

"My name is Ryoko Tempus, you all should have figured out my quirk. It's literally my name, but then again putting people into comas wouldn't really give off the vibes of time travel Quirk now would it?" They turn to Ground Zero, and tilt his chin down so the Pro makes eye contact with them, "Deku will be pulled out of that coma once he either changes the future or takes too long and I decide to let him go. I'm sending you to help him."

Ground Zero manages to growl and bare his teeth. He glared holes through their head.

"I'm sending you back to February 18, 20XX. Sound like a good date? It should be three days after Deku came to that year. It shouldn't be that hard now, should it? I mean you two are childhood friends, so finding him shouldn't be a problem." He loosens whatever grip he had on Zero.

Zero snarled, and glares at him before replying, "Bullshit. Even if you could send us back in time there is no way in hell Deku and I will change anything."

"Oh?" Tempus' grip tightens again, "You don't want to prevent your precious Deku from getting his arms mangled during the attack on the camp? You want him to scar his arms during your first year sports festival? You want him to live through all the horrors he's seen again and not make things better? You don't want to save him? You want him to live through you hating him again?"

Ground Zero froze. Damn it.

Despite not seeing Tempus' face Zero knew they were smirking, "That's what I thought. Change the future for me. Go and good luck~!"

Katsuki let himself be consumed by Tempus' power.

White light blinds him, and he feels like he's falling.

Izuku, I'm coming for you.

Bakugou falls out his bed in his childhood room after falling for what felt like hours, he holds his head in pain. Glancing around his room, it's definitely his from when he was younger.

"Oi! Katsuki you okay?" His mother yells from downstairs.

"Ugh. I'm fine hag!" He yells back automatically. He grabs his phone to check the date, February 18, 20XX. That asshole wasn't lying at least. But he said Deku also travelled back three days ago.

Katsuki leaves the house as soon as he can to find Deku. He first runs to his house, to find out that he's out. For the rest of the day looking for him all over the city. He's about to give up but then someone bumps into him.

"Sorry!" The person squeaks, it's Deku. That green mess of hair can't belong to anyone else.

He grabs Deku's wrist before he realizes it, "Wait."

Izuku turns to him, and whispers in a voice that reminds me how shitty he was to Izuku, "Kacchan...?"

The two lock eyes. Katsuki wants to hold him and never let him go, because damn it he just had to witness this idiot comatosed in bed for two days straight! It might not sound long, but the wait to see him after he was brought to the hospital felt like eternity.

The way Izuku is looking at him, the fear in his eyes, the slight tremble in his form, the quivering of his lip. It breaks Katsuki's heart that Izuku is having this reaction to him. This doesn't feel like Deku- no, it is Deku. But it's not his Deku. It pains Katsuki's heart to think that he believed in that bastard. But he has to at least try something.

"I've been looking for y—" Izuku yanks his wrist away and runs. Runs from him. Ouch, that totally didn't hurt.

Katsuki chases after him, catching up with ease. Since Izuku hasn't built up his lithe physique for inheriting One For All and for the U.A. entrance exam. He isn't fast enough to out run him, and if Katsuki grabs him again, he isn't strong enough to escape his grip. But the little shit is smart enough to know that, so he slides through an area that Katsuki's bigger build can't get through. He losses him.

Katsuki knows that he probably ran home, but by that reaction alone is means that Izuku didn't travel back.

"Damn it!" Explosions crackle in Katsuki's palms.

The weeks before the destined Sludge Villain attack are filled with tension and anxiety, from both boys. The two have been tense around each other since the day Katsuki returned.

Katsuki's bullying and teasing remained the same, but Izuku feels like he sees a glint of guilt and remorse after every insult that causes him to flinch. While Izuku flinches less by insults and taunts of others, if Katsuki says the same insult he is sure to flinch. No one really thinks of it.

The day of the fated sludge villain attack, Katsuki snaps.

He snatches Izuku's notebook before class starts, "Tch. 'Hero Analysis for the future'?"

His two lackeys started laugh, "Seriously?"

"Midoriya..." The other shook his head.

"I- it's fine, isn't it? Give it back!?" Izuku tries to lunge forward to grab it but by then Katsuki had already blasted it and chucked it out the window, "That's mean..." Izuku shoots a brief glare.

The rest of the scene plays out as it did first time around. But Katsuki's eyes carry a pain that shouldn't belong there, not the usual amusement he has when tormenting Izuku.

"If you wanna be a hero that badly, there's a quick way to do it. Believe that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a last chance dive off the roof!" He snarls with more venom than in the first timeline.

Izuku flinches, not expecting it to hurt this much this time, and he quietly sits down in his desk. Katsuki immediately winces once he realized what he said, but if he apologizes it will look weird and out of character. Instead, he storms out of the room to retrieve the notebook and puts it in his bag to give back to Izuku later.

At lunch, Izuku disappears almost immediately as the bell rang. Katsuki goes to search for him, guilt twisting in his gut as well as worry.

Where are you Izuku? I'm sorry...

His blood runs cold once he sees Izuku on the roof, looking over the railing.


Izuku turns to Katsuki's scream. His eyes widen, "Kacchan...?" His voice is smaller than the day Katsuki came back and Katsuki's heart cracks.

"Don't do it!" He sounds so desperate, as desperate as when he asked Izuku why he was the reason to All Might's end.

"Do what...? Oh!" Izuku realizes what this might look like to Katsuki, "I'm not- no! No!- Wait! Why are you even up here?"

"I was looking for you dumbass!" Katsuki snarls, he chucks the notebook back to him, "Here."

Izuku catches it and looks at it, "Thanks... Did you... Did you by any chance read what was in here?"

Katsuki scoffs, "No, why would I care about your shitty notes nerd?" Because they're so detailed even though you only got a glance of what you're writing about. Because you mumble out what you're writing so fast and quietly, that I need to look at them to know what you said. Because it's so cute to see the little drawings and doodles you made in them.

"Oh... nothing," Izuku looks anywhere but at Katsuki and his heart cracks further.

Katsuki looks at him intensely, eyeing him up and down and he notices something. Izuku's more built. He's not the built lithe frame he was at the end of their first year, but he definitely isn't the twig he was throughout middle school. Katsuki's about to ask but...

"Kacchan, do you know anyone named Ryoko Tempus?" Izuku shifts uncomfortably.



"Do you know anyone named Ryoko Tempus?" He repeats, his tone becoming serious and firm. It just screams...


"You did travel back..." Katsuki gasped, gaping.

The surprise on Izuku's face would have been adorably priceless and so reliving, if it weren't for the fact that he tackled Katsuki to the ground and held him like his life depended on it.

"You're here. You're here. You're actually here," He said it like a prayer. Hoping that this was real and not some cruel, cruel dream.

Katsuki held the smaller boy to his chest, "I'm here Izuku. I'm here," He cooed, fingers combing through the smaller boy's hair

"When did you get back?" Izuku pulled back, a few tears streaming down his face, "Was it when you said you were looking for me two months ago?"

"Yes," Katsuki's tone was serious and firm, as was his glare. But it quickly crumbled when he saw more tears stream down Izuku's face.

Izuku buries his head into Katsuki chest, muttering, "I'm sorry," over and over.

The two eventually moved into a sitting position, with Izuku in Katsuki's lap. Several minutes pass before Izuku calms down, he looks up to see a few rogue tears rolling down Katsuki's face. He cups Katsuki's face and wipes them away with his thumb. Katsuki leans into his touch and closes his eyes.

"I missed you so much," Katsuki whispers, holding the hand that's cupping his face.

Izuku leans forward and gives Katsuki a quick kiss on the lips, that was filled with more emotion than any 14 year old should feel all at once.

"We need to eat lunch, we won't have time to later... You know what happens today..." Izuku mutters softy.

Katsuki nods, "Are we going to change anything about that?"

"I don't... I don't know... I don't want to see you that helpless again..." Izuku mumbles, nuzzling into Katsuki's shoulder.

"... Then, let's try and not change today too much than we already have, okay?"

"Okay..." Izuku replies, as the two sit there for a few more moments before they had to go back and pretend to hate each other.