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Waking up on a winter morning

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You’re woken up one morning by Dave, who is sitting on his knees on your bed and shaking you gently with what you can tell is restrained excitement.

You groan and open your eyes. “Whas’a’matter?” You yawn and push yourself up onto one elbow, stealing a quick kiss from your boyfriend before blinking a few times to adjust to the morning light in the room. “How long have you been awake?”

He shakes his head. “Not long. Look!” he’s jittery, practically bouncing on the mattress. He holds on to your arm and pulls you up. “Look, look,” he keeps repeating, his excitement obvious in his tone. He points towards the window beside your bed, and you look out to see that the world outside has been covered in a blanket of white overnight, and there’s still some thick white flakes floating gently down from the sky. “It’s snowing, dude!”

You smile, amused by his excitement. Every year since the two of you had moved to the house you live in now, he’s celebrated the first day of snow in the winter. Today is that day apparently, and he's living up to your expectations about how he would react.

You gently brush him off of you and tell him you're getting up, and after you've taken a shower and put on about ten layers of clothing, you decide you're ready to go freeze your ass off.