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All that matters

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It was a cold winter night. Prosecutor Blackquill was totally exhausted because of his work, so he fell asleep when he and the detective were enjoying a samurai's movie, his favorite genre.

Detective noticed that and he softly smiled when he looked at his beloved, sleeping leaning on his thigh.

He caressed Simon's hair and his cheek, the prosecutor growled a little.

"Fool bright...", He said softly, like a barely audible murmur.

"Yes, my love?" The detective answered, smiling at him. He thought he was adorable when he just woke up.

The prosecutor hugged him, without answering him. He rested his head on the detective's shoulder, still sleepy.

"My love... you should sleep more..." The detective said, caressing his hair.

"I love you..."

Those words made the detective's face redden suddenly. Of course he had heard them before, but on rare occasions and never so suddenly. The prosecutor was quite reserved and he rarely was affectionate with him. Of course he understood it, by day they had work and at night they were both too tired.

"I love you..."

The prosecutor repeated softly, with a tremendously sweet voice that made the detective melt every night.

The prosecutor caressed the detective's cheek, his hand was cold but but the detective did not care - he wanted more contact, wanted more.

He put his arms around the prosecutor's neck, their faces were close and the prosecutor kissed the detective - gently first, but little by little more passionate and deep.

For the detective it was like heaven itself. He stroked the prosecutor's hair when he got their bodies closer, taking the detective by the waist.

"Simon... we should stop right there... We have work tomorrow and it's late..."

The detective was desperately trying to think rationally.

"Hmpf... Its okay... but there will be no salvation for you tomorrow ..." Said the prosecutor, kissing the detective's neck gently, causing him to shudder.

"Okay, okay..." The detective answered with a little smile. He kissed him and then they went to bed, falling asleep hugging each other, but before that there were more kisses and signs of affection.

They both enjoyed it, they both loved it as much as they loved each other.

And thats all that matters.