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Maybe, just maybe, it was a bit unusual how close Jeon Wonwoo was to his best friend. Sure, it was one thing to love and cherish a close friend, but sometimes Wonwoo wondered if his admiration for the younger boy was a bit extreme.

"Mingyu's personality, his looks... just everything. I like everything about him a lot, but in a hetero way, y'know?" Wonwoo tried to explain to Junhui who sat next to him in their first period class.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure you just confessed to wanting to bone him. You're practically saying 'I'm in love with him, but no homo,' but everyone knows saying 'no homo' makes it even more homo." Junhui teased with a grin causing the younger to fling his pencil at him.

Junhui groaned in exaggerated pain when the pencil made contact with his cheek making Wonwoo roll his eyes.

Wen Junhui was very intelligent. He was a transfer student all the way from Shenzhen with honour roll status and he was known for studying and researching 'just for fun.' Wonwoo had been hoping somewhere in that smart head of his, Junhui would have an answer as to why he was feeling such a way about his best friend, but all he got was teasing in response.

Not to say Wonwoo wasn't intelligent. In fact, he liked to consider himself the intellectual of their friend group. He just wasn't as knowledgeable when it came to relationships considering he was an introvert who avoided them.

"It wasn't a confession. It's just what I feel." Wonwoo muttered with a scowl as more people reluctantly filed into the first period mathematics class.

Ever since the semester had started Wonwoo had decided whoever thought it was a good idea to have a mathematics first thing in the morning was the spawn of Satan. Nobody was ever alert enough so early to care about sinusoidal graphs and what dimensions Joanne should use for her garden to optimize the amount of space she had for her cabbages.

"What you feel is love. You're in love with him." Junhui persisted in a serious tone, but his expression made it clear he was still poking fun at the younger boy.

"You're really trying to fight me right now."

"Just admit it."

"Shut the fuck up." Wonwoo snapped in frustration, his voice much louder and harsher than he had intended it to be causing a few glances in their direction.

He almost apologized, but held his tongue when he saw Junhui smirk at how he could get Wonwoo riled up. It wasn't like Wonwoo hadn't considered that what Junhui was saying could be a possibility. He'd thought about it on numerous occasions and the fact that he even considered that he might be in love with Mingyu haunted him. He shouldn't have been feeling that way about a friend that was practically his brother. He was irritable enough as it was with his emotions making it difficult to think about things other than Mingyu and the last thing he needed was Junhui picking at something that was already bothering him.

"Chill, I'm just joking around." Junhui told Wonwoo with a playful grin, patting his shoulder as a peace offering that Wonwoo knew would only last until the older thought of another joke to make about the situation.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Hey, speak of the devil." Junhui murmured in a low voice causing Wonwoo to glance at the door just in time to see Kim Mingyu enter the room with his typical smile plastered on his face. He walked in with a female classmate whose name Wonwoo had never bothered to learn like most others in the class aside from Junhui and Mingyu. The girl playfully bumped into Mingyu with her shoulder, quite obviously flirting.

Fuck, he's literally glowing, Wonwoo thought as he watched Mingyu laugh at something the girl had said. His brunette hair was styled in a purposely disheveled I-tried-but-not-hard-enough-for-it-to-be-obvious manner (which was a style Wonwoo had discovered he favoured on him). He was dressed simply that day in dark jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers, but he still looked as fresh and well put together. He was almost always sporting a radiant smile and with summer getting closer and the weather getting warmer, Mingyu's olive skin took on a sun-kissed glow.

"Hey, my dudes." Mingyu greeted after saying a quick goodbye to the girl, sitting at his desk and turning in his seat to face Wonwoo and Mingyu who sat behind him.

"Yo, what's up with you and Bora?" Junhui immediately asked Mingyu who raised a brow at the question.

Wonwoo assumed Bora was the girl Mingyu had come in with and he couldn't help how his interest peaked as they waited for the youngest of the three to respond. It wasn't completely unusual for girls to flirt with Mingyu, but it wasn't typical enough for them to not be interested when it happened.

"Not much, really." Mingyu replied with a shrug, "She just recently joined the music club and since I've been in the music committee for two years, I figured I'd take her under my wing. She asked for extra help practicing this year's song lineup."

"I'm pretty sure she was asking for much more than that," Wonwoo deadpanned, "Did you not see the way she was looking at you?"

Junhui nodded in agreement with a mischievous smirk, "Yeah, she looked ready to give it up to you."

If it wasn't the way Bora flipped her brunette hair in a flirty manner or made a point to stand ridiculously close to Mingyu then it was definitely her sultry gazes while she spoke with him that made it obvious she was into him.

"Bora didn't look at me any type of way. She's just friendly with everyone. She's out of my league anyway." Mingyu explained nonchalantly as he turned away from the two boys to arrange his books on his desk.

"Out of your league?" Wonwoo repeated in disbelief, How could anybody be out of his league?

"You're out of her league, idiot." he added abruptly making Mingyu laugh and turn to look at him.

"You're really bipolar, you know that? When I say things implying I'm the shit, you knock me on my ass. When I say things implying I am shit, you're suddenly throwing out compliments." he said before turning back around to finish arranging his books, "Thanks, but you really don't have to say that to make me feel better."

"I'm not saying it to make you feel better." Wonwoo insisted, "You're practically perf--"

He didn't get to finish what he was saying because he was cut off by Junhui flicking the side of his head to get his attention.

Your gay is showing, Junhui mouthed and if it wasn't for the fact that Mingyu was there and would've wanted to know what the two were fighting about, Wonwoo would've gone on a cussing rampage that could've made sailors blush.

Instead, Wonwoo glared and mouthed back, Do you want to die?  while gracefully flipping him the bird.

Junhui chuckled as if he thought Wonwoo was joking, but that point Wonwoo couldn't tell anymore because Junhui was about to get on his last nerve. He was lucky they were close friends or else Wonwoo would've already pummeled him into the ground.

Before Wonwoo could be given a chance to act on his thoughts of murder, their teacher walked in which in turn resulted in everyone becoming quiet.

"Good morning, class." Mr. Kim greeted which elicited a less than excited, "Good morning, Mr. Kim." from the class that sounded more like a collective groan than a greeting.

"Glad you're all excited to be here," Mr. Kim replied sarcastically making a few people laugh halfheartedly, "We have a lot to cover today so take out last night's homework so it can be collected and then we can get started."

When the class rep finished collecting the previous night's homework and Mr. Kim began teaching the lesson Wonwoo didn't hesitate to rest his head on his arms which were crossed on his desk, clearly preparing to sleep. If it wasn't for the fact that he still managed to have good grades despite rarely paying attention in class Mr. Kim would have gotten upset like he did if any other student fell asleep intentionally, but Wonwoo's marks kept him in the clear.

In addition to that, Mr. Kim knew Wonwoo was diagnosed as an insomniac since it was in his list of medical concerns on his student profile. The fact that he could rarely ever stay awake in class made numerous people think he cheated his way to getting high marks when in reality he always taught himself the content at night when he couldn't sleep to distract him from the thoughts that kept him up.

Wonwoo closed his eyes and waited for the sound of Mingyu tapping his short nails against his desk. The younger boy had a hard time sitting still for a long period of time and had a habit of drumming his fingers against things to alleviate his constant energy. While it annoyed most people, concentrating only on the quiet and steady sound is what lulled Wonwoo to sleep without his mind taking him to dark places.

Even then, a short nap during the lesson wasn't enough to help Wonwoo catch up on the proper amounts of sleep he'd been neglecting. The bell was waking him up much too soon to indicate the end of class and he had to suppress a groan. It would be okay for him to just stay in the class since Mr. Kim wouldn't mind and he didn't teach another class in the room until third period, but it would mean skipping phys-ed which was graded based on attendance. Wonwoo decided was worth it until he felt a hand ruffle his black hair.

"I know you heard the bell. Don't pretend you're still asleep. You have to go to your next class. Here," Mingyu said, waiting for Wonwoo to raise his head before handing him a bunch of papers, "it's today's notes."

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop taking down my notes? You really don't have to. I can figure out the work without the notes." Wonwoo replied.

He appreciated that Mingyu went out of his way to write out the notes for him, but he didn't like the idea of the younger boy doing so much for him when he didn't need to. He could use the time he took to write out Wonwoo's notes to finish his own homework so he could relax after school. Considering how busy Mingyu's schedule was he needed any break he could get.

"I don't doubt that you can. The notes will just make it infinitely easier. I'll go home with you today and help you go over it." Mingyu stated, not leaving room for objection as he stood from his seat.

"You can't just invite yourself to my house." Wonwoo drawled even though he knew very well that he could.

"Of course I can. Your grandma loves me more than you." the other retorted jokingly before taking his leave.

Sometimes Wonwoo was almost convinced that was true because his grandmother adored Mingyu's 'sunshine, rainbows, and a touch of mischief personality' (her words, not Wonwoo's) more than Wonwoo and his somberness. Wonwoo wasn't even sure how they'd become so close despite being such polar opposites. Mingyu was practically the literal sun, radiating warmth and kindness while Wonwoo... well, he was just about as warm as hour old coffee.

He was pretty sure if given the choice his grandmother would rather be Mingyu's guardian. Not that she didn't love Wonwoo-- she did to the bottom of her heart-- but it was difficult not to be attracted to Mingyu's bright character.

Still, Wonwoo wasn't ready for her to get alarmingly excited for a sixty-six year old when he brought Mingyu home.