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Unintended Reconnection

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From my spot on Shizuo's couch, I hear the front door slam shut followed by the sound of angry, hurried footsteps. I sigh to myself as I absentmindedly pick up the remote to turn off the television, not taking my eyes off my cell phone. "You know, it was a little unsettling to return after being thoughtful enough to go buy you a coffee and breakfast to find you missing," I chastise halfheartedly. "Oh, and what the hell did you do to your poor shower?"

I finally raise my eyes and meet Shizuo's gaze. My eyes soften as I toss my phone aside and stand up, taking a few cautious steps toward him. His eyes are shifting between anger, confusion and relief. Did he really think I would just leave?

"Izaya?" he ask dumbly as if he doesn't believe I'm standing in front of him.

"Yes, Shizu-chan?" I respond softly.

In response, he closes the distance between us and pulls me into a tight embrace, holding me as close as he can. "I thought you left me," he practically whispers.

I reach my hands up and lace my fingers into his hair. "So stupid, Shizu-chan. Why would I do that? You really don't understand do you?" I murmur soothingly. "I meant everything I said last night. Everything we did last night meant something to me. I'm yours. I always have been, Shizuo. Nothing has the power to change that, not even me."

"I just... I assumed the worst when you weren't there when I woke up." His voice wavering slightly as he feels like he has explain himself, causing me to push against his chest slightly trying to loosen his death grip on me so I can look up at his face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think you would doubt everything this much. I didn't think you would question everything that happened last night. I should have expected that given our history. Given my history." I feel my lips turn downward in a self-critiquing frown. "I'm sorry, Shizuo."

"Stop. Stop apologizing. It's okay. It's all okay," he reassures, while brushing my bottom lip with his thumb, he finally smiles at me for the first time today. "I feel like we are probably going to go through an unavoidable adjustment period."

I chuckle quietly. "That sounds about right." I narrow my eyes as I look at his right hand which is hastily wrapped in a bandage. After a moment, I let out an exasperated sigh as I raise an eyebrow and tilt my head thoughtfully. "Seriously though. What happened in the shower? Is the bandage on your hand related?"

His expression darkens and nods. "I guess I couldn't get myself under control when I thought you played with my emotions and left. I honestly thought yesterday was all just an act to mess with me," he pauses when he sees the hurt that flashes in my eyes. "I know. I'm sorry Izaya. I just... adjustment period."

I smile again. "I know," I say with a shake of my head as I look around him at the kitchen table, drawing his attention with my gaze. "You know, your breakfast was warm and fresh at one point. And the coffee was hot, too. It probably won't be that good anymore."

He turns around to look straight at the pastry bag and paper coffee cup with a smile. "You really got me breakfast?" he asks bewildered before turning back to me, gazing into my eyes.

It's not hard to place the emotions fueling the way he looks at me anymore and it makes me shiver with pleasure. "Well, yeah. I don't cook, so this was the next best thing," I explain myself, trying to brush it off like no big deal. I turn my head away to avoid Shizuo catching the light blush I feel creep onto my cheeks.

He follows my face with his, grinning as he catches my cheek with his hand to keep me from turning even further away. "Why did you feel it necessary to feed me, Izaya?" His deep voice doing strange things to my insides. "Were you trying to thank me for something?"

I shove him away from me and saunter back over to sit back on the couch. I need to get away from him before I show him that submissive and vulnerable side of me that he found last night. "Stupid Shizu-chan. You have to eat something, don't you? What do I have to thank you for, anyway?"

"All I just heard was 'thank you for making a beautiful mess of me last night, Shizuo. You're amazing'," he teases as he chuckles and walks over to the table, peeking into the bag holding a sweet, flakey danish.

I pause as it takes a moment for what he says to sink in. "Well... what it really says is 'you're welcome for letting you touch me at all, Shizuo. You need practice'," I throw back at him from across the room. I can hear my embarrassment coloring my words as my face flushes scarlet, remembering the way I mewled beneath him, practically begging him for everything he offered me.

"Beautiful?" I ask him skeptically, my voice breathy and quiet.

"Extremely," he pauses to look at my flushed face, his smirk alluring in it's self-confidence. "Yeah, I'm going to stick with my version of what breakfast means. It's more accurate." He nods as he removes the pastry from the bag and takes a large bite with a small, appreciative moan. I can't help but shiver at the noise.

Before he can hear me, I swallow back a small moan of my own as I am forced to think of the sounds I didn't know I knew how to make that he had pulled from me last night. I gnaw on my lower lip at the thought of his rough hands, his smooth skin, his soft lips, his teeth nibbling... his dark eyes constantly holding mine intensely. Everything. I shiver again.

"This danish is really good, Izaya," he says as he looks over at me, causing me blink repeatedly as my mouth drops open slightly, my thoughts interrupted. A slow, knowing smile forms on his lips as if seeing exactly what I was thinking about. I shiver again before I snapping myself out of my reverie influenced by the previous night.

"I'm glad you like it," I say as even and calmly as I can manage, watching him pick up the coffee and remove the lid to peer inside. "Anyway, I don't know if something that sweet can be considered coffee. But I was assured by the barista that, even if it didn't have caffeine, there would be enough sugar in there to wake you up. So, you know, that should mask the bitter coffee taste." I pause to shrug dismissively. "You can just throw it out if it's not good or too cold at this point."

He rolls his eyes and smiles as he looks at me shaking his head. "Why do you have to try to turn something this thoughtful into something so unimportant?" He pauses to take a deep drink from the coffee cup and tries to hold back a grimace. "It's cold."

"I told you it would be," I say quietly, picking up my phone again to try and distract myself.

"Izaya," Shizuo says strongly, causing me to look up at him again. "It's delicious. Seriously. Thank you for breakfast."

My heart hammers in my chest at the simple words that seem to say more than they mean. "You're welcome," I say as I only just notice that he's wearing dark fitted jean and a slightly too large white tee shirt, not his normal 'uniform'. I shiver again as I watch him set the coffee down to reach over the kitchen counter for something, his shirt lifting enough to let me catch a glimpse of the smooth skin of his back.

He places the pastry on the paper towel he had procured and picks the coffee back up, heading in my direction. Taking the seat next to me, he catches me gnawing on my lower lip again while staring intently at him. "What's that hungry look for, Izaya?" he asks with a smirk, snapping me back out of my less than pure thoughts again.

"N-nothing. I was just thinking how rare it is for me to see you in normal clothes," I answer with a dismissive shrug.

"Is that really all you were thinking?" he asks mischievously. "You look guilty."

"That's all... and I'm not guilty," I reply petulantly as I shake my head, mentally kick myself. I motion toward the television to change the subject. "Want the remote?"

"Nah, it's okay. I don't really want to watch anything right now. You're acting amusing enough to keep my attention," he says as he takes another sip of the coffee and sets it down on the table in front of him. "You know, even though it's cold, it's very good."

"I thought you'd like it. I asked for a drink that a little kid would like," I tease, dodging the halfhearted punch that swings in my direction. "What? You have the same taste buds as a child, Shizu-chan! If I had gotten you a drink like mine - a grown up drink - you would have hated it. Just like I would hate the taste of that." I point at the coffee cup on the table and stick out my tongue in mock revulsion.

He stares at me thoughtfully while finishing the last bite of his pastry. "Let me see if understand you correctly, Izaya," he pauses to finish the overly sweet coffee with an exaggerated gulp before continuing in a deeper voice. "I just took a sip of this drink that you claim you would hate the taste of," he pauses again to set the empty cup onto the table. As he sits back, he reaches over and plucks my phone out of my hand, tossing it carelessly to the side to gain my undivided attention. "So does that mean you would hate it if I kissed you right now?"

My pulse races as my gaze wanders to his mouth, more images from last night flashing through my mind. So much for changing the subject. "I..." My mind goes blank as my eyes finally tear their gaze away from his lips only to be caught by the smoldering look in his brown eyes.

"Well?" he prompts, slipping an arm around my waist to pull me closer to him. When I don't answer, he grins and slides his hand down my back to slip under my shirt, leaving a burning trail in the wake of his wandering fingers. "I didn't realize how much power I had over you. I like turning you into putty in my hands."

"Be careful, Shizu-chan," I admonish carefully as I slowly back away from him.

"Be careful of what, Izaya?" I shiver at the sound of my name and he follows every little movement as I back away from him. Another playful smirk forms on his lips. "Why are you running away? I thought you weren't scared of me."

"I'm not running away and I'm certainly not scared," I retort, finding myself pushed up against the arm of the couch and out of room to continue my retreat. "What exactly are you planning to do to me, Shizuo."

"What do you want me to do to you, Izaya?" His asks as his eyes light up as he looks at me like a predator stalking his prey.

My lip turns up in a small smirk as I steal the initiative out from under him, pushing him backward onto the couch suddenly. He looks up at me slightly startled as I stand up and lean over him, our lips almost touching. I hum appreciatively as I gaze into his surprised yet heated brown eyes.

"I don't think I'd terribly mind it if you kissed me even though you drank that awful coffee," I pause to lick his lower lip slowly feeling a rumble in his chest under the hand I used to pin him to the cushions. I raise an eyebrow at the sweet taste on his lips. "On second thought..."

He doesn't give me a chance to finish my thought as his head raises slightly to catch my lips with his. I smirk into the kiss, pulling my lips away the instant he tries to deepen it. "I was right. Way too sweet."

"Damn it Izaya," he growls, his hands darting out to catch me but I twist away as I stand up straight, escaping his grasp. "Now I wish I didn't drink that stupid coffee."

I chuckle as he sits up with a groan, following me with his eyes as I walk around the other side of the coffee table to stay out of reach. I peer down into the empty cup with a smile. "I am glad you enjoyed it even though it was cold." I pick it up gingerly and continue over to the kitchen table to pick up the empty bag that once held the pastry, dropping the empty cup inside.

"Are you seriously cleaning up right now?" Shizuo asks incredulous as I disappear into the kitchen. "You would rather pick up after me than be over here?"

"Don't be silly, Shizu-chan," I say as I reemerge with a glass of water. I walk back to the kitchen table and lean against it, taking a thoughtful sip as I meet Shizuo's heated gaze from across the room. "Maybe if you have some water to wash away the too sweet taste that's lingering on your lips, I'll be more inclined to give into your demands."

He's next to me before I can blink, taking the glass from my hand and downing it in one gulp. I raise an eyebrow at him. "Wow, Shizu-chan. You want me that bad, huh?" I taunt, earning a blush causing me to smirk at his expression. "And here I was thinking that you were the one who held all the power over me in this aspect of our newly established relationship." I pause as I chuckle and take the glass out of his hand. "You continue to surprise me, Shizu-chan."

He reaches for me again but I dance out of reach. "Where the hell are you going?" He follows me as I try to escape back into the kitchen.

"That was my water you drank," I state with laughter in my voice as I go to the sink and refill my cup, drinking it quickly. "I was thirsty," I point out as I look over my shoulder at Shizuo who is now smirking darkly at me. "What's that scary look for?" I ask suspiciously, setting the empty cup in the sink.

"I've just decided we're not leaving this kitchen," he pauses as he comes up behind me, boxing me in as he pushes me roughly against the counter burying his face in my neck. I feel his lips move against the sensitive skin just below my ear as he speaks, making my breath catch in my throat. "We're not leaving until I hear you beg me to make a mess of you again, Izaya."

His voice is husky and demanding, forcing a strangled moan to escape my lips. "That is an excellent start," he praises in my ear.