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Don't Give Up, Vanille!

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Today's the day. I've gotten the chance of a lifetime. My dreams have come true. My binding rod skills have paid off.

I'm finally going on a mission with Fang!

Or we were randomly assigned.

But the details don't matter.

What's more important is that Fang, the best spearwoman, is my partner! I have to impress her, and part of a good impression comes from perfectly impeccable punctuality… which means I've got to meet Fang near the exit soon.

I scrambled for my bag, and bursted out the door. Someone stood in front of my house. My throat caught something and a different type of excitement filled my heart and guts.

The blue sari draping over tanned, well developed muscles… her hand going through her black, windswept hair… those cannons!

“F-F-Fang, good morning!” my voice almost cracked.

Fang turned, and graced me and all of Gran Pulse. She said, “Good morning, Vanille. It's our turn to gather supplies today. Shall we go?”

“Of course!” My heart pounded, and my hands started getting shaky.

Don't be a weirdo! Act normal!

I took a deep breath, and shuddered out all my weirdness.

Fang went right to business.

“Where do we go?” Fang asked.

“I was told to go to the Archylte Steppe.”

Fang frowned, “Err...that’s far. I normally go several kilometers from Oerba.”

“We have to go further now. The other assigned groups took too many of the supplies. We have wait a year or so for them to replenish.”

She slumped, “We have to take chocobos, don't we?”

(ㆁ//ω//ㆁ*)ゞ✧ “Don't worry. It'll be fun.”

Fang returned the gesture. “✧ヽ(-_-;) Choco-smells are not fun.”

I love feeling the Choco-speeds through the Archylte Steppe, the wind blowing through my hair and against my face, and the soft Choco-fluffs between my thighs…


“Is something wrong?” Fang said.

“No, nothing! Just some Choco-thoughts, is all!”

Fang… cares!


Hold it together. We're almost there!

“Vanille, Gorgonopsids stand in our way.”

I looked up and of course they want to tango with our supplies.

“You wanna move it or kill it,” Fang asked.

“There’s no need for unnecessary violence. Does the guard not greet the prisoner? Do predator and prey not drink water side by side? As long as we don't anger them-”

A Rangda dance crew approached the supply area. The Gorgonopsids took it as a dance challenge and mauled, mangled, mashed the Rangdas.

“I forgot only the strongest survive. Let's kill them.”

Fang superbly stepped off her Chocobo, and flourished her spear. “What's the plan, Vanille?”

Wait. “I-I'm the leader?”

Fang nodded, while eyeing the Gorgonopsids.

Oh man! (@_@) Must impress Fang with leadership skills.

I hopped off my Chocobo and brought out my rod.

“You'll challenge them and be defensive, while I hold them down with the rod. Then, kill them when you've got the chance.”

“Got it.”

“That's all the supplies we need,” Fang said, as she secured the supplies on her Chocobo.
“What do you want to do with the Gorgonopsids?” She pointed at the four dead animals.

“We should take it back; it's meat. I think we should put the Gorgonopsids on one Chocobo, and then, we could share… a Chocobo together.”

“That's a good idea, I don't want to sit next to corpses,” Fang said.

The Gorgonopsids agitated the Chocobos, and wouldn't calm down unless one of us sat with them. So instead of riding with Fang, I've got my two dead friends.

This blows.

“I know!” said Fang, “I'm gonna have Choco-smells and death-smells. Ohmigod, they're touching me. Nooo!”

The ride back wasn't all bad. Getting fresh air, enjoying the view of nature on the way back, especially the view of Fang’s perfectly perfect legs. She likes to side-saddle, you know?

“We did a great job; we should do this more often,” said Fang.

“I-I agree!”

“Great! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to shower. See you later!”


I can't believe Fang wants to work with me again! We’re a gonna be team!

I have be a good partner…
I'm gonna be a good partner!

Fuck yeah, I'm the best in all the land. I can use magic. I found out this evening, after I helped Fang with a deep cut in her face. Her scrapes disappeared after I touched it.

She wanted to talk to me in private about it.

I want to talk to her in private too. I've been waiting for this opportunity, the opportunity to ask her out. But, I'm prepared for rejection.

Rejection doesn't mean the end of the world. It just means bad timing or someone doesn't need you right now. It's not about me. It's not about me! (。>﹏<。)

Now that the pep talk is out of the way, time to practice.

Fang~ I feel we've gotten really close this past year, and I really enjoyed our time together. You're my best friend and we make a great team. I'm happy when I'm with you and I think you're a wonderful person! Would you like to go out with me?

"Now’s not a good time,” said Fang.

(˘・д・˘) … ahsh… djgks… hrnd...

Fang’s face became grim and serious.
“We've become L'Cie,” she said.


Fang showed the brand on her arm. Then she flipped my skirt, revealing A BRAND ON MY THIGH?!