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Time and time again

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'Tonight's the night'  was in Vianna's mind all day with every minute that ticked by, trying to hide the excited bookworm and student within her. After waiting for hours since Varric passed on a message, she took a deep breath as her most trusted companion and friend, Dorian, walked into Skyhold's abandoned war room, leaving the two alone with only a triple candlestick on the table for light.

"I abandoned a night with Bull because of you, you little minx." Attempting to act disappointed didn't work with Dorian, his light charm and energetic charisma was as clear as the curly mustache on his face. Before he could enter the room properly, he was instantly told to shoosh by Vianna, waving one hand negatively and a solo finger pressed against her lips.

"Not so loud please!" She ended with a whisper. Still using sarcasm to show he's still not impressed, he walked around the wooden door with an attempt to lock it, so slowly, like there was no gravity within his space.

Of course, Vianna wanted to laugh instantly. Who would have thought a Tevinter mage and an apostate elf could share a heartfelt laugh. He has been the only one to break a smile on her face since Solas left, and just like that she would forget the negative feelings and have a more positive smile. However, her ribs were hinting quite quickly that it's gonna hurt if she doesn't laugh, or snap out it. A small clear of the throat, a brisk shake off the head, with an attempt to look serious brushing her hair behind her ear, she walks over to her midnight joker, grabbed his arm and pulls him away just as he latches the door shut, tugged him over to one of two wooden chairs, and forced him in to it like he was being interrogated.

"Come on darling you know I like it rough, but it doesn't suit you."

"Stop it!" She spat back with too much of a giggle in her voice, making Dorian smirk with accomplishment saying win, with his facial expression alone.

"Oh, I'm serious." Trying again as Vianna took a seat in the wooden chair sitting opposite his own.

"So am I. Please?" Dorian lets out an over exaggerated sigh, slumped back into his chair and twisted his mustache a little.

"Now I am grateful for that extra flex Bull gave me." With such a pompous look, he then quickly shifted forward.

"Right? enough of that! Always a little too much with me isn't it? So, What do you need me for? must be serious if I have to whisper." Now the joker had finally finished his tune for the court, Vianna took a deep breath and began discussing something very serious, that she wanted to keep the top secret between themselves, and anyone else involved had to be discreet and very careful.

During the conversation, Vianna reached down, pulled out from under the table a simple red leather bounded box, as she opened the lid, it revealed a small pile of paper scraps, some rolled up scrolls wrapped within the ribbon, and another box, tiny enough to fit in the palm of a hand. Dorian is feeling very nervous right now, Vianna is trying to keep her cool and not mess up the summery of her plans, as she takes the small box, and offers it to Dorian.

"This is where it begins if you help me or not" A gulp echoed in the small space of a large hall, as Dorian takes the box, and opens it up instantly. Not even looking at it for a full second, he saw the content and slammed the box closed. Disgust, disbelieve, disappointment, shock, everything came out at once as he placed the box on the table, stood from his chair and began to pace.

"Oh, Maker Maker Maker Maker, why why-why, why, WHY?!" Gone was the charm, the charisma, the sarcasm, now the serious, bold and direct approaching mage stared at his friend with dismay as he looks at her, offing his hands to her expecting an answer, a good answer.

"You were with me, remember? it worked!" Anger was boiling up a little too much, as he paced more and more.

"Of course it fucking worked, only because I got involved, but what if I didn't? Maker knows what would happen if we didn't..." Finally, he stops moving. Placing his fingers on his face, he sighs again while rubbing his tired eyes behind closed eyelids.

"Why do you really want to do this?" There was a long pause.

"For me, for him." That was expected. "With your help, I can make it work properly. I just..." She had to pause and take a breath as the emotions starting to crawl their way out through her delicate voice. Dorian folded his arms, looked at Vianna, but when he heard the emotions crack through the poor girl's voice, the tension in his shoulders eased away, he felt sympathy for her.

"I could help him find a way to stop his foci from breaking. I could even help him from a different time entirely." She looked up to Dorian as he stood above her. He looked like he was gonna scream down at her, but those icy blue eyes instantly froze him still, the sadness in them melted his heart, his choice was soon made when she whimpered to him.

"I love him, Dorian. I just want him back. Please help me?" A single tear fell from her eye, looking like ice melting. Dorian unraveled his arms, stretched out his arm and placed his hand on her cheek, catching the tear on his thumb and rubbed it away. Not a flinch of the body or a blink of an eye reacted to his touch.

A huge smile spread over his lips, "I will always be here if you need me, Vina sweetheart" His approval was a surprise to the elf, just the same for him, as she lunged off the chair and threw herself into Dorian's chest, embracing him tightly across his back and neck. He held her tightly in return, resting his head in her white hair, taking advantage of her natural floral scent he secretly enjoyed.

"Thank you, Dorian. Thank you!" She whispered tucking her face into his neck.

"It's ok Vina, it's ok!" he said calmly. A little giggle echoed in Dorian's ear, making him wonder what's so funny? She said thank you again. "I said it's ok."

"No, not for the help." Vianna let loose of her grip of Dorian's torso, brushing her hands down his muscular arms, to his hands and held them in her own. Her glazed blue eyes still shined with tears, but there was a smile, as she looked at his puzzled look, making another cute giggle.

"For what then?"

"For giving me a nickname."

Now all the nerves had settled, Vianna's brain could finally relax and allow itself to realize how tired she was. Even though Dorian tempted her to have a few drinks with him in Skyhold gardens, she had to refuse and made her way back to her quarters. She wanted a little part of her consciousness alert for tonight, as yet again, she's on a hunt, but she's always the prey.

The fire in her room was now faint red embers and grey coated ash, but the white candle was still burning on the table by her bed. The moment she looked at her bed, it was more than just tiredness that was calling to her. She unraveled the rope around her woolen dressing gown, revealing her bedwear silk dress. She dashed into the bed moving the covers over her, reached over and blew out the candle, then made herself comfortable as quickly as possible, closed her eyes and prepares her body to sleep, but her mind, ready to seek.