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Parchment and Honey |James Sirius Potter|

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The Great Hall was bustling with students from all the houses as they sat at the four tables representing the four houses of Hogwarts. Hundreds of candles were floating in the air, students were digging enthusiastically into their plates and chatting away with their friends merrily.

While all the others were busy filling their stomach, a girl was sitting at the Ravenclaw table, one of her elbows propped up on the table to support her head. She was looking at the entrance of the Great Hall with a bored expression on her face. The ghosts hovered above them chatting with their fellow ghosts while the house ghosts were speaking with some of the students. Even the quiet Grey Lady Ghost of Ravenclaw who had become cordial in the recent years was making polite conversation with first years who spoke with her, their eyes wide with wonder.

A small yawn escaped her lips and she raised her head when she saw a boy wearing dusty robes entered the Great Hall. He was rubbing his hand on his robes and his dark eyes swept over the tables before they finally rested on her. He wore an irritated expression on his face as he walked over to the table.

A few heads turned to see the boy from the other house join his sister at the Ravenclaw table. None of the Ravenclaws commented as it was the norm and there were many students who were joining their family or friends during meal times, thus sitting at different house tables.

"How was detention?" Athena asked.

Colin turned his head slowly. "Rocking," he scowled.

She rolled his eyes at the answer and was immediately elbowed hard in the ribs. "What?" She hissed rubbing the place where his elbow dug into her but he merely directed his gaze to one far corner. Athena followed and soon her blue eyes locked with hazel ones of a boy sitting at the Gryffindor table. He had returned from his detention too. His red robes had a bit of soot on them and his hair was pointing in all directions as if he hadn't brushed them decently for years.

A smile crept on Athena's lips and James returned the smile as well. Their soft gazes lingered over each other, all time and place forgotten as they plunged into their world.