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The Multiverse Brought You To Us

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Starscream saw him first. He nearly screamed. No matter how many times he sees him, he’s always hit with panic. His spark spins faster than it should, he feels like he can't ventilate fast enough, his vision blurs. Skyfire wasn't supposed to be here. Soundwave had assured him that the bot wasn't even on the planet at the moment.

He had to get his bearings back. He closed his optics, took a deep breath, and exhaled. He looked around the corner he was hiding behind and Skyfire was gone. Panic waved over him again, but Rumble, who had been assigned this mission along with Frenzy, tapped his arm and pointed to a half-destroyed computer. He was inspecting it; his back was turned. Good. That gave them the upper hand.

Starscream made a gesture and the two minibots nodded. He blinked and the two were gone. He stood slowly, stasis cuffs in one hands and blaster in the other. There was a crash that came from in Skyfires left. The twins. The bot looked to where the noise had come from, and Starscream yelled.

"Frenzy Rumble now!"

The cassette twins appeared from seemingly nowhere, climbing Skyfire and grabbing his hands. Starscream then lunged with the cuffs, they struggled for several minutes before they were finally activated and Skyfire was immobile.

"Call Soundwave. Tell him we found the source of the weird energy spike."

"Sure thing Starscream!" Frenzy exclaimed, he and Rumble ran to the more exposed area of the building to get a clearer signal.


He froze. He hadn’t been called that in centuries. At least not by this bot.

"I didn't expect to see you here! It's been so long...." he tried to flip onto his back but was only able to get on his side. "I'm guessing it really has been a long time, even your optics are different!"

This didn't sound like his Skyfire. This skyfire sounded almost.... sincere. Like he actually cared.

"My... My optics have been this color since forever." Starscream stepped away.

"Stars... Your optics were yellow last time I saw you."

"I am NOT playing your games Skyfire! Not anymore!"

"Starscream, you had yellow optics and a red white and blue paint job the last time I saw you, why are you acting like this?"

"No! Stop that! You aren't gaslighting me into believing those little lies of yours anymore!" Starscream stepped even closer than he was before and looked down at his ex-lover. “You said you loved me! That you would always be by my side! You said you would protect me! And then the Autobots destroyed Crystal City and you left! You join them! You betrayed me and left me to die on the remains of my home!

“I loved you, Skyfire! I really did, but all you ever did was use me! You never care about me! I wish I could say I’m over it, but I can’t!”


“It took me centuries to be able to even think that someone could genuinely love me! And even longer to trust anyone enough to let that happen!”


“I still spiral into a panic whenever I see you on the battlefield! But I found love! I found real love with someone and it’s not you!”


“What!?” he turned around to see Rumble, Frenzy, Astrotrain and Thundercracker.

“Need a pick up?” his colorful trinemate walked closer. He grabbed Starscream’s arm to pull him away from the autobot. “Calm down, Screams.”

As soon as he had stopped screaming, he had started shaking. His trinemate walked him to the transformed Astrotrain. Once He made sure that his trine leader wasn’t going to fall off his seat from all his shaking, he went back to grab the still-in-stasis-cuffs autobot.

The trip to base was short but felt like an eternity. It was quiet, apart from the chattering from the twins. Any time that Skyfire would seem to want to say something, Thundercracker would glare at him.

“We’re here, get out guys.” Astrotrain’s voice startled Starscream out of a trance he didn’t know he was in.
He stood with shaky legs, but before he could even take a step, Thundercracker was at his side.

“I’ve got you Screamy.” He smiled.

The next couple hours were nearly a blur. He had screamed at his manipulative ex-lover. He still couldn’t believe it. He was still shaking. His trinemates, Skywarp had joined once they had gotten off of Astrotrain, had comforted him for a couple hours until Megatron approached them and asked for a private moment with Starscream. They two worried trinemates looked at each other before nodding at Megatron and leaving the two lovers to themselves.

He and Megatron were silent for a few minutes after his trinemates left. Starscream had at some point moved onto his lap, the Decepticon leader was the first to speak.

“He was interrogated.”

“Oh.” That was all the response he could muster.

“This isn’t your Skyfire.” Megatron shifted, Starscream, his arms already around Megatron’s neck, loosened for a second, then tightened again. When he didn’t get a verbal response, he continued. “He was interrogated, he said he suspects that our universes are mirrors of each other. Shockwave has been analyzing the energy from the wormhole he came out of, this confirmed Skyfire’s theory. He even let his memories be scanned. It all checked out. I’ll say it again. He isn’t your Skyfire.”

“He looks so much like him though.”

“He’s a mirror of him. He’s not going to hurt you.”

“If he does, I can protect myself.”

“I know you can, Stars.” Megatron chuckled. “Would you like to see him?”

“I…” he hesitated.

“You don’t have to. I’m just asking.” Megatron wrapped his arms around his second.

“I do. Just… Not now.” Starscream leaned into Megatron.

“That’s understandable. Let’s get to recharge then. Today was a tiring day. You can speak with him tomorrow.”

“That sounds nice.” The seeker smiled. He and Megatron parted ways to their own habsuites.

Tomorrow was going to be... weird.