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The Kids Are Alright: Dear Diary

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It's something the team liked, they were given, in their communicators, a recorder function. They work almost like little diaries. Which makes the fact that they recorded the same thing from different angles all the more entertaining. All it was supposed to be was a simple introduction they'd do by themselves, in the privacy of their own rooms.

Too bad there isn't a moment's peace in this place.


"Hi! My name's Jon Kent. And my dad is Superman!"
"My mom's a reporter and she's writing a book about life in Metropolis, that's where I live. And It's the three of us. And our dog, Krypto!"
"Me and my dad used to fly around metropolis a lot. But he's kinda slowing down now. We don't go out and stop crime as often anymore. So it's me and my cousins. Kara and Kon. While him and mom hang out."
"So me and Kon and Kara fly. And Kon was telling me that i'm old enough to join the Titans now. And he said that there's gonna be a little party at the Tower with everyone and then we get to really be Titans."
"And I can bring Krypto!! I asked dad and he said that he can stay with us! But that he's my responsibility and i have to take care of him. And that if he bites anyone he has to come home."

"I hope Krypto likes it there as much as I will."


"Gah! Krypto what's wrong buddy?"


"Hi! I'm Lian Harper. My dad's the Red Arrow. He taught me everything i knew about shooting a bow and arrow. Sometimes we used to go camping with uncle OIlie and aunt Dinah and we'd have little contests over who could get the most bullseyes."
"And while we were shooting, my dad said he had an offer. About joining the Titans. And I missed my shot."
"I'm gonna get him back for that. I'm not sure how, but i'm gonna."
"And i'm....."
"I'm really excited."
"I even got to make my own suit! Cause I told dad that his old Speedy uniform wasn't cool anymore, no offense though. Old school can be fun."
"But, it's a new era y'know? A brand new start. And I want to do it my way."
"So watch out world. Here come's the new Speedy!"

"I can't wait to start making my own trick arrows and testing them ou-- What was that?!"
"What do you mean there's a giant red Bat in Tower?!"

"I'm Jackson Hyde, but apparently, before that, I was Kaldur'ahm. That's the name I had when I was born. In Xebel, it's a place for criminals of Atlantis."
"Like my dad. Black Manta."
"But Arthur, saved me. Taught me that it doesn't matter what you came from. But what are in spite of that. That's what matters."
"I actually don't go by Jackson anymore. It's kinda like a, I don't know. It shows my father that I am this. And I don't care."
"And, i've brought a lot of things to the Tower, from me and Garth's exploring of the ocean. There are these pearls that -- what the -- ARE YOU GUYS ALRIGHT?!"
"I'm Damian Wayne. Son of Batman."
"And this is Goliath. My bat"