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A collection of kisses

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Opening his eyes, the world around him blurry without his glasses, the first thing he was hit with was how incredibly sore his whole body was. He tried to move, slowly testing his limbs, but every single one of his muscles screamed in protest. That last fight really had taken a lot out of him…

When he heard the click of a door, he turned his head, squinting in the direction of the noise. Who…?

“Ah, Kunikida~ I thought you died without me, you were out for so long…”

Sitting next to the bed, Dazai dramatically draped himself along the older’s side, smirking at his partner. One bandaged hand reached up to flick against the blondes nose, the shark intake of breath making him pause though.

“Huh...You sure got thrown around back there. Does it hurt?”

Groaning as he tried to move, Kunikida glared in what he assumed was the general direction of Dazai’s face, voice cracking as he spoke.

“I’m sore all over...this could have been prevented, if you could take your job a little more serious at times, Dazai.”

There was a long pause between them after that, the brunet looking over his partner, who at the moment seemed to have a hard time moving. Well...being tossed through a wall did that to a person, didn’t it? Still, he did feel sorry for the older, he really could have prevented some of that damage.

Smiling, he leaned down, placing a kiss on his partners temple, nuzzling the spot.

“Ha~ Don’t you worry Kunikida-kun~ I’ll make sure to help fix you right back up.”

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The battlefield was slowly settling into the quiet after a storm, hundreds of bodies littering the broken asphalt. Above them, the sky was grey from clouds and dust, the first few drops of rain just starting to fall.

In the center of the carnage, a small blonde girl was kneeling, on her lap the raven-haired head of an older man. Her tiny hands ran through the long strands of hair, clumped together with blood and dirt, shaking her head.

“’re so dumb! So dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!

Her clear blue eyes slowly filled with black tears, which began to run down her porcelain cheeks, washing away the specks of blood that had been sprayed there.

“...You can’t just leave me behind all alone, stupid Rintaro. You said you’d take me to the mall, but you lied!”

A large teardrop landed on the man’s face, trailing from his eye down his cheek, a line of black on cold, pale skin. Just then, the rain picked up, heavy drops hitting the pair of them, soaking the girls hair, yet seemingly not affecting it’s bounce.

“...Talk to me Rintaro. I want to have fun…this isn’t fun.”

Leaning down, she hovered over the older's face, as if to shield it from the rain, fingers brushing away stray droplets. Closing her eyes, she pouted as he didn’t react, letting out a heavy sigh.

“You’re not a princess Rintaro! I’m the princess! I always have to do everything myself.”

With that she moved down, lips meeting those of her partner, as if the action would truly bring him back. When he still didn’t react, she simply held him close, face slowly forming into a serene smile. From far away, the sound of sirens came closing in, just as the first echo of thunder rolled into the harbor.

“...When we meet again Rintaro, you owe me ice-cream.”

Later on, when the body of the notorious leader of the Port Mafia was recovered, many questions were raised about the bright red dress, laying under his head, its skirt fanned out like the halo of a demon.

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Chained up in the basement of the mafia, Dazai waited, humming to himself to alleviate his boredom. He could have been out of there long ago, but he still needed some information, and that he would only get once the midget showed up. Haaaaa, for his old partner to keep him waiting like this…

The footsteps coming down the stairs made him listen up, smirking at the familiar sound. Not the person he needed, but certainly the one he expected. Chuckling to himself, he kept up the carefree act, only stopping when the Mad Dogs black claw crashed into the pillar he was bound to, encircling his neck.

Eyes dull, he looked up, smiling at the younger man atop the stairs, looking him over with disinterest.

“’re here.”

He listened to Akutagawa talk, bored by having to deal with his former student, who had clearly not gotten any better over the years. Hell, even his punch was still just as feeble… But at least he was fun to rile up, offering him a bit of entertainment for a while. was almost disappointing when the younger turned to leave.

Though...the threat to the agency brought a grin to his lips, staring at Akutagawa’s back and speaking up.

“You really think you can destroy the agency?” Seeing his old student’s shoulders tense, he knew it would only take a little push further. “My new subordinate is a lot better than you.”

Dazai took the second punch to his face within less than five minutes, almost bursting out laughing at the enraged growl from the smaller one. Ah, the mad dog seriously thought he could mess with his former mentor like that. When he felt a hand grip his hair, he met the younger’s eyes, his smirk challenging Akutagawa to come at him.

The former Executive had not expected to feel thin lips violently press against his, teeth digging into his lower lip. Just a fraction of a second, before the kiss was broken and Akutagawa stormed off, not giving Dazai the time to comment on what had just happened.

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Members as low in rank as him usually didn’t step foot in the Headquarters. They especially didn’t ever step foot in the office of their leader. And yet, here he was, standing in the darkened room, just having been handed the Silver Oracle.

The permission to even order the executives receive something like this, Mori clearly wanted Ango back, no matter the cost. But then, why would he send the lowest errant boy to do it? Did he think Flawless was needed? If the job was dangerous to such a degree…why not send someone willing to kill?

Or was he sent because he knew Ango personally? Oda carefully folded the Oracle and placed it in one of his pockets, bowing to Mori without asking. Whatever the reason for his dispatchment, there had been thought put behind it, and he would find out what it was, without making it sound as if he was questioning his leader.

Just as he was about to leave, the older man called out for him once more, rising from his seat and stepping closer.

“Ah...Oda-kun, one more thing.”

With a soft smile, the smaller mentioned for his subordinate to lean down, and Oda followed his unspoken command, confusion clear on his face. What more…? One of Mori’s hands reached out, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him into a kiss, blue eyes widening in stunned shock. When he was released, he stumbled back a few feet, staring at the older in disbelief.


“Hm...ah, do make sure you come back safe, yes? Odasaku?

Swallowing hard, he nodded, turning on his heel and hurrying out the room as fast as he could.

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Of course they would end up here again. They always did. And now more than ever, it fit for them to meet within the crumbling building, where they had fought together years ago. After was less than half a day, until the virus within them would destroy them both, unless one of them died beforehand.

Unless one of them killed the other.

“Ah, good to see you~”

Stepping into the room, the younger leader had a carefree air around him, walking over to his old partner. Mori had his usual smile on his lips, standing in front of Fukuzawa, with his hands folded behind his back, the Silver Wolf giving him a small acknowledging nod.

“As always, the circumstances could be better.”

With a shake of his head, the leader of the Mafia waved a hand dismissively, before placing it over the tallers heart, fingers idly tracing along the fabric of his yukata.

“Hmm...of course, of course. And yet…” Smirking, deep red eyes met clear blue, Mori stepping just a tad further into the president’s personal space. “Ha~ neither of us wanted to pass up the opportunity, did we?”

Letting out a sigh, Fukuzawa placed a hand on the younger’s cheek, thumb tracing over a high cheekbone, before he leaned in for a kiss. If they had to kill each other, there was no harm in this anymore. Even when they broke apart, he didn’t pull back far, their foreheads resting against each other.

“...We need to stop meeting like this.”

Closing his eyes, the smaller chuckled, entwining his fingers with Fukuzawa’s and placing a kiss on his palm.

“But uhh...we will, won’t we? Today...might just be the last time we meet. Isn’t that right?”

“What a way for us to end. Shall we then?”

“Hmm...but of course.”

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Old habits die hard.

And when you have been with someone for over five years, only to end up on opposing sides, things may just get...awkward at times. Using each other’s first names was among the smaller issues, something they could chalk up to familiarity.

Referring to each other with possessive terms was a bit harder to cover up already, and whenever either of them used terms of endearment, it caused a pause. And yet…

Nothing came close to the times they ended up showing physical affection. The times when they ended up holding hands, until someone pointed it out, when they sat too close to each other for supposed enemies.

And most notably the time Fukuzawa had pulled up Mori's chin, placing a kiss on his lips and muttering “I'll see you later, love.”, only to realize a moment later that they were no longer together.

Old habits and old love...both die hard.

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Waiting at the agreed upon spot, Chuuya was glaring at the clock every few moments, grumbling to himself. His partner should have been here ten minutes ago, but of course the bandaged asshole would keep him waiting. How did someone like that ever manage to become an executive?

Watching as time ticked, the young man looked around, for any sign of Dazai, finally spotting him strolling up with no care in the world.

“You’re late Mackerel. If this mission tanks because of you, I’ll make you pay.”

The taller smirked down at Chuuya, waving his hand dismissively and leaning down a bit, a hint of perfume drifting off him.

“Oh look at that, I barely noticed you down there, Chibi~~ Ah, no worries, no worries, I’ve watched their movements, a little delay won’t hurt our mission.”

Placing a hand on his chest, he closed his uncovered eye, letting out a dreamy sigh, before draping an arm around the smaller mans shoulders.

“And anyways...I couldn’t just ignore a beautiful lady, just because of an unimportant little mission. Not that I expect you to understand hatrack, you probably don’t know how kisses work~”

Clenching his fists, he stepped out from under Dazai’s arm, roughly grabbing his tie and dragging him into a violent kiss, letting go only to bring his flat hand across the others cheek.

“I have you know, I’m a great kisser, and given that you taste like rot, any woman who makes out with you must be crazy.”

With that, he turned away and made his way to their target.

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“Our only target is their leader, apart from him, we do not want further casualties-”

Walking behind his mentor, Akutagawa was intently listening to the mission briefing, frowning at the order clearly hidden within the older’s words. Do not cause any unnecessary deaths.

Glancing to the side, the young man's eyes landed on the third member of the mission team. During the explanation the taller man had from time to time pointed out potential flaws and dangers in the plan, but otherwise remained absolutely silent. It was strange… why would they need a low-level errant runner, that didn't kill with them? Had Dazai brought the man along to spite his charge? To teach him perhaps? To show ‘this is the kind of person I respect and recognise’?

Dark eyes slowly took in the man's appearance, trying to sear it into his memory. Unruly red hair, slightly tanned skin, stubble… his observations were cut short, when deep blue eyes met his, a brow arched in question. Cursing under his breath, Akutagawa turned his head away, the corners of his lips twitching even lower. To have been caught staring like that…

For the rest of the walk, the younger kept his eyes trained on the ground, refusing to answer the unasked question of a lowly agent. Though when Dazai had slipped away for a moment, possibly to scout ahead, Akutagawa felt the redhead lean in, a soft kiss pressed to his temple.

“Good luck today.”

The touch passed as fast as it had come, the Mad Dog's body left rigid in its aftermath. Oh...oh he hated that guy.

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He had never liked rain. Being naturally cold all the time, he had despised the feeling of being drenched, freezing no matter what he wore.

In this moment though, he was thankful for the heavy downpour, the rivers streaking down his hair and face masking what he did not want the world to see. Even if right then, the world was only the back of his old mentor. Clawing at the mud he was lying in, Akutagawa tried to reach out his arm, Rashomon barely enough to stabilise the broken bones, his voice a weak rasp, almost drowned by the rain.


There was no reaction, not even the most minute hitch in the other’s step, the younger struggling to speak up, with blood bubbling in his throat.

“Dazai-san… please…”

At that, his mentor stopped, slowly turning his head, fixing Akutagawa with an icy glare. Though… the moment lasted for just a second, before the older continued his way, leaving his old charge behind.


“Your god has abandoned you.”

What blood was left in him froze at the apathetic voice so close to him, wide eyes looking up only to be met with a smile lacking any emotion.

“Do not fret. I am a much more merciful deity.”

Akutagawa tried to shake his head, to move at all, but it was no use. Blue lips, almost freezing in their touch, were placed on his cheek, merely the slight hint of salt giving away his tears. When Fyodor pulled away, the smaller’s eyes had turned dull, sightless pupils staring into the distance.

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Red hair - not the right red and too long, but close, close enough that he could pretend, could lie to himself.

Blue eyes - Blue like the sea at its deepest, too blue, lacking a touch of stormy grey and the gentle light behind.

Ango knew Chuuya was not the one he had lost. He realised that over and over, each time his eyes and hands found something not quite right.

How Chuuya was significantly smaller than the other, how his words came with a bite that had been foreign to the errant runner’s voice. The younger's loud attitude, a stark contrast to Oda's calm aura, was just as jarring as the impatience that the younger conducted himself with at times.

And yet...and yet the agent kept going, closing his eyes as they kiss, lying to himself that it was the man he loved.

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Pain. That was all he could feel in this moment, desperately trying to get air into his lungs while they slowly filled up with his own blood. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go...he couldn’t end like this!

Coughing, Chuuya struggled to lean onto his arms, but the muscles buckled under him, too sore, too broken to still function after the enemy had torn through his defenses. He could barely make out the slowly approaching footsteps, gritting his teeth as he glared up towards the person towering above him.


The tall Russian clearly wasn’t intimidated by the executive, an almost serene smile on his lips as he stepped closer, squatting down next to Chuuya.

“You make a truly sorry picture like this, Chuuya Nakahara. To think you once stood toe-to-toe with me…”

He tried to speak, but all that came out was a cough, blood splattering across the floor and onto the older's shoes.

“What an end for you... I shall free you of your sins.”

Grabbing the smaller’s hair, Dostoyevsky leaned in close, placing a kiss on Chuuyas exposed neck. Feeling the man's body go limp, he simply dropped him, getting back up.

“You are free of your burden now.”

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To think it would have to come to this… to think they'd have to ally themselves with a former enemy, specifically with this one… But if it could save the agency, he would do it! Even if it meant listening to Fitzgerald.

Despite the anxiety radiating off the were-tiger, the older man appeared as smug and calm as ever, obviously aware of his advantage in the moment. It was enough to make the hair on the back of Atsushi’s neck rise, body tense as if ready to pounce. While they were waiting, the others were in danger, and the man they had come to for help was droning on about his wealth…

Wealth that had always been far from the young man's reach. To have that fact practically rubbed in his face was a blow to what little ego he had.

“Well… as both of you are aware, there's almost nothing I cannot buy, so-”

Oh for-! In a blur of motion that left everyone in the room too stunned to react, Atsushi was out of his seat and silenced the Guild's leader by pressing their lips together. Pulling back, the younger’s face was contorted in anger, black stripes starting to form on his cheeks.

“Could you stop talking about your money and get to the point?!”

There was a long pause, in which Fitzgerald simply stared, watching the tiger calm down, waiting for realization to kick in. And when it did, the boy’s eyes widened, the almost violent blush making the businessman grin, while Atsushi slowly retreated, making sure not to meet anyone's eyes.

“Ah~ I'm glad you got that off your chest. Now back to our deal, yes?”