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Bound Threads

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Midoriya Izuku wakes up to the sound of an alarm.

Unable to shrug off the fatigue weighing him down, he instinctively uses his thumb to disable the alarm with tired, lidded eyes. Midoriya lets his eyes droop fully closed.

Five minutes later, the alarm rings again much to his annoyance. Sluggishly recognizing that he had classes he needs to attend, he makes himself get up.

When he opens his eyes, he’s awakened by the sight of an unfamiliar room.

The walls are painted a plain white. To his left side is a huge set of traditional stylized windows that parade a grand view of the scenery outside. Midoriya hesitantly makes himself get up and peeks outside the window.

He’s almost caught breathless by the sight that greets him. There is a plethora of trees that stretched out into a never-ending forest for miles. There are a few dirt-paths and old roads that can be seen in between the tree-tops. In the far distance, there is a set of mountains that lied beneath the shining sun.

This is not anywhere near Tokyo.

Midoriya chokes, his pupils dilated. What the…? He can’t help but think. He starts to panic internally, beads of sweat dropping down his forehead and his mouth in a forced, anxiety-ridden smile. He reaches out his hand at the glass and jumps back at the contact between his warm hand and the cold window.

It’s real! Midoriya thinks in alarm, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. He rips his gaze away from the window to observe the room around him.

There are pencil sketches scattered everywhere. Whoever’s room he was in, clearly was not a very organized person. Some aren’t even pinned up haphazardly on the wall like most are; they are just strewn across the floor as if left abandoned by their original creator. Midoriya navigates his way carefully so that he doesn’t step on any papers and gets closer to the wall to examine the sketches in more detail.

Some are blueprints of various gadgets that looked like they could rival Hatsume’s. Others are just notes scribbled down, mostly quirk analyses. Some papers in particular have a contrasting red-inked circle around specific lines, probably to emphasize a point. Midoriya, curiosity getting the best of him, reaches out and pulls down one of the papers.

Quirk: Gigantification. He reads. Circled in a dark red ink was written Cannot control the size.

“Mount Lady..?” Midoriya wanders out loud, scans his eyes down the paper but sees no mention of the hero’s name. He flips the paper over but there was nothing written on the back. He let the paper slip from his fingers, walking and brushing his hand along the wall to scrutinize the other papers that are plastered.

There’s a drawing board in the corner of the room. There’s also a cup that’s been shoved with all sorts of drawing utensils, each having looked been used already to their limit. Midoriya traces his hand at the sketch paper that had an unfinished illustration of some sort of glove tool.

“Where am I…?” Midoriya asks to no avail. He looks down at his clothes and finally realizes that he didn’t go sleep last night in… whoever’s pajamas he was wearing. He is dressed in a plain green T-shirt with black shorts. He walks out the room, his bare feet thumping loudly against the unfamiliar wooden floorboards and goes into the nearest bathroom.

He opens the door and is greeted to the sight of what seemed like a more old-fashioned bathroom than anything else. What greets him in the mirror…

Midoriya reaches his hand to cup his own face, gazing intently at his own reflection. He yelps at the sight of his own reflection following the action, confirming that he was indeed what he saw.

He has long hair. At least longer than what he was used to. It is furiously standing up in all directions upwards in a bedhead manner. Midoriya instinctively places a hand on his hair and brushed it down, which immediately causes parts of his hair to fall ungracefully to cover his entire left eye.

Everything else looks pretty much the same, sans the various scars he gained from his year at U.A. Same freckles, same green hair (despite being longer), same face. He grips his hair, completely stressed out by the entire situation.


What was happening?!

Midoriya chokes on a hysterical laugh. Is this a dream? Where is he? Why is his hair longer?

“Yamikumo? Is that you?” Midoriya hears a distantly muffled male voice call out. Yamikumo? Who is that? Midoriya thinks.

Not realizing that it was him who was being called out for, he examines the contents of the bathroom. At the corner of the bath basin, there are two cups. One holds a bright green toothbrush, the other holds a dark red toothbrush. There is a yellow sticky note taped right next to the green toothbrush that distinctively reads stop breaking my toothbrush in furiously scribbled black marker.

Midoriya laughs, despite himself, at the absurdity. He still has no idea what is happening. He is a little afraid to even venture outside, unsure what would greet him beyond the comfort of these bathroom doors.

Midoriya turns on the faucet and splashes cold water into his face. He turns it off and wipes his face off with a nondescript white towel that was hanging by a wring next to him. He looks at himself in the mirror once more, and sighs at the realization that this wasn’t a dream.

Trying to ignore the dread that pooled at the bottom of his stomach, he forces himself out of the bathroom and walks down the stairs. The house is unfamiliar. It was definitely different than the building structures Midoriya regularly is used to.

“Ah, you’ve finally arrived. Had a long night?” A voice whips out towards Midoriya when he reaches the bottom of the stairs. He looks around but sees nobody. He walks around, unfamiliar with the house he was currently in, and reaches the origin of the voice in what appears to be a dining room.

A tall man dressed in a suit is setting down a plate of pancakes on a wooden table. He has black hair that looked messy enough to simulate the suspicion that he had given up halfway through combing it. He wears a plain white-colored apron, though his hands were already untying the waist-bands to come undone.

Midoriya gulps. He doesn’t know how he should approach this situation. Should he go along with it? Who is this man? He feels like he recognizes his face from somewhere, but no particular recollection was surfacing. “Y-yeah,” Midoriya forces out, resisting the urge to tremble. He takes his seat in front of where the pancakes had been lain down on the table.

The man sighs. “You’re going to be late for school at the absurdly leisurely pace you’re moving at. It’s already 8.” Midoriya takes in the new information. He was still unsure what should he do- should he ask where he is?

“Uh…” Midoriya could only reply, dumbfounded a little. The man takes one glance at Midoriya before bursting into a deep chuckle.

“Seems you’re a bit off today, Yamikumo. Anything I can help with?” The man teases Midoriya. Midoriya flushes with embarrassment a little, his eyes flooded with confusion.

“N-no. I’m just… erm… I need to get ready!” Midoriya stammers out. He takes a stab of a pancake, shoves it in his mouth, and flees back into his room. He has no idea who this man was, but the familiarity that the man speaks to him with is unnerving.

He needs more information.

He has no idea where he is nor what is happening. He needs to find out more.

When he enters the room he had woken up in originally, he slides the door closed hurriedly. Midoriya grips the phone that had woken him up but realizes that he has no idea what the phone password is. He tries entering three different passwords, fails, and decides to give up before he runs out of attempts. Frustratedly, he searches through his room for any more clues.

On the shelves he had noticed earlier, there is a plethora of notebooks stacked upon each other. There are pages filled with various sketches of heroes and villains along with notes scribbled at the bottom. On the back cover of every notebook, in the corner was written Property of Akatani Mikumo along with an address.

That man had to have been referring to him when he called out for Yamikumo (Must be a nickname). Nobody else has come forward, unless Midoriya hadn’t noticed them, but it seemed like there were no other presences in the house unless they kept themselves carefully hidden. His memory flashes to the various open doors that gave insight to empty rooms that he noticed on his way down the hallway to the stairs.

Midoriya’s mind is racing fast. The gears in his head are turning hard, trying to figure out the conundrum he was in currently. He looks through his backpack, finding an I.D. card that confirmed his suspicions that his name is Akatani Mikumo. After all, that is definitely his face printed on the photo part of the card. The name of his current high school was also printed.

He rummages more through the backpack, immediately taking notice of a closed laptop. He opens it up hurriedly and is relieved to find out that he was not locked out of it unlike the phone. The laptop is bare, sans a few folders containing some documents and various scans of blueprints. The browser is opened up to a multitude of tabs.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the laptop indicated it is 8:15 AM. School… does school start at 8:30 AM…? Should he go? Is this even real?

Midoriya tries to calm his nerves, taking deep breaths in and out. He looks up the location of the high school that was printed on his I.D. card. He makes himself quickly memorize the directions in a panic. Then, he slams the laptop closed, promising to himself that he will inspect the contents of it later, and hurriedly changes his clothes to that of the first school uniform he spots in the closet.

He runs down the stairs, yellow backpack slung across his right shoulder, and pauses at the foot of the stairs. He turns his head around in all directions, mind trying to process where the front entrance is. After a couple of seconds of wandering around, he reaches it and puts on the red sneakers he sees lying around.

“Mikumo, you didn’t finish your breakfast,” The man from earlier grumbles in an accusatory tone while approaching Midoriya who was shoving his feet into his shoes.

“Sorry!” Midoriya blurts out, not sounding apologetic at all. He shoots straight up from the floor and tests that the shoes have been tied adequately before sprinting out the door, ignoring the man’s strangely amused stare.

He closes the door behind him and turns around to face the same countryside setting he had observed from his bedroom window. He becomes breathless immediately at the flood of unfamiliar senses. The smell of the grass is much more acute than he’d ever been exposed to. Midoriya can hear the sound of the birds chirping echoing off in the distance. Everything around him is much more rural…

He is not used to it.

Midoriya had always grown up near Tokyo. He was raised in that apartment for his entire life, preferring to stay in the city where he was close to his mother. Of course, he had visited the countryside a few times, but they were very rare instances and he had never trailed far from the train station.

He takes out his phone and starts to freak out at the fact that it was 8:25 AM. He had no time to be lazing around. He dashes across the dirt paths and conjures up the memory of the map he clumsily made himself remember earlier.

He gets lost anyways.

He arrives to… Mikumo’s high school an hour late. When he arrives, he is forced to ask one of the school’s staff members for help because he doesn’t know anything about Mikumo’s schedule. He flushes at the flabbergasted looks that he is given at admitting the strange case of temporary amnesia.


Does he… have amnesia?

My name is Midoriya Izuku. I grew up near Shizouka Prefecture with my mom, and I had always wanted to become a hero ever since I was four. I am now attending U.A. and training to be the new symbol of peace… He repeats a summary of the life he knew inside his head.

It doesn’t seem like he has a case of amnesia. He glances at the corner of the chalkboard, gazing intently at the date.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary time-wise. Today is exactly the date it should be. So, what…?

He opens up the lone notebook that he had found in his backpack earlier. He flips the pages while also scanning the contents of the notebook until he reaches the next empty sheet. He takes a black pen that he had found in the front pocket of the yellow backpack.

He begins to scribble down notes.

name: Akatani Mikumo

*man from the house (possibly father? uncle? grandpa?) calls me “yamikumo”

age: 16 (source: id card)

strengths: sketching, quirk analysis, likes to make gadgets(?) (source: room)

weaknesses: TBD

quirks: ??? one for all’s presence is gone (source: myself)

extra notes: doesnt bother to cut hair. *its kinda annoying

lives somewhere in the countryside (???)

time travel seems unlikely, the date isn’t unusual in any way.

same facial features, the body seems to resemble mine pre-training, hair is longer but still almost the same

is this supposed to be me?

where am i?

Midoriya also copies down the times and building room numbers of the printed schedule he had been given earlier as a precaution in case he loses the physical copy. He doesn’t want to have to go through that trouble again. Satisfied with his work, Midoriya deeply exhales. Still, the stress was building up inside him.

He doesn’t like this. He needs more information.

He puts his head down on his desk during lunchtime. He didn’t bring anything to eat in his panic to rush to… Mikumo’s school. He wonders if he could take a nap instead. A nap inside a dream- is that paradoxical? He feels a buzz in the back pocket of his pants, takes out the cellphone and sees a message lit up on the screen despite it still being locked.

Dad: You forgot your lunch. Tsk.

Midoriya squints his eyes at the message before sighing and putting the phone back choosing not to reply.

…Dad, huh?

Midoriya tries to conjure up memories of the few times where his dad’s whereabouts was addressed by his mom. His dad supposedly left their family to work overseas when he was very little. Midoriya was too little to even remember him. He has no recollection of his father at all.

It doesn’t bother him. This, however… it was like opening a can of worms that he wasn’t even aware existed. That man from earlier… images of the black-haired man wearing the white apron while also gently looking at Midoriya… must be his dad. The similarities and youthful face of the man suggested so, not to mention the familiarity that was sparked in those eyes.

So, Akatani Mikumo’s father was alive.

The real question is: Is he supposed to be Akatani Mikumo? They have separate names, after all. Yet they looked almost exactly the same, only the hair length was an exception. Midoriya has no doubt that if he clipped away bits and pieces of his hair right now (especially his lopsided bangs), he would be the splitting image of… well, himself.

So… was that supposed to be… his father…?

Midoriya wants to kick over a desk in frustration.

Later in the notebook, he scribbles down i really hope this is a dream, please wake me up already.


Akatani wakes up to the face of All Might.

Not just one All Might.

Multiple All Mights.

What the fuck. is the immediate thought that pops into his head. He bounces up, ripping the sheets off his body in a panic. He takes one glance around the room, quickly feeling disgust and confusion fill his head.

All Might.

All Might… everywhere?!

Where the fuck is he?

He looks down at his clothes and immediately recognizes that he is wearing a white T-shirt that had the words “Gotta Sleep All Night” printed alongside some yellow stars. He is also wearing blue pajama pants. This was definitely not his typical sleep gear – he thinks he’d rather sleep shirtless and burn this shirt than ever wear it to sleep. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion and opened the horrifyingly unfashionable American-styled curtains with a single forceful swipe of his hand.

Akatani’s eyes widened at the sight of the city landscape that could be seen just beyond a giant wall that seemed to enclose off the area of… wherever the hell he is. He leaves his mouth wide agape, reaching forward to touch the glass of the window.

He opens the glass screen door and steps onto the veranda. Immediately, the smell of distant smoke floods his senses. He breathes it in and smiles. Akatani evaluates his new surroundings with newfound interest, trying to process all of it. The sound of birds that had been muffled earlier could now be heard in massive clarity. That was common. The sound of traffic cars and the train in the distance, however? That was not.

“Hey, Midoriya!” Akatani hears someone call below him. Startled, he steps forward until he’s leaning against the railings and can sees a boy looking intently at him from the ground below him outside.

The boy has yellow hair with a black streak strewn across it. He is looking at Akatani with a certain familiarity in his eyes and a careless smile, implying that they were maybe friends.

“Midoriya?” He asks back at the other boy, confusion evident on his face. The boy, taken aback, laughs while rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

“You okay there, Midoriya? Forget your own name?” The boy teases. Akatani processes the statement before feigning a carefree laugh.

“Ah, yeah. It’s been a weird morning,” Akatani says, faking a charming smile.

“Really, how so? Anyways, class is starting soon! Might want to hurry!” The boy yells, smirking with a jokingly mocking tone. Akatani watches the boy run off in a hurry. Class? Class… where…?

Akatani curses to himself, running inside back into the room and trying his best to ignore the excessive All Might merchandise everywhere. He needs to find out where he is and… what exactly is happening. He takes a look in the mirror first, noting nothing much different other than the fact that his hair had been cut rather short. It makes him feel a little vulnerable, preferring to always have his left eye covered.

He swipes through the various papers scattered around on the desk that leaned against the wall, noting that all of them had the name Midoriya Izuku printed on the top right corner.

He freezes.

He squints his eyes, wondering if what he was seeing is real.

U.A. Year 1 English Test #9 was innocently printed on the top of the one of the papers. Akatani mouths a voiceless “What” at the sight. He shifts through other papers, recognizing the similar pattern. He looks back out at the opened screen door and steps outside onto the veranda once more and reevaluates his surroundings through a pair of different mental lenses.

He leans on the railings so he can get a better view of the facility around him and… yep… the glimpse of a tall-glass paned building confirms his suspicions.

He really is at… U.A. High.


“Holy crap, what did I get myself into this time…” Akatani groaned, pulling at his hair in frustration. He hears an alarm go off from the bed. He instinctively disarms it and falls back on the bed. “I hope to god I’m dreaming…”

“Papa! Papa, I want to visit the city!” A tiny child Akatani tells his father. His father merely picks up Akatani and pats his back in a comforting manner.

“I’m sorry. We have to stay here, little one. The bad people won’t find us here,” The child Akatani, saddened, only nods and leans in close against his father’s chest.

“…Promise me someday I’ll be able to go?” He sweetly asks. His father chuckles.

“Maybe someday,” He replies, a forlorn look in his eyes.

This is not what Akatani asked for, god damn it.

God… damn it!

“Fuck…!” Akatani curses, slamming his fist onto the desk. The All Might bobblehead the corner shook at the vibration. He swipes the papers off in a fury. What the hell was happening?

He searches for the phone he disarmed earlier, turning it on. He starts to scroll through the absurdly excessive multitude of messages that had been sent in some sort of group chat or directly towards him. “Geez, how popular is this guy?” Akatani sneers in disbelief.

He tries to unlock the phone, but all of his usual passwords fail. That was to be expected, probably. He sighs in frustration. He could feel his blood pressure rising at the second.

“God, if this is a dream, please wake me up right now.” Akatani says out loud.

Nothing happened.

“Great…” Akatani grumbles, annoyed expression evident on his face.

What should be his next course of action?

Should he play along? Go to… class? Well, if this really was a dream, which he’s starting to have suspicions that it’s not one, why would he go to class of all things? He glances back once more at the glass pane veranda door and gazes longingly at the city.


It wouldn’t hurt to indulge in himself.

After all, this might not all be real in the first place, right?

Akatani quickly changes into a pair of casual clothes he finds in the closet, ignoring the urge to once again burn any of the wearable All Might merchandise he spots. He carelessly leaves the pajama wear on the floor. Now decked in a plain yellow shirt with a red jacket and a pair of jeans, he checks himself in the mirror and finds himself humming in satisfaction.

He rummages through the backpack and dumps out all the contents onto the floor without a care. He spots a notebook that was spit out among the other papers and flips through it carelessly. School notes… more school notes… He throws the notebook onto the ground, not truly interested in its contents.

Akatani instead decides to look through the drawers of his desk, slamming every one of them open and closed until he finds a supply of empty notebooks in the bottom drawer. He pulls it out, shoves it in the newly cleaned out backpack along with a closed laptop that had originally been inside. He also takes a bunch of pencils and forces as many as he can into the front pocket.

He slings the backpack on his right arm, puts on his red sneakers (one of the only constants in his life right now, apparently) and sets off.

He doesn’t bother locking the dorm room behind him, he doesn’t even know where the set of the keys are being held. But it’s fine, it’s not like it’s his dorm room anyways. The hallways of the dorm are surprisingly empty, but Akatani chalks it up to class starting so everyone must be gone already.

Well, at least the responsible classmates.

He freezes at the sight of a tiny midget walking groggily along the hallway, already decked in the U.A. uniform. He yawns before taking notice that Akatani was there, squinting his eyes at him.

“Midoriya…? Is that you…?” The midget tiredly asked, adjusting the backpack straps so it wasn’t slipping off his tiny shoulders. His eyes scanned Akatani’s attire, making Akatani feel shivers down his back as he somehow felt violated by the boy’s action. “Eh…?” The midget’s eyes popped open at processing what he was seeing.

“M-midoriya… are… are you playing hooky?!” The midget exclaimed in surprise, horror overtaking his features. Akatani shrugged his shoulder – a habit he picked up over the years- before calmly shaking his head.

“I’m just… ah… family emergency. Gotta head into town,” Akatani lies feigning a tone of urgency, placing his index finger to his face in a nervous fashion. The midget’s eyes popped even more out of his head.

“Really?! Oh my god, what happened?!” He yelled, getting closer to Akatani. Akatani’s eye twitched and he jumped back at the sight of the kid closing off the distance between them. He gestured his hands in a pushing-back motion, completely mortified at the idea of the kid getting close to him.

“I- I don’t know yet- I just – I just need to go,” Akatani stutters, appalled when the kid wouldn’t stop trying to get closer to interrogate him oh my god can he please just mind my own personal space. Akatani hated anybody getting close to him. “Can- Can you- like not come near me, please?” Akatani squeaks, flustered.

“Oh, sorry. Yeah, you should go then.” The midget stops in his tracks. “I’ll tell the whole class and Aizawa-sensei for you! You can count on me!” He gives Akatani a thumbs up. Akatani mutters a low “Whatever,” beneath his breath before walking.

He should probably hurry before he’s interrogated about the lie by one of the teachers. Regular high school teachers don’t normally care about crap, but he’s not in a normal high school, is he?

He tries to through the U.A. front doors but people at the front office won’t let him go, despite having an I.D. badge. “Look kid, it doesn’t matter if you have an I.D. card or not, it’s required now that a teacher has to chaperone any student who’s under the new U.A. policy,”

Akatani groans internally. Was this kid on house arrest? Wait a minute- any student?! All of them were on house arrest? Were they hero trainees or were they prisoners?!

“I’ll accompany him,” A voice rings out from behind them. Akatani turns around to face a ragged, bony blond-haired man with blue irises that could be distinctively made out from the shadows of his eyes. The man coughs into his hand.

“Young Midoriya,” The man waves. Akatani felt a sense of Deja-vu as he recognized familiarity spark in the man’s eyes almost the same as the way familiarity sparked in the boy’s eyes from earlier. This time, however… the intense stare gives Akatani more of an uncanny feeling. “Let’s go,”


One thing Midoriya notices is that nobody at this school approaches him. When he walks down the hallways of the high school, there are a few girls who whisper to each other while looking in his direction. It wasn’t like in middle school however, where he felt a malicious intent seeping out of them.

It was- it was more like hushed secretive whispers accompanied with longing gazes. It made Midoriya feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

“Oi! Akatani!” Midoriya hears a girl calling out for him from a class in front of him while waving his hand from the window. Midoriya, recognizing the name that was supposedly his, approaches her. She had black hair that was tied into a braid behind her. She held a mischievous expression behind her thick-rimmed glasses as she slapped Midoriya’s hand with a copy of the school newspaper.

Midoriya eyes it in confusion before recognizing the words Written by Akatani Mikumo printed right below the front cover article title.


He was… a school journalist? Or, Akatani was, rather.

“The papers are selling out amazingly well! Good job, I knew I could count on you, Mr. Cute Boy, to deliver! Ahhh, it was to be expected from the son of a popular tabloid magazine owner! The conspiracy!” The girl haughtily squeals, adjusting her glasses. Midoriya smiled blankly, feeling beads of sweat drop his face.

“We should go out to celebrate! Just you and me, though, after all we’re the ones who’ve made the School Paper get the reputation it deserves! So, what do you say!” The girl puts her face close to Midoriya’s face, which makes him immediately back off, startled. She wrapped an arm around his neck, the motion reminding Midoriya of the way a cobra would wrap its victim around the neck.

“Er… no thanks…” Midoriya weakly stutters out, blushing a bright red at the girl’s shameless attempt at asking him out on a date. “I… uh… gotta go!” Midoriya cries before slipping out of her hold and running as if his life depended on it.

“Keep working hard!” The girl shouts at him even as he’s sprinting down the hallway, causing some students to sport weird looks in his direction.

Eventually he tires out – his body is usually not tired out so quickly but again this doesn’t appear to be his body – and has to catch his breath. He finds himself in a secluded part of the school, taking off his backpack and leaning against a wall in the hallway feeling tired out. He wonders idly if it would be improper if he just took a nap right there.

…Why does he feel so tired all the time?

Stupid body.

He feels the fatigue beginning to take him over.

His eyes are beginning to droop closed when he hears a nervous “U-uh..” being directed towards his direction.

Midoriya opened his eyes to a flustered girl with orange hair and bashful blue eyes. Huh…? Midoriya could barely process.

“A-A-A-A-Ak-…” Midoriya’s eyebrows furrows the slightest in annoyance of having been woken up. The action did not go unnoticed by the girl who immediately makes a panicked noise in her throat.

“Akatani Mikumo!” The orange-haired girl exclaims. She presents a letter that had been hidden in the hand behind her back during the entire exchange.

Oh no. Midoriya immediately thinks.

“P-please accept this!” The girl yells, holding out the letter with both her hands while bowing her head. Midoriya makes a panicked noise in his throat, akin to the one the girl just made. The sweat ducts had began to run again. Oh no…



Midoriya awkwardly accepts the letter with two fingers. The girl gazes at him intently, obviously expecting him to read it in front of her. Midoriya, anxiously, opens the letter with red cheeks ablaze. He skims through the entire letter, reading some gushy love-filled words about how she’s always noticed him brooding by himself and how she would love to “lighten up his day everyday if she would let him”. It was sweet, but Midoriya has no idea who this girl was.

He pauses.

It’s… not his life. He shouldn’t mess with it. What if the guy actually liked this girl? Then again, there was no telling if this… predicament was permanent or not. Oh god, he really hopes this isn’t.

He looks up from the letter, the girl is staring at him in fearfulness, gripping one of her hands with the other and slightly trembling. Midoriya gives the most charming smile he can conjure up in the moment (it probably ended up looking creepy from a viewpoint that wasn’t through rose-colored glasses), despite his head feeling like a forest that’s just been set on fire and nothing could possibly exstinguish the flames now. “Uh… I’ll… get back to you on it…?” Midoriya more asks than actually asserts.

The girl’s mouth immediately drops wide open. It seems like his response was… not typical considering the odd behavior of the girl. Her eyes sparkle with complete awe and her mouth slightly tips upwards at the corners. Her red blush had even grown a deeper red. “O-oh my god! Oh my god! Thank you!” She yells in shock.

Midoriya, feeling extremely confused right now, could only nod his head in meek apprehension. He wants to die of mortification right now. He has never, in his entire life, had a girl show any romantic interest in him, let alone make a full-on confession to him. At least, not to his knowledge.

He is very, very scared and confused. He doesn’t know what to do. Yet, the girl acts as if he’s just fulfilled every single fantasy she may have possibly ever dreamt of. She runs off down the hall, smiling like a huge idiot leaving Midoriya very confused and still tired on the hallway floor.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I just had to got through that,” Midoriya covers his entire face with his hands, wanting nothing more than to turn invisible. The blush on his face hadn’t gone away. Please… god if you’re up there… please wake me up. I would be very pleased if I woke up just about now. Please spare me some mercy.

To his disappointment, no matter how much he prayed and closed his eyes, every time he opens his eyes again nothing has changed. Great, Midoriya thinks. This is great. Everything is going great!

The school bell rings, prompting Midoriya to force himself to get up despite the lethargic feelings in his legs and go to… Akatani’s next class. He honestly wants to cry right there on the spot but knows that would probably accomplish nothing.


Akatani feels extreme discomfort when his chaperone starts asking him questions on the train ride to wherever his dad must be living in Tokyo.

“How are you, young Midoriya?” The man asks.

“I’m fine,” Akatani flatly replies. He keeps his responses as short and to-the-point as possible.

“I heard that you have a family emergency?” That damn kid. That damn… midget kid! God, this sucks. Why would anybody willingly sign up to U.A. if they were just going to have their freedom stripped like this? They’re just kids, he thinks that they’d at least have the ability to leave whenever they wanted to. Stupid hero system rules and stupid hero school rules.

If he got expelled, he wouldn’t give a damn. It’s not his life after all. Why should he care whatever happens to it?

“I lied.” Akatani admits. The man’s eyes widened.

“Why would you do that?” The man inquires. Akatani felt a burst of frustration, especially when the man tries to place his hand on Akatani’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me! I don’t know, okay?! Stop acting like you know me, it’s getting really creepy!” Akatani snaps, slapping the man’s hand away. The man has the gall to look dejected at his response.

“You are… acting very strange today…” The man mutters lowly. There’s no threat or suspicion in the voice- just a deep sadness. Akatani let a breath out, trying to calm himself by placing a hand where he could feel his heart beat.

“Sorry, I’ve just been very stressed out lately. Comes with being a hero trainee and whatnot,” Akatani says, trying to cover his ass. To his surprise, the man actually buys it. He lets out a deep sigh and there’s a certain understanding glint that shines in his eyes.

“It’s common. I know that it must be very hard on you, to have placed all this pressure. But you must get used to the pressure, otherwise… becoming the number one hero will never be anything more than a dream,”

“Number one hero…” Akatani repeats, eyes narrowing. He looks down at himself.

Midoriya… Midoriya Izuku… number one hero?


Why would he ever want to become a hero…?

Perhaps his father was a… huge hero supporter in this universe? Instead of trying to slander hero society in a tabloid magazine, perhaps he was actually trying to boost the popularity and support…? No, that wouldn’t make sense at all. Then again, it doesn’t have to be his father. This new… father could be a completely different man with a different set of morals and goals.

Also, why was his name Midoriya Izuku? What made his mother change his mind to name him after his father rather than herself?

“You know, you can visit your mother on Sunday or after school hours are done, rather than trying to go when school is in-session. Aizawa would probably expel you if he realized that you lied just so you could go visit your mother while class is going on.” The man complains.

Akatani froze.


Mother?” Akatani blurts out, his eyes widening at the man. The man tips his head in a confused manner.

“What is it, young Midoriya?”  

Akatani doesn’t reply. His mind is too busy trying to catch up.

 “There was no other woman I had ever met that was like your mother.” Hisashi quietly states to a small Akatani sitting in his lap.

“You look just as she did. Same green hair, same green eyes… I’m sure you will turn out just as striking as she did, Yamikumo.” Hisashi gently pets the crown of his hair. Akatani only softly smiles while leaning into his father’s touch. A lone tear spilled out of Akatani’s right eye, dripping onto the piece of paper that he was gripping.

A piece of paper that containing a poorly-drawn stick figure woman with green hair, green eyes, and a pink triangle of a dress that was all messily colored with crayon.


There is a framed picture of what appeared to be a little kid’s drawing in the living room. Next to that picture was another framed picture containing him, the black-haired man who was supposedly his dad, and… a boy with light blue hair and red eyes.

Midoriya immediately blanches at the sight.

He takes the framed picture in his hand to inspect it closer, rubbing his eyes making sure that what he was seeing was correct.

That was him, alright.

Tomura Shigaraki.

Except he was… smiling in the photo?! It wasn’t the sadistic smile that Midoriya could recall Shigaraki sporting all the times they met. It was… carefree. Nonchalant. A smile that was unworried and genuine. Shigaraki was holding up a half-gloved hand gestured into a peace sign, his other hand clenched in a fist with an arm casually hung around a child Akatani’s neck. Behind the two boys stood Akatani’s father from earlier. He wasn’t smiling but had a certain fondness in his eyes in the photo.

Midoriya chokes out a laugh.

This is it. Midoriya thinks. I have officially gone crazy. I can’t believe it. I just…

Midoriya isn’t sure if he should be laughing more or go straight to crying. How else should he react to this entire situation? Why was Shigaraki of all people in this photo? Midoriya gently puts back the framed picture from the table where he had stolen it, trying his best not to become hysterical at the moment.

He runs up the stairs in attempt to run away from… whatever all this was. On the way to Akatani’s room, he pauses at the sight of the opened door to a room he had only glanced at earlier. He decides to take a peek inside.

The bedroom is clean. Everything is neatly organized, as opposed to Akatani’s room which had looked like a tornado had run through everything with the amount of papers littered on the floor. This, however…

There wasn’t even a crumple of paper anywhere to be found on the wooden floor. Unlike Akatani’s room, this room was painted a light blue. There were various trophies lined up on top of shelves, as well as video games cases and various video game figurines. Midoriya, knowing this was a breach of privacy, steps inside anyways because his growing curiosity was getting the best of him.

Midoriya notices a photo reel that was haphazardly hung on the side of the shelf. On it, there was a photo of Tomura Shigaraki with a group of people he didn’t recognize. He was once again smiling carelessly in the photo.

It makes Midoriya feel sick in the stomach.

Current leader of the league of villains…

…was just a normal guy…?

Midoriya notices a pink sticky note taped on the Shigaraki’s mirror. theres no blackmail here fuck off yamikumo it read. Midoriya brushes his hand against the note, once again struck with disbelief.

“So, this is my life now…” Midoriya mutters, running a hand through his hair. He can hear the voice of Akatani's father calling him down for dinner in the distance.


Akatani lets the bony man lead the way to wherever he was living. An apartment complex, apparently.

Akatani felt… nervous. Which was a feeling that he had not felt in such a long time. This was… new emotional territory to him. He had grown to love his mother through only the words his dad had spoken about her. How she loved him.

And now…

…now he was actually going to meet her in person.

For once today, he’s extremely grateful for whatever dream he ended up in.

He stands awkwardly outside the door with the blonde man, who genuinely doesn’t understand the inner turmoil going inside Akatani’s head. Eventually Akatani slowly knocks on the door, breathless when he hears footsteps approaching.

The door opens.

Akatani gasps.

A woman… with green hair tied in a pony tail… and green eyes that just reverberated with nothing but pure kindness.

“She loved you. She loved you very much. I miss her very much, even now. Do you miss her too, Yamikumo?” His father’s words rings deep in his head.

The woman- no, his mom- cocks her head as she recognizes her son and All Might at her door.

“Izuku, sweetie, is something w…?” Akatani surges forward and hugs the woman into a tight embrace. He grips the back of her sweater tightly, wanting to never let go.

Mom,” He whispers in a hushed tone. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t fucking cry you fucking idiot. Akatani tells himself. In the end, however, his tear ducts start to get the best of him as he could feel wet tears start to form at the corner of his eyes despite his willpower to not let them form.

Mom…!” Akatani repeats, wondering if the dream was going to end at any time.

“This is her,” Hisashi shows Akatani a worn-out picture of a very slim woman with long green hair that brushed past her shoulders. The shot was taken when she was in the middle of laughing. Akatani is awed by the photo.

“She’s so pretty!” Akatani exclaims. Hisashi chuckles, fondly brushing his hand against the photograph.

“I would do anything to see her again,” Hisashi states, forlornly.

“I… I missed you so much…” Akatani puffs out, shoving his head into the crook of her neck. The woman is surprised but also starts to tear up too at the confession.

“Oh, Izuku…” She starts to get past her initial shock and starts to hug Akatani back. Akatani grips the back of his mother’s head, in a manner almost like how his father used to grip the back of his head in a comforting way.

“I’m here, mom.” Akatani murmurs. He closes his eyes. He wants to let himself indulge in the moment. He wants to let himself think that it’s all real- despite the fact he’s sure it’s a dream, even though it feels all real.

“I’m sorry, papa. I… I should have been there for her… I… I should have saved her…!” Akatani cries out, sobbing. Hisashi, guilt-ridden, sighs.

“You were there for her, little Yamikumo. It was me who wasn’t.”

The chaperone from earlier just watches from a few yards away, letting a huge warm smile take up most of his face.


Midoriya wakes up the next morning to a poster of All Might looming above him.

Oh, thank god. Midoriya thinks. What a peculiar dream.

He unravels himself from his covers before realizing that he was not in his pajamas. He had apparently gone to sleep in… a yellow shirt and jeans?

What the…? Midoriya tries to groggily process. Maybe I ate something weird last night…

He freezes. His room is… more of a mess than it usually is. There are various contents of his backpack dumped on the floor carelessly, his pajamas are lying strewn across the floor with no consideration, and he had left his veranda door open overnight. Which is, he’s pretty sure, against U.A. dorm policy due to security issues.

Midoriya opens his phone.

1342 messages unread.

Midoriya chucks his phone across the bed and groans.

Later in the day, Midoriya realizes that it is not the 14th but actually the 15th. Also, he didn’t have his homework for that day ready.


Everything is just great.


“I don’t like you and I never will like you,” Akatani bluntly tells the orange-haired girl to her face with an apathetic expression on his face. She changes her expression to as if he had just been struck by a truck.

“W-w-what..? B-b-but I thought…” The orange-haired girl starts to tear up.

Akatani sighs coldly. “You thought nothing. I’m not looking for a girlfriend.” The orange-haired girl turns very pink in the face.

“Then you should have just told me that from the beginning, jerk!” The orange-haired girl shouts at him, running away while sobbing.

Huh…? Akatani thinks, narrowed eyes. Whatever. It didn’t matter. People’s words will always be nothing more than gibberish to him, after all.

He sits down for class and flips through his notebook.

He stops.

An… an unfamiliar page…

name: Akatani Mikumo

Akatani reads the page with interest. He wonders…

He turns to the next page of his notebook and begins to follow the former page’s format.

name: Midoriya Izuku

age: who cares?

strengths: mom is alive

her cooking is better than dad’s *tell me if you disagree i bet you cant

classmates are too stupid


quirk: unknown, but is implied to have one

extra notes: every piece of all might merchandise owned needs to be burned. there’s a difference between admiration and neurosis. i personally suggest therapy as a cure

in case this ordeal somehow happens again: about my hair, i like it the way it is.

fuck off