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Scenes from a Wedding

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"Mom? Dad?" Abigail stepped inside the house. "Mom, I'm back from Lyndsey's. Sorry I'm home so late. We had to study for this project and...Mom?" She searched the downstairs area of the house. "Dad? Anybody home?" Her eyes fell on the suitcase in the hallway and she shrugged, slowly making her way upstairs.

As she reached the landing, she noticed a light orange tie, dark blue blazer and white dress shirt lying on the floor. Her lips twitched into a smile as she followed the trail to her Mother's bedroom, softly knocking on the door. "Mom, I'm home." She opened the door a crack, peeking inside. Her parents were inside, her Mom wearing a night shirt, her Dad in a pair of boxer shorts, the two slow dancing in the middle of the room.

Abigail grinned, tiptoeing away from the door and down the hall to her own bedroom. She threw her backpack on the bed, fishing her cell phone out of pocket and unlocking it. She sat down on the bed, opening instagram, her jaw dropping in surprise.

The first photo on her news feed was from Isabelwatersprite30, her Mother. The photo showed two black velvet ring boxes sitting open on a restaurant table surrounded by candle light. One showed a gold wedding band, the other a beautiful pink diamond ring. Below was a caption:

Can you believe it? We both had the same idea! Lol. :-) I said yes and so did he!

"Hashtag engaged, hashtag we finally said yes, hashtag new start, hashtag no more waiting, hashtag most romantic night ever, hashtag to be married." Abigail grinned as she scrolled through the comments.

Baljeatlestpiesquared: Thank goodness! I cannot believe you took this long! Buford told me everything!

Bufabulous09: Finally! Now can ya please have the weddin soon? I really don't wanna wait another fifteen years before ya guys decide ta tie the knot.

ferboochY8: :-)

The teenager started as her phone rang, Buford's name on the caller id. She grinned as she answered. "Hey Buford."

He wasted no time. "Yo Abby. When's the weddin? We gotta start plannin."