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Negative Rebound [Jayde the Hedgehog]

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GUN Training Centre

Several shots were fired, slicing through the air before they hit the center of the target, a familiar 'whoop' of joy came from the grey hedgehog as she cheered. The commander nodded approvingly, "I see that training from Shadow has paid off."

Jayde grinned at the Ultimate Lifeform who smirked smugly in the corner of the room, "You bet!" she looked back up to the commander, "So, any missions for me to try it out for real?"

The commander sighed as the three began to walk out, "Jayde, you've asked me the same question for a month now and it's always the same answer."

"Really?" She sighed, "What's Eggman up to?"

The commander shrugged, him too feeling slightly lost on what to do. It had been months since the doctor attacked the city or even left his lair! It was like he had vanished into thin air. The heroes didn't know what to do, and boredom was beginning to take a toll on them.

At first the idea of no Eggman seemed great. They could do what they wanted without worry of being attacked, they could hang out with each other and not have to keep looking behind them. But now it was like there was nothing left to do.

In the short span of four months, Jayde had visited Casinopolis, Soleanna, Babylon and Emerald Coast. She had visited her parent's house multiple times and gained back that relationship she thought she had lost. She had been challenged a few times by Jet as well to prove who the 'King/Queen of the Skies' really was – mostly ended up in a draw, by Jet was certain he had won. And Shadow and Jayde had grown even closer in their new relationship, yet they still kept it well hidden from the outside world.

It had been a good few months, no doubt, but it was becoming tedious.

"We've been in contact with Tails, and even on the surveillance footage for Dr Eggman's lair, there is no activity." The commander spoke, "He hasn't left, hasn't retrieved anything and no one's gone into his lair either."

Shadow crossed his arms, "Are there any other entrances or exits the doctor has?"

The commander sat in his chair as they reached his office, "All ways into his lair that we know of we have CCTV on. There just seems to be no activity around him."

"I don't like it." Jayde muttered as they walked towards Tails' workshop, "Eggman's never been this quiet since I've been here. What was he like before?"

"He may have had his silent periods where nothing happened, but that was only for about a week before he attacked again." Shadow answered, "I've never known him to not do anything for four months."

The only good thing about this whole 'no Eggman' ordeal, was that the people of Mobius were much happier. None of them seemed to walk looking behind them every so often, children were free and allowed to run off to the park themselves without their parents worrying so much.

It was like this everywhere.

It wasn't only Mobius that Eggman attacked, he would attack anywhere and everywhere. But when GUN Agents went around the planet to search for him incase he had any hidden lairs, they all came back with the same stumped expression. He was nowhere.

"Go fish!" Tails yelled, scooping up some cookies from the table.

Sonic looked up from his card and stared confusedly at his twin tailed brother, "We were playing Go Fish?"

Amy chuckled at the blue hedgehog before noticing the two agents by the door, "Hey, guys! Care to join?"

Shadow scoffed, "Sonic can't play any card or board game without losing and whining – so no."

Sonic protested the ebony male, "I do not!"

"The last time we played chess you tipped the board, when we played checkers you broke a chair and don't even get me started when we all played Pictionary." Shadow said, crossing his arms with a glare.

Jayde had to hold back her laugh when the Ultimate Lifeform mentioned the Pictionary incident, remembering that it ended up with a plate being thrown at Shadow's head. Sonic muttered under his breath and turned away, "It wasn't my fault that plate was in my hands – it was clearly a bird!"

"You're a sore loser, Speedster." Jayde mumbled, nothing bothering to hold her smirk.

"You guys are just rubbish at Pictionary." Sonic came back, watching as Tails shuffled the deck of cards. He split them between the three at the table, before huffing, the game nothing more than a pointless time waster.

Jayde sighed as she slumped on the chair, letting out a groan, "I'm so bored!" she whined, leading Shadow to roll his eyes at her.

"I know that feeling." Sonic muttered, before slumping on top of Jayde.

Jayde grunted at the extra weight before shoving the blue blur off. Sonic landed on the floor with a thud, dragging the female with him. Neither of them seemed to move from their position, boredom overcoming everyone.

Sonic expressed his annoyance and threw his arms in the air with a loud sigh, "Egghead, would you just attack already!"

Tails slumped on his chair and rested his head lazily on his arm, scrolling through the surveillance footage, each time coming up blank, "He hasn't moved from his lair for ages. I saw him come out earlier for the first time in ages, but he went straight back inside after!" He handed Amy a few of his cards before glancing at the blue blur.

"Never thought I'd say this," Amy mumbled, switching the cards in her hand, "But I miss Eggman. At least when he attacked we had something to do." The others silently agreed.

Ever since Jayde had ran, everything had been full speed ahead. From Cleobella's clan, to Torrent, to helping Shine, to meeting the Sonic team. It had been a while since she had time to spend herself without worry of attack or saving others. But now that time was here, she hated it.

It was nice to have some time to do whatever she wanted, but the idea of 'slowing down' seemed strange – why would you want to do that? Especially when everything had moved so fast. Everything just seemed to drag now – even the days.

It was strange. They were supposed to be heroes, but how could they be heroes when there was no heroic deed to do?

"Sonic, do you have any Ace's?" Amy asked, looking at the hedgehog slumped on the floor.

Sonic sighed, half lidded eyes before glancing down at his cards. A sudden grin left him and he jumped up, startling the grey female, "Go Fish!"

"Wanna go for a race?" Sonic asked, but even that sounded dull now. The team had lost count the amount of times Sonic, Jayde and Shadow raced over the past four months. It wasn't that they grew bored of it – it was a thrill ride wherever they raced to – but they needed some competition other than themselves.

Jayde hummed a response, dragging her feet across the floor to her board, "I suppose so."

Shadow walked out the door with the two hedgehogs, "Where to this time?"

"Westopolis?" The blue blur suggested.

Jayde was quick to answer back, "We raced there last week."


"Done that."




"Last time we were in the speed tubes on our hoverboards we got a speeding ticket." Jayde reminded him.

Sonic groaned, "Spagonia?"

Shadow was the one to intervene this time, "We raced there yesterday, Faker. I won, remember?"

The speedy hedgehog muttered something about how he didn't beat him, before trying one final place, "Emerald Coast?"

Jayde grinned, "You think you can beat me there, speedster?"

Sonic smirked back, "Oh, yeah."

"How about on your Extreme Gear?" Sonic's smirk widened at the extra challenge and held his hand out to shake on the deal, "You joining, Shades?"

"I mean, Tails does have a spare Extreme Gear – but do you think you could possibly beat me?" Sonic chuckled, putting his pride on the line once again, "After all, I did beat Jet – and you're just as slow as him."

Shadow scoffed, uncrossing his arms and shaking on the deal with the blue blur, "You're on, Faker."

"Maybe after we could take a visit to Eggman's lair in Holoska. Let's trash some of his robots." Jayde said as the male hedgehogs readied their boards.

Sonic chuckled, "He's not usually there, but yeah – we can still trash something of his."

"Ready?" Jayde clenched her fists, looking at the ebony male beside her with a grin, "Set... Gorilla!" Sonic jolted forward slightly and growled as Jayde laughed, "GO!" she yelled, both her and Shadow shooting away from the blue hedgehog.

"Hey!" Sonic shouted, racing after them.