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“Jasper,” Monty called and ran to his friend and hugged him as Clarke and Bellamy calmly walked towards them. Clarke was certainly feeling better that this time around when she saw the young boy again, he was not holding the dead body of his girlfriend and looking at her as if she was the worst monster in the world. Once they were close enough, Jasper looked at them with curiosity and a little bit of apprehension in his eyes and they could all understand why.

“And what is going on? What will happen to them now?” He asked his friends and Clarke smiled at him encouragingly.

“Well, we took the Mountain. Their leaders have been captured and will go through the grounder trial to pay for their crimes they committed against them and against us so that’s that. As for the rest of the population? Monty, speaker,” Clarke explained to Jasper and ordered the young engineer to which the boy immediately started to type on his tablet before he gave a head microphone to her. Clarke took a deep breath before putting them on and starting her speech to everyone who was inside the rooms in Quarantine.

“People of Mount Weather, this is Clarke Griffin,” She said and could see people trying to look through the glass and that was how she knew they could hear her.

“I am the leader of the Sky People and I have news for you. Your leaders have fallen, they will pay for the horrible and cruel crimes they have committed against the grounders or as you wrongly called them, the savages. What Dante, Cage and those before them did to their people for years, bleeding them and turning them into monsters doesn’t leave room for forgiveness or mercy,” Clarke said firmly and she believed that there was no saving those two.

“But there will be both for you. Commander Lexa kom Trikru has agreed to let you live here in the Mountain for now while decisions are made for a longer run situation. As a reward and as a thank you for the effort some of you put in helping us, bone marrow donation will be freely given to you so that you can experience the outside world that you dreamed off for so long. My friends and I have destroyed the missiles and mass murdering weapons that could have been used against us or the grounders but left your defense mechanism intact so you can be protected somehow,” She continued.

“Now I know some of you might blame us for what happened today and for anyone you might have lost in this battle but I ask that you don’t and just think about it. We gave your president more than enough chances for him to do the right thing, for him to let our people go so we could come to a better agreement amongst ourselves but his greed and disregard of those chances pushed our hands and we were forced to rescue our people back by any means necessary and that was by force. I hope you can understand that we mean you no harm and that all we want is to be able to live in peace,” She said before continuing.

“As soon as this moment is over, my mother, the Chief Doctor of our people will be joining us here to start the donation and transfusion. And since your leaders have fallen and we don’t trust you yet, I will be appointing a new president,” Clarke said and looked at her friends before smiling.

“Your new president will be Maya Rye for the foreseeable future until you can make a new election yourselves,” Clarke said to them and could see from the corner of her eyes Jasper’s shocked face and the smile on Monty’s and Bellamy’s faces.

“She has proven to be good, fair, loyal and trustworthy and I don’t think there is anyone more qualified to lead your people into this new and peaceful future than her. Maya, wherever you are, these people are now your responsibility. Anything you need, I will be glad to help so will Jasper, Bellamy and plenty others. Your people would not have survived this if it had not been for you so take this position and continue to make the best choices for them. For our sakes and most importantly for your own,” Clarke said firmly.

“The bodies are being removed to have a funeral, once it is done and the air is decontaminated, you will be free to leave these rooms so just hold on for a few more hours and you will be fine very, very soon. I hope that we can have a better relation than this and that we can help each other out. That is all for now. Thank you for listening and for making the right choice,” She said before pulling the thing off as Monty turned it off as well.

“Guys, can you handle this on your own now? I need to go check on the wounded. My mom must be overwhelmed,” Clarke said to the boys who nodded excitedly and she smiled.

“Okay, see you guys later,” She said and turned towards the elevator along with Bellamy who turned to her once the door was closed with a smirk on his face mirroring her own.

“Maya as president? You really like to surprise us, don’t you princess?” Bellamy said chuckling and she smiled.

“She is the only one I trust amongst the people of this place, besides Jasper can help keep them in check since he will most likely stay here with her so it solves a lot. However now, you and I need to go and help out the others,” She said to him and they laughed.

They quickly got to the upper levels and when they came out of the elevator they could see the grounders and their people carrying the bodies. “I’ll go help them,” Bellamy said and she nodded as he moved to help a grounder lift a woman’s body and carry outside as Clarke followed and came outside to see the piles of bodies, 3 of them so far. She took a look around and could see Lexa talking with her generals and she didn’t want to interrupt her girlfriend so she was about to turn back to go inside when she saw Raven coming her way.

The two girls hugged each other tightly for a good ten minutes before pulling back to look at each other. “You did it,” Clarke whispered to the mechanic and Raven chuckled.

“Of course, did you have any doubts I would? Bitch, please. Besides, the real deal is we did it. We changed this outcome at least,” Raven said to her and Clarke nodded.

“Thank God. I really didn’t want to repeat what happened as last time,” Clarke said and they chuckled just as the boys were also returning and Clarke hugged Murphy while Raven hugged Wells and then Finn and lastly Kane as did Clarke.

“So we did our part, killed the shooters. What about yours? Is it done?” Murphy asked the girls and they both nodded their heads at him.

“The Mountain has fallen and the innocent civilians are safe. The Commander has agreed to let them live inside the Mountain for now until a decision is made and we will be donating bone marrow to them,” Clarke explained and Finn and Wells looked at each other.

“Are you sure we should do that given everything they did to our friends or at least tried to do?” Finn asked her while Kane and Murphy shared a look.

“Of course, these people helped our friends, risked their own lives for them. Helping them have a better life is the right thing to do,” Raven was the one who explained it to him and Clarke nodded at her best friend.

“What about our people? What will happen with us now that this war is over?” Wells asked the blonde and she smiled at him.

“Well, I am in talks with the Commander to see if we can make this peace treaty and truce between our people a more permanent situation so when I have an answer, you guys will be the first to know,” Clarke said explaining part of her plans.

“Are you serious? You want us to what? Become one of them?” Finn asked her and she nodded at him, ignoring his surprised look.

“Soon enough. Finn, this is our people’s best chance. It would not only mean we get to have their help in understanding this world better and faster but that we also have their protection against any attack from anyone. We need this, we really do,” Clarke said to him and Murphy stepped in.

“Well, if it is worth anything, I’m with you on it all the way. If you think that the lovely grounders are the way to happily ever after land, I’m in,” He said to her and she smirked at him as did Raven.

“Me too. I trust you, Clarke. Whatever you decided, we will follow you,” Wells said to his best friend and Finn ended up agreeing with them as well and she nodded at all of them before speaking.

“Why don’t the two of you go do something useful and help with the removal of the bodies? Bellamy could use the help,” She said smiling to Wells and Finn as they nodded at her before leaving the other four behind.

“How are things really going, Clarke?” Kane asked her gently and she sighed deeply as she looked at him and at the others.

“Lexa has their leaders and they are for Trikru to deal with them as they see fit. The joining is almost a certainty. I put Maya as the new president of the Mountain Men and Bellamy and Monty knows about Lexa and I,” She said to them in one breath smiling as they smiled too.

“How did that last one happened?” Raven asked her chuckling and she smiled.

“That would be because I hugged her and kissed her in front of them,” She said to the girl and Raven chuckled out loud as the boys also smiled as Clarke continued.

“I don’t know, I guess, I’m just tired of having to pretend that I don’t love her, you know? I needed her as my girlfriend and so I said screw it,” She finished explaining and they nodded.

“Well, I, for one, am glad for both of you and for all that you guys have accomplished so far.” Kane said to her and she hugged him.

“Thanks, Kane. It means a lot and thank you for helping me do this. I don’t think I would have achieved this all on my own,” She said to him and pulled back from the hug.

“I’m happy for you too, blondie. You deserve it after everything you have been through,” Murphy said sincerely to her and she hugged him before pulling back too.

“Now, what?” Raven asked the group and Clarke was about to answer her when a boy, she believed his name was Artigas, came running to her.

“Skai Prisa, your nomon is calling for you. She said it was urgent. That she needed your help,” He said to her and she nodded at him.

“OK. I’m going. Talk to you guys later,” She said to her friends before she followed the boy back inside the Mountain and to where their MedBay was and could hear her mom’s voice as she barked orders and it sounded bad. She got in and saw the mess of bodies.

“Clarke. I need you here,” Abby called out for her daughter as soon as she saw her and the blonde looked at her mother before nodding.

“I’m on it,” Clarke said and took off her gloves and her jacket and moved to a patient. Bullet wounds on the shoulder and the leg. She went searching for what she needed and started treating him. She barked orders here and there too and went from one patient to the other. Her mom, Jackson, Pete and two more were taking care of the rest.

“This one needs surgery or else he won’t survive. Get me a room. Right now,” She heard her mom say and saw them move the grounder to the operation room. It wasn’t long before Lexa, Indra, Anya and Gustus appeared to get news on what was happening with their wounded and to be honest, she expected them to have come a little earlier to check but they must have had other things to deal with and only now had the time for an update.

“Sky Girl. How many have we lost?” Indra asked her and Clarke quickly looked at her and Lexa before refocusing on the guy she was treating and answered the question.

“We have managed to save 23 from dangerous wounds and treated 45 from minor ones. My mom has two more in surgery and we have lost 30 so far,” She said as she tried to take a look at the wound and saw it was bullet wound to the kidney.

“Hey you, just keep fighting. Don’t give up on me,” Clarke said to the man as she put on pressure on his wounds but suddenly, he stopped breathing.

“Pete. I need to remove the bullet now,” She called for the guy before she climbed on top of the stretcher and straddled the warrior and started making chest contractions.

“Come on. Come on,” She said and continued as the grounders watched what she was doing, Lexa in awe of her girlfriend. Clarke did it a few more times but nothing so she sighed and came down and looked at them. “31,” She said before sighing.

“Clarke,” Pete said calling for her go help another patient and Clarke moved away from the latest dead body to where he was and she started closing the wound the man he had been treating had on the leg.

“Those are the bodies you can take up,” Clarke said pointing at the pile of bodies on the floor in the corner, the grounders nodded.

“The pyres are almost finished,” Lexa said to her and Clarke looked at her girlfriend and nodded at the information.

“You should start the funeral. We have our hands full here, I don’t think you should wait for us,” Clarke said and the woman looked at her softly before nodding her head.

“Very well, we shall leave you to your work. Any new development, please warn us,” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded her head.

“We will. Thank you for your concern. It means a lot to everyone. Thank you, Commander,” Clarke said sincerely and Lexa slightly bowed her head and turned to leave as the generals followed and soon warriors started taking the bodies. It was a couple of minutes later when her radio that was still attached to her belt came alive with Raven’s voice.

“I know you’re busy taking care of the patients but I thought you would like to hear it,” The mechanic said and Clarke and the others looked at the item before Lexa’s voice came through.

“For 97 years, the Mountain Men tormented us, took our loved ones from us. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. People we cared for and loved and we could do nothing about it. But not anymore. With the help of the Sky People and of some of the Mountain Men who refused to go along with their cruelty and choose to put their lives at risk to help us, we were able to defeat them, once and for all and no more do we need to fear this mountain or its people. Tonight, with fire, we cleanse the pain of the past,” Lexa finished her speech and Clarke could only imagine that the noises she was hearing was from the pyres being lit and she sighed in relief.

It had taken a lot from everyone but especially for the 5 of them who have returned from the future but they changed the outcome of one of Clarke’s worst memories and things have turned out for the best and despite the deaths that inevitably happened, she was happy that no genocide was committed and that things were looking very good in relation to the dynamics between the Arkers and the Grounders. She needed things to be well between them so that nor Pike nor anyone could disrupt the future she has planned for her and Lexa and their people together, working and living in harmony.

“Everyone that gave up their lives in this battle will be remembered and honored as heroes who helped us get rid of the fear of the Mountain once and for all. I thank every one of them and the Sky People for helping us deliver justice for all those we lost and risked losing had they not been defeated. Today is the start of a new era. One that is not based on fear and inexplicable losses, instead it’s based on unity and friendship. Today we are free,” Lexa spoke and the people cheered on what she was saying.

“She can rock a crowd better than you and Bellamy combined, can’t she?” Raven said through the radio and Clarke smiled before picking it up to answer.

“Yeah, that is how good she is at what she does. Lexa is an example for me,” Clarke said and Raven knew as well that there were ears listening to their conversation so whatever she truly wanted to say about how she felt about Lexa would have to wait until they were face to face. For now, she said pleasant things since things between them were still a secret amongst the majority of her people and all of Lexa’s. They still needed to be careful and Clarke would be.

“You’re still working in MedBay?” Raven asked her and Clarke sighed.

“Yeah, there are still a lot of patients and we still ne

need to monitors the one who are still at risk so yeah, I don’t think I will be getting out of here anytime soon so can you and Kane handle things over there?” Clarke asked and waited for the answer.

“Of course, you know we got your back, Griffin. Always,” Raven said to her and Clarke smiled even if the girl could not see it.

“I know and thanks, Ray. I don’t know what I would do without you,” She said grateful to the mechanic for always being there for her when she needed.

“Oh don’t get mushy on me now, Griffin. And to answer your indirect question, you would be dead ten times over, so you’re welcome,” Raven said chuckling and Clarke laughed as well.

“Raven, can you do me a favor?” Clarke said and the girl answered.

“Shoot,” She said and Clarke smiled.

“Never change. Stay the same Raven,” Clarke said and only heard the girl’s laugh and she smiled as well. If there was one thing she was glad was to have Raven as a friend.

“You got yourself a deal, Griffster,” Raven said to her and Clarke chuckled.

“I gotta go. Talk to you later. Love you,” Clarke said before she went back to work and help her mother and the other patients who were counting on her to save their lives. Whatever happens now, Clarke would at least rejoice in this victory of today. They did good here. They did good. She was proud of them and more importantly, she was finally proud of herself and that was already a huge victory in and out of itself.

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After a couple more of hours, Clarke was finally done helping her mom with the wounded patients in the medical sector of the Mountain and she was super tired. She had gone straight from fighting to stitching up all kinds of wounds, she even had to amputate a man’s leg to make sure he survived and now, she was covered in blood and all kinds of body fluids but at least, she helped save as many people as she possibly could and that was enough to make all the tiredness worthwhile. After all, that was one of the reasons why she came back to the past. To save people as best as she could.

It wasn’t long after Lexa’s speech that Monty decontaminated the air and the people of the Mountain was let out of Quarantine. There were still warriors and guards around to make sure that everyone was safe on both sides but from what Raven said later, when she came to update Clarke on what was going on, they seemed to have accepted her choice for President and also that Maya would like to talk to her later to discuss the conditions on which her people has to live by now and she told Raven to let her know that she would see her as soon as she talked to Lexa to discuss between them a solution first.

She walked through the halls and could see the people returning to their dorms and when she got close to level 5, she stopped at the entrance to see Maya giving them the new directions of their dorm. Clarke smiled. Killing Maya before hit her hard, especially with how she broke Jasper by doing it and after losing Lexa, she had to agree with what he felt. Of course, she didn’t rebel against everything and everyone but the feeling of emptiness, of losing a part of yourself along with that person, that she experienced and she refused to let either one of them experience such a pain ever again.

She kept on walking thinking about that until she came outside and went to the horse designated to her and along with Ryder, her bodyguard, they went back to the camp they had settled away from the place and she went straight to what she recognized as Lexa’s tent thanks to the exaggerated size of it and after greeting the warriors standing guard outside, she went in without any of them trying to stop her or question her and  she searched for Lexa, finding her by the bed already sleeping and Clarke could only smile at the sight.

She walked silently to the bed and sat down by it and then, ran her hand on the brunette’s face, caressing her cheek as she was reminded of everything they have been through these last two months, what they went through in the past and what they will go through in the months yet to come but she knew that as long she had her girlfriend, correction, her fiancée by her side, she would face anything and anyone head on.

Clarke could not help but think of everything she went through after she lost the sleeping girl. She didn’t even need to close her eyes to remember the pain and the scene of Lexa drawing her last breath and the fact that not a month later, Niylah was in her bed made Clarke feel disgusted with herself. She knew that the girl was just an scapegoat for the pain but even so, she disrespected Lexa and her memory and she really felt bad about it but the only thing she could do now was to make sure that none of it never happened again and it wouldn’t.

Clarke watched her sleep for a few more minutes and continued to caress her face and hair as the girl stirred and started to wake up. “Hey,” Clarke said as the older girl opened her green eyes and looked at her.

“You’re finally back. What time is it?” She asked trying to get up from bed but Clarke pushed her back down before speaking to her.

“I finished helping the wounded and came straight here. And as for the time, we have a few hours before the sun comes up so relax. You need to sleep Lexa,” Clarke said seriously and Lexa sighed before relaxing.

“You must be tired, especially if you traveled back here by horse,” She said to Clarke who nodded chuckling.

“I’m so tired and also very much covered in blood,” She said as Lexa looked at her clothes and saw that it was true which made her sit up on bed.

“Then, come on,” She said getting up and pulling Clarke along with her to another section of her tent where there was a bathtub filled with water.

“Why don’t you take a nice bath on the tub and I will get you some clean clothes to change into?” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded smiling at the girl.

“Please. You know, I might just have fallen more with love with you simply because you have one of these here,” She said giving Lexa a kiss before she started removing her clothes until she was naked and entered the tub.

“I will be right back,” Lexa said before leaving her to wash the dirt off of her. Clarke then lowered herself down under water for a couple of seconds before coming back up and washing her hair and her face before moving to her body until she was completely clean and just stayed there before Lexa came back with clothes and sat by the tub, near her.

“You look beautiful,” Lexa said while admiring the blonde in the tub and Clarke smiled at her girlfriend for the compliment.

“No, I don’t. I look like a mess but I appreciate the lie, babe,” She said chuckling and Lexa shook her head at her smiling as well.

“I didn’t say you weren’t a mess. I said you look beautiful, even if you look like mess,” She said and Clarke smiled sweetly before holding out her hand that Lexa gladly took on her own and seemed to be thinking about something before she finally spoke.

“Can I ask you a question?” Clarke asked and Lexa nodded before she spoke again, “If Emerson had presented the deal to you again, you would have taken it, wouldn’t you?” Clarke asked her and Lexa sighed, she had an idea this would come up at some point.

“If we found ourselves in the same situation where the deal was presented to me before with my people ready to be slaughtered while we waited for the door to be opened, then yes, I would have no choice but to take it once more however unlike before, I would have returned to help you as soon as possible, if it makes that any better,” She said apologetically and Clarke smiled.

“It does. Besides, now I can understand why you did it and why you would do it again. I was just curious, not accusing so relax. You’re not in any trouble because of it and I appreciate you not lying about it,” Clarke said to her but Lexa was still a little tense and Clarke could see that.

“Baby, I swear to you I’m not angry. I was angry before, in our time, because I didn’t want understand. I couldn’t even let myself think about it, to be honest,” Clarke said to her and Lexa frowned.

“Why not?” Lexa asked her and Clarke smiled at the girl she loved more than anything.

“Because I knew that the moment I let myself think, really think about it, I knew I would have understood what you did and would have forgiven you and I was not ready to do that. I needed to hold onto the anger I felt for you so I could forget the anger I felt for myself.” Clarke said and Lexa nodded.

“I’m very glad I could help you that way even from afar,” Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled playing with her fingers.

“You did but when we saw each other again, I was really unfair to you,” Clarke said and Lexa shook her head and started to speak but Clarke didn’t let her and continued speaking.

“No, baby, I was. I love that you want to defend me but you shouldn’t, not on this anyway. I was horrible to you and you were only the best to me and I will forever be sorry for that. I mean, you bowed to me even though you don’t bow to anyone. That was one of the most beautiful things someone ever did for me and the very next day, I treated like it was nothing and I want you to know that it wasn’t nothing. It was beautiful and I don’t have words to thank you for that,” Clarke said to her and Lexa smiled kissing her hand.

“There is no need to thank me. I did what my heart asked me to do and I don’t regret it. If there is one person I gladly bow to, that person is you. Always,” Lexa said to her and Clarke looked at her before shaking her head.

“I want you to know that I know how I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you and to have your love,” She said sincerely and Lexa smiled shaking her head.

“We are lucky to have each other.” Lexa said truthfully and Clarke nodded.

“So now that the Mountain is gone, when can we get married?” Clarke asked her and Lexa looked at her and smiled.

“Whenever you want but I would strongly argue that you at least tell your family and friends before we do it.” She said jokingly at her and Clarke nodded.

“Of course. My friends, I was thinking about telling them at the celebration of the Mountain’s defeat. Not that we are getting married but that we are together and I was thinking that you could come with us to Arkadia one day and we could have a family dinner so you could officially meet my parents and my sister. What do you say?” Clarke asked her and Lexa smiled.

“I would love too. But who is this sister? I don’t remember you having one before.” Lexa asked and Clarke smiled.

“That’s because I didn’t but I’ll tell you about her now if you want,” Clarke said to her and Lexa nodded her head, paying attention to the blonde.

“Charlotte was the youngest of the 100. In our timeline, she had lost her parents and became a little crazy. Bellamy and I took a liking to her and one day, she was having nightmare about her parents’ death when he advised her to slay her demons so she could sleep. She took it in the literal way. Her demons were in reality just one, Jaha, so since she couldn’t slay him, she went after the next best thing, his son and my best friend, Wells. She killed him with a knife that belonged to Murphy so when we found the knife, I accused him and the others decided to hang him and just as he was about to die, she confessed and he started chasing her for it,”

“Finn and I took her away to find a solution but Murphy and his pals caught up with us as did Bellamy who was helping us. We came to stand in front of a cliff and when Murphy held a knife to my throat, Charlotte decided to jump so no one else would get hurt because of her. Bellamy lost it on Murphy and we banished him. He was then captured by your people and used to deliver a virus before the battle and he got into a fight with Bellamy and ended up shooting Raven, hence her leg became the way it did last time,” Clarke finished telling and Lexa sighed.

“That is quite the story. So Murphy was bad before, at the beginning when you and the other 100 first fell down her?” Lexa asked her and Clarke shook her head.

“He wasn’t bad, an idiot yes but her death was as much his fault as it was mine’s and Bellamy’s. I accused him of something he didn’t do and Bellamy was the one to kick the stoop from under his feet. He just wanted revenge on us and I can’t say I blame him for it. Not anymore,” Clarke said to her and Lexa nodded.

“He has changed for the better, that much was evident when he helped you after Titus shot me and ever since,” Lexa said to her and Clarke agreed.

“He has. I trust him more now than I trusted Bellamy before and that is saying a lot,” Clarke said and Lexa nodded. It was true.

“Anyway back to the story, I wanted to change that outcome so when I got back on the Ark, I reached out to Charlotte before she lost her parents and made friends with her and dragged her to make friends with Raven, Murphy, Wells and my parents so she became part of the family. We were all there for her when she lost her parents and although she hates Jaha, she loves Wells so she would never hurt him and recently, I offered her some incentive to ask my parents if they would like to adopt her to which they obviously said yes, so now she is officially a Griffin,” Clarke finished telling Lexa the story.

“Well, I hope she likes me.” Lexa said to her girlfriend and Clarke smiled.

“She will, they all will. I just know it.” Clarke said to her and Lexa nodded before the blonde continued, “So be honest, we will have to wait a while to get married, won’t we?” Clarke asked her and Lexa smiled.

“Yes, we will have to wait but not for long, I guarantee you that,” Lexa said to her and the blonde smiled at her girlfriend squeezing her hand.

“I hope not. I can’t wait for the day where I can finally call you my wife.” She said and they chuckled.

“Me too. It will be a dream come true,” Lexa said before kissing Clarke before she spoke again, “I will let you finish your bath. I will be waiting for you in our bed, okay?” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded her head.

“Okay, I won’t take long. I promise. I will just finish here and be right out,” Clarke said to the brunette and Lexa only smiled at her.

“Good. You know I don’t like sleeping without you,” Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled. It was true. Ever since, they had the chance of sleeping all night long in each other’s arms, neither one of them liked the idea of sleeping alone again.

“I will be right out Heda. Now go,” Clarke said chuckling before Lexa stood up and pecked Clarke’s lips before turning around and leaving the tent.

Clarke could only watch her fiancée leave and she sighed resting her head on the tub. She could not believe she was so lucky as to have someone like Lexa, she was telling the truth when she said she can’t wait for them to get married and maybe one day, start their own family. She smiled thinking about it before she went back to finishing her bath.

For Lexa, being like this with Clarke, was everything she had ever wanted since the moment she had kissed the blonde girl in her tent before the battle of Mount Weather. She had known of the intensity of her feelings for the blonde at that moment and since then, her desire and love for the sky girl only grew, even with the distance and the hate Clarke had for her. She had spent the three months wondering where the blonde was, if she was well fed, if she had somewhere to sleep at night, if she was safe, if she was being haunted and desperately wanting to be able to help the girl who had stolen her heart.

But unfortunately she couldn’t, so she would settle to dream about having the girl in her arms, hearing her voice, seeing her face, her smile, smelling her scent and just being together and happy and those were the worst nightmares because she would always wake up to an empty bed and with the knowledge that she would never get to have that since Clarke hated her guts and would probably rather want to see her dead than to ever let her get close again and it was  a kind of sweet torture that she had never experienced before.

She attributed that to the fact that Clarke was the love of her life, that she was without a doubt the other half of her soul and the love she felt was stronger and more intense than anything she had ever felt before for anyone, Costia included. So now to sit back on her bed and know that Clarke not only loves her and wants to be with her, but that she is also as eager to start their life together as Lexa is, that is everything she had dared to dream of and she couldn’t believe it was her reality. She couldn’t shake off the silly smile she had on her face thinking about it.

Clarke wanted to be her wife, wanted to be with her until the day she died and Lexa couldn’t remember a time where she was happier than she has been ever since the blonde came into her life a second time. Lexa was lost in thought when her guard called to her and told her that Anya was outside. Lexa ordered the woman to come in and soon enough, Anya entered her tent.

“Anya, I was not expecting you,” Lexa said not getting up from the bed and the woman nodded at her.

“Yeah, I know but I came to talk to you about something important,” She said to her commander and Lexa nodded.

“What are you going to do about the people in the Mountain?” Anya asked her and Lexa sighed shaking her head.

“I still don’t know, Anya. I have to talk to Clarke and the new President about it before I can make a definite decision. Why?” Lexa asked her and the woman sighed.

“Titus has sent a message to you to come to Polis as soon as possible. He says there is much for you to do there and that he suggests that the people in the Mountains be exiled from your lands or worse. He sounded as angry as usual,” Anya said and Lexa froze a little being the first time she has even spoken about the man in question since regaining her memories to anyone that wasn’t Clarke.

“Titus is always like that, Anya and if it was up to him, I would never leave Polis for anything so I wouldn’t be too worried about his rant,” Lexa said dismissively but Anya shook her head.

“I know you always deflect when I say this and I understand why but Lexa, I do not trust that man. You may think he has your best interest at heart but I don’t. I don’t know how far he is capable of going to ensure things go according to what he believes is the right way and since you are not always the best follower of tradition, I worry that one of these days you will be at odds and he will be a danger to you,” Anya said to her and Lexa was shocked about her words but then she remembered.

Ever since she first took command, Anya never liked Titus while Indra and Gustus barely tolerated him. She had always tried to warn Lexa about trusting him as much as she did and Lexa always dismissed her telling her that Titus was trustworthy, but after witnessing firsthand what his beliefs could drive him to do, Lexa could see that she should have listened to Anya earlier on and maybe things would have been different and she may not even have died but she hadn’t. It didn’t mean she wouldn’t now.

“I know how you feel and I have started to see what you say about him and believe me, I will be more careful with how much power and liberty I give to him but I can’t do anything about that now. I have so much to work out here before I can go back to Polis and Titus will have to accept my orders and just deal with it. Now, I appreciate your concern and I guarantee you, I will be more careful around him but don’t do anything. Let me handle him as I see fit. Like you said, he could be dangerous but he is still the Flamekeeper, only I can dispose of him if need be,” Lexa explained to her and Anya nodded.

“I know, I just worry about you,” Anya said to her and Lexa gave her a small smile. She knew that the bond they have was strong even if they didn’t say it.

“I know and I care for you too but let me handle Titus. It’s my fight so I will have to do it however, I will listen to your advices. In the meantime, send word for him that I will be staying here for as long as I am needed and will warn him when I have chosen to return to Polis,” Lexa said and Anya nodded.

“Very well, I will do that right now. Goodnight, Lexa,” She said bowing down and Lexa nodded at her once the woman straightened up again.

“Good night Anya,” She said before the general turned around and left and Lexa sat back on her bed and started thinking about everything regarding the older man while she waited for Clarke to come out of her bath. She needed to talk to her about it. After all, he was as much as her problem as he was Clarke’s and she valued the blonde’s opinions on things. Clarke could see things and ways that sometimes she couldn’t so she wanted to have this conversation with the girl as soon as possible so she continued to wait.

Chapter Text

After finishing her bath, which took 15 more minutes to end, Clarke finally got out of the bath tub, dried herself before putting on the clothes Lexa had brought for her and when she was finally done, she walked out of the bath part of the tent and into the sleeping part of it, where Lexa was already lying down in bed with her eyes closed, which made Clarke think she was already asleep but then, she opened her eyes when Clarke entered the room and followed her movements with her stare, which low-key turned Clarke on.

“I thought you were already asleep with how much longer I took to come out,” Clarke said to her as she took care of her clothes and stuff.

“No, I had much on my mind to fall asleep that easily and you didn’t take too long,” Lexa said to her still staring at her and Clarke looked back at her.

“What were you thinking about that wouldn’t let you sleep?” Clarke asked her as she finished folding in her clothes and moved towards the cot.

“Titus,” Lexa said turning to lie on her back as Clarke got on bed with her and snuggled against her side, letting her head rest on top of Lexa’s chest with her ear directly above the girl’s heart so she could hear the heartbeats and draped her left arm over the older girl’s waist.

“What about him?” Clarke asked her and Lexa sighed as her arm wrapped around Clarke as well, needing to feel that the girl was there with her, and safe above all else.

“Anya came while you were in the bath to warn me that he wanted me back in Polis and you know. She just reminded me not to trust him for all of the reasons we already know and it was just a lot,” Lexa said sighing and Clarke could understand how she was feeling. Being betrayed by those you trust the most it’s the worst feeling ever. It breaks something within you and it is hard to put it back together. She listened while Lexa continued speaking,

“Last time I saw him, he was my most trusted advisor and now, when I return, all I will see when I look at him is the man who tried to kill you and that actually killed me,” She said with a quiver in her voice and Clarke only hugged her tighter as Lexa continued.

“I feel like I lost him. Even if in this time, he does nothing like that again, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully trust him as I did before. There will always be a seed of doubt in my mind when it comes to him and his motives to do what he does and I don’t want that, Clarke. I really don’t,” Lexa confided in her and Clarke sighed feeling her girlfriend’s pain and wishing she could take it away.

“I won’t tell you that you should give him a second chance because I am selfish and I would very much like to get him as far away from you as possible but I can’t also ignore that if I can give Finn and Bellamy a second chance, maybe you could give him one too,” Clarke said as Lexa kissed her forehead.

“That is different, Clarke. Finn and Bellamy acted on a whim. They were angry and desperate and had a gun in their hands, it doesn’t excuse their action in the slightest and I am not more prone to trust them now than I did back then but, Titus tried to have you removed from my life deliberately,” Lexa said as she caressed the blonde’s hair as she continued speaking.

“More than once, he tried to get you as far away from me as possible and when that didn’t work, he took the matter into his own hands and I have no doubt that if he had succeeded in killing you and incriminating the Sky people, he would have played me like a fool, inciting me to go to war. He wouldn’t have felt guilty for taking away from me someone I loved. He would have been fine with it and when you come to Polis with me, I can’t be sure he won’t try anything like that again or even that he will come up with something else that I will not be prepared to protect you from,” Lexa said to her and Clarke lifted herself up to look at the girl.

“You think that even if my people didn’t do anything like the massacre again, he would still come for me and try to kill me or at least get me away from you? He would do something like that even without those reasons?” Clarke asked her and Lexa nodded.

“Despite what he portrayed his motives were, yes, I do think so. Costia was never involved in the politics of the Coalition whatsoever, in fact she hated it, she would forbid me to talk about it when we were alone, she was no threat to my political agenda and yet, Titus despised her, less than he did and will do with you but he disliked her nonetheless,” Lexa explained to her and Clarke was still confused.

“So his problem is really with whoever you chose to share your bed with?” Clarke asked her and Lexa shook her head in negative.

“Not who I choose to share my bed, but who I choose to give my heart to,” Lexa explained to her and Clarke seemed to finally understand his problem.

“You and Costia were the embodiment of everything that went against his teachings that love was weakness and that to be Commander is to be alone. You both were proof that that was wrong. Even when Costia died and I tried to make myself believe in that again, I never truly did. Because I had never felt weak with her, it was much the opposite, I felt strong and with you. Not only did you make me feel the strongest but your ability to lead showed me that my oath didn’t have to be mine alone. That I could have someone not only to share my burdens with but who could understand them as I did and would be there to help me day in and day out,” Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled lovingly at her.

“I love you,” Clarke said to her before kissing the brunette who only tightened her arms around the blonde pulling her even closer. Once Clarke pulled back and lay down again in her previous position, Lexa spoke.

“I love you too so much. That is what Titus disliked about her and hated about you. In your case, everything your people did just gave him a better motive to use to defend his mistrust of you and your proximity with me. But no matter his reasons, the fact remains that I don’t trust him to be anywhere around you, to have access to you and since I am not giving up on you, I have to get rid of him,” Lexa said to her and Clarke stilled before sitting up and turning to Lexa.

“You mean you’re going to have to kill him? There is no other way to get rid of him beside that?” Clarke asked her seriously and Lexa sighed sitting up too and facing Clarke.

“Much like a Commander, a Flame keeper can only be replaced if the previous one is dead which is why Gaia came to take over once he died,” Lexa explained and Clarke shook her head.

“Lexa, he may be a selfish, ambitious and morally disturbed man who thinks he knows everything and who thinks he can control you, but he raised you and even if you try to deny, I know you love him. You have forgiven him for what he has done. I know, I saw in your eyes when you were speaking to him when you were dying,” Clarke said to her and Lexa sighed.

“I know he raised me Clarke, and I won’t deny that I love him as one would love a father but I also know him better than anyone so believe me when I say he won’t change. He won’t be accepting of you, of us. For as long as he thinks you are a weakness to me, he won’t stop trying to get us apart, even if it is filling up my schedule to work all day just to keep me away from you, he will do it. I have to be honest and say that after my time in the Valley which I spent thinking and reviving memories I had buried, I’m not entirely sure he didn’t have a hand in what happened with Costia,” Lexa said to her and Clarke’s eyes were wide.

“You don’t think he worked with the Ice Nation to torture and kill her, do you? He knew how much you lover her. He couldn’t have done that. Could he?” Clarke asked softly but also worriedly and Lexa just looked at her not knowing how to answer that question.

“When Costia was kidnapped, earlier that day, he had given me a urgent message saying that there was a huge problem in one of the villages and that I was needed there immediately so I trusted him, packed a few things and left for the village which was dealing with wolves attacking them and they told me that they had sent for me about a week before,” Lexa explained to her girlfriend before she continued.

“The day after I left at night, Costia was kidnapped from my room in the tower. Now, don’t you think that is slightly concerning that he kept a urgent message from me for a week only to deliver on that precise day and that Costia was kidnapped not a day after I left?” Lexa asked her and Clarke seemed to get why she could think that.

“I don’t know if he had an agreement with the Queen or not, but one thing is clear to me, always had been. Someone facilitated the assassins’ entrance to the tower that night. I made an inquiry of every guard that was on duty but it never crossed my mind he could have been the one that did it,” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded.

“I understand why you could think that he would do something like this, especially after what he tried to do to me but I don’t want to believe he would be like that to you. He seemed to care for you so much and feel so bad after he shot you and you seemed to have forgiven him when you were bleeding out,” Clarke said to her.

“And as far as forgiveness goes, I did forgive him for killing me. I know that was the last thing he wanted and even now, I know I am safe with him. But I cannot, I will not forgive him for trying to kill you. Ever. There was nothing he could have done to me, physically or emotionally, that would have been worse than to have entered that room, only for me to see your lifeless body on the ground. He might have believed that just like I came back from my grief over Costia’s death, that I would do so with your death as well but he would have be incredibly wrong. If Costia’s death broke something within me, your death would have completely and irreparably destroyed me and I would not have come back from that,” Lexa said sincerely as she caressed Clarke’s face.

“You are the love of my life, Clarke. I have never loved anyone more than I love you and I know that I never will,” Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled as she turned and planted a kiss on the plan of her hand.

“I feel the same way about you, baby and I lost you and it did destroy me even if I didn’t let people notice so much but the pain was there, suffocating each time someone mentioned you,” Clarke said to her and she meant it.

“I know and I am so sorry for that. But if nothing else, Titus was right about this one thing though,” Lexa said seriously to the girl.

“What is that?” Clarke asked her girlfriend confused about what could that man had been possibly right about.

“If he had succeeded in killing you and framing Murphy, if I had thought for one second that the Skaikru had anything to do with your death, I would have marched on Arkadia and would have killed everyone that crossed my path. Even if I relinquished my claim to the flame or even my life after it, but I would have wiped them out from existence before that. Children, elders, innocent. It wouldn’t have mattered to me. Anyone within Arkadia’s walls would have died, by my blade if possible,” Lexa said seriously and Clarke nodded.

“I know. And he knew that as well which is why he came up with that plan in the first place. He knows you and knew my death would instigate you to do what he wanted you to do in the first place which was declare war on my people,” Clarke said as a matter of fact.

She had known the moment Titus explained his plan to her that if he killed her, waging war was exactly what Lexa would have done to the Skaikru. She would have been blinded by the pain of losing her and even if she died on the battle or lived to be plagued by what she had done and for Clarke’s death, she would have wiped Clarke’s people out, there was no question in that and Clarke couldn’t really blame her. She wasn’t sure that if he had been Pike who killed Lexa that she would seek revenge herself.

“I can’t lose you, not again, not ever. This is a second chance for the both of us of having what we had hoped we could one day and I won’t let anyone come in between that, no matter who it is. So if my choice is between your safety and his, there is no choice to be made at all. I chose you. Always,” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded.

“I hope it doesn’t have to come to that but how you deal with him best, I will leave it up to you. I will support you in whatever you decided. But for now, I really don’t want to talk about bald men who want to kill me, do you?” Clarke said and asked as she got into a crawling stance and advance towards Lexa who only smirked and let herself be pushed back to the bed.

“Well, in that case, we can always talk about something else,” Lexa said as Clarke lowered herself dangerously close to the brunette’s ear and spoke in a very sexy voice.

“We don’t have to talk at all,” Lexa chuckled since she remembered the last time she said the same thing as Clarke started kissing her neck and Lexa just closed her eyes, enjoying what Clarke was doing to her.

I love you so much,” Clarke said against her skin in Trigedasleng and Lexa just couldn’t take it anymore, not with the blonde speaking in her mother thongue so she sat up with Clarke straddling her lap.

I love you more than it is possible to love someone and I always will,” Lexa replied as Clarke held her face with both of her hands and smiled before leaning down to kiss her.

It was slow, there was no hurry, they were just kissing and Lexa lifted just a little bit of Clarke’s shirt just enough to get her hands underneath and around the blonde’s waist, as they continue to kiss gently before Clarke slowly lifted Lexa’s shirt above her head and the brunette did the same with hers and they were both bare from the waist up. Lexa then got a good grip on Clarke’s waist and lifted her up a little before putting her down on the bed on her back as the Commander settled in between her legs.

And for a moment, they just looked at each other’s eyes, talking, sharing and with love being shown through their eyes and actions, before something primal started up inside both of them and they were filled with lust and desire, as they both met in a heated kiss, those where you don’t know where one ends and the other begins. Having sex with Lexa was a unique, one and only kind of experience in and out of itself. She was gentle and rough at the same time, in the same touch. She could give everything and make Clarke crave for more with the same kiss. Lexa was intoxicating, she was a deep ocean and Clarke would be thankful to drown on her.

The sex was amazing and Clarke knew she would never want anyone else to touch like this, just Lexa. Once they both reached the climax for the fourth time in a row, Lexa finally fell down on the bed, panting and sweaty, as was Clarke.

“Babe?” Clarke called out for the girl and Lexa turned to look at her.

“Yes my love?” She asked her and Clarke turned around to lay on her belly with her head propped up on her hand as she cleared and strand of hair that was on Lexa’s face.

“In the future, not now obviously, but in the future when we are married, will it be possible for us to have a family? Kids?” Clarke asked a little bit nervous and Lexa noticed it.

“Why are you nervous to ask me that?” Lexa asked with a smile and Clarke took a deep breath before she just shrugged as she dropped her hands to trace patterns over Lexa’s chest.

“I don’t know. It’s not an easy topic to talk about, people don’t usually talk about it so early in a relationship and with you being the Commander, I didn’t know if you even considered it to be an option,” Clarke answered honestly. That was one of the many things she loved about being with Lexa, they never lied to each other.

No matter how harsh the truth was or even if the other was going to get pissed off, they were always honest with each other. Especially for Clarke, with Lexa, she was never afraid to voice out her darkest thoughts or spill out her darkest secret or even let the brunette girl see the darkest corners of her soul because she knew that Lexa would not judge her for it but rather would understand and offer comfort even if she shouldn’t. And she hoped that she could give the same feeling of security to Lexa, to make her feel that no matter what, she will be understood and that even if Clarke gets angry or pissed, she will always be there for her if needed for comfort, for a good yell or to serve as a distraction.

“Well, to answer your question, yes, I would like us to have kids in the future when I have peace better secured than right now. I would love to and you should know by now that I don’t scare easily besides wanting to share a life with me and have children with me could only make me love you even more and never the opposite,” Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled.

“And yes, as Commander, things are slightly different and more dangerous but I told you once, I want it all with you and if you want 10 kids, then I want 10 kids too,” Lexa said sincerely and Clarke smiled. Clarke smirked before she moved to straddle Lexa again, and the brunette chuckled as she looked up at her girlfriend’s naked body on top of hers.

“Clarke, I am worn out,” Lexa said chuckling and Clarke shushed her with a kiss, as she titled her head and deepened the kiss before she pulled back and looked at her girlfriend.

“Just let me love you,” Clarke said and Lexa smiled before nodding at her.

“Always,” Lexa said sincerely and Clarke smiled before she started trailing kisses down her body and it was safe to say that their night was a very pleasant one.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, Raven and Murphy were on the camp as well. They had come earlier than Clarke, along with Lexa and her people and they were both given a tent to stay along with Kane but since the man was still in the Mountain overlooking things, making sure than no unnecessary harm came to anyone, the two best friends were alone, each one in a bed, both of them looking up at the ceiling, thinking about the events that happened this time as well as the one that happened last time, especially Raven who had been there for both occasions.

“We did it. We really won against the Mountain and saved almost everyone from death,” Raven said out loud amazed by what they had been able to change and Murphy hummed in agreement to what she said.

“Yeah, it seems we did, despite everything, we were able to change things for the better,” He said to her before he turned to look at the mechanic, “Hey, ugly face. How bad was it last time?” he asked her in curiosity and she sighed.

“For Clarke, specifically or for all of us, in general?” Raven asked him not sure which one he was talking about, even though both of the cases were extremely heartbreaking tales to talk about and, even more so to remember.

“Both, I guess. I don’t know much about what happened with either. I just know what I’ve heard from a few people I met,” He said to her and she nodded her head before starting the tale of the horrors they lived last time inside that place.

“Well, in general, it sucked. We were captured and brought inside the Mountain by Cage, who decided to drill us of our bone marrow on the spot with every one of our people watching. There was someone else on the table but then, he decided to change it and he chose me to go next and it hurt like hell,” She explained before she continued.

“I mean, it was horrible and I was in so much pain, especially given the problem I already had on my leg but then, he took me out of the bed and put Abby in the table and started drilling on her and we were all scared out of our seats but then suddenly the guards started to feel the effect of the air and blisters started appearing in their faces and hands and, soon they were all dead right in front of us,” Raven explained as she recalled the events.

“Then we walked out of there and saw that everyone was dead but we wanted to leave so badly that we just moved past the bodies and when we got to Arkadia, we were just trying to move past those horrors. It wasn’t easy or quick. It took us a long while before we were back on our feet but Jasper. Jasper was never the same and he rejected Monty’s friendship, always drinking. It was bad for all of us but we would go through each day together. I think that the unity we accomplished was the best part of it,” Raven said as he nodded.

“What about Clarke? Where was she in all of this? If she was the one who killed his girlfriend, I doubt Jasper was happy with her,” Murphy asked her and Raven took a deep breath before she let out a sigh and continued speaking.

“Clarke was a mess. It was obvious when she did what she did, that a part of her had died along with those people. It was bad, she was destroyed and you could see it in her eyes, which was why I wasn’t surprised when she left. She couldn’t have stayed, John. If she had, she would have either gone crazy or Jasper would have made her life a living hell. They were broken by what happened for different reasons, obviously and they needed space from each other. That was obvious for me, at least,” Raven said to him and he nodded.

“What about Bell boy? How did he take it when she left? He couldn’t have been that understanding about the situation. He would have been more on the track of silently resentment,” He asked her and she sighed nodding her head.

“I think from all of us, he took it the hardest given how close they were and the fact that they did it together but he was really hurt by it and kept it to himself, only exploding after Pike arrived and corrupted him against the grounder and all of that,” Raven said to him and Murphy nodded.

“And when exactly did you decide to take Jaha’s chip? Or better yet, why did you decide to take it? I can’t imagine you would have followed that piece of shit anywhere for whatever reason so I’m really curious about it,” Murphy asked her and she sighed.

“The pain after being drilled for my bone marrow made the pain on my leg even worse and I was too proud to admit it to anyone. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I had a handicap, that I wasn’t the same person I once was, that I couldn’t do the same things I could before the bullet, that I was, for better or for worse, a cripple. So whenever Abby tried to talk to me about it, I would just shrug her off. She told me that with the technology of the Mountain she could maybe make it a lot better but I was too scared and when it blew up, so did any chance I had. That was when Jaha came to Arkadia with the chip.” Raven said to him.

“I really am sorry about that, Raven. I was a douchebag and not doing that to you is one of the things I am glad I was able to avoid this time around. I may have not looked like it but I did always felt guilty about shooting you,” Murphy said sincerely and Raven shook her head.

“You already apologized for it, more than twice. I said I forgive you, man. I have since the island. You are a different person than you were when you did that and I am a different person than I was when I took the chip. We will not make those same mistakes again,” Raven said and Murphy nodded at her.

“I sure hope so. I couldn’t handle being back to that person. I had nothing, no friends, no family, no one I cared about except Emori and now I have all of you. I don’t want to go back to that douchebag and lose all of that,” He said to her and she nodded her head smiling.

“What about you? How were things for you when you left with Jaha, of all people to find the City of Light?” Raven asked him curiously and he chuckled at the thought of doing that.

“Well, to be completely honest, it’s not like any one of you wanted my amazing presence in Arkadia, did you?” He said to her and she chuckled at that.

“No, I most certainly did not. Specially, because it was right after the massacre at the village and when I tried to trade you off for Finn, which by the way, I am really sorry about. I should have never done something like that to you or anyone,” Raven said sincerely and he nodded.

“It’s okay, you’re forgiven. And well, for me, it was not great. We crossed a mined desert and then I got hurt on my arm, found a bunker and got trapped on the blasted place for those three months, almost shot myself before I got out, found Jaha gain, already a minion for the evil bitch in red and then, made my way out of there with Emori and I think you know the rest,” He said to her and she nodded her head.

“You really love her, don’t you? Emori, I mean? Last time, it was clear how much you cared about her, especially when Clarke almost used her as an experiment and you begged for her life,” She asked him and he sighed.

“Yeah, I do. I didn’t think I could feel this way for anyone since you know I am not a people’s person but she knew exactly how to deal with me and I couldn’t not fall in love with her. I mean, we went through a lot together and although it’s not the kind of love Clarke and the Commander have but I do love her. And you? How do you feel about Luna?” He asked her and she sighed too.

“That is an easy question with an incredibly complicated answer so I don’t know how I can answer you,” The mechanic said honestly and Murphy frowned turning is head to the side to look at her as Raven continued to look up at the ceiling.

“Why is it complicated? It seemed really simple to me at the island. It definitely looked very simple when she was comforting you,” He asked her and she sighed deeply.

“Because she already has someone. A guy named Derek, Erik, something like that and when we met, he had died so even if I want to be with her, I will need to make her love me again and I don’t know if it is possible. I mean, if she loves him, why would she want to be with me, right?” Raven said sadly and Murphy look at her.

“Hey, you can’t give up. I was there, remember? I saw first-hand how she was with you. That had nothing to do with the fact that she had lost this guy or whatever you’re thinking. It was because you two had a connection, a real connection. I am sure of that,” Murphy said confidently and Raven shrugged.

“I don’t know, John. I don’t even know if she felt what I felt. I am going on blind here, you know? I am hoping for something that I don’t even know if it was real or not. I just don’t know what to do, what I should or could do really,” Raven said to him and Murphy sat up on his bed and turned to her.

“Hey, trust me she felt it too. I mean, seriously Raven. The way she held you when you had that breakdown and started punching the hell out of me. How she took care of you and calmed you down? She felt it for real, I’m telling you,” He said to her honestly.

“But how could I possibly make her feel that again? She is in the middle of the sea, how am I even going to get close to her?” Raven asked him, wanting to believe his words more than anything and he smirked at her.

“That is one of the things Clarke is here for. She can get Lexa to call Luna to Polis and you can meet her there and use all your mechanic charms on her and she will not resist you.” He said and she chuckled at his idea, although, it was not all bad.

“Changing the subject and talking about Clarke, how do you think things are going with Lexa?” Raven asked him and Murphy leaned back grinning.

“I bet you anything you want that blondie is most certainly and definitely having a better night than us, that’s for sure,” He said and they both chuckled, happy for their friend’s happiness.

“You’re right and you know what? We should go to sleep, we have work tomorrow. Come on,” Raven said and laid back down on bed as did Murphy as they both tried to sleep while thinking about the girls they had feelings for. Meanwhile in another part of the camp, Bellamy and Octavia were together in another tent and they were talking about what happened.

“So nothing happened to TonDC with the missile the Mountain Men sent?” He asked her trying to be sure that he didn’t failed his mission to stop that disaster and she shook her head.

“No, apparently Clarke and the Commander were able to save the village without alerting them about you being inside their walls,” She explained it to him and he nodded.

“Well, I was scared when I heard you were there but I am glad things worked out well for all of us,” Bellamy said relieved of the success of their mission and Octavia nodded her head, agreeing with her big brother on the matter.

“Yeah, they worked it out by themselves, I think Kane and Murphy helped the Commander or something but what matters is that we avoided the missile and everyone was okay,” She said and Bellamy nodded.

“So, what’s with the grounder look?” He asked her, as he had noticed her new lok, her braided her and even her war paint, and she looked at him.

“Well, I am a second now so I have to dress the part,” Octavia said to him and he frowned his eyebrows at that piece of information he didn’t have before.

“And what the hell is that? What does being a second mean for you?” He asked her, in all of his big brother ‘protector’ tone of voice, and Octavia took a deep breath before answering, knowing he wouldn’t like the answer but also knowing there was no other way.

“A second is the same thing as an apprentice. I am Indra’s second which means she is teaching me how to be a Trikru warrior. When I finish my training, I can be accepted into the clan,” She said and Bellamy looked at her.

“Why would you want to be part of their clan, O? You’re part of the Sky People. You’re one of us,” He said to her but Octavia shook her head at him.

“No, Bell. To the Sky People, all I am is the girl who was hidden under the floor for 16 years. That is all I am. They don’t even consider me one of them,” She said to him and Bellamy shook his head.

“They do consider you one of us, O. Clarke does it, the 100 does it. I do. You are one of us,” He said to her sincerely since he believed in it but Octavia knew better and gave him a small smile.

“That’s because they’re my friends and because you’re my brother but I don’t feel that way too, Bell. I don’t feel like they are my people, the rest of the 100 yes but the rest, they don’t care about me, they don’t even acknowledge me. And now I am only the grounder girl to them. I need to find my own way Bell and I feel like I can get that with the Trikru. I want to be a warrior, this is what I want to do, what I feel I was meant to be doing. This is where I’m supposed to be, Bellamy. I’m happy,” Octavia tried to explain to him and he nodded his head.

“Well, I don’t know what you feel but I will support you if that is what you want to do. However, I will always be here for you, being from a different clan will never change the fact that you are my sister and you will always have a place with me,” He said to her and she smiled at him.

“I know, big brother. You’re family and no matter where I go, or where I belong, nothing will ever change that,” She said to him and they smiled at each other before they were interrupted by Lincoln who peaked his head inside the tent.

“Octavia, Indra is asking for you to take watch over the woods along with the other seconds,” He warned her and Octavia turned to look at her boyfriend and nodded her head at him, understanding the message before turning back to look at her brother.

“Well, I have to go to work now. Will you be okay here?” Octavia asked him worriedly and Bellamy smiled at her before nodding his head.

“Yeah, I will be just fine. Have fun,” He said to her and she smiled before giving him a kiss on the cheek and standing up. She walked out of the tent and Lincoln was about to follow her when Bellamy called him.

“Lincoln, do you have a moment for us to talk?” He asked out loud and the warrior looked back at him for a while before nodding and walking inside the tent to take Octavia’s place sitting down in front of the guy.

“I know that you and my sister love each other very much so I thought it would be a good thing if we talked,” Bellamy started saying and the warrior nodded but stayed silent which Bellamy understood as a sign to continue so he cleared his throat before speaking.

“Well, someone told me too many times to count that I should own my shit and be a man about my mistakes and I took too long to follow that advice but I think I should start doing it now so I would like to start by apologizing to you for capturing you and trying to torture you back in the dropship,” Bellamy said seriously and Lincoln just titled his head.

“I thought that it was the only way to get information from you to try to defend my friends from your people’s attacks but it was still bad of me to do so and I would also like to apologize for what happened in the cave. Octavia is the only family I have left and since she was born, all I ever wanted was to keep her safe and whenever she is in danger, I don’t think, I just act and it usually ends badly or in a mess but I am trying to be better and more focused. It’s not an excuse for my behavior but I was hoping it could help you understand why I did what I did, if you can,” Bellamy said honestly to him as Lincoln listened.

“Now would be the time for you to say something, anything,” Bellamy said to the scary looking guy and waited for Lincoln, who stayed silent while looking at him, making Bellamy a little bit uncomfortable. Bellamy sighed and was about to give up when Lincoln spoke up.

“Why are you apologizing to me, Bellamy?” Lincoln asked him seriously and Bellamy frowned his eyebrows not sure how to respond to that.

“I just explained why,” Bellamy said not understanding the question and Lincoln shook his head before speaking again.

“No, you gave me your reason why you felt the need to apologize but not why you did it. What made you think it would be good to apologize?” Lincoln asked him.

“Well, because you are my sister’s boyfriend and because you don’t plan on tossing her away, do you?” Bellamy asked him and Lincoln shook his head.

“Of course not. I love Octavia and plan to stay with her until the day, I breathe my last breath,” He said sincerely, firmly and Bellamy nodded his head in acceptance of that fact.

“Exactly, so since you plan on being with her for a long time, I thought that we should have an understanding between us so we don’t have to make her choose between us two. I don’t want that for her and you don’t want that for her either so if we can be cool with each other, she will be happy and that is what we both want since we both love her,” Bellamy said seriously.

“Very well. You don’t have anything to apologize to me. We were in different sides of this war and you did what you had to do for your people and for your sister, I probably would have done the same in your position but you are right, we both love Octavia and will do everything for her so if an understanding is what you want then I can give that to you,” Lincoln said and extended his arm as Bellamy looked at it and grabbed it shaking it.

“Thank you,” He said sincerely and Lincoln nodded returning the sentiment.

“You’re welcome,” Lincoln said as they let go and Bellamy chuckled.

“O will be thrilled. Sometimes, she is like a little kid but sometimes, she is stronger than anyone gives her credit for, myself included,” Bellamy said to him and Lincoln nodded.

“I think that is why Indra chose her. She could see that strength inside, just like I did,” He said and Bellamy nodded his head before continuing to speak to the guy.

“She wasn’t always like that though, you know? A fighter, at least not before she got locked up. She used to depend on me for everything and I would do everything for her and I think I am still on that mindset while she is changing, adapting so now, I am trying to catch up, I guess,” Bellamy said to him and Lincoln understood what he was saying.

“How was Octavia when she was younger?” Lincoln asked him out of curiosity and trying to reach out to the brother of the woman he loves and Bellamy, understanding the action for what it was, smiled before replying.

“Demanding, she had to stay under the floor so I would have to play with her, tell her stories, and invent them as well to distract her when she was bored,” He said before he continued telling the grounder warrior stories about Octavia when she was a kid and so on. They had good laughs with some of them and truly seemed to be pushing towards the beginning of a nice friendship which was definitely something Octavia was very happy to hear about later on.

Chapter Text

Clarke woke up hours later with the sun already up and shining and she sighed. Another day has come and there was much too be done yet, which was a tiring prospect but she still was grateful for this second chance she had been given, especially when she turns around and is met with the view of the bare back of the woman she loves more than anything. The memories of the night before still fresh on her mind as she quietly moved the covers further down until it rested on Lexa’s butt, repositioned herself as careful as possible and started dropping kisses starting on the base of her girlfriend’s spine and going all the way up.

She felt exactly the moment when Lexa woke up from the tightening of her muscles before relaxing them again as Clarke continued with her ministrations, kissing every inch of her back all the way up to her neck while partially lying on top of the said girl. Clarke couldn’t help but imagine spending the rest of her life having the chance to go to sleep and wake up with Lexa every day. It was definitely a dream come true and she couldn’t help but think how lucky she was to be the one to fall to the ground and to have met this woman she loved so much.

“Good morning baby,” She said as she came to lay on top of Lexa’s back and leaned forward to deliver kisses on Lexa’s cheek.

“Good morning my love,” Lexa said still without opening her eyes, “Should I hope for more morning wake up calls like this?” She said and Clarke smiled as her hand started going up and down the girl’s waist until past her hips before coming right back up.

“If you’re a good girl and if you behave, who knows? Maybe,” Clarke said by her ear smirking as she bit the brunette’s ear a bit and Lexa chuckled.

“And if I’m a bad girl and don’t behave, what will it be then?” She asked smirking still with her eyes closed and Clarke smirked as well.

“Then, in that case, it’s most definitely a yes,” She said and Lexa full out laughed over it and so did the blonde girl. This morning was exactly the kind of morning she had dreamed of having with Lexa, just playing around and laughing and enjoying being with the one you love.

“Well, I shall keep that in mind for further evaluation of my behavior. Perhaps being bad has its perks,” Lexa said smiling and Clarke smiled back and they were silent after that until Clarke spoke up again.

“Babe,” She said and Lexa hummed in response, “when exactly did you fall in love with me?” Clarke asked leaning her chin on her hand that was resting on Lexa’s shoulder, as the brunette finally opened her eyes as she turned her head a little to look at the blonde.

“Why the question?” She asked gently and Clarke shrugged her shoulders, she wasn’t sure why she wanted to know the moment Lexa feel in love with her, she just knew she did.

“I don’t know. It just came up to me now that I don’t know when you fell in love with me. I was curious,” She said sincerely and Lexa nodded before motioning to turn around to which Clarke gave her the space too before positioning herself again on top of the girl who had one arm wrapped around her waist and the other hand was caressing her face.

“Do you want me to be one hundred percent honest?” Lexa asked her and Clarke smiled at her girlfriend and nodded her head.

“100% honest. When was the moment you fell in love with me?” She asked again and Lexa nodded before she smiled and answered the girl.

“The first three second when I looked at you the first time you entered my tent. That was when I fell in love with you,” Lexa said sincerely and Clarke smiled before leaning down and kissing her for a while before she pulled back. She was really too lucky when it came to Lexa.

“What about you? What was like for you when we first met and when did you fall in love with me or at least realized it?” Lexa asked her girlfriend once they pulled back from the kiss a while later and Clarke looked at her before answering.

“Well, for me, when I entered your tent and saw you, looked into your eyes, I knew that there was something familiar about them, about you. It was like I knew you before we met, like I knew you better than I knew myself,” Clarke said and Lexa nodded having felt that herself.

“But I think that the moment when I really started to fall in love with you was when we came to check on Lincoln because when Lincoln died momentarily and the weapons were drawn on both sides, I worried about you for some reason,” Clarke said to her and Lexa nodded.

“And the moment when you realized you were actually in love with me? When was that?” Lexa asked her curiously and Clarke smiled at her girlfriend.

“After our encounter with the Pauna, when we were in that little clearing and I woke up with it roaring and you said that it was okay and that I was safe and for the first time since my Dad had died, I actually believed those words. What about you?” Clarke asked as Lexa started caressing her back which felt amazing.

“For me, it was close to that. When I saw Quint raised his hand at you, to hurt you, that was when I knew I was completely, madly and irrevocably in love with you,” Lexa said as she kissed the blonde and Clarke nodded her head at the memory.

“That was actually really scary for me. The guy was huge. But anyway, one more question and then we get up because we have work to do,” She said and Lexa nodded.

“That night in your tent when we were discussing plans and I was freaking out about the battle, were you really jealous of Bellamy?” Clarke asked her and it was something she had always been curious about but never had the time to ask the brunette. Lexa sighed.

“I have always been jealous of Bellamy, Clarke. That night was no different,” She said sincerely and Clarke was a little surprised by her answer.

“Really? You jealous of Bellamy? What for? There has never been anything romantic between us, we were always just friends and co-leaders. Why would you be jealous of him?” Clarke asked her and Lexa took a deep breath before she continued answering.

“From the moment I saw you with him, I knew that the two of you had a strong connection, I just wasn’t sure if it was purely platonic and the more I saw you two and saw how you worried about him, the more I thought that you had feelings for him, feelings you may had not even realized you had yourself,” Lexa explained before continuing as Clarke listened to her.

“And that suspicion would only grow. That night when I said you cared about him, I had meant in more than a friendly way and you said you cared about all of them but even if you didn’t realize then or now, the truth is you do, in fact, worry about him more than the others. And I don’t know if in this time it will be the same since we spent a lot of time together but in the other timeline, it was clear for everyone but you to see that he loved you. I could see it on his eyes in the way he looked at you the night of the summit. Did anything ever happen between you two after I died?” Lexa asked her and Clarke shook her head.

“No, of course not. Bellamy and I never had anything other than friendship and partnership in leading my people. But I do think that I started to notice his feelings, especially towards the end. I think there was a moment where he wanted to say something about that to me but I cut him off. Not only because it sounded like a goodbye but because I didn’t want us to go there so that I would be forced to reject him,” Clarke explained and Lexa nodded.

“And now, do you think this version of Bellamy has feelings for you?” Lexa asked her and Clarke shook her head firmly. Of this answer, she was sure of.

“No, he does not have any romantic feelings for me. I guarantee you that. Finn, on the other hand, I tried to avoid it but it seems that there was no changing that,” She said sadly and sighed as Lexa smirked at her girlfriend.

“Wells, Bellamy, Finn, me, Niylah. You are quite the heartbreaker, aren’t you SkaiPrisa?” Lexa said teasing the blonde and Clarke shook her head.

“For the others in the past timeline, maybe. But to you, never, especially not this time. I will love you and want you every day for the rest of my life and nothing and no one can ever change that. And everyone can be in love with me for all I care. I just want you,” Clarke said firmly and sincerely and Lexa nodded.

“I know. I trust you and I will only love you and want you for the rest of my life as well,” She said sincerely and with love in her yes and they couldn’t resist kissing for a long while before pulling back once air became a necessity.

“We should really get up. We have a long day ahead of us,” Lexa said to her and that was exactly what they did. Clarke got off of her and watched as Lexa left the bed and started dressing herself for work.

“I love seeing you get dressed. There is something about it that just makes it sexy and hot,” Clarke said as Lexa finished buttoning her pants.

“I can understand what you mean. I feel the same way watching you dress as well. Maybe it’s the knowledge that the only we can see each other without the clothes,” Lexa said as she put on her chest binding and Clarke finally decided to get dressed as well and given that her clothes were much simpler, she didn’t take as much time as Lexa. But by the time she was finished. Lexa had just finished braiding her hair before Clarke came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist.

“I missed you so much for this past year we had to spend apart,” Clarke said as she kissed Lexa’s neck and Lexa smiled at her.

“I missed you too more than you can imagine,” She turned around and kissed Clarke, both of them pouring out their love into the kiss. It was intense but not passionate though Clarke certainly thought it was too short when Lexa pulled away.

“They will be bringing breakfast soon enough and we have a lot to discuss,” She said and the blonde nodded and stepped away from her girlfriend as if she had the plague just in time as breakfast was brought in by two warriors and they put it on the table before bowing to the Commander and leaving the tent.

“Come on Clarke, relax. They won’t come here unless it is an emergency,” Lexa said hugging the girl from behind resting her chin on her shoulder and bringing her close to her body.

“I’m relaxed Lexa and I wouldn’t care if they find out about us but you would and because of your position you have to,” Clarke explained and Lexa sighed nodding.

“Yes, you’re right and I wish I didn’t have to. I wish that I could just waltz out of this tent holding you in my arms the way I am now but unfortunately, I can’t. Not yet, at least. It would be too dangerous for you more than anything. I hope you can understand,” Lexa said feeling sorry for the predicament of having to keep their relationship a secret and Clarke nodded.

“I know exactly what your position demand of you, Lexa and I don’t mind. I understand. Besides, I know that secret won’t be a secret for too long unless you plan on bailing on our marriage,” Clarke said to her and Lexa turned her around to look at her firmly in the eyes.

“I would never do that. Being able to call you my wife is a dream I am not giving up on, no matter what,” Lexa said firmly to her and Clarke smiled believing her words.

“I sure as hell hope not because I really don’t want to waste our time together like we did last time. We waited too long in the past and almost lost our chance at being together and I will not let it happen again,” Clarke said to her and Lexa smiled.

“We will get married, I promise you but first, I need to get the Skaikru to be the 13th clan, okay? At least, that way I can guarantee their safety and yours,” Lexa said and Clarke smiled.

“As long as you promise you will not take too long to do that, I can wait,” She said before they kissed and pulled back.

“I promise. Now, let’s eat. We have an important day ahead of us,” Lexa said and they moved to the table and sat down on it.

“Why do you keep saying that? What is so important about today? What is happening today?” Clarke asked her girlfriend as they started to eat their breakfast.

“We shall be returning to the Mountain to discussed peace terms with the new leader of the Mountain Men chosen by you,” Lexa said to her and Clarke was surprised but not shocked, they would have to at some point anyway, why not now?

“And what do you have in mind? Because I have to admit, I’m going on blind here. I had plans up to the battle but right now, I’m not sure how to proceed, especially when it concerns your people,” Clarke asked her girlfriend and Lexa nodded as if already expecting that.

“I think we need to get Raven and Murphy here for this. We will need their help anyway,” Lexa said and Clarke nodded knowing her girlfriend was right. They were all in this together so Lexa called her guard outside and ordered him to go fetch the two friends and within a couple of minutes in which the couple talked about minor matters, both sky people walk inside their tent, not really knowing why they were there.

“Hey, Hot Stuff. Bitch,” Raven said greeting both of them as she high fived with Clarke.

“Commander. Blondie,” Murphy said greeting them as well and Lexa nodded smiling at them.

“Please, Raven and Murphy, join us. It seems we have much to talk about,” Lexa said to them and motioned for the other chairs surrounding the table and they nodded before sitting down.

“Lexa and I were talking about what can be done about the Mountain and their people now that they have been defeated and not exterminated like last time,” Clarke explained to them and they both nodded.

“Okay, so what have you two decided to do with them so far?” Raven asked the couple and Clarke shook her head.

“We haven’t decided anything, we wanted to talk with you two and see if we could come up with something together,” Clarke said to them and Murphy nodded.

“Okay, so what are your ideas on how to deal with them so far?” He asked them and Lexa was the one to speak up this time.

“First, I want all of their mass destruction weapons disable for good. That is non-negotiable for me or my people,” Lexa said firmly and they nodded understanding her position.

“But how will they defend themselves should your people decide to pay them a visit? You have to know that your people will not simply leave them be, especially given the history you have,” Raven said and Lexa nodded.

“I know, they are not particularly fond of your people either but I am hoping that once you two join the Coalition and prove to them that you are not what they think you are, that maybe they will be willing to give the Mountain Men a chance to be part of us.” Lexa said to them and Clarke was definitely taken aback now.

“You can’t possibly be suggesting that they join the Coalition as well?” Raven asked her best friend’s girlfriend and Lexa smirked before she properly looked at Clarke’s face and her smirk fell of her face.

“Why, I though you would be happy for that. You have friends inside the Mountain or so you told me last time. This would be perfect for them. Besides, didn’t you ask me to do that as soon as the battle was over? To make them a part of the Coalition?” Lexa said confusedly by the blonde’s reaction.

“I would be happy if I didn’t know that something like that would put a huge target on your back and I was running on adrenaline. I may have said something about it but I most certainly forgot to weigh down the danger that decision could mean for you,” Clarke said seriously to her girlfriend.

“Lexa, you may not want to hear this but Clarke is right,” Murphy said to the older brunette and Raven continued on what he was saying,

“Letting the Sky people join will be enough of a change to twist the guts of more than a few powerful people you have among those Ambassadors, not to mention the clan leaders. You can’t tell us that it’s not possible that if you even suggest to them that you are even considering thinking about the Mountain Men joining their Coalition, that they will not kill you for it,” Raven said seriously and Clarke continued.

“They could kill you. Or they could at least try for a vote of no confidence and without me there, they may just dethrone you and then everything would fall into the same chaos it was before. Besides I, for one, will not put their lives before yours, not again,” Clarke said seriously to her and Lexa was touched by their words.

“You’re both right and Raven, doing that will probably make a lot of them unhappy but I don’t see another way for this situation to have a good outcome. My choices are to anger my people for asking a lifelong enemy to be one of us or to kick them off of my lands and let them forge a new path for them far away from here on an unknown land or to simply let my people do whatever they want with the survivors since I will have no reason to stop them. So in the end is either I put my life at risk or I exile them Spirit knows where or I sentenced them to die,” Lexa said to them and Clarke sighed.

“They couldn’t survive out there. They know nothing of the world or how to survive on it and the only ones who did are dead. And sentencing innocent people to die is wrong and I am not, at all, comfortable with you putting your life at risk for them.” Clarke said out loud.

“So we are back at where we started anyway. What the hell are we supposed to do with them now?” Murphy said to them and Clarke shook her head.

“Isn’t there anything you can do to make sure that your people can at least give them a chance to prove themselves differently than their previous leaders?” Clarke asked her girlfriend and Lexa sighed before she looked at all three of them before focusing on her girlfriend.

“I don’t know if there is, Clarke. I really don’t.”

Chapter Text

“I understand that you want to make life better for them Clarke, and for the most part I am supporting you through it but you have to realize that although you and your people may have understood and forgiven them for the pain they caused you, my people will not be so forgiving. The Mountain Men haunted us since Becca first came here, it’s the reason why she created our own language in the first place. Moving on from that will be a slow development for my people,” Lexa said to her girlfriend and Clarke sighed, she knew it was the truth.

“I know and I understand your point, you’re right. Your people suffered way worse and for way longer than mine but what else is there as an option? I don’t want to lose all of them like before but I will not put your life at risk for theirs if it comes down to it either. So we really needed to come up with a solution that can suit everyone,” She said sighing as Raven suddenly had an idea while listening to them.

“Why don’t we make sure that your people know that the ones who survived were fighting their own people inside the Mountain? That way they would understand why you are letting them live in the first place, right?” The mechanic asked Lexa who sighed.

“You mean, tell them that without those people we couldn’t have gotten inside and rescued the prisoners? Okay, that would have to count for something with your people. They are not that heartless, are they?” Murphy said to the brunette and Lexa relaxed back into her chair.

“It is something, yes and they are not that heartless. And maybe if they agreed, after the treatment, to move out of the Mountain and live outside those walls never to enter it, it could help their case. Those lands are not claimed by any clan so they could do it and keep the place locked so no one will ever get inside, not without my permission, of course. We don’t need a second Emerson in our hands,” Lexa said to them and Clarke nodded her head.

“I agree and I am sure that to have a chance to live their lives in peace and out here in the open, they will agree to your demands as well so that can be a good solution for now. In the meantime, speaking of Emerson, the prisoners, when will they die?” She asked the Commander and Lexa answered her.

“As soon as we get back to TonDC. The trials will start when we reach there but until then they are being heavily guarded by some of my most trusted warriors and are all waiting for judgment, as it is to be expected,” Lexa explained to all of them and they nodded.

“So what exactly are you planning on doing forward? I mean, Nia, Ontari, Titus, Pike and ALIE are all still a threat to all of us,” Murphy asked the couple and Lexa could only sigh as she thought about all those enemies they still had to defeat quickly, preferably.

“For some of them, the path necessary to deal with them is clear but for some of the others, not so much. Nia will try something again, maybe not three months from now, possibly sooner than that so I must think about what ways I can protect myself and my people from her advances, especially if she will not openly declare war against me,” Lexa continued.

“Ontari cannot repeat her actions, not unless I die which I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon and I am certainly increasing the guards on my nightbloods, just in case. Titus is something I don’t know how to deal with yet. Granted at this moment, your people haven’t made a mess of things and maybe, just maybe he will not do anything like that again, though I doubt it. I think his problem is more connected to our feelings for each other than to the consequences of it, which means he is still a threat to Clarke,” She said and Clarke could see in her eyes and could also imagine how much it pained her to say those words about the man who raised her.

“As for Pike, he will be found and when he is, I am sure he and his little band will hate me and my people the same as before so he will be a problem we will have to deal with together. Team effort if you will,” Lexa said to them and Clarke faced her.

“Wouldn’t it be better to bring him in as fast as possible before he hates you? That way he won’t have a reason to,” Raven said to them and Murphy nodded his head at what she said. It made perfect sense to do that.

“Yes, that was what I thought so to at first but when Lexa and I talked she showed me that it could be bad if we did that. We need to build a strong relationship with Lexa’s people first. Last time, because of the betrayal and my absence, that was not possible to be done but now, with all of us working together and with Lexa’s plan to join us to the Coalition soon, we can have a few months at least of good relations with them before we rescue a group of people that will think that a good grounder is a dead grounder,” Clarke explained to her friends.

“Besides even if he got here now, he would still want us dead, not because we have attacked him but because we have the power and the land and your people doesn’t. Delaying the rescue will not quench his prejudice against us. We are different from your people and that for him is enough reason to hate us and want to annihilate us. At least by spending some time joining our people together and being closer and closer, we can guarantee that besides his own people, he won’t find any followers amongst yours,” Lexa said to them.

“I think you guys may be right. Remember when we were in class and he was asked what he would do if there were survivors and he said our people should kill them all? He was always that man that would murder thousands of innocent people if he felt like it. He could have never fallen into the Ice Nation and he still would be the same dickhead he was in our time. There is no salvation for that man, whatsoever,” Murphy said to them and Raven nodded.

“Murphy is right. Pike will be a problem regardless of the time he passes in that place. I just wished we didn’t have to let the people of Farm Station die because of him. Some of them are innocents and don’t deserve to die,” She said to them and Clarke couldn’t help but nod.

“I know and I feel the same but we are thriving a silent and unconscious war with him and unfortunately, they will have to be casualties of this war. If we were to rescue him when there are a lot of them from farm Station and we still have a shaky relationship with the grounders, he could find even more followers this time around and actually do what he wanted last time which was to declare war against Lexa and her people and eradicate them from the face of this Earth and we can’t, I can’t allow that to happen,” Clarke explained to them.

Frankly, they both had to admit that they also felt that the time was not really the problem with Pike. He would have been too power hungry anyway and would have wanted them to claim the land as such as he did before through the same ways as before or not, it didn’t matter if they got to him sooner or later, his prejudice would still be there awaiting for them as soon as he got here. And that giving him more time to build up his case against the grounders and having more chances to lure people to following him again could turn out to be a huge mistake, they knew Clarke and Lexa were right.

“So we are really going to let some time pass before we rescue them? Let them stay there until it is okay to get them back? When will we know to do that?” Raven asked the couple who nodded and Clarke was the one to speak up.

“We will do exactly what was done before. A few months from now, Kane will personally take a group to make recognition of sector 7 which is the Azgeda territory and naturally find them the same way they did last time while looking for me and then he will take them back to Arkadia,” Clarke said to them and they nodded.

“However, in the meantime, it would be beneficial if we could strengthen the ties we have with one another so that when he does come along with his people, all they will see is unity between both of our people,” Lexa finished for her and they all agreed that it would be a good course of action for all parties involved.

“Okay, we agree. With or without the Ice Nation, Pike is an asshole and Hanna, his second in command, is one as much as he is so they will come for you and us, no matter what they see so we need to be prepared for when they do, I don’t want your people and you in the same situation as before,” Clarke said to her girlfriend and Lexa nodded.

“Neither do I but at this point, in regards to him, all we can do is wait and see what will happen. There is not much we can do objectively,” Lexa said to them and they nodded.

“All this talk is already tiring me and we haven’t even left which is something we should be doing. We need to get going to talk to Maya and Jasper, see how it goes from there,” Raven said and Lexa nodded finishing her breakfast and they finished getting ready and with one last kiss, the couple walked out of the tent along with their friends and in the direction of where their horses were and after mounting them, they started on their way back to the Mountain.

On their way there, they were joined by Kane who had just arrived to talk to them about the need to give a course of action with the Mountain. Raven, Murphy briefly explained to him what they talked about with the couple as they went  back towards the Mountain. The three of them were talking about what to do next. “As much as I am happy about changing the outcome of this, what the hell are we going to do with these people?” Raven said and the other two nodded.

“The real problem of this situation is how can they work with the grounders ever? Do they have a common ground we can use to help their relation?” Murphy asked and the other two shrugged.

“I have no idea but killing all of them, I don’t think Clarke wants that to be an option. She fought so hard to avoid getting to that point, I don’t think she wants to make that same choice if there is any other way,” Kane said to them and Raven shook her head.

“But that is the problem, Kane. They may not have another choice. The grounders will not be happy and welcoming them with open arms anytime soon and openly helping them can be dangerous for both of them like we discussed this morning. It’s a tough decision to make because one way or another someone is not going to be happy about it and can become dangerous for both of them or all of us,” Raven said and the man nodded.

“Which is why we need to help them find a solution that will be beneficial for everyone involved. They are trusting us to help make that choice and our job will be to find the best choice,” Kane said to them and they nodded.

“Another problem will be Jaha. We have no idea how things will go with him still holding his place as Chancellor. He can screw everything up for us with just one disrespectful word to the Commander,” Raven said and Kane nodded at her he was also apprehensive about that, Jaha as Chancellor on Earth is not something he was looking forward to.

“Can’t you challenge him for the position? Call for an election? Or do we have to wait for people to trust you more before we can do that?” Murphy asked and Kane shook his head.

“Right now, if that were to happen, I’m afraid he would still win and it would create a problem between us and, as long as I am on the council and in a position to advise him and know of his moves before he makes them, I can work with Clarke to minimize the damage he can cause and be a source of information and support for her because I guarantee you, she will have a tough time with the council we have today. She is only a child in their eyes and it will take a lot to change that,” He explained to them and they nodded.

Meanwhile near the Mountain, Bellamy, Octavia, Lincoln, Finn, Wells, Jessica, Monroe, Monty, Miller and Harper sat around the fire they had talking about everything that had happened, is happening and their predictions on what would happen. They were having a real nice chat. It was definitely good to be reunited with their friends and not worrying about anything. “What do you guys think will happen now?” Wells asked the group and they didn’t go too far away from the truth.

“What I think is that it would be really complicated to find a place for the Mountain Men, especially with the grounders,” Finn said out loud and the others nodded.

“It’s not like the grounders will want anything to do with them, right?” Octavia asked her boyfriend who nodded.

“My people will never forget what they suffered in their people’s hands and inside this place,” He said as he looked behind them to the door.

“So what exactly do we do about it?” Harper asked not anyone in particular.

“Can we do something about it? I think that is the question.” Bellamy said sighing and the others nodded.

“Bellamy is right. There is not much we can do about it. Their fate is on Clarke’s and the Commander’s hands. From what Kane told us, the two of them will be coming here to talk to Maya about what is up next for them.” Wells said.

“Will you be joining them?” Miller asked them and both Wells and Jessica shrugged although they both knew they wanted to help their friends.

“If Clarke asks for us to help, then we most certainly will. Otherwise, we will have to wait for news just like the rest of you,” Wells said to them and everyone nodded.

“I think that no matter what, Jasper will be the most affected by whatever they decided than any of us. He really loves Maya,” Monty said and they nodded since they knew that his relationship with Maya made him much closer to the lot of them than the rest.

“If anything bad is decided, he will take the hardest. He actually grew close to some of them while trying to find a way out for us,” Harper said to them.

“I don’t think Clarke is going to let anything happen to Maya, even if anything bad is decided in regards to what to do with them.” Finn said trying to comfort the two friends.

“Yeah but how much can Clarke protect her against the wrath of the grounders? If the Commander demands their heads or something, how much can Clarke do to protect them before she puts herself at risk with the grounders?” Monroe asked those questions out loud.

“Zoe is right. Clarke may have a lot of sway with the grounders but they are still in control of the situation. I mean, look around us. It’s their army that is making security in here. I’m afraid that she will be as powerless as the rest of us if it comes down to it,” Miller said to them and the others seemed to think about it.

“Yeah, you could be right, it will possible be ten times harder to deal with the situation now that the war is over and we may not have a lot of say into the decisions but it’s Clarke we’re talking about here. She has done the impossible more times than I can count. If anyone can convince the grounders to spare the innocents or Maya or whoever, it will be her. Our leader has a way to get people to do what she wants, she can do so with the grounders as well,” Bellamy said and everyone nodded knowing that Clarke was like that, unpredictable.

“Bellamy is right. Clarke is a born leader and she will do whatever is best for us and for everyone else as well so we should just help whenever and wherever we can and let her do her magic.” Wells said to them and they all nodded knowing he was right.

“On that note and changing the subject, how was it being free again after two weeks in that hell?” Finn asked with a smile on his face and so did everyone else.

“Pretty damn good, if you ask me. I never thought I would miss the dangers of the outside world as much as I have. Thank you Mountain Men,” Miller said and the others chuckled.

“It was nice at first, here, you know. Everyone seemed to be so nice, so good and they always wanted to help and make sure we were feeling home and with everything that happened at the dropship, we wanted to believe their promises so badly that we didn’t even think to check if they were really honest or not and it turned out to be pretty bad. I would take fighting the grounders over that anytime,” Harper said and she was still the most affected by what happened out of all the others since she was drilled on for longer than they were though she was looking better already.

“Yeah, I think so too but I can’t help but think, what if that was us inside? Trapped without a way out? Would we have acted different than they did if it came down to our people’s survival? Would we have refused the bone marrow transplant if we were in their shoes?” Bellamy asked them sincerely curious to an answer for those questions.

“You mean, would we have kidnapped innocent people to drain for their blood and then kidnapped teenagers to drain them of their bone marrow killing all of them along the way? No, I don’t think so.” Octavia said and Bellamy sighed shaking his head.

“No, O. I mean, would we do whatever it took to save our people from a certified doom? Would we have put the lives of our loved ones before the lives of our enemies and done whatever it took to guarantee our survival in favor of theirs? I don’t know if sending a 100 teenagers to the ground while possibly sending them to their deaths just so they could have more oxygen to figure a solution screams a no to my question,” He said to her.

“It is difficult to say what we would have done if we were in their places but I would like to believe we would have found a better way. That at least we wouldn’t have attacked the grounders and treated them like animals for their blood. That instead of doing that, we would have reached out and tried to come up with a joint solution for our problem without the pain they caused. That we would have been more human than they were,” Wells said and the others nodded.

“Yeah, I would like to think that too. It would be too scary to think we are no better than them. That we are not actually the good guys in the story,” Finn said to them.

From a distance, they started hearing greetings of Heda and soon enough they could see the two women with Raven, Murphy and Kane behind with the entourage of guards coming to a stop way from them as they both dismounted and Indra was one of the first people to come with them. “What do you think they are talking about?” Miller asked the others.

“Possibly the same thing what we were talking about. The future of the Mountain,” Bellamy said and the others nodded. They saw Clarke nod to her before she and the two friends turned and started making their way towards where they were sitting down as Kane and the Commander walked straight inside the Mountain.

“Morning guys,” Clarke said greeting her friends and they greeted each other before she stood in front of them with Raven and Murphy accompanying her.

“So what is going to happen to them? To the Mountain Men?” Miller asked her and Clarke turned to look at him and sighed shaking her head.

“I don’t know yet. We will have a meeting with Maya right now and see what kind of solution we can come up with together but for now, things are not looking very good to them where the grounders are concerned so I don’t know. I really don’t know. I guess we’ll see,” She said truthfully and they nodded.

“Jasper is inside. He hasn’t left Maya side since the battle started. I think he is afraid of this meeting and of something happening to her,” Monty said to her and Clarke sighed.

“I figured. In his position, I would be too but whatever happens, I guarantee Maya will be safe,” She said to him and they all nodded at her before she continued, “Anyway, the meeting is about to start so Ray, John, you’re coming with me.” She said and the two nodded already knowing that piece of information.

“Wells, you’re coming too. Your Dad is inside and I will need your help into containing his stupidity and God complex,” Clarke said to her best friend since birth and everyone chuckled.

“Bell, I need you to go check on all the others, they don’t trust the guards or the adults but they trust you so can you do that for me and make sure that they are all okay? Check if any of them need medical treatment, anything, okay?” She asked him and he nodded.

“Of course. Don’t worry, I will take good care of them,” Bellamy said to her and she nodded her head. Something told her she didn’t need to doubt him about that, he seemed to have finally found his path and the right one so she could only be happy for him.

“Thanks. Finn can help you. Octavia, Lincoln, the Commander has issued you two for patrol. You need to check with Pio and then Octavia, go and join Indra. The rest can just relax,” She said and they all nodded thankful for the reprieve.

“Okay, guys, see you later. Let’s go,” Clarke said and the people she called to join her stood up and followed her inside the mountain ready for a very difficult meeting ahead of them.

“Okay, we have our instructions, let’s go do this and hope that things go well in there,” Bellamy said as the others also stood up and watched as Clarke, followed by Raven, Murphy and Wells in this order, entered the place as the door closed behind them and they sighed, extinguishing the fire and walking away from there to do what she asked of them.

Chapter Text

During the trip towards the Mountain, Anya, Gustus and Indra talked among themselves about something that came to their minds. Once they had all decided to go back to the Mountain, it didn’t take long before Clarke and Lexa found themselves on the back of their horses down the road that would lead them back to the Mountain. They were sided by side and talking about safe subjects since there was people coming along with them and it would be too risk to say anything about important matters in this moment so they talked about discovery the blonde made during her time at the drop ship as she made questions about Earth and everything.

For everyone else that was watching the two girls, their conversation seemed to be pretty polite and polished, very put together and diplomatic, superficial even, and they would be right at first glance to think that but there were three people that were accompanying them who could see beyond the mask they were putting on. Anya, Indra and Gustus, who had followed behind them, could tell that there was more to the two leaders together than it meets the eyes and they also knew it would be their jobs to keep both of them safe.

Is it just me or do you see the sparks going on between those two as well?” Anya had asked lowly her two companions. Indra was to her left and Gustus was to her right.

Between who? Heda and the Sky Girl, you mean?” Indra asked the younger general in the same tone of voice making sure no one else, not even the girls in question can hear what they are talking about. Anya nodded as she keeps her eyes focused on the girls as well as completely aware of their surroundings just in case.

Yes, am I the only who noticed how they try to avoid looking at each other when there are people around them and that when they do look at each other, they almost don’t want to pull away? Like it was painful to stop looking at each other?” She asked them.

I’ve noticed it. How could you not when they are so obvious?” Indra answered and Anya looked at Gustus who nodded his head agreeing with the older woman.

Could it be that she is falling in love again? That she is finally opening up her heart to someone else?” Anya asked talking about her second.

Many times she had spoken to the other two about such subjects and although it’s true that their people are not usually the best at expressing or talking about their feelings, the three of them love Lexa as if she was a part of their family, they all accompanied her life throughout the years, they were there from the first day of command until now. They truly and sincerely cared about her Lexa, the person and not just the Commander. They all wanted her to be happy since they knew how much she deserved it, given the number of times she has sacrificed herself in the name of her duties to her people.

They really cared about her and many times after Costia was killed, the three would come together and talk about how Lexa was dealing with it, how they wished she wouldn’t be in so much pain and when she started saying that love is weakness which none of them agreed with, they all cursed Titus together for using a debilitated moment of her to drill his ideals into her head again and they all tried to show her that was not the case and encouraged her to meet some people and try to let herself feel things again instead of shutting her feelings down but even they got pushed away, Anya more so than the others.

The bond they had created throughout the years they spent together, as first and second, made it difficult for Lexa to keep up the walls she had built around her heart when Anya was around and the young girl always feared that the woman could get her to break down those walls and deal with the pain she was feeling so to avoid that and to avoid the confrontation with her own emotions, she pushed the older woman away, turning more and more to Titus, to Anya’s displeasure. It was impressive how the three of them hated the guy so much.

None of them trusted him, liked him, they barely tolerated him and that was because Lexa made them do it and because the guy was the Flamekeeper, the highest religious place in their faith. But if it was up to them, they could all agree that they wanted him as far away from her as possible, however Lexa had always trusted the man so that had been hard however now it may not be so as Anya remembered their talk about him and how Lexa finally seemed to understand how dangerous Titus could be to her above all.

Don’t you think Heda is simply enjoying her company? The Sky Girl is not ugly, I will give her that. It could be just a simple attraction. We have dealt with too many of those before,” Gustus said, out of the three of them, being the most suspicious of the girl.

Well, at first that is what I thought as well but now, I think is more than that. It’s in the way they look at each other, touch each other even slightly,” Anya said to them.

I think that Heda is falling in love with the Sky Girl and that would be okay if the feelings were retuned. My worry is if the girl feels the same way or is she just playing along to try and manipulate Heda in favor of her people?” Indra asked the other two and Anya answered.

I don’t think Heda would let herself be manipulated by a pretty face. How many have tried that already, remember?” She said to them as they all remembered the period of time when Lexa tried to find solace in many women’s bed and didn’t find anything, obviously.

Besides something tells me that the feeling is mutual. The Sky Girl look at her the same way, even when Lexa is looking somewhere else and doesn’t realize the girl is looking at her. She has the amazed look in her eyes, like she can’t believe Lexa is real,” Anya said to them.

What if it is? What if there really is something serious going on between them? What are we supposed to do with that information?” Gustus asked the women.

Keep it to ourselves and make sure to keep both of them safe. Sooner or later, it will come out and when it does, many things can happen and we will need to protect them from that. If I am right and I believe I am, Lexa will not survive losing someone she loves again. It will destroy her and I’m not sure we can ever get her back,” Anya said to them and they all looked at each other in worry, both of them agreeing with the general.

That was their biggest fear that they would lose her, not to death but to herself. That they would be forced to watch as she died slowly from the inside out, like a poison consuming her until there is no life inside of her anymore and they knew the loss of someone you love is the strongest form of poison for the mind and for the heart. It took them a long time to see her back on her feet after she received Costia’s head and learned of her death, sure she did her duties but outside of the Commander, Lexa was a mess and it took her a long time to recover.

But she finally did it, they couldn’t risk the same thing happening again so Anya turned her horse around and went in search of someone and when she found them, she motioned to follow her and they did until they went back to where she had been. “Clive, Mikael, I have a mission for you two,” Anya said to the warriors who nodded at her and at the others.

Yes, general. What is it? We will do it,” Clive asked her and she sighed at them before explaining what she needed from them.

From now on, you will be SkaiPrisa’s personal bodyguards. Wherever she goes, you go. You protect her with your lives, is that understood?” She said to them and they nodded.

Yes, general. Anything else?” Mikael asked and she shook her head.

No, just do what you have been asked. Protect her as you would protect Heda,” She said to them and they nodded, “You can go back to your places,” She ordered them and they nodded before turning their horses back.

You think that will be enough to keep her safe from the many enemies Heda has? Especially one with a thing from kidnapping Heda’s lovers?” Indra asked her and Anya shrugged.

No, but it’s a start. Until anything is made official, it’s all we can do really,” Anya said to her and the older woman nodded at her as they finally arrived at the Mountain and went to do their duties, some followed the girls, others went to their designated posts.

Meanwhile all of that was happening, inside the Mountain, Maya and Jasper were in the President’s office, which now was Maya’s office, something she still couldn’t believe was her new reality. Truly, ever since the fighting started, Maya hasn’t expected any of the outcomes that have happened to them so far. Her leaders were captured, her home was conquered, the guards have been killed and her people now looked up to her to take care of them and make the decision for them as well. It was all really overwhelming for her.

Luckily, Jasper has been with her every step of the way and she truly didn’t know what would have been of her if she didn’t have him there. He had not left her side since Clarke named her the new president and he has only offered words of support and faith in her abilities as well as offers of help with anything she may need and it was safe to say she was very close to admitting that not only was she in love with him, she loved him very much. He was her first boyfriend but she truly hoped he would be the last. She never wants to lose him to anything.

As she sat on the chair that had been occupied by the Wallace’s, she took a look around the place and noticed the coldness of it all and to think that in this same room stood the man that almost killed her boyfriend and his friends for their bone marrow gave her the chills and Jasper noticed that and spoke, “Hey, it’s okay to be nervous and scared. Hell that is my constant state of mind,” He said trying to joke and get her to relax a little bit and she did.

“I’m so nervous and scared but I was actually thinking about something else that doesn’t matter anymore. Cage is gone, it’s over,” She said firmly to herself and he nodded.

“Yes, he is. Gone. Puff. Disappeared in a cloud of acid fog, hopefully. And now, you’re in charge and you will be an amazing leader because that is your constant state of mind,” He said smiling at her and she couldn’t help but blush at his words.

“The fact that you believe in me so much makes me really happy but I don’t know Jasper. I never thought of myself as a leader, I can barely decide on my own life, much less on the lives of 287 people. How can I be a good leader to them when I don’t know the first thing about the job? I will fail and my people will pay for it. I don’t want that to happen at all,” She said sincerely to him and he moved forward with his arms across the table, reaching for her hands.

“Clarke was also not a leader when she started, when we all fell down to the ground. We were just a bunch of kids who didn’t know how to survive but she turned out to be the best leader and friend we could have asked for. Do you have any idea how hard it can be to lead 100 criminals and reckless kids and make sure they follow you, that they obey you? It was really hard but she did it because she believed in herself and that made us believe in her too. So even if you’re scared, believe in yourself and you will be perfectly fine. Trust me,” Jasper said to her trying to encourage her and Maya nodded at him.

“Yeah, I think I can do try to do that but it will be hard. I’m not exactly the most confident person. It was so hard to even talk to you at the beginning. I don’t know how this is going to go if I can’t find that confidence,” She said to him and he nodded his head in understanding.

“I know and I am not a confident person either but I know you can do it. You convinced people to help you defeat your leaders, you can convince everyone to follow you and besides I will be with you until the end, okay? I won’t let anything bad happen to you,” He said to her and she nodded at him.

“I know. I am very thankful for that. Now, changing subjects before I drive myself crazy with worry, have you talked to Monty or any of the others yet?” She asked him and he shrugged.

“With Monty, yes we talked. He came by earlier to check up on me and all of us. But with the others, more or less. They are all outside and though I talked with them a little, I would much rather stay here with you,” He said to her and she smiled at him.

“Thanks, I don’t know what I would do without you here. You are the most amazing guy I have ever met in my life,” Maya said to him and he blushed a little when there was a knock on the door and they looked at it to see who it was.

Maya made the motion for them to enter and they did, closing the door behind them. “Jasper, you know Meagan and Scoot, right?” Maya said standing up as the twins came close to them and Jasper stood up to great them as well.

“Yeah, I think so. But what is going on? Is there a problem we don’t know about?” He said worriedly as he greeted them by shaking both of their hands.

“Meagan and Scott are part of the new council I’m putting back up. They specialize in diplomacy so I thought it would be good to have their help,” Maya explained to her boyfriend who nodded at her.

“Ah. Cool. Yeah, I can see how having you can help us,” He said to them and she smiled at his antics before motioning for the twins to sit down and she spoke once they did so.

“So, there is a chance that the Commander will want to discuss our situation when she comes here today so I was wondering what would be your advices?” Maya asked them and Meagan was the first to speak up.

“Well, considering that they still hold the cards and still have their army inside and outside, I’m afraid there is not much we can do except argue, if we can. Mostly, I believe they will make the decisions that we will have to obey,” Meagan said to her and Maya was surprised.

“Really? There is nothing we can do that can help us in this discussion? Just listen and obey? That is all we can do?” She asked them and they nodded with Scott taking the lead.

“Yes, all of our soldiers are dead and the rest of the people who are here don’t know how to hold a gun, much less shoot with one. They have four guards, two of each are of the Sky People guarding our armory and we are basically sitting ducks. We are stuck in here, prisoners at our own home, with no means to defend ourselves or to fight for anything except by using common sense and hoping that they will be merciful,” Scott explained the situation to her and Maya nodded her head.

“But you said we can argue, right? We can try to make them agree to some things as well. All we will need will be good arguments that they won’t feel threatened by it, right?” Maya said to them and Meagan nodded.

“Yes, if they want something that is too extreme, we can argue about it, present our points, show them our perspective and see if it sways them or not but that’s it.” Meagan said to her.

“Clarke is close to the Commander and the one who convinced her not to kill the innocents in here. I’m sure she won’t let the Commander make impossible demands. Or at least, she can help make the Commander more receptive of your arguments,” Jasper said to them.

“Well, you think that because she is your friend but to us she is just a stranger who holds our lives on her hands. We have no reason to trust her to do the right thing by us anymore than you claim she already did. They got their people back and conquered Mount Weather, they can do whatever they want with us and that is what has our people currently scared out of their minds,” Scott talked to Jasper before he looked at his sister and then back at their new president, Maya and started speaking to her,

“The people need reassurance that they are being taken care of, that their lives are in your hands not the grounders, even if it is a lie. They need to hear from you that you are working with the enemy to make a deal that will work for us. You, as the President, you need to make them believe they can have hope. Right now, that is the only thing they can hold onto.” Scott said to Maya who looked surprised and looked at Jasper.

“You want me to make an inspirational speech to the people about how I am in control of a situation I have absolutely no control over?” Maya asked him looking back at them and the twins nodded their heads.

“Yes.” Meagan said before continuing, “Sure Clarke made you President by force but no one is at your door demanding that you step down, are they?” The woman said and Maya shook her head. No one so far seemed to be angry with the choice for the role.

“That is because they don’t think is a bad thing that you’re in charge, it means that they believe in you, but you need to earn that belief. You need to take charge of this place and you need to inspire them. Whether you wanted to or not, you are their leader, they will look up to you for guidance, for hope, for safety. It’s a hard place to be but I believe you can do it so now you need to get to level 5 where they are and speak to them about their future even if they might not have one,” Meagan said to her and Maya took a deep breath.

“Jasper? What do you think? Should I do this or not? Can I even do this?” She asked him for his opinion as she was a little terrified of having to speak to everyone and he smiled at her.

“You could definitely do this. You could inspire them. All you need to do is speak from your heart and be honest. They will follow and believe in you,” He said to her and she gave him a small smile and nodded her head making a definite decision.

“Okay, I’ll do it. I don’t know or what I am going to say to them but since you think I should and could do this so I will,” She said to them although she still looked scared at the prospect and the twins nodded and gave her a small smile. They liked her. She seemed to be very different from the previous presidents, especially Cage. And maybe that was just what their people needed to survive this ordeal.

“Very well. Let’s go, it’s better to make one now before the Commander arrives and if everything goes well, we will do another one after they leave,” Scott warned her as they all stood up and walked out of the room together. Until they reached Level 5 and Maya could see the people were gathered together and talking.Scott called out their attention and suddenly they made silence to hear what would be said and Maya got nervous so Jasper squeezed her hand and she started speaking.

“Hi everyone. Uh, things have been pretty crazy lately and we are her together now after what happened these past couple of days,” She looked at Jasper and with his encouragement, she continued.

“It’s no secret to anyone that I was nominated President and I am still trying to learn how to be a leader so forgive me if I am shaking, this is my first public speech and I am absolutely terrified to do it,” She said and some people chuckled gently at that.

“Well, I came to tell you, to remind you that although it seems like the situation is getting harder, we have survived through so much together already and we will survive through so much more. I know that I am not anywhere near close to what I need to become to be a good President for the period of time that I will be taking on the role but I can guarantee you that I will do my best to work with the outsiders to find a solution that allows us to have a future and that I ask you to believe in me, just a little,” Maya said to them.

“Believe me that I want the best for us, that I want us to survive but most of all, that I want to make sure that we deserve to survive. That we are not tainted by the atrocities our previous leaders committed for years. I want us to have a worthy life and I will find the strength within myself to fight to give you that. I will do my best to give us a decent future. I promise you that and although I’m as new to this as anyone else, I promise to help my people as best as I possibly can. We will get through this, we will survive this and we will have a future,” Maya said to them and they applauded her.

After she finished her small speech, some people came forward to shake her hand and to congratulate her on her courage to take what was given to her and make the most out of it. Some even said they admired her for it and all of their praises were coming to her as amazing surprises. She didn’t even think they knew who she was but apparently they did and they liked her enough to trust her in this situation and that was giving her the strength to pull through it and as they were still talking they were warned that the Commander had arrived so they prepared themselves before going to meet with her.

Chapter Text

After the fall of the Mountain and things settled down a little, Clarke had asked her father and Monty to look at everything they could about the place. Security, weapons, surveillance, everything that they could find and so the two engineers were currently working on the task given to them by the young leader. Jake had checked what Monty had done with the missiles and was glad to see that indeed, they were all destroyed which was a big relief for everyone, Clarke had been right when she said that kind of weapon was dangerous in anyone’s hands, including their own so they needed to be destroyed for good so no one could ever use them.

Meanwhile, Monty was checking the security of the place and it was quite interesting and so they talked a lot about it. “Jake, check this out,” Monty said calling for his superior. Jake had been the one who recruited him for engineering before he went to jail with Jasper.

“What is it Monty?” Jake slid over in the chair he was using as he joined Monty to look at the screen of the computer and what had seemed to have surprised the young boy.

“Take a look at that,” Monty pointed at the screen and Jake looked at it and it was a projection 3D of some buildings and it seemed all very pretty until the head engineer looked at the direction.

“Wait a second,” Jake said as he looked closer to it and rang a bell on his head, “Monty, that is TonDC’s coordinates,” Jake spoke out loud and Monty looked at it.

“What is TonDC? I don’t know what you are talking about. I was trapped here, remember?” He asked the older man and Jake nodded his head before answering.

“That is a grounder village near the dropship. But what is this? They had plans for that place? To rebuild those buildings?” Jake asked no one in particular and then Monty typed a few more things on the computer and suddenly a video started playing on the screen and the two of them just watched it.

“This is the newly finished plant of the new capital of the world, at least the one of this side of the planet,” They saw Cage showing the project to his father, President Dante Wallace.

“With the resource we have here, we can rebuild Washington and we can dictate the way of this new world. Think Adam and Eve populating Eden and that will be us, Dad. We will build the world the way we want it to be. We will control everything and everyone. We will be the Saviors of the human race,” Cage said excitedly to his father who just watched him.

“What about the savages? That is one of their villages. They are not going to simply pack their things and leave willingly, Cage,” Dante said to his son who simply shook his head and smirked at his father as if that was no obstacle for him.

“They are animals, dad and you know it. We will wipe them out and run them from our lands and we will have it all for ourselves. They don’t stand a chance against us once we get out of this damn Mountain, a few guns, a missile here and there and boom, there are gone and our people will inherit what has always been ours. We will inherit the Earth,” Cage said to his father.

“You do realize you are talking about mass murdering an entire civilization of innocent people? How is that saving the human race Cage? Their ways may be different from us but they are still human beings,” Dante spoke to his son.

“You are over dramatizing everything once again, Dad. Your views are outdated and surpassed. You don’t want our people to have what is ours and that they took? We deserved to have Earth to ourselves but instead those savages get to enjoy everything that is denied to us? Why can’t we play on the dirty? Why can’t we feel the rain? Why can they enjoy everything while we are trapped here for all eternity? It’s not right. We deserve the earth and I will make sure that we get it,” Cage said raising his voice.

“You have gone mad, my son. You have lost your mind in your search for a way out of here. You are talking exactly like the people who throughout history wanted to dominate everything. Do you know how they ended? Dead and scorned, rightfully so. You are becoming like one of them, you already are. You have locked me up here because I dare to have a conscious mind and refuse to kill the Sky People. Kids,” Dante said to him who just turned around.

“No, Father. I didn’t lock you up here because of that. I locked you here because you refused to save your people, because you refused to do whatever it took to get them out. Something I have no problem with. You wonder if I feel bad about those savages, about those kids? The answer is no, I don’t. I don’t give a damn about them. The only people I care about are my people and if killing every one of them is the way to make sure we are the winners of this war, that we get everything we have always deserved, then I will do it with pleasure,” Cage said to his father.

“Your mother would be ashamed of the man you have become and I am sorry I wasn’t able to teach you how to be a better person,” Dante said honestly with disappointment clear in his voice and Cage lost at that.

“She would be alive if you had done to her what I did to you. She didn’t have to know, you just had to give her the blood, if you chose to save her,” Cage said to him with disdain in his voice as he looked at his father.

“She’d rather die than do that and if I couldn’t help doing it for our people. At least, I would respect the choice of my wife. A choice you denied me,” Dante said to him and Cage just straightened up as he looked at his dad.

“Then you should have denied her too! If only you had seem how misguided she was to feel for those animals and had done what was best for her, she would have been alive. You were weak and she paid for it but I will never make the same mistake. You should be thankful I did the right thing for me,” Cage yelled at him.

“And if she was to have survived long enough to see what kind of person you are, she would have wished she had died to avoid the disappointment. You are the one who shames her with your megalomaniac choices. I have done things that have eaten up my humanity but at least I had it to begin with. You don’t. You don’t have an ounce of humanity in you,” Dante said to him and Cage was filled with rage.

“Yes, I have humanity inside of me, enough to care about the lives of our people more than you ever did. And, now, things are to be done my way and one day, you will look back at this conversation and realize I was right and you will thank me for it,” Cage said to his father who only shook his head.

“No, Cage. When I look back at this moment, I will realize that the only thing I did was raise a monster and that everything that happens from now on it’s my fault for being weak and not being able to kill you and put a stop to all of this madness because despite everything you’re still my son,” Dante said as he turned his back on his son who just wiped the tear that fell down his face and opened the door.

“Have a nice day, Father.” Cage said as he walked out and Dante sighed leaning back against his bed

The video image continued on with just Dante in his room pacing around the white space, reading or painting so Monty ended the video as the two of them tried to make sense of everything they had just seem between Cage and his father.

“He was right, you know? Cage was a monster, in and out,” The young engineer said to his mentor and Jake had to agree with the boy.

Hearing all of the plans that Cage had for when he killed the kids trapped inside this place and wiped out the entire population of the grounders was horrible and alarming. How can someone like that be in charge of anything? It was clear it was fated to doom, one way or another. He was glad that they were able to defeat him before he was able to start on any of those plans of his and was glad that he would be dealt with for his crimes.

“Anything else you got there, Monty?” Jake asked the young engineer and the boy  just shook his head, so far there was nothing

“For well advanced people, they didn’t have cameras on the ground, which is why I believe they would send scouts. So we were not been watched by surveillance cameras which is good.” Monty replied and Jake nodded before writing down on the list he was making for Clarke on what they had or not so she could decide what would stay and what would go.

Meanwhile in another sector of the Mountain, Abby and Jackson along with the others dealt with their patients from both sides, which were many. There had been a lot of bad injuries so there was much to be done, thankfully yesterday Clarke helped them a lot but now there was recovery time which was still as dangerous for some of them and anything else which is why was keeping an eye on them while also checking Dr. Tsing’s note on the drug used for the reapers and the bone marrow transfusion she was working on before they won the battle and Abby had to say it was impressive work. Cruel and inhuman but scientifically impressive.

“How could these people do this to another human being Abby? They were doctors, they were supposed to save lives, not turn them into living hell,” Jackson said as he continued to look through the doctor’s notes as did Abby.

“I think they supposed they were saving the lives of those who mattered and therefore everything they did was justifiable. Though just for the record, it wasn’t,” She said to him and he nodded his head. It was cruel what those people did to the grounders for years.

“You know I wouldn’t be surprised if the Commander killed them all with everything her people suffered in their hands. Some of these notes are just horrendous and vicious. Plain cruelty and completely disregard for another human being,” The young doctor said disgusted.

“I know how you feel but those people out there were not a part of it. The ones responsible will be held account and receive grounder justice, whatever that means. I do think that the Commander has seen that redemption for the ones who have survived is not something she can’t give. They have showed her how much they hated what was being done and how much they risked their lives to help her and us so maybe it will be okay for them, for all of us,” Abby said to him and he looked at her.

“You think she will be merciful to them? That she will let them live after everything that happened?” Jackson asked her and she nodded.

“I think that the Commander has shown us to be understanding and from what I have seen of her so far, I think that she can be open to a discussion and to an agreement that will benefit everyone involved and there is nothing more for us to do than to hope that everything works out the way it’s supposed to,” She said to him as they continued to work until suddenly Peter burst in the room.

“Abby, we need help. Some of the patients are getting worse,” He said to her and both she and Jackson jumped out of their chair and went to the room and indeed, since there were so many of them, she could see at least 10 of the patients were getting worse and some were already in a critical condition.

“Okay, Peter, I need you to prepare the surgery room and wheel in the one with the worst condition. You’re with me. Jackson, help Mary treat the others and if any of them need it, go to surgery, you have my permission,” She said and everyone started working around.

“Please, what is going on with my brother? Tell me,” A man asked Jackson as he started to work on the man on the other cot and watched as a patient was wheeled in to the OR and hoped that they would lose more people.

To say that the situation turned into chaos was an understatement. Many of the patients who were okay were asking about the one who were not. Jackson and Mary tried to help and calm them down but it was tough. Abby was still with Peter going in for her third surgery, the first one, a woman didn’t make it and the second one was sent in right away and survived. As for the other two doctors who were taking care of the rest, finally some help came along and, three grounder healers came to join them, Nyko included which alleviated Jackson and Mary’s workload but there was still one too many patients to check, there were about 64 of them.

As soon as the healers joined them, Jackson immediately delegated for each one of them a group of patients to check while he and Mary continued with the one they were already checking on, dividing the work so they could get it done faster and then proceeded to move to check on this grounder warrior, a seemingly tall brunette with long hair and a rugged look but the man just shook his head. Jackson tried again but the man just grabbed his hand before he could do anything and using his other arm pointed at the woman on the cot next to him.

“My sister, check her,” The man said to him with some difficulty and Jackson nodded at him while trying to get his hand off of his grip.

“I will right after I check on you,” he said but the guys just opened his eyes and looked at him and Jackson could help but to be mesmerized by the beautiful hazel eyes he was looking at and despite all the cuts and the bruises, he could tell that the man was very handsome and he felt a flutter erupt in his stomach but he quickly shook those thoughts away, he was a doctor and he needed to do his job.

“Please, she has been sleep for too long. I can’t wake her up,” The guy said and something in his eyes made Jackson nod his head before he moved to the cot next to the man as he felt the guy’s eyes follow his movements as he picked up her charter and saw what had been written on it and sighed.

“Your sister took a blow to the head and has a mild concussion. That is why she is sleeping. She needs time to recover from that but not too much,” He said as he continued to explain to the guy who nodded trying to understand what he was saying, “What is her name?” Jackson asked.

“Her name is Zoey and I’m Zeke,” The man said and he nodded as he took a second look at her. She was 14 years old at most but he had been told it was not uncommon for children that age to fight so he focused on her health.

“Okay, sweetheart. It’s time to wake up. Come on, open those pretty eyes of yours,” Jackson kept saying and slightly shaking her up for about 2 minutes before she finally opened her eyes though she instantly complained about the brightness of the room.

“It’s okay, I just needed you to wake up. Can you tell me if your head is hurting?” he asked and she hummed yes all the while Zeke paid close attention to her, “very well, I will give you something for the pain. Does it hurt anywhere else?” Jackson asked as she told him no.

“Okay, that is very good. You can go back to sleep now. I will wake you up in three hours,” He said to her and she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

“How is she? Is she going to be okay? Why is she so sleeping so much?” Zeke asked him as Jackson moved over to check on him, this time without resistance.

“When the patient suffers a blow to the head, he usually gets sleepy. It’s a way for the brain to heal itself and it’s okay to let her sleep, we just have to wake her up every three hours to wake sure she is still okay but she should be fine,” Jackson said as he finished checking on the guy.

He then stood up after he was done taking Zeke’s blood pressure and checking his wounds for infections and before he turned around to walk away, he heard Zeke ask him, “What is your name?” Jackson turned back to look at the man and gave him a small smile before answering.

“My first name is Eric but everyone calls me Jackson,” He said and the guy returned his smile which made the fluttering feeling return before he spoke.

“Well, thank you Eric,” Zeke said and the young doctor was a little bit shocked since no one called him that, except for Abby occasionally so he just smiled back at him and walked away wondering who was the mysterious warrior but as he was pulled to another patient, he pushed those thought to the back of his mind before he continued on his work.

Chapter Text

Lexa, Clarke and the others entered the Mountain and started walking in the direction of level 5 which would be where everyone of the Mountain Men would be situated for now, according to what had been previously agreed upon. Clarke took the time to look around the place. In the other life, once she left her people in Camp Jaha, she thought about coming back and burying the bodies of her kills herself, as some sort of penance for the atrocity she had committed to them but she knew that would take her to a point where she wasn’t sure she would be able to return from, mentally speaking and given that one of the bodies was Maya’s, she decided that Jasper and the others should have that chance.

Thankfully, things have gone in a different way than last time. She hated it but Clarke knew that if she had been presented with the choice again, she would have made it and she guessed that was one of the reasons she had been so angry with herself before as well. How could she even think about doing such a cruel thing again and again as many times as it was necessary for her people’s survival? She should think no, that no matter what, after seeing what she had done, not only to the people she had killed but the pain she caused in Jasper and the guilt she placed on Bellamy and Monty, that given the choice, she would never do it again.

Thing is if faced with the scene of her mother being drilled and her friends all tied up ready to die and with Emerson about the blow the door ready to kill her and her two companions, she knew she would pull that lever again, she would kill more than 300 hundred people, she would kill Maya and she hated it. But now as the group finally got to the destination and she sees the people eating and the kids playing around, all safe and sound, she is glad that she was not faced with that choice again. She was glad that both the innocent people of Mount Weather and her were given another chance.

The first person to notice them was some kid who looked a little scared seeing the number of grounders around and once he went to his parents and alerted them, soon enough everyone was looking at the entrance and at the newcomers and Clarke was glad that Lexa had chosen not to wear the war paint today since it made her look quite scary, to other people but of course not to Clarke. Murmurs started and it was obvious that the adults knew exactly who was standing in front of them and they were waiting for the shoe to drop but all Lexa did was put her hands behind her back and survey everyone.

Clarke knew what she was doing by making eye contact with as many people as possible in what it seemed like such a relaxed stance. She was showing that while she was in the prowl to kill them all, that their lives were still in her hands to decide and with a look, she wanted them to know that. She really was a very skilled politician and leader and Clarke was once again in awe of her. Last time, Clarke didn’t have much time to see Lexa in action as a leader since after the massacre Pike committed, her presence in the council meetings were always source for arguments amongst the Ambassadors but now she was seeing her girlfriend in her element and she was sure that Lexa was really born for this.

Lexa made a turn of head towards Anya who was by her side and the woman understood the sign, stepping forward. “President,” She called and Maya stood up along with Jasper, “The Commander wants to speak with you immediately,” Anya said and Maya nodded nervously.

“Of course,” She said and leaned down to whisper to someone who nodded before she made her way towards them with Jasper by her side, along with a man and a woman who Clarke didn’t know following along with her.

“Commander, it is a pleasure to have you here,” Maya said pleasantly and Lexa nodded her head although inside she knew it was no pleasure to be in the place where so many of her people were brutally treated and murdered.

“We have much to talk about in regard to the future of your people and this place. Is there somewhere private we can meet to discuss these issues?” Lexa said politely and Maya nodded.

“Yes, please, follow me,” She said and motioned for them to follow her towards the right and they did. Jasper noticed that she was nervous and moved to hold her hand.

“Relax, everything will be fine,” He whispered so only she could hear it and she looked at him.

“How do you know?” She whispered back, nervous out of her mind about what was going to happen in the next few minutes or however long this discussion lasted.

“I just do, okay? So trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you,” Jasper said to her and she smiled at him, grateful for his words of support.

“Let’s hope that nothing happens to the rest of us either,” Meagan said so they could hear it and Scott nodded agreeing with his sister.

“Hey Clarkey,” Raven called and Clarke slowed down to let her friends join them. Wells was up front talking with his father and Kane so at the back it was only Clarke, Raven and Murphy.

“What is going to happen now?” Wells whispered to her and Clarke sighed as she thought about everything that was at stake based on this meeting.

“The Commander and I want to find a way to make sure that the Mount People can survive now that Cage and the others are gone but the fact that they spent forever hunting and hurting their people may not go so well with the other clans so we need to find a common ground for everyone,” Clarke explained as they made a turn and the other two nodded.

“That will not be easy. Something tells me that the grounders will not be so pleased with anything that doesn’t end with the death of everyone in this mountain,” Murphy said to them and Clarke nodded her head.

“Which is why we are having this conversation already, the longer they wait in this limbo, the worse the situation with the grounder becomes,” Clarke said and he scoffed.

“Let’s just hope we can save their asses a second time,” Raven said and they came to a stop and entered the room, not before Clarke muttered, “Hope is all they have for now,” Then, they entered and there was a round table with a lot of chairs thankfully, enough for everyone.

“Please, Commander. Take a seat,” Maya motioned and stood in place to let Lexa choose whatever seat she wanted. The Commander mentally praised this show of respect and chose her seat not too far from the door and pulled the chair beside her and looked to the group.

“Clarke,” She called and motioned for the chair that she had just pulled back which was the one by her side and Clarke walked up to her.

“Thank you Commander,” She said and sat down and Lexa motioned for the rest. “Take your seats,” She said and Anya moved to seat on her other side with Gustus on her left and Indra to his left.

Raven moved to seat beside Clarke and Murphy sat beside her. Kane moved to seat beside Indra whom she hoped he could be friends with again and Jaha by his side. Wells sat beside Murphy and Jasper beside him with Maya, the woman and the man filling the rest of the seats. Once everyone was seated, Maya cleared her throat and everyone looked at her.

“First, I wanted to introduce you to Meagan and Scott Anderson, brother and sister and part of the new council,” She said and they both gave a nod. “Commander, what is that you want to discuss?” Maya said as she held Jasper’s hand beneath the table to ground herself.

“The future of your people.” Lexa went straight to business mode, “Your people have for years, generation to generation treated mine as animals, capturing us and turning into monsters when they were not drained for their blood. As much as I chose to spare your innocents, it begs the question. Who is innocent?” She said and Maya nodded as Lexa continued.

“My people will have their justice when your fallen leaders and now my prisoners are made to pay for their crimes but that in no way means that we are ready to forgive or forget what was done to them and their families inside these walls,” Lexa said to her seriously and Maya once again nodded understanding what she was saying.

“I am very sorry for what was done to your people by mine and I am sorry that we didn’t stop them before but even though their actions were cruel and monstrous, I hope you can understand that the dream of being free from this place and be able to walk freely on the ground was too good for our people to give up on trying to make it happen,” Meagan said as she looked straight at the Commander with a glint on her eyes that Clarke didn’t like it.

“As a leader, I can understand the want of what is best for your people, but there are some lines that are not meant to be cross. Your people believed mine to be savage, animals, yet we would not do what you did to us,” Lexa looked at her and said it.

“I understand,” Meagan said and gave a suggestive smile to her and Clarke found herself not liking this girl already. She knew that Lexa would never betray her like this, that she would never cheat on her but the way the woman was looking at her girlfriend was bothering her so she decided to meddle in.

“Regarding the Sky People, even though Cage and his followers tried to kill my friends, we have nothing against you. In fact, if not for Maya and the others, we would have never been able to get them back so for that we are grateful,” Clarke said to them.

“We are glad we were able to help you and stop Cage from hurting anymore of them,” Maya said and gave Clarke a smile.

“I believe the situation concerns more our people than it does the Skaikru,” Indra said interrupting the conversation and Lexa nodded.

“It does, however given the nature of our alliance, the Sky People will be of extreme importance to whatever decision we will come up with. Now, President Maya, what can you tell us about the Reapers and the drugs used to turn my people into such monsters?” Lexa said and Maya nodded as if expecting the question.

“We still haven’t been able to go through everything that was on the lab but everything we have got on the drug has been put on a box that is being guarded in a safe which only Jasper and I know the password to. We are more than willing to give it all to you to destroy it yourselves along with the notes on how to make the drug in the first place so it can’t be replicated by anyone, ever again. No one deserves such a fate,” Maya said sincerely and Lexa nodded her head at the way the girl was behaving, quite diplomatic.

“That would be very nice, indeed. And if you wouldn’t mind for my own trusted people to look through this lab of yours to make sure that nothing is left behind, I would appreciate it,” Lexa said and Maya nodded though it was Meagan who spoke.

“We would have no problem with that at all, Commander. In fact, we encourage you to do it so that you can see we are acting in god faith here,” She said and Lexa nodded at the girl and looked at Clarke.

“Who would be an appropriate choice for the job?” Lexa asked Clarke.

“My mom and I can do it. We know what to look for so we can do that,” Clarke said promptly and Lexa nodded.

“Very well, Abby and Clarke of the Sky People will check the drugs,” Lexa said and Maya nodded her head.

“Perfect. Whenever you want, you can go check it out and we will give you everything we have on the red drug. Anything else?” She asked looking at the Commander who nodded.

“Weapons. We have destroyed the ones that could cause mass destructions but you still have weapons, guns, at your disposal. A lot of them if I am correct,” Lexa said and Maya nodded.

“Yes, we do. There is still an armory filled with weapons,” She said honestly since she didn’t think lying would be benefitial for her people at this point and Lexa nodded as if in thought and Jaha suddenly stepped in.

“The Sky People would very much like the weapons and ammunition for our own protection and as restitution for the harm caused by your leaders to our people,” He said and Kane looked at the Commander.

“Thelonious is right. It would be very good for us to have more supplies at the weaponry,” He said looking at the Commander.

“You plan to strip us of the only source of defense we have?” Scott asked them and Kane shook his head.

“No, of course not. But we also have a need for it, especially the ammo,” He said it to the guy.

“With gun powder, Jasper and Raven can make more bullets just like they did in camp when we needed it. Besides, it’s not like we are asking for all of it,” Murphy said.

“Easy for you to say. Those weapons are our only defense,” Scott said and a discussion started between the guys and Clarke turned to look at Lexa and saw that she was whispering something to Anya and the others in what she suspected was Trigedasleng and knew that she was making a decision and if Clarke was honest, her people really could use the weapons but the decision had to be Lexa’s since the Sky People needed to be seen as allies and not enemies so that their plan to make them the 13th clan could work. The discussion continued with even Maya and Jasper butting in until Clarke decided it was enough.

“Hey!” She screamed and slammed her hand on the table stopping everyone and getting them to look at her. “Screaming and arguing won’t get us anywhere. This is not we need right now,” She said and they all relaxed back to their chairs.

“Commander,” Clarke said and the woman looked at her, “I propose that the Sky People get a part of the weapons and the ammunition and the rest of it you can do with it whatever you want,” She said and waited for Lexa to give them the final decision.

“What do you decide, Commander?”

Chapter Text

“Your proposition is valid, Clarke and one I find myself inclined to comply. Given their part in helping defeat the tyrants that controlled this mountain and terrorize my people for years, the Sky People will be given one third of what the weaponry of the Mountain Men can offer,” Lexa said with finality.

Clarke was relieved as she could see the irritation on Jaha’s face once Lexa told everyone how many of the weapons they could take for themselves. As if she would let him get anywhere near those weapons so he could what? Do the same thing that Pike wanted to do? No way. Clarke and Lexa had plans to slowly get rid of all weapons like that so that all people would have the same weapons, be it swords, knives, bow and arrows and so on, that way both the Sky People and the Mountain Men could assimilate better to the other clans and the Coalition, for now this would do. As soon as that was settled, and her people got back home, Clarke would call for a vote and get Kane to be Chancellor at all costs.

“As for the other two thirds of the weapons, they will all be destroyed,” Lexa said, as a matter of fact. She was not about to let those weapons get into the wrong hands again. One Pike was good enough for her.

“What about us, Commander? How are we to defend ourselves if we have no weapons at all?” Maya asked scared for the safety of her people.

“It is of my knowledge that all of your warriors have died during the battle. Is that correct?” Lexa asked and Maya nodded as Lexa continued, “and that means that new people must be trained to occupy their places,” She said and once again Maya nodded.

“So the ones chosen for that job will be trained by my people with our types of weapons, swords, knives, spears, that way you can protect yourselves,” Lexa said and everyone was shocked about what she just said, including Clarke.

“Commander, honestly speaking, will your people help train them or actually use that chance to try to kill them?” Wells asked her and Lexa looked at him.

“They will train them but not for free. Once Abby has given your people the treatment I am told you need to walk outside, your people will help mine in whatever way we need it. Keep in mind, you will not be slaves but you will work to earn their forgiveness and their training, or at least their tolerance. If my people can see yours as more than what your previous leaders made you out to be, coexistence may not be so farfetched as we think,” Lexa said to everyone and Maya nodded understanding her words.

“We will gladly help undo whatever damage we have caused to you and to your people,” She said determinately and Lexa nodded her acknowledgment of that.

“Very well. Now, regarding your living settlement, this bunker poses as a distrusting place to my people as well as a reminder of the horrors they have suffered behind these walls. Having you live in here will not placate those fears that any day, you can resume doing what your ancestors did to us or something even worse which is why your people will no longer live inside of here,” Lexa said as they waited for her to continue.

“And given the fact that the Mountain is a territory not claimed by any of the 12 clans, it will be given to you as your territory now, to make your new home, to build your houses and create your own clan on the agreement that you revoke your claim to this place which will have its fate decided later on, whether to be destroyed or turned into a place for all clans to use, maybe as a healing facility?” Lexa said and looked at Clarke in question.

“The place is better well equipped for that than Alpha Station is and if the other clans agree, it could be turned into a hospital for all clans nearby to use should they need it.” Clarke said confirming what Lexa had silently asked her and the Commander nodded her head.

“Which is an idea I will discuss with my Ambassadors once I have returned to my Capitol but for now, the decision regarding this place is that it will be no longer inhabited by your people. I will be speaking with my Ambassador to decided what will be done in regards to where you will be allowed to live but, as soon as a decision is made whether for the good or for the bad, the mountain will be shut down and only I will have the power to open it if I so wish to do,” Lexa said firmly and Maya nodded.

“Thank you Commander. I know that you are being really merciful and understanding given everything, but I do have to ask you something,” Maya said to her and Lexa gave a nod of permission to ask her question, “Will your people seek revenge on mine as soon as we step foot outside of the Mountain?” She asked a little scared for them.

“They would be within their rights if they did that given everything you people did to them and their families and loved ones for generations,” Gustus said as stoic and as angry as ever.

“Then you are not giving us a place to live but giving us a place to be slaughtered. Why not just kill all of us right here and be done with it instead of going through all the work of giving us hope only to have it crushed along with our lives once we set foot outside of this bunker?” Scott said to them, not liking their people’s odds.

“The Commander is still giving you a chance to live despite what your people did to hers, you can’t forget that. It may not be ideal but it’s better than the other options,” Kane said to the boy while his sister replied to that.

“Our leaders are at her hands to do with them as she pleases. We haven’t complained about that, in fact we hate them very much ourselves. We are being compliant with all the demands, we are doing exactly what you want, giving you our weapons, giving you our lives but if what you are asking is for us to go and live outside just to be killed in the open, you can bet we won’t be so compliant then. We are apologetic and understanding, not suicidal,” Meagan said.

“We weren’t in a better position than you are right now when we manage to work with the Commander and her people. If we could do it, so can you. But you can’t expect to not be consequences for what was done by your people in a not so distant past. It’s not just forgive and forget,” Raven said to them.

“However, you worked so well with them because we were the common enemy you both had. And your people didn’t do to them half of what ours did so you are in a better situation than us to coexist safely,” Scott said to the mechanic.

“That doesn’t mean there aren’t people on the Commander’s side who wouldn’t want to see us dead rather than as allies,” Clarke said to them, although she could see and understand where they were coming from.

“Just be glad you haven’t died already,” Murphy said frustrated by it all and the discussion continued as Lexa watched and listened before Anya leaned in to her ear.

What the girl is saying is true, Lexa. We can’t guarantee that our people will not seek retribution for what was done the second they are out in the open. Blood must have blood.” The general said to her and Lexa nodded.

And blood has had blood in the battle, Anya. I know of only one way in which her fears wouldn’t be true however it will be a big risk and I need to think a little bit more about this idea I have before I talk about it with you,” She said and Anya nodded before Lexa turned to everyone. “Quiet.” Lexa said firmly and everyone stopped and turned to look at her.

“This discussion will not get us anywhere closer to finding a solution to concerns so just stop it. All of you.” She said with all her commander authority as she continued, “Your concerns are true, President. I will admit, such a thing could happen which is why I will return to Polis quite soon and together with my Ambassadors, I will find a solution and return here to present it to you. Meanwhile, Indra will be staying here to oversee that you don’t step over the boundaries that have been set today. Will that be agreeable?” Lexa said and Maya nodded.

“Yes, Commander. We can agree to that,” She said and Lexa nodded.

“Very well. I think we have covered what needed to be discussed now, anything else we will discuss after my return from Polis. As for your people, I would appreciate if you could withhold sharing some of what we discussed from them. Tell as little as possible but what you do share make sure is the best part of the deal so that we don’t have a bigger problems with dissatisfaction. Is that understood?” She said and they all nodded so she stood up.

“Kane, you and Indra will be responsible for keeping watch over them and guards will be stationed in the control room and the lab as well as the weaponry. The Sky People can extract their weapons as soon as possible and Indra will take the rest to be destroyed. Raven can help since I believe her affinity is along the lines of exploding things.” Lexa said and they nodded also standing up.

“Very well, this meeting is over for now,” Lexa said and started towards the door with Anya, Indra and Gustus following her.

Clarke leaned into Raven’s ear to whisper, “Work with Kane. I need to talk to her,” She said and the girl nodded.

“Go, we got your back,” she said and Clarke smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek before standing up and following the Commander out of the room.

“Well, that didn’t go so bad, did it?” Jasper said looking at Wells who looked at him and chuckled.

“No, Jasper. It didn’t,” He said as he moved over to talk with his father who seemed as if someone had taken the candy out of his mouth as the skinny boy nodded and turned to Maya.

“You’re okay?” He asked his girlfriend as she looked at him and let out a deep breath she seemed to have been holding it in since the start of the meeting.

“Yeah. I think so,” She said as she moved to leave the room along with the siblings who were talking among themselves.

“We should go get the guns now before they try to steal it from us,” Jaha said as soon as the Mountain Men and the Commander’s people started to leave.

“Sorry, Chancellor. Kane gets dibs on collecting the weapons, not you,” Raven said readily for his protests which came as soon as she expected.

“I am the Chancellor. I get to make the calls, not you or Kane, Ms. Reyes,” He said firmly to her who looked unbothered by everything coming out of his mouth as Murphy joined her.

“Doesn’t matter. The Commander chose Kane for the job so unless you want to go against her direct orders and start a problem that you couldn’t possibly get us out of with the grounders, I think is best if you take the bench and let the responsible adults do what needs to be done,” Murphy said sarcastically to the man. He still didn’t like the guy.

“Don’t forget that you are still a criminal, Mr. Murphy. I suggest you watch your tone when talking to me,” Jaha said trying to be threatening but Murphy only looked at him.

“I’m shaking in fear, Big Bad Chancellor. As if you actually has any power left. What a joke, old man,” Murphy said as both he and Raven chuckled and Wells intervened.

“Okay, John, Ray, Dad. That is enough. We don’t need to waste our time with petty discussions between ourselves. John and I will go with Kane to the weaponry and Raven, you should go see if Abby needs help at the lab. The Commander wants those drugs destroyed. And Dad, as Chancellor, you should go and start preparing our people to travel back to Arkadia soon,” He said and the girl nodded.

“Nice plan, Wells.” Raven said agreeing with him and John nodded, agreeing to his plans as well. “I’m in, Junior,” He said.

“That is indeed a very good course of action, Wells. Thelonious,” Kane said and looked at the man who nodded after a while.

“Very well but you get as many weapons as you can, Marcus. Grenades, whatever it is they have,” Jaha said giving Kane unnecessary instructions and the man nodded.

“Of course, I will make the best choices for our people Thelonious. You don’t have to ever worry about that,” He said as an underline sarcastic reply that went unnoticed and the Chancellor nodded before moving out of the room.

“Actually, I think you should go check and make sure daddy dearest really leaves those weapons alone, Junior. Sorry but he doesn’t inspire my trust,” Murphy said to his friend and the other boy nodded sighing.

“Lately, not even mine. See you in the weaponry in 10 minutes,” Wells said before he left the room going after his father, leaving the other three alone in the room.

“I have to say the Commander really knows what she is doing, especially where the weapons are concerned. Making sure that they don’t have access to those kinds of weapons really takes the advantage they had over the grounders,” Raven said as they moved out of the room.

“And only giving us one third of what they have also stops us from having the same arsenal we had last time and it takes the advantage Pike had before,” Kane explained to them who nodded their heads thinking about the psychopathic teacher.

“Do you think that the bastard will be a problem again once he and his goons from Farm Station gets rescued whenever that happens?” Murphy asked and Kane sighed.

“Thelonious is proving to be a problem even without ALIE, so yes, John, I do think that once Charles and Farm Station returns that they will be a problem. Luckily, this time we will have Clarke and Lexa on our side to deal with them and maybe stop the same events from happening again.” He said at the boy and Raven nodded.

“Amen to that, brother,” They gave a small chuckle at what the mechanic said before they parted ways and Raven went in the direction of the lab quickly finding it.

She saw Abby, Jake and Jackson talking and opened the door. “Need a hand, doc?” She said and they all looked at her.

“Raven, what are you doing here?” Jake asked his pupil seeing her arrival.

“Oh, you know, boss. Meetings with the Commander and yours truly, Miss Clarke Griffin. The usual.” She said.

“Clarke is here?” Abby asked her daughter’s friend and Raven shook her head.

“Was. I think she is going back to camp to finalize some details with the Commander but in the meantime, I have much to tell you about what we discussed in the meeting so buckle up,” She said before she started talking.

Chapter Text


Bellamy and Finn had followed Clarke’s instructions and as soon as she and the others went inside the Mountain, they made their way towards the place where their friends that were rescued were resting down and waiting for the directions to be given about when they would be able to go back home, wherever that was now. Finn had been impatient during the walk, always looking behind him and towards the Mountain as if wanting to be in there and Bellamy already took a guess to bet exactly why that was. It appeared that the feeling was intensifying because Finn was getting more disrupted by it until he spoke towards Bellamy.

“We should be inside there with them, in that meeting, helping,” Finn said and Bellamy turned to look at him.

“There are too many people inside already and there is nothing we can help them with that Clarke and the others can’t get done by themselves so let’s focus on helping our friends and let the leaders make the decisions, okay? Relax,” He said and Finn looked up ahead and sighed.

“I know. I know. It’s just.... I’m nervous about what will be decided, you know? Are they going to kill everyone or not? If not, where will they live? Those questions.” He said out loud as he sighed and Bellamy nodded.

“So am I but we got to trust them. Clarke, Raven, Murphy and Kane will make sure the innocents survive,” He said and Finn nodded as they kept walking in silence. Bellamy took a look around and he could see some of the grounders that had been rescued and without thinking about, he started searching for someone, the person who helped him escape and without having to look that much, he found her.

Echo. She was sitting around talking with some of the other grounders and as if feeling his eyes on her, she turned to look and found him. Their eyes were locked in one another and she offered him a small smile and he returned it as he heard Finn calling his name, “Bellamy, hey, what you looking at?” He asked the older guy and Bellamy turned to look at him.

“What? Nothing,” He said and cleared his throat. Finn took a look behind him and could see a girl looking at them, more precisely at Bellamy and smirked.

“Joining the Grounder pounder club, huh? One more Blake to the team,” He said and Bellamy turned to him with a frown on his face.

“What the hell are you talking about Finn? Did you hit your head somewhere?” He asked pretending not to know what the younger guy was talking about.

“The grounder girl, the one you were looking at. The one who is burning a hole at the back of your head with how hard she is staring at you,” Finn said and Bellamy shook his head.

“I wasn’t looking at no one.” Bellamy said. He had been searching for her and he couldn’t exactly pinpoint why that was given they didn’t know each other or anything like that but the fact that she helped him and he came back for her meant something to him and he had no idea why.

“Oh, come on, man. We can at least talk to each other about this, right? You know about my feelings for Clarke, you were there when she rejected me, why can’t I know about your grounder girl?” He said and Bellamy sighed.

“She is not my grounder girl, okay? She was just in the cell next to mine and helped me escape, that’s all,” He said dismissively hoping the other guy would drop but with no such luck.

“Uhuh. Yeah, I can see that is all there is to it. That’s exactly why she’s still looking at you even when your back is to her,” He said and Bellamy cleared his throat nervously before he asked.

“She still looking at me?” He asked a tad shyly and Finn nodded finding it very entertained the sight of a flustered Bellamy, who is always trying to pose as the tough guy.

“She sure is. I am telling you, I think she likes you too,” Finn said and Bellamy almost had a small smile on his face before he shook his head and focused ahead.

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to happen and we should be focusing on our mission here,” He said before he fastened his pace to get closer to their friends.

“We are not done talking about this. You are not going to run away from this Bellamy Blake,” Finn said as he caught up with him.

“Bellamy, Finn. Over here,” They heard Harper’s voice as she called to them and got the others attention. Both guys immediately had a smile on their faces and were greeted with hugs by everyone. It wasn’t a big group but luckily in the time they were captured to the time they were released, they didn’t lose too many.

“How are you guys doing?” Bellamy asked them as they got settled and had a chance to really come in contact with all of them.

“Good to be out here instead of being locked inside that place waiting for when they would come for you,” Nathan said sincerely and the others nodded.

“Yeah, I know. I was only in there for a few days but it was enough to miss everything there is out here. Even the dangers,” Bellamy said to them with a small smile and they nodded before they started to sit down again.

“What are you guys doing here?” One of them, a guy named David asked.

“Clarke thought it would be a good idea for us to come here and check with you guys if everything is okay or if you need anything we can help with,” Finn explained.

“We want to go home,” Someone said and the others agreed and Bellamy nodded his head.

“And we will, as soon as Clarke and the others gives us the green light, we will take you guys back to Arkadia but for now, it’s best if everyone is here just in case,” Bellamy explained.

“What is this Arkadia?” Harper asked them confused by the name and the boys smiled.

“It’s the name of the camp we built around Alpha Station not too far from here and where all of our people is, at least the ones that have been found alive so far, though more are being found,” Finn explained and they nodded.

They continued on talking about how things have been since the fateful night by the dropship, the boys told them about how Tristan survived and captured them about how they were rescued and taken to Arkadia to questioning, everything including the truce with the grounders which was a shocking news for them given that the last time the kids had seen them, they were trying to kill them. The other kids were eager to know of everything they missed while trapped inside the Mountain which they also talked about with the boys, how they thought they were both dead and how Clarke escaped and how Jasper and Monty took charge of things just the way she had asked them too.

Sure enough, a good amount of time has passed before Nathan noticed Jaha coming their way and pointed out to the rest of the group. Bellamy and Finn stood up and so did the others. “Chancellor.” Bellamy greeted him with a little of respect despite his personal feelings towards the man and Finn did the same although the rest of the 55 were not so welcoming.

“Blake, Collins. Everyone, I came to here to tell you to gather your stuff, everything you are taking with you because we are going back home,” Jaha said to them and they were shocked but mostly happy to be finally leaving this place.

“It’s okay for us to go back now?” Bellamy asked the older man and Jaha nodded his head although he didn’t seem to have a happy look on his face, more of a frustrated one which made the boys wonder what had happened to the Chancellor in that meeting?

“Yes, Marcus and the others are following the orders given by the Commander and will be staying a little longer but the rest of us will be leaving today, as a matter of fact, I would like to be ready to leave as soon as possible. So gather everyone and meet me back at the entrance of the Mountain so we can start our way back towards Arkadia,” He said very firmly and Bellamy nodded his head.

“Yes, sir. We will do just that,” He said and Jaha nodded before leaving in the same direction as he came. Bellamy and Finn turned to them.

“Well, you heard the man. It’s time to go home,” Finn said and they all cheered before hugging each other and sporting this huge ass smile on their faces.

“Okay, get everything and let’s go,” Bellamy said and they did just that.

The little they had with them, they gathered and within no time at all were ready and Finn started leading them down the path with Bellamy on the rear of the group. They were talking amongst themselves attracting the attention of the grounder that were nearby but so far, there was no trouble between them at all which was good.

They were passing by when Bellamy heard his name being called and turned around to see Echo coming his way. He stopped and waited for her to catch up to him and soon enough she was right in front of him. He could see she was looking better and wearing better clothes than the rags they were given inside.

“What is going on?” She asked him as she looked at the people walking behind him and he looked back at his group.

“We have been cleared to go home so we will be leaving now,” He answered her before turning back to look at her and she nodded.

“You’re looking healthier.” He said to her with a small smile and she nodded.

“The Commander has been providing us with a lot of food to gather our strength back so we can go home to our clans as well,” She explained to him and he nodded.

“I wanted to thank you for helping me when we were caged. I don’t know if I would have made it out alive if it wasn’t for you helping me kill that guard,” He said to her and she looked at him.

“You came back for us so it is only fair I Thank you as well., I guess. I am not very good at this, being grateful, not exactly a virtue cultivated in my clan,” She said to him and he nodded.

“Well, I promised I would came back. I wouldn’t break my promise to you,” He said and she looked intensively at him.

“Not all those who make promises, keep them in the end,” She said as a matter of fact, as if she had experienced that before and he nodded.

“I do,” He said firmly to her, hoping she would believe that he wasn’t the type of people to do that and she gave him a small smile which was a rare thing for her.

“I know that now and I won’t forget,” She said to him and they just kept staring at each other before he heard Finn calling his name.

“Bellamy, let’s go,” The younger guy called out for him and Bellamy turned to look at him nodding before turning back towards Echo.

“I have to go. I have to make sure they get home safely. Will I ever see you again?” He asked her and she gave him a small chuckle.

“Something tells me our paths will cross each other again. Sooner than we think,” She said and he gave her a small smile in return.

“I would like that very much,” He said to her and offered his hand to her and she grabbed his forearm as it was her custom greeting.

“May we meet again, Echo kom Azgeda,” Bellamy said to her smiling at her as she smiled back at him before she nodded her head.

“May we meet again, Bellamy kom Skaikru,” She said to him and he nodded before letting go and continuing his walk towards his friends as she watched him go before going back to join her people.

Meanwhile, Clarke followed Lexa out of the Mountain and called for her. Lexa stopped and turned around to wait for Clarke to catch up to her while she sent Anya, Indra and Gustus ahead so they could talk privately and they did as asked. Clarke came towards her and Lexa put her arms behind her back. “Lexa, we need to talk about the meeting and what you said,” Clarke said as she came closer to her girlfriend.

“I understand that you have many doubts about my plans and what you don’t know about it but now it’s not the best time for this talk about it. We will discuss it later, okay?” Lexa said and Clarke got a little angry at that.

“This is not a dictatorship, Lexa. You don’t order me around and I don’t do the same to you either. We are equals, you can’t just brush me off as if I was anyone else,” Clarke said to her crossing her arms over her chest and Lexa took a step closer and spoke lowly.

“I am not brushing you off or diminishing your own authority but look around us, Clarke. All my warriors are here, is the door of the Mountain really the right place to have this discussion?” Lexa said to her staying calm about it and Clarke did look around and there were many warriors around them or close enough.

“You may be right but you are not deciding this by yourself. We are supposed to be a team and you are making decisions without talking to me about it first. All I am asking is that you keep on the loop, if you’re going to give weapons to my people, you tell me about it. We had a chance to talk earlier but you didn’t mention anything about it. Am I asking for too much?” Clarke said and Lexa shook her head.

“I’m not purposely keeping you out of anything that is being decided Clarke but, in meetings like this, some things go differently than what you had planned and concessions have to be made in the spot. The weapons were one of those, that’s all. I promise,” Lexa said before she looked behind her to see Anya signaling for her.

“Clarke, I need to go now. I must meet with my generals right now, can we leave this discussion for later? When we are back in camp?” Lexa said and Clarke looked over her shoulder to see Anya.

“What are you meeting them for?” Clarke asked her curios and a little bit of reluctance and Lexa answered.

“The Mountain, the battle, your people, everything,” Lexa said and Clarke looked back at her.

“If it is about my people, then I should be there,” Clarke said and Lexa shook her head.

“It’s not a good idea.” She said to the blonde and Clarke crossed her arms and frowned.

“How the hell is that a bad idea?” Clarke asked her getting a bit worked up and Lexa sighed.

“It’s better if I talk to them first to see where they stand in regards to your people so that I can assess what is better to make sure there are no problems and I can’t do that if you’re there, contesting everything they say.” Lexa explained and Clarke sighed and shook her head.

“But Lexa…” Clarke started saying before Lexa interrupted her.

“Really Clarke, how hard is for you to trust me? I know that I betrayed you once but I thought we had moved passed this when I made the vow to protect your people. I am still following that vow. Why must you keep doubting me?” Lexa said to her already irritated and before Clarke could say anything, they heard Bellamy calling for her.

“Look, I have to do this and we will talk later, okay? Now you should see what he wants,” Lexa said before she turned around and walked away from Clarke before the blonde could say anything and all she could do was see the girl’s retreating back as Bellamy finally came to her side.

“Hey, is everything okay with you two?” He asked her and as she looked at Lexa entering a tent followed by Anya, she shrugged her shoulders with a sigh of defeat before she answered him.

“I don’t know and I don’t know if I want to find out.”

Chapter Text

After helping Kane for a while with selecting the weapons they would take back with them, courtesy of the Commander, Wells decided that it was best if he went to check on his father to make sure that he wasn’t creating any problem with the grounders or with their own people so after leaving the Mountain, he went in search of his dad and he found Jaha where his friends were and he went to talk to him. “Hey, Dad,” He called out to the man as he approached the guy who turned to him with a smile on his face.

“Son, I thought you would be helping Kane with gathering our new weapons,” Jaha said to him and Wells came to his side as he shook his head.

“I was but I decide to come and speak to you first. What were you doing?” He asked and Jaha looked behind him before looking at his son again.

“Well, I came to speak with Bellamy to get the kids that were trapped to gather their stuff so that we could leave today.” Jaha said and Wells smiled.

“That is very good, Dad. I think they had enough of this place and are ready to go home, right?” Wells said and Jaha nodded but his face wasn’t really good and Wells noticed, “Is there a problem Dad?” He asked and the older man nodded.

“Yes, I need to reassert myself as the leader of our people, son. They all seem to think that Clarke is better at it than me and they all look up to her to make the choices for them and that is my job. I am the elected Chancellor, they should be doing that to me. I need to regain my position or else,” Jaha said but didn’t continue. He didn’t have to. Wells sighed.

“Dad, there is a reason why our people are doing that and that is because Clarke always deliver it. She always saved them and made the best choices for them,” Wells said to the man as he continued, “I’m sorry Dad but I really don’t think you would have managed to get a truce with the grounders so that we could work together with them. I don’t think anyone, but Clarke would have been able to do it. Not so soon after we killed 300 of them. Clarke is a natural leader and people trust her because they know they can. I don’t know if they are ever going to stop looking at her for guidance so maybe it’s best if you simply try to work with her the way it is instead of trying to start a fight you might not win,” Wells said and Jaha shook his head.

“You don’t understand the importance of this, son. But when you’re Chancellor, you will. There is danger to be in a situation like this and it’s not good to be tossed aside like nothing. Besides, I have been a good chancellor and I would have gotten a truce with them if I had been given the chance but once again, Clarke beat me to it, monopolizing the situation and now even the grounders think that she is the Sky People’s leader. I don’t like that at all,” Jaha said before he looked at Wells and spoke, “Maybe you can help me, son,”.

“Me? Help you? How would I even do that?” Wells frowned as he asked although he wasn’t sure he even wanted to hear the answer to that question, his father was getting worse than he had previously thought.

“Tell me everything about Clarke as a leader, what she does, what she says, everything. See if I can find a flaw and get the people back on my side.” He said and Wells looked at his father with distrust and with a bit of shock.

“You realize that you’re basically asking me to betray my friend,” He said struck by how far his dad was going down this greedy road for power and Jaha nodded.

“To help your father win this battle? Absolutely. I need your help and that involves betraying your friend but it will be okay,” Jaha said and Wells shook his head.

“Well, I won’t. Not now, not ever,” He said firmly to his dad. “Clarke is my oldest friend, my best friend. I would never betray her, especially not so you can get more power. If you really were the good Chancellor you claim to be, you wouldn’t be trying to fight her for power, you would just be happy that your people are in good hands. Her hands. Seriously, Dad. Clarke has saved our lives ten times over and all you want is to compare to see who is the most powerful leader, who has the biggest number of supporters and you want me to help you do that to her? Never in a million years,” Wells said and Jaha looked at him.

“So you are choosing to help her over your own father? You are choosing to betray me? Is that what you want to do?” He asked and Wells nodded his head firm in his resolve.

“If my father is a power-hungry jackass who doesn’t seem to care about anything but how much power he has, then you can bet that betraying you is exactly what I am going to do and without remorse,” Wells said taking a deep breath before he continued, “Are you even listening to yourself Dad? All you want is your power and authority back, you are not giving a damn for the greater good of our people. I don’t recognize this man that is in front of me. Clarke is a good leader and seeing you like this, I can’t say I don’t get why people prefer her to you. Because they all know that they are well taken care of with her and you only care about yourself. What is wrong with you, dad?” Wells said and the man shook his head.

“You don’t understand, son,” Jaha said and Wells nodded.

“You can bet that I don’t and I never want to. You sound crazy, Dad. You need to rethink this immediately. Be better than this, please. I don’t want to have to fight with you,” Wells said before he walked away from his father in search of his girlfriend and it didn’t take long before he found and walked towards her, sitting down beside her as he kissed her and she immediately noticed his mood.

“What happened?” Jessica asked as she hugged him trying to offer any sort of comfort, as best as she could. He sighed leaning forward on the log they were sitting at.

“My father happened,” He said shaking his head, still trying to wrap his mind around what he had just heard come out of that man’s mouth and she sighed.

“Isn’t it always? I swear that man keeps making you feel this way. But tell me, what did he do now to get you like this?” Jessica asked him and he answered.

“He seems to be obsessed by power. He can’t accept that Clarke is being seen as our leader and he keeps trying to get the power back and he asked me to help him. He asked me to betray my best friend just so he can be more powerful among our people and the grounders. What the hell is wrong with him?” Wells said and he held on her hand, Jessica could only scoff.

“I am sorry babe, but you are asking the wrong person. We talked about this before. You know what I think of him and I only tolerate him because he is your father. I have to say having him in your life is your biggest flaw but despite that, I still like you so I put up with it but I have to admit your father is a nutjob,” She said and he smiled.

“Well, he is even worse now. I’m telling you it’s like he can’t accept that the people are depending more on Clarke than on him. I mean, so what? What should matter isn’t that Clarke is doing an amazing job so far and our people are surviving and working towards a future down here? Why must he keep fighting for power instead of supporting Clarke? I don’t recognize that man. He is not the one who raised me, who would tell me that the survival of our people was always more important than egos and one person alone,” Wells explained to his girlfriend.

“It’s simple. With other competitors, your dad was in equal ground, he knew them, they were the same age and he could fight them on his own term. Clarke is different, she is a wild card that people are trusting blindly, much more than they ever trusted him and I don’t think he is too thrilled for that. I think he is feeling useless. What use is of a Chancellor if he doesn’t do anything? If he is not sought out to solve anything? If someone else is the leader?” Jessica spoke her point of view and Wells turned his head to look at her.

“Yeah, you’re right but does it really matter who is in charge? Shouldn’t he be worried about our people instead of the amount of power he has? Clarke is taking good care of all of us, she is doing a good job, shouldn’t that matter the most to anyone, himself included?” Wells asked her still not understanding what was wrong with his father and she nodded.

“It should and deep down, he might be grateful for what she is doing. I think he is only jealous he isn’t the one doing all of that. He is jealous that it isn’t him the one our people trust to keep them safe but Clarke. He needs to get over himself,” Jessica spoke and Wells shook his head.

“I don’t think he will anytime soon and that makes me afraid of what he might do to Clarke to get the power back. How far he is willing to go for it, you know?” Wells said worriedly.

“Whatever it is he is planning, we will support Clarke and help her in any way we can, right?” Jessica said to him and he looked at her and nodded his head smiling.

“Right.” He said before he leaned in and kissed her. Jessica readily kissed her boyfriend back, she wished that he wouldn’t have to worry about fighting his dad to defend his friend but from what he had told her, she didn’t think it would be any different than that.

Meanwhile, in another part of camp, Bellamy was talking to Clarke after Lexa had simply walked away as soon as he had approached them. “Well, Finn and I were with the others like you asked and they are okay, just so you know,” He told her and she relaxed.

“I’m glad to hear that. I was afraid that they would be too damaged from what they suffered inside that place,” She said and he nodded before he continued,

“Yeah, but then Jaha came along and suggested that we start packing our stuff to leave back to Arkadia and I came to talk to you to see what you wanted us to do?” Bellamy asked her.

“Well, I’m sure they’re ready to leave this place behind and go home but it would be a good idea to check with my mom first. I know it would be too much to ask them to donate their bone marrow to the Mountain Men but we need people to do it or else, they will be forced out and that can mean their death,” Clarke said to him.

“The Commander isn’t allowing them to stay here?” Bellamy asked her as he was curious for what was discussed in the meeting and Clarke shook her head.

“She wants them out of the Mountain either way. Said her people could never trust them if they stayed inside. Do you think that we could convince people to donate?” She asked and he seemed to think about it for a while before nodding.

“I think that with the right words, we could convince them, but our friends are weak right now, maybe it would be better to try and convince the others from Arkadia who are better rested,” Bellamy said to her and she nodded.

“Yeah, you’re right and I think I know exactly who to ask for that task. My Dad can get the people to see reason and do the right thing even if it is to help some of the people who kept their children locked up. Besides, Charlotte has been alone long enough. With mom staying here, she needs one of them to be with her,” Clarke explained it to him and he nodded.

“I think it is a great idea. The people respect your Dad. They will surely follow what he tells them to do. Will you talk to him now?” Bellamy asked her as she nodded her head.

“Yes, that way he can go with you and can sent some people tomorrow morning already,” Clarke said and he nodded as she said goodbye to him and started on her way back towards the Mountain in search of her father. But despite everything that was on her mind and everything she had to do for the sake of her people, the truce with the grounders and the well-being of the Mountain Men, her little argument with Lexa wouldn’t leave her mind, she hoped they could calmly talk about it before it got bigger and they started to really fight over this.

Chapter Text

After leaving Clarke and their small argument which left the brunette not in a very good mood, Lexa went to her tent so she could first to talk to Anya, Gustus and Indra before she asked for the other generals to join them so they could start the meeting about what would happen next for everyone involved in this. She wanted to get them notified first as well as hear their advices before any decisions were permanently made. As soon as she got inside the tent, Anya spoke up. “Lexa, how sure are you of what you are doing?” She asked her former second and Lexa looked at her making her way to her throne.

What exactly are you talking about, Anya? I don’t understand your question so please explain yourself,” Lexa asked her former first and the general looked at her.

You are being very merciful to those people and I don’t think it’s a very good idea. It may not end well with our people to see you show mercy to the same people who tortured and hunted ours for generations,” Anya explained what she was talking about.

Anya is right, Heda. How do we know if we can trust them? How do we know that this isn’t a trick for us to lower our guard down so they can attack us and kill us all?” Indra said her suspicions out loud seeing that the moment to do so was now and Lexa shook her head.

We are not trusting them, we are trusting ourselves. The situation and the battle were solved without the need for innocent blood to be spilled, why change that now? Isn’t it better to have them with us then against us?” She asked them.

The three of us have been with you since the day one and we all know to recognize that look by now. What exactly are you planning to do with them?” Gustus asked the young leader. It is not that he didn’t trust her, but he worried about her and for anyone trying to use her for their own gain. He was her bodyguard and it was his duty to protect her.

I have an idea but like I said, I can only discuss it with you after I have a chance to formulate a plan to execute that idea but trust that I am doing what it’s best for our people. We have been witnesses to the power the Mountain possessed but that power is gone now. However, more than 300 people are not, they are still here. There are children, elders, innocents, people who helped us. They risked their lives and their survival to help us win the battle against their own leaders,” She said to them.

What I am thinking about is a way to make sure that we can live in peace and without blood being spilled unnecessarily which is the same motive I had to create the Coalition, to make peace even with the Ice Nation after everything they did to our clan. It’s the same thing. Now, we have their leaders in our custody, don’t we?” She asked Indra who was responsible for the prisoners and the older woman nodded her head.

Yes, Commander. The Mountain leaders are still imprisoned like you asked. We have guards around the clock to make sure that they don’t escape and that no one tries to kill them before they can face their trials,” The older woman answered.

Very well. They will get to pay for what they have done to us and our people will have their justice. Why do we need kill everyone then? See, there is no point in that,” Lexa asked them.

What about exiling them? Couldn’t that be an option? After the doctor cure their, they could leave with orders to never come back. It could be the perfect solution for this problem, Commander,” Gustus asked her and she nodded.

Yes, it is a very good option and it’s my second choice if what I have in mind doesn’t work out but either way, they will not pose a threat to our people any longer, their weapons have been destroyed, half of their guns will be destroyed as well. We are safe and I am making sure we stay that way. I do know what I am doing,” Lexa said and Anya seemed to be deep in thought before she spoke up.

You’re thinking about getting them to join the Coalition, aren’t you?” She asked and Lexa was surprised. Yes, that was her idea. “If you need to speak with the Ambassadors first, it’s the only possible explanation I can find for it,” Anya said and Lexa nodded.

Indeed Anya, that is what I want. I want the Mountain Men to join our Coalition and become a part of our people,” She said and the other two were shocked.

Commander, that is too dangerous. Not only for them but for you as well. The people won’t accept it,” Gustus said in deep worry for the young girl’s safety should she go through with said idea of accepting that people into their lives like this.

Indra nodded in agreement with Gustus’ words. “The Ambassadors will not accept it and they may even try to use the vote of no confidence to get you out. Especially Oscar, once he finds out. He will try to instigate the others to do just that,” The older general said.

They will once I have spoken with them. Don’t you see that this is the same as when the Azgeda joined?” Lexa said as she continued, “None of our people wanted them in the coalition. Not a single clan spoke in their behalf but with them joining in, there haven’t been attacks against Trikru or any other clan and why? Because Nia knows that she couldn’t fight against the Coalition and she doesn’t have many allies with the other clans. The Mountain men will be the same,” She explained to them.

None of us trust them and we shouldn’t, at least not until they have earned that trust. But by getting them to join us, we can keep an eye on them, monitor their actions, avoid further conflict and finally have peace without the fear of them attacking us. With their weapons gone, they will train with ours, and even if they were to attack, just the Trikru warriors would be superior to them in the battle field and we would easily win. They pose no threat to us. I made sure of that,” Lexa explained to them and they seemed to consider her words.

If you’re planning on getting the Mountain Men to join the Coalition, it is safe to assume that the Skaikru will be joining as well?” Gustus asked her and she nodded.

The Sky People are a very good addition. Their healing techniques far weigh our own, they have much to contribute to the Coalition and much like the Mountain Men, they would be more or less, incapable of going against us,” Lexa said to them as they looked at each other.

Look, I understand that all of you have your concerns about my ideas on what course to choose to take care of this situation and I’m not asking you to be happy about it or even to agree with it because I can understand that is hard to do that now but trust me. Trust me that this is the best thing for our people or else I would be the first to get rid of them,” Lexa said to them and they nodded.

We do trust you, Commander and you have our support like always, but I must warn you that if it was difficult to accept the Ice Nation and with the only thing stopping us from declaring war on them is you, it will be even harder to accept the Mountain Men after everything and every loss our people suffered in their hands and in the hands of those that came before them,” Indra said and the other two nodded.

I know that, Indra. But I truly believe we can build the peace our people deserve, we can finally focus on something besides war. We can focus on more than just surviving, we can live. I’m not giving up on that on the first sign of trouble. I swore to do what was best for my people always and I will honor that oath. I just need to know if you three are with me,” She said to them and they nodded.

Until the end, kid. You need us to keep you safe from all the crazy idea you have? Do you know how many times you would have died if it wasn’t one of us saving your ass? Please, you couldn’t last three seconds without us guarding your back,” Anya said and Lexa smiled.

Yes, I know and as I tell you three, I will forever be grateful for all those times you have been there for me, one way or another. You all took care of me and I consider you to be part of my family. And it is very good to hear I have your support because now, I need to convince the generals,” Lexa said sighing and they all knew how well that was going to turn out so all they need was nod at her.

How difficult do you guys think is this conversation going to be?” Lexa asked them and the three warriors looked at each other as if reading each other’s thoughts before they turned back to look at her and she sighed getting a read of their expressions.

To be honest Commander, I think you should be really careful the moment you step foot inside that tent. We may have understood why you have chosen a softer approach to dealing with the Mountain Men. Choosing not to kill the innocents, sparing their lives, helping the Sky People cure them, allowing them to come out of that place and make a clan for themselves here but I don’t think for a second that the other clans’ generals will be so understanding and will stand by those decisions,” Indra expressed her point of view to Lexa.

Indra is absolutely right, Lexa. Those bastards in there will be gunning for your blood. It’s what they already do on a good day, now, they have all the reasons to try to force your hands one way or another. They will most likely try to rile you up with foul words and accusations, try to get you cornered exactly where they want you,” Anya said to her.

I believe that they will this as an excuse to challenge you to a fight. In their place and with their mindsets, it is exactly what I would do. Especially since they will outnumber you. So you better go into that tent, prepared for that,” Gustus said to her and Lexa sighed.

Clarke is not going to like it one bit. If they challenge me, I will be forced to accept and fight them in front of everyone. She will most likely try to do something to stop it,” Lexa said to them, knowing she could trust them to know the true nature of her relationship with Clarke.

She can’t. If the Sky Girl interferes, it can get even worse for you in the eyes of our people. If she has any plans to be with you in the long run and more important lead with you, she will have to make concessions such as these so she can get the respect of the people so they will follow her like they do with you so she better start learning what it means to be with you now, rather than to be caught by surprise later on,” Anya said and Lexa nodded.

I know but I was hoping I could avoid worrying her this way for a little longer. Clarke is not used to our customs and it may take a while for her to completely adapt to them, although I doubt that will ever happen but either way, I was hoping I could ease her to it before having her see such a thing as a challenge like this,” Lexa explained to them and they nodded.

So what exactly do you want us to do about her? Keep her away from the fight until it is over?” Gustus asked Lexa and she chuckled shaking her head.

There is no way you could keep her away from it, even if you tried. At the first mention of a fight, Clarke will be there to see. Even if she hates it, she will stay until the end,” Lexa said before she continued, “Anya, if a fight happens, the moment Clarke shows up, I want you to go to her and to keep her from getting involved in the fight. She will accept it better if it comes from you since she is more used to you,” Lexa said and Anya nodded her head.

Are you ready to go face those idiots? Collect every single drop of patient because they are going to suck you dry from it. Just to be in the same room as them is enough to irritate me,” Anya said and Lexa chuckled at that.

I wouldn’t put use the same choice of words to describe it, but Anya does have a point. I wish I could run my sword through some of these generals. They are irresponsible and unprepared for the job beside being completely obnoxious,” Indra said and Lexa smiled.

Well, then let’s go face them and see what the hell the have up their sleeve for now,” Lexa said as she moved towards the opening of the tent, getting out of it being followed by her generals and he bodyguard as she took a deep breath before going towards the tent prepared for the said meeting with the generals, all the while, preparing herself mentally for the challenge of putting up with them and their childishness. It was part of the job and she would do it as gracefully and as powerfully as she always did. Lexa wasn’t Commander for nothing.

Chapter Text

After her talk with Bellamy and after saying goodbye to him and going on a different direction, Clarke went back inside the Mountain, there were a lot of things that she needed to oversee to make sure that everything was running as smoothly as she needed them to so no problem would arise and with that in mind, she went in the direction of the control room where her father and Monty had been checking the system to make sure that everything was safe. So she took the time, while walking, to look around the place and she noticed that there were many grounder warriors and arker guards making security and not only that but they seemed to be talking to one another and it was a view that warmed her heart.

This view of her people working and getting along well with Lexa’s people had haunted her when she was in her self-imposed exile when she would think about all the million ways in which that night could have ended different, with Lexa not leaving her above all other. How they would have celebrated their win together. What could have happened between Lexa and her. But every time she had thought about Lexa choosing her instead of everyone else, she could also picture the many deaths of the grounders that would have happened and she would feel herself become more understanding of Lexa’s decision, which was something she couldn’t bring herself to do back then.

Because if she had understood the girl’s decision, then she would have forgiven her for it and being angry with Lexa alleviated the anger and disgust she felt with herself enough not to make her use a dagger to pierce her own heart but she had thought about what would have been like enjoying the victory together with them, that is how it was always supposed to be and she was glad they were having their chance to see this through now. Now, there is a real chance of changing the outcome of their live and the future of the world and it was her job to protect and use that chance for good.

Clarke opened the door to the control room and entered inside catching the attention of the two men inside. “Hey guys.” She greeted them as she went to her dad who was sitting down and hugged his shoulders from behind kissing his cheek, “Good morning, Dad,” She said to him and he smiled.

“Morning, kiddo,” He said to her with a smile, happy to see his daughter okay and with a smile on her face.

“Morning Monty,” She called to the boy who had helped her accomplish the victory.

“Morning Clarke. Any special reason for the visit?” Monty asked her and she nodded her head at him.

“Yes, one, I missed you guys and two, I came to check on you first. Have you found something? Anything?” She asked them.

“Yeah, we did actually. We have made a list of the things that we have found the record of and that we think could be useful for us. Monty, give it to her,” Jake said instructing the boy who handled to her a list of things. Clarke looked at it and nodded.

“Very well, this is all you guys found?” She asked them and they nodded.

“Yeah. We checked everything we could from here, and from the digital records and that is all we could find,” Monty explained and she nodded.

“Thanks guys. We done.” She told them and they smiled.

Then she moved to lean against the table so she could face her Dad. “So, this is not the only reason why I’m here,” She said looking at her father as he leaned back against the chair to look at her as they held hands.

“What is it then kiddo?” He asked her, worried that there was more problem that she wasn’t telling them but she gave him a sincere smile and that help alleviate that worry.

“The others, the kids who were trapped here, they are getting ready to leave and go back to Arkadia, they are eager to go home and since there is nothing left for you guys to do here, you should go with them, Monty,” Clarke said to the young engineer as he nodded his head at her.

“Everyone else is going too? Miller, Harper, Jasper?” Monty asked her and she shook her head at the last name.

“Jasper, I don’t think so. I don’t think he is ready to leave Maya yet even if only for a few days but as for the others, yes, they are all leaving. Bellamy, Wells and Finn are organizing the move,” Clarke said to him and he nodded.

“Then, I better go talk to Jasper and say my goodbyes,” Monty said as he closed the computer he was using and walked out of the room, leaving father and daughter alone.

“Okay, so what do you want from me?” Jake asked her and she sighed.

“I need you to go with them, Dad,” She said, going straight to the point and he frowned.

“Why?” He asked her and she took a deep breath.

“Because Jaha is going with them and I don’t trust him. You noticed how the people seem to trust me more than they trust him, practically giving me the pin of Chancellor and it is making him a bit power hungry and I don’t trust him to be alone with our people right now. I need you there to control him and the idiots he calls the rest of his Council and I also need you to talk to the people to get them to volunteer to donate bone marrow for the Mountain Men or else we won’t be able to remove them from here and it has been decided that they cannot live inside this place, which means, one way or another, they have to leave,” She said to him and he nodded understanding.

“Besides, Charlotte is there with Aunt Callie alone for these past couple of days and she needs one of you to be with her and Mom needs to stay here to do the transfusion once the volunteer show up tomorrow,” Clarke said to him and he nodded.

“I understand and I agree. Thelonious is not dealing very well with having you call the shots and the council is even less happy about it and Charlie needs us so of course I will go but as for the volunteers, I don’t know if they will listen to me to donate to people who threatened their kids’ lives,” He said to her.

“Dad, you can inspire anyone to do anything. Where do you think I get my speech making abilities from? It’s from you. I know you can do this, just as I know that if the people had seen the video you made about the oxygen flaw, they would have come to help you, no matter the risk.” Clarke said to him remembering that his video was what inspired the people of the culling to sacrifice themselves so that others could have more air.

“You think so?” He asked her smirking and she nodded.

“I know so. Will you help with me with this? I need to be sure that I am leaving our people in good hands,” She asked him and he nodded.

“Of course. Whatever you ask of me, Clarke.” Jake said and he stood up as they hugged for a while basking in just being together and not having lost each other, be it to the council or to the ground and she smiled at him as they pulled back.

“Now, I have to go check on Mom and Raven. See you before you leave. Love you,” She said to him and he nodded before kissing her forehead before she walked out of the room and went in the direction of the medical wing of the facility where she knew her mother would still be treating the more severely wounded warriors and as she passed by the grounders, all greeted her with Skai Prisa, which meant Sky Princess and although she wasn’t too keen on the princess nickname, she still preferred it over the Wanheda one.

Once she got there, she knocked on the door and saw her mother working as was Jackson. Both of them turned when they heard the knock and Abby smiled seeing her daughter standing there. “Clarke, sweetheart,” Abby said and Clarke smiled.

“Hi Mom. Jackson,” She greeted them.

“Hi Clarke,” The guy said before he went back to work and Clarke went to hug her mom.

“Is the meeting over already? How was it? Is everyone okay?” Abby asked her as Clarke pulled a chair near her mother and sat down.

“It was better than I thought it would be which is good. We got one thrid of their weapons and ammo and we can take some of their medical supplies but not all, they still need to have some for them as well. But one point everyone agreed on was the destruction of the red drug as well as the formula so that no one can make it again,” Clarke told her mother and Abby nodded expecting that. ]

“I took a look at it and although I have to say from a scientific point of view that the work they had done with the drug is remarkable,” She said before she continued,

“How they were able to find a drug that would disconnect a person’s wants and needs and make the people they care about a stranger to them is unbelievable and brilliant. But from an ethic and human point of view, it is a cruel act. To force someone to attack their loved ones even without realizing they are doing it. To turn them into those monsters. I have already selected all the notes I could find about it as well as the remaining doses. It is all in this box,” Abby motioned to the box on top of the table by her side.

“Good, we will spill the doses and burn the notes and well as get Raven to erase any trace of it in the systems to make sure it cannot be replicated,” Clarke said and Abby nodded as they went to do just that. While Abby spilled the doses over the sink, Clarke grabbed all the notes and put it on a bag so that she could destroy it outside. Once it was done, she radioed Raven to come to the lab and soon enough the girl came in.

“What’s up Griffin women? What do you need from your humbly genius servant? I am all yours for now. Someone like me won’t stay single for long,” Raven said as she came to them and all three of them laughed at the mechanic’s antics.

“Ray, can you erase every trace in the system on how to make the reaper’s drug?” Clarke asked her and Raven put her hand on her heart.

“Your doubt over my abilities hurt me Griffin, it really does. I’m offend you even feel the need to use the word can and me in the same phrase,” Raven said and Clarke chuckled.

“Just do it, Reyes before your ego tries to swallow you whole,” Clarke said and Raven nodded before moving to the computer and cracking her fingers before she started typing away.

“I was almost forgetting to tell you that Dad is going back to Arkadia in a few moments. He is gathering his things to leave,” Clarke said to her mom who was surprised.

“Why? Did something happen to him?” She asked Clarke worriedly who promptly answered. “Mom, relax. Nothing is wrong with Dad. The remaining hundred who was here wants to go home so I asked him to accompany them and to keep Jaha in line as well as gather the volunteer we need for the transfusion.” Clarke said to her as Abby visibly relaxed.

“I’m sorry, I just a little bit on edge. Erath was not what I expected and I worry about your father and you,” Abby said and Clarke only nodded her head knowing exactly what her mom was felling.

“I know but Earth is not that bad either, Mom. Sure, it is dangerous and there is a lot of death going around but it is still better than living in the Sky and Dad can handle himself. But I don understand the worry,” Clarke said to her as they continued talking.

After a few minutes, raven announced that she was finished and that there was no trace of the red drug anywhere in the system so even someone as, quote unquote, wonderfully genius as her can ever find it to replicate it. Clarke was immensely relieved to hear that and after everything was done, along with Raven, they went to the weaponry to check on the result of raven’s work and sure enough, whatever the young mechanic did to the weapons, surely made them completely unusable, they were completely destroyed. Whatever chemicals the girl use surely did the job. Which was good since now they would have to worry about Pike having an arsenal at his disposal if he ever gets a chance to rise to power, although Clarke will kill him before he even gets the idea. No way in hell is he ruining everything for her. Not again.

Chapter Text

After talking and seeking the advice of three of the people in her army that she thrusts the most, Lexa walked to the tent to talk to the rest of her generals about some of the things that had been decided on the meeting and that she knew not a lot of them would, be happy about. She knew she would have a difficult time trying to get them to see her point of view on the decisions she has made but it wasn’t the first time this happened, and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last so taking a deep breath to steel herself, she entered the tent. She walked over until she stood at the head of the small table that was brought in and faced them. They all bowed their heads in respect, though she noticed that some almost didn’t. She didn’t like that.

Generals, we are here to talk about the Mountain People.” She said to them before she continued, Earlier, I had a meeting with their new leader and we came to an understanding regarding many topics. One of them being their weapons.” Lexa explained to them.

“And what was decided about that topic Commander?” Onin, the Trishanakru general asked her.

One third of their weaponry will be given to the Sky People as a reward for their help in this battle and the other three thirds, including the mass destruction weapons, like missiles will be destroyed so it can never be used again,” She said to them.

We should destroy all of them, Heda. The sky people can be as dangerous as the Mountain Men. We cannot trust them. They could try to come after us, start taking our lands, Tarick, the Broadleaf general said to her as she looked at him and shook her head.

The Sky People are our allies and their help in the defeat of the Mountain was essential for our victory. Their leader and I are working into making sure that neither one of our people needs to fear the other. Besides, the Sky People are open to the idea of working with us rather than against us. Perhaps, they could be convinced of giving up their weapons in favor of ours. That way your fear would have no more reason to exist,” Lexa said firmly to him before she turned to look back at the other generals as well.

But that is not our priority in the moment. The Sky People are on our side and they will get the weapons. In the meantime, the living arrangements of the Mountain Men are still an issue. However, to resolve that one, I will return to Polis and discuss the possibilities with the Ambassadors so for now, they will be allowed to stay inside but as soon as they are allowed to walk in the open, they will leave the Mountain and make camp outside until a more permanent solution has been decided.” She explained to them.

And we are supposed to let them be? What else do you want us to do? Coddle them? Play with them?” Linus, the Azgeda general said sarcastically and Lexa just looked at him.

Respect your Commander.” Gustus warned him who simply ignored the general and kept looking at Lexa. “Why should I? She is asking us to let the enemy have weapons and their lives, simply because she doesn’t want to lose her whore, the sky girl.” He said to her, every word filled with rage and disdain and Lexa clenched her jaw as she tried to control herself.

Watch your words, general. The Commander is making the best decision for our people, as always. I would think twice before saying anything else. You are coming very close to disrespect your Commander and that is punished by one hundred cuts,” Anya said to him also losing her patience. She usually didn’t like Azgeda, at moments like this, even les.

Clarke of the Sky People is not my whore, Linus. She is the leader of her people and a good one at that. My decisions are my own as they have always been, as they will always be, for I am Heda. Not you or anyone else. Even because if she was gracing my bed or not, it would still be none of your business. You better not forget your place again,” Lexa said dangerously.

Well, if she is anything like the last one that has graced or not you bed, business or no business, Azgeda will readily step in to deal with her as we dealt with the last one. After all, we don’t need a Commander leading us if she is the one being led by a sky girl. Right?” Linus said with a smirk on his face and some of the other generals looked at him and shook their heads in disagreement but some stayed silent.

Does anyone agree with Linus?” Lexa asked firmly looking at the generals. A few nodded. “Very well. Those of you who are questioning me, let’s settle this, shall we?” She started and looked at Anya, the two having a silent conversation and the general understood what her former second wanted so she acted.

Out. All of you. Out. Now,” Anya said motioning for them to get out of the tent for what was going to happen. “Indra, Gustus. Prepare them,” Anya said to her fellow warriors. They nodded and left the two of them alone in the room. Anya watched as Lexa sighed and rested her hands against the table.

“Are you going to fight all of them?” Anya asked her with no judgment on her voice and Lexa looked up at her former mentor and simply let out a sigh.

Do I have another choice? If I don’t do this, they will see me as weak. I have to. I’ll take the opportunity to settle whatever doubt my army can have about my strength so we kill two birds with one stone, as they used to say,” Lexa explained and Anya nodded understanding her reasons.

Just be careful. Linus is Azgeda. That means his weapon is laced with Azgeda venom,” Anya warned her and Lexa smiled at the concern she could hear in the tough warrior’s voice.

Not the first time I was poisoned with it,” Lexa said to her trying to make a joke to lighten up the situation but Anya frowned at her. “Okay, I know. Don’t worry, Nyko has a vast supply of antidote for Azgeda venom ready for times like this. I’ll be careful, mother,” Lexa said to her and Anya scoffed.

If only you insist in behaving like a child, I could stop worrying for you as if you were one. I swear all my grey hair will be because of you,” She said and Lexa gave her a small smile before moving past her general and out of the tent. She could already see that a group of her warriors had formed a wide circle to watch the fight. Lexa sighed and move forward with her head held high and with the elegance and power she exuded.

In another part of the camp, Kane, Murphy, Clarke, Raven and Wells had finished destroying all the weapons just as Lexa had asked them to. Many grounder warriors were around to see it and attest that they followed Lexa’s orders as well as spread the word around the army that Skaikru honored their part of the deal as did the Mountain Men, which would paint a good picture of them for the rest of the people and potentially help the acceptance of the Sky People as the future thirteenth clan of the Coalition and Clarke was feeling a little more relaxed that these weapons would not be used for evil again and certainly not by Pike’s hand.

“It’s done. Not one survived me. Of course, they didn’t, I am that awesome,” Raven said as they watched the flames envelop the weapons and destroy it.

“Thank God you could do this Ray,” Clarke said sighing in relief.

“I’m not a fan of weapons but what if we needed them?” Wells asked his friends and Clarke looked at him.

“The grounders have other weapons and I’m sure that once I have talked to the Commander that they will be willing to teach us. These are destructive. I hope that at some point our people will give them up completely,” Clarke said and her friends looked at her.

“Have all of us, including the Mountain Men, to use swords, spears, knives like the grounders?” Murphy asked her and she nodded.

“Yes. These are destructive weapons. You know it,” She said to her friends and three of them understood what she was talking about. Pike with 9 other people and automatic rifles were able to massacre 300 warriors like they were nothing. They nodded at her.

“We are on the ground now. There is more that we need to adapt to and weapons is one of those things but let’s deal with one problem at a time. First, we get rid of these and then we start the transition,” Clarke said and they agreed.

“I don’t think it will be easy and my dad will certainly not agree,” Wells said and Clarke looked at him, she knew that. “But I’m with you. I agree that we should change in that department,” Wells said and Clarke smiled at him.

“Thanks Wells. That means a lot to me,” She said sincerely to him and hugged him as he hugged her back.

“Well, as long as they train us, I have no problem with it,” Murphy said and the other three agreed and of course they would, they all received previous training in the Valley of Time.

Clarke smiled. “I’m sure they will if we ask them nicely enough,” She said to him but everyone nodded their heads at her words.

Just then, they started hearing some noise, as if it was chanting, they couldn’t decipher exactly what it was, but it didn’t give Clarke a good feeling. In fact, it did the opposite, it unsettled her, and she was suddenly anxious without even knowing why. Then they turned towards the sound and they were all frowning confused by what was going on until they saw Octavia running along with the other seconds towards the noise. When she saw them, she stopped and turned towards them. “Octavia, what is going on? What is all of this noise?” Clarke asked her when the girl got close.

“Apparently, some of the generals are not happy with the Commander so they challenged her to a fight,” She said to them and Clarke felt her heart drop to her feet. She reached out and held Raven’s hand and the mechanic immediately held onto the blonde, knowing what was going on in her friend’s mind. Her girlfriend was just about to fight her generals who were trying to kill her. She couldn’t imagine how Clarke would be feeling right now, so she tried to offer whatever support the blonde needed from her.

“What? Are you sure?” Kane asked also worried about Clarke.

“Yes, they are making a circle so the warriors can watch. I have to go because the warriors say that it’s always the best of fights when the Commander is involved and Indra said I should try to learn something. You guys should come too. See you later.” The warrior said and ran past them towards the crowd that was forming and Clarke seemed to have stopped breathing for a second.

“Clarke, she will be fine. Lexa is the best warrior in the entire army of the Coalition. She will be fine. You need to breathe and relax a little,” Raven said in her ear but Clarke wasn’t listening.

“I have to stop her. I have to stop her,” Clarke said and turned to look at Raven. “What if she…” She was saying it but she couldn’t finish it given the lump that formed on her throat at the thought of something happening to Lexa before Clarke just turned around and started running towards the direction Octavia went and where she knew Lexa would be. Her friends looked at each other and followed after her. Wells may not know everything, but he knew his best friend and knew Clarke cared for the Commander so all four of them were worried for her.

Lexa stood in front of her tent as she looked at her generals standing across from her on the other side of the circle. It was time to do this. She looked at Anya and nodded at her. The general understood and stepped forward to help her with her armor. Lexa removed the shoulder pad and was undoing the buckles of her coat when Clarke appeared panting from having run, Lexa assumed. One look at her girlfriend and Lexa knew this would not be an easy talk and she was right. “You can’t do this,” Clarke said once she was close to her so no one else would hear their conversation.

“I know how you feel about this Clarke, but…” Lexa started but Clarke didn’t let her finish, interrupting her.

“Do you, really? Do you understand what it will be like for me to see this?” Clarke said and luckily, they were a bit away from the rest of the crowd and Clarke wasn’t speaking loudly.

“Yes, I do, and I don’t like this anymore than you do but it is necessary,” Lexa said firmly as she removed her coat and passed it to Anya who just stood by the side.

“It isn’t necessary. You don’t have to do this. Baby. Please, don’t do this, for me. I am asking you. Don’t fight them. Solve this another way,” Clarke begged and Lexa looked at her with her heart breaking from the pain she could see on blue orbs staring back at her.

She understood Clarke. She really did, when Clarke fought Quint, Lexa judged to be unnecessary and dangerous as well as stupid and Clarke did it because she had something to prove to herself more than to her people. She fought him because she wanted to, because she had to. In the end, Lexa understood however this is different. If she doesn’t do this, they win and may even start thinking about overthrowing her and that means death. She had to do this so she could continue in power and continued alive for her people and most of all, for Clarke.

“Look, I know you may not understand but I really need to do this. When it’s over, we can talk and I will explain but right now, I need to do this and you need to let me. I will be fine,” Lexa said and Clarke shook her head.

“You don’t know that,” The blonde said holding back a sob as a treacherous tear fell down and it pierced Lexa’s heart like a bullet.

“Must you always doubt me?” She said trying to joke but Clarke just looked at her pleadingly even if the words didn’t come out and Lexa could only look at her apologetically and the blonde understood there was no changing her mind.

“Heda. It’s time,” Anya said and Lexa looked at her general before nodding. She grabbed her sword and walked forward entering the circle. Clarke sighed in despair. Anya took pity on the girl and saw that she really cared about Lexa. Whatever they had was serious for both of them which meant it was serious for her too.

“She will be fine, Sky Girl. She is the best fighter we have,” Anya said to her and Clarke looked at the warrior.

“She may be the best warrior but she is not invincible. She can get hurt. She bleeds like you and me. And that is what worries me,” Clarke said to her before she walked away while Anya just looked after her.

Clarke walked back to her friends. She would need their support to get through with this. Raven held her hand and Murphy side hugged tightly as they looked ahead and saw that the generals were all ready for it as well. Clarke looked at Lexa and almost as if calling to her, the brunette looked right back at her while Indra stepped forward and started speaking. “The generals have defied and disrespected our beloved Commander,” Anya said in English so that the Sky People that have joined to watch could understand as well.

“They challenge her because they believe her to be weak, that she no longer has the Spirit within her but we know how wrong they are,” She said and some of the warriors cheered for her words some were still undecided. “And for that alone, they should die but the Commander is just and fair and will give them an honorable death. She will fight them, and may the best warrior die at last by her hands,” Anya finished her speech and the majority of the warriors cheered and Lexa broke the eye contact with Clarke and stepped forward.

Chapter Text

Lexa stepped forward and the generals all stood in a fighting stance and she made sure to look at every single one of them in the eyes, to let them see that she would show no mercy for having dared to question and she could some of them gulp in fear of what she would do to them for being foolish, before she raised her own sword with both hands and waited for them to move. There were 7 of them and she wasn’t worried about fighting them. She knew she was better, however there was Linus and like any Azgeda, he wasn’t too fond of playing by the rules and loved fighting dirty so she would need to keep an eye on him to make sure that she wouldn’t fall in one of his traps.

She had fought Azgeda warriors before and as Anya said they all lace their weapons with venoms only found in their territory and once Lexa got a hold of this information, the first thing she did was get the spies she had on their territory to gather the best knowledge of the venoms as well as collect their antidotes so she would have no surprise and wouldn’t give them the pleasure of having her die in such a way so although there was the danger of that, she still got it pretty much covered so she would only worry about fighting them and winning.

She can’t afford to lose. Clarke may feel that this is unnecessary but if she didn’t answer them questions this way, it would be everything Linus and consequentially Nia would need to start poisoning her people against her, making them doubt her and she was only Commander as long as her people believed in her and if they didn’t, then she would die and she didn’t want to put Clarke through that again so she has to do this, to protect not only her future and the future of her people but also to protect her own future at the side of the woman she loves.

Lexa waited, patient was a virtue in this situation, and the first one to move towards her was the second general of Trishanakru, Devon, he came with his spears and swung towards her and she dodged it without much trouble. He tried it again, but she sidestepped, held his arms and stood his back to her front as she twirled her sword in her hand and while standing behind him, she lashed his throat and pushed his body back as it fell to the ground and the people cheered. Clarke knew that by the end of this, she would be out of her mind. She couldn’t believe that Lexa was doing this to her again, as if Roan was not enough.

She understood that there may be more things at stake than what she knows but right now, she doesn’t give two shits about those reasons. All her mind, all her heart can think of is the fact that the love of her life is fighting seven of her generals to the death. That at any moment, all they need is to get that one attack and she will lose Lexa all over again and she can’t handle that thought, of having to watch the life dim in her girlfriend’s eyes again, yet, her feet would not carry her way from the place. If it is was breaking her inside, Clarkee would stay by Lexa until the end, whoever end that was, theirs or hers.

Lexa waited and the next one came as well, Cain kom Sangedakru. He had a bow and arrows and Clarke’s heart went to her throat. How was Lexa going to get out of this one? Everyone was watching with bated breath. “What do you think is going to happen now?” Jessica asked Bellamy and Finn who were watching with her.

“She is going to die, isn’t she?” Finn said as they watched, and Clarke noticed the way Raven motioned for Finn to shut the hell up.

“I’m sorry, Heda but we must do what we must for our people,” The guy said as he took aim and she nodded. “I understand,” She said, and he fired his first shot.

Everyone was shocked when Lexa used her sword to dodge it, including him. How was that even possible? How was she even faster that an arrow?

“I hope you understand that you made the wrong choice today, Cain. A choice that will cost you your life,” Lexa said as she moved towards him. He quickly shot another arrow and another and another as Lexa dodged all of them the same way before she gripped the one arrow he had on the bow and drove her sword through his body, killing him.

“Forgive me, Heda,” He said as blood dripped from his mouth.

“You are forgiven,” She said to him as a small mercy and pulled the sword back and didn’t even have time to prepare for the next who come running at her and she barely had time to dodge him. She had to admit he was fast, but she knew she was faster and to win she would have to be smarter than him. He had two small knives, while she had her sword. She knew him to be Cain’s second, so he wanted to avenge the death of his first. He would be emotional and more prone to make a mistake and she would exploit that.

“How long is this going to take?” Clarke asked as she watched Lexa and this new guy circle each other as if they were two animals on the prowl, Lexa more than the guy.

“I don’t know but look, once this one is gone, there are only 4 left and she would win easily,” Raven said trying to comfort the girl, but Clarke just wanted Lexa to be okay.

“They are 4 too many Raven. All it takes is one good strike,” Clarke said as Lexa and the guy started exchanging blow, but none landed on their targets. He was better than the other two.

Jake and Abby were also watching along with Kane and Jaha and they were both worried. “This is not looking good for her,” Jake said as they watched Lexa dodge another series of blows the guy delivered and Abby nodded apprehensive.

“Yeah but from what I heard from the grounders, she is the best so although it may difficult, but I think she will win,” Abby said to her husband.

“What do you think will happen if she doesn’t?” Jaha asked them.

“I don’t know, I suppose they find a new one,” Jake said shrugging.

“I wonder how they do that.” Jaha said before they all focused back on the fight.

Lexa had given him time just so she could assess how was his style and now that she knew, more or less, she made a plan of attack and just waited for the perfect moment and when he made a series of blows again, she dodged the first few, he even managed to get a hit, by slashing her belly, to which she promptly ignored and when she felt his blows slow down just one bit, it was enough for her to use her speed and dodge one of his knives and before the other came, she kneeled down and swung her sword cutting his knees as he fell down and she drove her sword through his chest while on the ground.

She pulled it back as the crowd cheered once more and waited for the next generals but this time, three of them came forward to fight her at the same time, already seeing that alone they stood no chance against her. The first one was Fini kom Podakru and she had two swords, the others were Pato and Amon kom Ingranrona Kru. They each had a sword. She paid closer attention to them and waited. They would be the first to move, not her and they did. Pato came at her with all the strength he had, and boy was he strong.

She barely had time to dodge his attacks before Amon joined in and he was faster than she had expected, getting a few cuts here and there but nothing too serious, however, Lexa was still holding them both off and Fini tried to attack her from behind but Lexa already expected it so she dodged it but Pato grabbed her and was about to drive his sword through her but she raised hers in time to hold him off from doing that, however Amon was moving towards her and she knew she needed to act fast so she quickly reached towards her leg and grabbed her dagger, raised it up and drove it through Pato’s eye ball.

She kicked the sword out of Amon’s hand and very swiftly, she disentangled herself from Pato, who fell to the ground and stood up to fight the other two. This time she was the one who moved towards them, dealing blow after blow and they had to work hard to avoid them but they were no match for her and she quickly drove her sword through Fini and when Amon tried to come for her, Lexa used Fini’s sword to kill Amon who had her throat slashed as blood fell on her face and upper arms.

Both of them fell to the ground and Lexa picked up her sword from Fini’s body and used two now instead of just one. Now, there was only Linus and she knew that he waited to be the last so she would be tired and more worn down than him, but he clearly didn’t know her very well. She still didn’t have a bruise so clearly his plan didn’t work, and she could see his mind trying to create another one, so she moved towards him and almost killed him before he moved out of the way and she had to react fast to avoid him from lashing at her.

Clarke wasn’t sure how she was still breathing after everything that she was witnessing happening to her girlfriend and in front of her. Every second of this was being torture for her, she just wanted to raise her gun and shoot them all dead so Lexa wouldn’t have to risk her life fighting them and yes, she was proving to be better than all of them together but that didn’t nothing for Clarke’s nerve or to sooth her worries. When the last one was dead, then she would relax but for now she would still worry herself to craziness.

“She is very good. I have never seen someone fight like that,” Bellamy said as he crossed his arms and Finn looked at across the camp and settled on Clarke.

“I’m more worried about Clarke. She is white like a sheet,” He said worriedly, and Bellamy looked at the girl and had to agree that she was looking not so good but he knew the reason why. She was with the Commander. It was her girlfriend that was fighting, of course she would be worried, but he couldn’t say anything, not to anyone and certainly not to Finn.

“Yeah, I hope she’s okay,” Bellamy said and focused on the fight once again. Clarke was with Murphy, Raven and Wells, they would give her the support she needs.

Linus moved forward and tried his best to land a blow on her, but every time Lexa would dodge it and he was getting impatient and as their sword clashed together, they both pushed each other away a few steps and he was already out of his mind. He had hoped that the other would do the job for him but he had no counted with her being so superior to them in combat and now he had no idea how he was going out of this alive so he decided that if he couldn’t hurt her like this, there was somewhere else he could deliver a blow that would hurt even more so with that being said, he moved away from Lexa.

He picked up the bow and one arrow that was discarded on the floor and pulled it back pointing at the Commander as she stopped her advance and simply looked at him, unimpressed that after everything, he really thinks he can hurt her with an arrow. However, she still stood in her fighting position, waiting for him to release the arrow so she could dodge and finally kill him once and for all. “That arrow is not going to hurt me, Linus,” Lexa said in a bored voice until she saw him smirk and then her blood ran cold.

“Who said it is for you?” He said that and in a mater of seconds, Lexa saw everything in slow motion. He pulled the arrow back and shifted the bow so that instead of pointing at her, he was aiming at Clarke and he gave her a wink before he let the arrow go and she could only watch as the small object flew in the air in the direction of the woman she loved and as it got closer, Lexa’s heart stopped beating until out of nowhere, Anya appeared and cut the arrow in half before it got anywhere near Clarke and finally things went back to the normal pace.

Lexa’s eyes connected with Clarke for one second, although for them, it was like hours, but once Lexa was sure that Clarke was safe, an uncontrollable rage took over from her and even Clarke could see the murderous look on Lexa’s face, and she knew that Linus was done for. Lexa then turned back to Linus who had an wide eyes look on his face so much that he missed Lexa throwing her sword away as she ran towards him and tackled him to the ground before she straddled him and started punching him in the face as he tried to defend himself but Lexa was in a trance and nothing was stopping her.

She just keep punching with all her strength as she started drawing blood but not stopping there, not even when he stopped fighting back, she just kept punching until she found her rage melt away and she stopped before she took another dagger she had and slid his throat just to make sure he was really dead before she stood up, covered in his blood as she stood facing her people as silence resigned before someone yelled Heda and soon enough, all the warriors were chanting her name and stopping their feet and clashing their weapons and she just stood there, watching them as everyone watched her in shock of what they had just seen her do.

Lexa then realized that she had lost control, something she rarely did specially in a fight and that she needed to recompose herself so then she turned around and made her way back to the tent with a look towards Nyko who understood the signal, quickly gathering his things before following her inside as everyone was recovering from what they have seen happen right before their eyes. Anya turned towards Clarke. “Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?” She asked the blonde who looked at her.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you for saving my life,” Clarke said to her and Anya nodded at her before she turned and walked away.

“Remind me to never mess with you again,” Murphy said from Clarke’s side and the blonde turned to look at him as he looked at her in awe. Clarke the shook her head.

“I will go talk to her,” She said to her friends before she walked away from them and towards the tent, getting inside, as they looked at each other.

“This conversation between them is not ending well, is it?” Wells asked them and Raven just shook her head.

“No, definitely not,” She said as they turned to join the rest of their people while waiting for whatever would happen in that tent to blow over.

Chapter Text

As soon as she entered the tent, Lexa let out a deep sigh of relief that she was able to prove her strength to her people and had them on her side again, but she was also disturbed by the fact that Linus decided to hurt Clarke to hurt her. It only showed that people had been observant of her dynamic with Clarke. They would have to be more careful from now on, Lexa dreaded the moment the word about her relationship with Clarke would reach Nia’s ear, with her being the biggest enemy the young brunette had for now, and what the Ice Queen would do, if she will try to do with Clarke the same thing she did with Costia. Lexa vowed to kill her if she ever tries anything of the sort with the blonde sky girl.

Lexa sighed as Nyko came inside her tent and started to treat her wounds, she wasn’t particularly keen on this part of fighting, this aftermath but she was indeed glad that her injuries were all minor ones, not as bad as some she had received previously in fights she had had before. However, she also wasn’t particularly keen in having to fight so many of her people, of her generals. She hated the fact that she had to kill them like this, but she also can’t have people that disrespect her as Commander around her like that, there is always a limit to expressing their opinions and those generals crossed it today.

Is it over already Nyko? I am getting impatient. I need to make sure that things are okay now after their deaths,” Lexa asked him, and he shook his head.

Not yet, Commander. I understand that you have your duty to tend to and I am going as fast as it is agreeable,” He said as he continued to clear the wounds

But as soon as he said that, the tent flap was opened rather roughly as Clarke entered the place with a stride to her step looking around until her eyes finally met Lexa’s. One look at the blonde and Lexa knew that this would not be a pleasant conversation so when their eyes locked, Lexa look down at Nyko and back at Clarke and shook her head, indicating that whatever she wanted to say to the Commander should not be said in front of him. Clarke seemed to have understood the message and nodded, crossing her arms and waiting.

Commander, can you lift your shirt so that I can treat the gash on your belly?” Nyko said and Lexa nodded lifting it up and giving Clarke a full view of the wound.

The blonde could not help but to gasp at the sight of it. It wasn’t a nasty wound because it wasn’t that deep, it would scar but minimally, probably just a thin reminder of what happened here today, but it was okay. The wound was a long one and it had black blood coming out of it and at the sight of that, Clarke couldn’t help but be reminded of another time and situation in which black blood oozed out of wound on the older girl’s stomach and she shook her head trying to get rid of the images before she had a panic attack.

Nyko tried to work a fast a he could and in a matter of a few more minutes, he was finally done. He could feel the tension in the air between the two women, so he thought better than to extend his stay there beyond what was strictly necessary for his Commander’s health. All he did was make sure his Commander was okay, that all of her wounds were treated properly, as it was his duty and once that was done and over with, he stood up gathering his tools and putting them back on his bag. “The wounds need to be cleaned every day and the bandages need to be cleaned every day as well. Other than that, you’re fine, Commander,” He said.

Lexa nodded at him. “Of course. Thank you Nyko for your help. You may go now and tell Ryder that I don’t want interruptions unless it is an emergency,” Lexa said to him standing up from the chair in which she was in and he nodded bowing his head.

The honor was mine to be able to help you, Commander. And I will,” He said to her and turned around leaving the tent, sighing on his way out in relief of the tension as they heard him speak with the guard staying outside.

“Well, I can see you came in here with a purpose so let me have it but watch your tone, there are people outside that could hear you and think you are disrespecting me, the Commander,” Lexa said to the blonde who looked at her.

“What the hell is wrong with you Lexa? Why did you do something so stupid like fighting all of those people on your own? What was going through your head to think that was a good idea?” Clarke said clearly irritated but remembering to keep her voice down. Lexa sighed.

“I know you don’t understand this, Clarke but…” Lexa tried to say, tried to explain her point of view from what happened but Clarke interrupted getting closer.

“Do not tell me that I don’t understand this because I’m a Sky person, because I’m not one of you. What you did was stupid and reckless anywhere in the world, not just here Lexa,” Clarke said to her and Lexa shook her head.

“Yes, Clarke, you do not understand because you have not grown up like us. I’m not saying I wouldn’t prefer a better way to solve things, and perhaps in the future I can implement it but for now, to my people, this is how one proves one’s strength and that is how a leader deals with people who challenge her. I’m sorry you had to see it, I really am but it had to happen. There was no other way,” Lexa said to her and Clarke scoffed.

“Did you even try to find one? Did you even try to talk to them before slashing their throats? Before having that gash on your belly?” She said angrily at the brunette.

“Yes, of course, I did. I always do Clarke, but I promise you there was no other way. I hate this as much as you do,” Lexa said to her, but Clarke simply shook her head.

“No, you don’t hate this as much as I do Lexa. And you know why? Because you weren’t the one who had to watch me bleed to death without being able to do anything to stop it. I did,” Clarke said and the tears came up to her eyes, “It was your blood on my hands, on my bed sheets, it was you who took a bullet to the stomach, you were the one that died, and I was the one left with no options except to watch it happen before my own eyes,” Clarke said to her.

“You know I am sorry for that. If I could take that pain and those memories away from you, I would in a heartbeat. I never wanted for you to go through that,” Lexa said stepping closer trying to comfort the blonde but Clarke took a step back and let tried not to let the hurt she was feeling at the rejection of her touch to show on her face.

“But you just did, Lexa. That is my point. You just made me go through that again. This fight was like watching that bullet hit you. The only difference was that the bullet was faster, and this was a slow agony. Every time they came at you, I wondered if that was it, if that was the hit that would kill you again as I would have to watch it happen again,” Clarke said with tears in her eyes as they started to fall down on her face, “You hated when I fought with Quint but look at what you just did, Lexa. Why can’t you understand why I hate when you fight like this?”

“You fought with Quint for personal reasons, Clarke. You wanted to prove something to yourself and you were on a misguided notion that you needed my people’s approval to be with me and after the worry was gone, I understood why you did. I didn’t believe it to be necessary, but I understood. However, that was in no way similar to this situation. If my people lose their trust in me, Clarke, then I’m as good as dead. I was fighting out there, for the chance we want to have a future together and I am sorry you can’t understand that what I am doing, I am doing it for us,” Lexa said to her as she sighed, and Clarke got irritated.

“Do not patronize me. I’m not a child,” Clarke said to her.

“But you are acting like one,” Lexa said irritated as well before she seemed to calm down. “I understand why you’re angry and why you’re worried. I love you and I want bad thing happening to you even less then you do me so I do understand what you’re feeling, I would feel the same if I was in your shoes, but you have to understand that this is my life, Clarke. This constant danger, these fights, these wounds, even if I have peace between my people and yours, I will always be in danger,” Lexa said to her and Clarke nodded.

“Yes, but do you have to go in search of that danger? Those generals didn’t challenge you, you challenged them. I asked you not to do it, to find another way but you preferred to go through with it and put me through this without even trying. You didn’t care what it would do to me to see you like that again. You only thought about yourself. And if that is how you’re going to act, how is this relationship going to work? You do whatever you want without considering my opinions and I just have to accept it because the powerful Heda commanded?” Clarke said looking at her, “Well, I don’t think so,” Clarke said to her and Lexa sighed.

“I have not done such a thing and I am sorry you can’t understand why I had to do it or that you’re not even willing to try. And I’m sorry you feel overlooked, if I did this, I apologize. I would never intentionally belittle your opinions or your feelings. They matter more to me than anyone else’s, but there are situations in which my personal feelings or your personal feelings do not matter when it comes to do the best for our people. You know that better than anyone. Your worries, I’m afraid, could have no part in the decision to fight or not. It was in the best interest of our people and our own that I fought, that I won, and your emotions are preventing you from seeing that. I understand why…” Lexa said but Clarke interrupted her.

“You understand nothing or else you wouldn’t have done it,” Clarke said angrily at her and turned around to walk out of the tent.

“Are you leaving just like that without even finishing talking about this?” Lexa asked her and Clarke turned around and looked at her girlfriend.

“Oh. Yeah, sorry. I must have forgotten. I apologize for my mistake. Do I have your permission to leave, Commander?” Clarke said sarcastically and Lexa sighed defeated.

“Clarke…” Lexa tried to say but all the blonde did was walk out of the tent and Lexa sighed as she closed her eyes. This was not good.

Clarke walked out of the tent and her emotions were a mess, she was angry, hurt, irritated, sad and all she knew was that she needed to be away for a while. She couldn’t be around Lexa or else she might say things she would regret later and she didn’t want that. She needed time and space away from the brunette to cool down before even attempting at talking to her about this subject again as she knew they would have to at some point. So, she looked around camp and her eyes were set on the figure of her father as he prepared the kids and the others to leave to Arkadia and an idea popped in her head as she walked towards him.

“Hey Dad. Do you have place for one more?” She called out to him and he turned to look at her confusedly.

“Don’t you have to stay to deal with the Commander and help her?” He said to her, curious as to why she would be leaving if she was needed her, and she shook her head.

“No, the Commander can handle everything herself. She doesn’t need me,” She said ironically but he didn’t seem to catch it which she was thankful for.

“Well, of course. I always have a place for you, kiddo,” He said hugging her and she sighed against his chest and nodded.

“Well, then let’s go,” She said and he nodded smiling at her though he did notice that there was something wrong with her. He only hoped that she would feel comfortable to talk to him or someone about it instead of keeping it all inside.

“Let’s go. Bellamy and Finn are up in the back if you want to go with them. I will be at the front with the others,” Jake said to her and she nodded at him.

“Okay. I will go join them,” She said. Jake kissed her forehead and she walked past the others greeting them until she came to the end of the group.

Indeed, the boys were there at the back along with the remaining of the hundred, Bellamy and Finn were talking in the back and Finn was the first one that noticed her, as usual and he couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face when he saw her coming their way. No matter what has happened, he was still in love with her, his feelings for her have not changed and any opportunity he had to spend time with her was deeply appreciated. “Hey Clarke. What are you doing here?” Finn asked her and she gave them both a hug.

“I’m going to Arkadia with you guys,” Clarke said to them, and the boys looked at each other before looking back at her.

“Is everything okay here?” Bellamy asked her and she nodded though she knew at least he wouldn’t believe her and would maybe pick up on what could possibly be wrong with her.

“Yeah, I just need a break from all of this and there are things I need to do there so, two birds with one stone,” She said to them as she came to stand between them, and they nodded.

“Hey, you know you can tell me anything,” Bellamy whispered to her when Finn wasn’t paying attention, to caught up talking to Miller.

“I am fine but if I feel like talking, I promise you will be the first person I will go to, okay?” She said to him and he nodded, satisfied with the answer, for now. With that, Finn turned back towards her and they started talking, making the trip much more pleasant and much quicker than Clarke had expected. She knew, deep down, that she had been childish to simply walk out of the conversation with Lexa, but she also felt that she needed to. She planned to stay at Arkadia for just today and return tomorrow, hopefully then, they would be able to talk and move past this argument and things would go back to the way it was before.

Chapter Text

The moment Clarke walked out of the tent, Lexa let out a deep sigh as she simply let herself fall on her throne and put her face on her hands. Yes, Lexa could perfectly understand where Clarke was coming from. She knew that the experience from their past life of the last moments they spent together which were the moments in which Lexa was bleeding on the blonde’s bed, after taking a bullet that had been meant from the other girl. She can imagine how difficult it must have been for the girl to have to watch the life go out of her eyes.

She can imagine how Clarke must have felt guilty for not being able to save her. Lexa perfectly understand the trauma that it must have caused the blonde when it comes to seeing Lexa in a possibly similar situation. She could understand how the blonde must have felt while seeing her fight her generals today. She could understand why Clarke thought that her actions were unnecessary, but the problem is not what she can or cannot understand. The problem is the reality that Clarke doesn’t seem ready to accept.

Lexa is Commander. She has always been Commander and will always be Commander, unless she dies or she lives long enough to one day, choose to pass the Flame onto the next worthy nightblood, who will then carry on with her legacy, whatever that will be. But until that day comes, her life will always be in danger, she will always be susceptible to being challenged, her enemies will keep trying to assassinate her, her generals or her Ambassador are susceptible to betraying her, that is her life and if Clarke wants to be a part of it she needs to be ready to accept it or no matter how much they love one another, this relationship will not work.

Lexa was deep in thought when the flap of her tent was opened, and Anya came inside. Lexa couldn’t help but stand up from her throne and walk towards the woman before pulling her in for a hug. She could feel Anya’s surprise before she felt the woman relax against her and her arms wrapped tightly around Lexa while also being considerate of her wounds. Lexa knew the woman was not so used to public display of affection like this but given what she did for Lexa today, the younger brunette didn’t know another way to do this.

Thank you for the stopping the arrow. I don’t know what I would have done if he had hurt her,” Lexa said sincerely as she pulled away from the hug looking at the older woman, and Anya nodded her head, already knowing that was the reason for the hug.

I knew he had to have known that you would have massacred him and that he would have one last trick where he would bet it all on. Once he picked up the bow and arrow even after your display of skills against it, I knew he was aiming that arrow on her so I grabbed a shield, walked closer to Clarke and waited for him to prove me right and he did,” Anya explained, and Lexa could only be more grateful.

But that leaves me worried Anya. If he already made the connection of the nature of my relationship with Clarke, how long until Nia finds out?” Lexa asked her worried and Anya smirked at the young girl who frowned in confusion. “What?” Lexa asked.

Yesterday, at night, we intercepted a messenger from Linus to the Queen. I believe the guy was supposed to deliver exactly that information to her, but he met an unfortunate end before he could get anywhere close to the Ice Nation. Poor thing,” Anya said, and Lexa couldn’t help but reflect her smirk with one of her own.

I don’t know what I would do without you, Gustus or Indra, you know that?” Lexa said to the woman who nodded her head.

Oh, we know. But that was actually not why I came here. I am here because your job is not yet finished. Your people once again saw your strength, but they need to hear your words of reassurance. You need to go out there and make a speech Lexa. Besides fighting, speeches are kind of your specialty,” Anya said to her and Lexa seemed to think about it.

You really think they need a speech from me? Now?” Lexa asked. She wasn’t opposed to it, words never failed her before, she just wasn’t sure that there was a need.

They are all still in the same spot looking at this tent as if waiting for you. Yes, Lexa, I am sure that it is necessary so get your ass out there and blow their minds,” Anya said to her and all Lexa could do was to nod her head before she took a deep breath and did just that. She walked out of the tent and she could see her warriors were all there, with their attention solely focused on her tent and now on her and seeing them like this, she knew Anya was right about her needing to do this for them so she walked towards the middle of the circle they had made, looked at some of them before she started.

Eleven years ago, a tyrant was exterminated. Eleven years ago, the period of obscurity and pure hatred installed on our people was finished. Eleven years ago, a blood thirsty leader met his end. Eleven years ago, Kalil of Rockline Clan died. Eleven years ago, the conclave was called to happen and eleven years ago I won and ascended,” She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear as she continued,

On the day the Spirit of the Commander choose me to lead, I made an oath to protect my people and lead them towards a better and brighter future, a future that is not filled with death and loss of loved ones because of pointless wars as it was done in the past. You are my people, you are all my people, every single clan, and I have kept my oath and we are finally united and stronger than ever under the banner of the Coalition,”

Every decision I have taken in the past, that I take in the present or that I will take in the future is done thinking about what the best for our people is, the best for all of you and that is never going to change, no matter what. You may not agree, or you may not like those decisions, you’re allowed to have your opinion, I’m not perfect and I may make mistakes. I am human after all,” She said to them as she turned around in her spot to make sure to look at as many of them as possible as she went on,

But what I will not allow now or ever is for anyone to disrespect my place as your Commander, even more so anyone who dares to question the legitimacy of my connection to the Spirit, or for one second to suggest that I have forgotten my oath, my duty and that I have forgone the best interests and the safety of those I sworn to serve until the last breath leave my body because of anything or anyone. That will simply never happen,” Lexa said firmly.

I have never sent you anywhere I wouldn’t dare go myself. I never forgot your complaints, or your wishes and I certainly haven’t forgotten the faces of your families as you leave them to follow me into a war because those are the faces that I will have to see again if any of you die under my command. And if I have to take you from your homes and your loved ones, then trust me that I will do it solely because it’s the best thing for all of us, not because of some petty whim like these traitors suggested I do,” She said pointing towards Linus’ body.

I have not, and I will not forget my duties to every single one of you here in these field as well as every single person back at each clan, each village, each home. I have and I will always put my duty to you first and believe that I will not make a decision if it is not the best for all of us even if you can’t see it right away, trust in me and you will see a little further down the road that I was right. Believe in the strength of each clan separately and even more believe in the strength of our Coalition and I tell you that there is no enemy that will come our way that we won’t be able to defeat!” Lexa said and yelled raising her fist to the Sky and the crowd followed her example and raised theirs as well yelling out her title.

The yells and the screams of Heda and Kongeda were deafening and Lexa gave a small smile mixed with a smirk. Anya watched the scene happen in front of her and she couldn’t be prouder of the strong leader and strong woman that little petulant child thrown into her care turned out to be. As opposed to the Commander that came before her, Lexa was followed by their people because they believed in her and because they loved her just as much as she loved them in return and Anya couldn’t help but feel excited for everything that Lexa will accomplish for their people yet. Speaking of her, the Commander raised her hand, and everyone made silence to hear her next words.

Well, as far as these traitors go, they may not have deserved it in life, but we will teach them honor in death. Make pyres and burn the bodies,” She said to her warriors who nodded accepting her orders and ready to do it. “Now, that this issue is solved, everyone go back to work. Anya, find the replacements for the generals. Indra, coordinate the pyres,” Lexa gave her orders and all the warriors replied with a powerful chorus of Sha Heda before they all bowed down before her, the only ones staying on their feet was the Sky People obviously.

Lexa let out a breath of relief as she saw all her warriors paying respect to her which lets her know they still believe in her and that was all she wanted from this display. She has always known that a leader is as good as his people’s faith in him. Without their trust in her, she will be no one’s leader and that is why she always try to make sure to show them that they can continue to trust her, that she does have their best interest at heart, that she can see a bigger picture and what she does is to drive them towards a better future and hope that it works.

She turned around and walked back towards her tent. Immediately, the warriors rose to their feet and a group of them moved forward and started gathering the bodies while another group grabbed axes and moved towards the forest to gather wood for the pyres. Gustus came to Anya’s side and the two generals started talking as they watched Indra ordering the warriors around on how to make the piles.

How is she? We saw the Sky Girl leaving the tent looking really angry,” He said lowly as they made sure that no one was listening to their conversation.

I don’t know. When I came in, she was sitting on the throne and I could see that however their conversation went, it didn’t have a good outcome and I guess I already what it was about. I’ve been in their places before and it can be really hard on a couple, but I am sure they will make up soon enough,” Anya said to him and he nodded.

I hope you’re right about that Anya. For her sake, I hope you are absolutely right,” He said, and she nodded before they ended their conversation and each one went to fulfill their orders with Anya going to find the replacements for the dead generals, following the instructions that Lexa had given her, to make sure she didn’t choose the wrong ones.

Chapter Text

Kane, Raven and Murphy were sitting down outside of the Mountain all by themselves, the others having left, and they saw the moment where Clarke walked out of the tent looking incredibly angry. They also watched as she walked all the way to where Bellamy, Finn and the others were getting ready to leave and how she went along with them, leaving the camp, going back to Arkadia. That alone told them that whatever had been said inside that tent between her and Lexa had not gone smoothly as they had hoped and that worried them. Not because of their mission, they knew both girls would work hard to accomplish that but rather, they were worried about their relationship with each other.

“It must have been one hell of a fight. I wouldn’t have wanted to be there, not even to watch,” Raven said to them once the blonde disappeared from their line of sight and the other two nodded their heads in agreement.

“Of course, I can understand where Clarke’s anger is coming from. The pure fear of seeing what happened to Lexa last time happening again in front of her must have been overwhelming for her,” Kane said, and they nodded.

“Yeah, I mean, I was there when it happened, and it was not pretty to watch at all. She tried to so hard to make the bleeding stop but she just couldn’t. I don’t think she was even thinking straight once the bullet went in, she was just thinking she was going to lose her, and she did. She stayed almost an entire day, standing up and looking at the blood on the cloth. It was heartbreaking,” Murphy explained to them and they nodded.

“I can understand that. It was hard for me when he died too but, I don’t think it was as bad as it was for Clarke. I mean, with the way they feel for one another, it must have been ten thousand times more hurtful then it would be if it was anyone else,” Raven expressed her opinion, and the boys nodded.

“Yes, I agree but Clarke will have to understand and, in this Lexa would have to be the one to explain to her, that her life will always be in danger. She is the Commander after all and only death is going to change that, she will always have enemies, she will always have people that will try to assassinate her, challenge her to a fight, even poison her. If Clarke wants to be with her, she will have to learn to deal with that part of Lexa’s life as well or else it is not going to work, no matter how much they may love each other,” Kane explained to them and they nodded.

“And it is not like Clarke stays clear of danger as well. That girl calls for danger and for trouble wherever she goes. How good would she feel if the roles were reversed and Lexa tried to berate her for putting herself in danger or if Lexa tried to order Clarke to stand back? It would definitely not go well with Blondie. She is as much of a leader to us as Lexa is to her people and they both have to accept that about the other,” Murphy said.

“But it’s not easy. I mean, how well can you handle knowing that the person you love the most is in danger? Can you be so level headed that you are not going to instinctively try to shelter them as best as you can? Even at times putting yourself in danger in order to protect them? Wouldn’t you do that for Emori and you for Callie?” Raven asked the boys who looked at each other both knowing the answer to that question.

“With those two is the same. They both want to protect the other because they both know unfortunately what is like to lose one another. Lexa when Clarke went missing those months and Clarke when Lexa went to the Valley, if you know what I mean,” She said to them and they nodded understanding the analogy.

“You’re right. I guess that the fact that being leaders elevates the level of danger they face every single day makes it even harder for even one of them to think straight when it comes to the safety of the other which in turn will lead to more fights like the one they seemed to have had just now,” Kane said to them and Raven nodded.

“Yes, maybe but I also think that every couple has a way of working their problems out together, especially if they truly love each other. An understanding that may seem even odd to outsiders but that it is perfectly reasonable for them and they can live with it. Maybe the constant fights over who gets to be more protective of who is their way and they can work like that, can function as a couple like that,” Raven said to them.

“Not to mention that fights like that makes for the best kind of makeup sex there is and given how they are already, it is going to catch fire,” Murphy said jokingly. Kane only shook his head while raven slapped the back of the boy’s head.

“Get your mind out of the gutter for one second in your life douchebag and be serious about it. We are here in a poetic contemplation of our best friend’s love life and you are making stupid jokes,” Raven said to him shaking her head and he looked at her.

“Just a question. Is poetic contemplation the new term used for gossiping? Because if it is, I think it is the work of a genius,” He said chuckling, and Kane couldn’t help but chuckle at the joke and Raven just face palmed herself.

“I give up on trying to make a decent human being out of you, asshole. It is an impossible task and life is cruel for asking that of me. Just saying the truth,” Raven said seriously joking, and Murphy chuckled at that.

“Okay, changing the subject. What do you think of Jaha in that meeting? Was it just me or was he trying to compare strength and leadership rights with Clarke and got his ass handed to him big time like the idiot we have all come to agree that he is?” Murphy asked them as he expressed his opinions of the man in question and Kane sighed beside him.

“No, it wasn’t just you and he was doing just that. It is what he has been trying to do since the moment we arrived down here. To get the power back from Clarke but he has yet to realize that he can’t. Clarke and Lexa were born for this,” Kane said to them and they nodded.

“No shit. They were so important for our future that the PTB had to go through all of this trouble to make sure they can lead us together. He needs to get checked that he may hold the title of Chancellor, but Clarke is the one in charge and will always be even when she leaves for Polis. Even then, I think our people will always kind of search for her approval on things, needing her to be there,” Raven said agreeing with him.

“You’re absolutely right, Raven. Even after everything that has happened, even after those months away, she could still hold more power than any Chancellor because they can recognize that power in her. She is a natural leader, you can’t help but follow her and more and more of our people are realizing that Jaha is no longer the best option for the position. He can be very smart and can understand many things about being a leader, but he is a created leader while she is natural and the difference is staring at all of us in the face,” Kane explained.

“Well, I never liked the guy anyway for a number of justified reasons. If we didn’t know of Clarke’s plans to go to Polis, I would tell her to run for Chancellor and she would win definitely. Actually, I think that election would consist of her massacring him with the amount of votes she would get from the people,” Murphy said to them and they nodded.

“Yes, but we all know that Clarkes place is not here with us in Arkadia. Her place, I would dare say, is not even in Polis. Her place is wherever Lexa is. Be it at the capitol, or a village or a camp or in battle, Clarke belongs with Lexa,” Kane said thoughtfully and the other two sighed.

“Yeah but from what I saw of Blondie coming out of that tent, she will have a bot of groveling to do before all is well in Paradise again,” Murphy said as the two friends looked at him.

“Why do you say that?” Kane asked him.

“We know Clarke and I would like to think we are starting to know Lexa. Clarke is the impulsive one, she is the one most likely to explode, the one to let her emotions take control of what she is saying. Lexa is more calm, and given her work, already used to angry outburst, she would probably be the one to take what Clarke says to heart, be hurt about it and still make sure Blondie is okay so based on the way Clarke stormed off, I doubt Lexa was the one who said something that made her leave. It is more probable that Clarke couldn’t handle the conversation and left and for that, as well as for whatever she had said, she will need to do some groveling,” Murphy explained to them and they nodded.

“You may be right in your assumption, John. I only hope that they will not let such a thing tear them apart,” Kane said as he sighed before standing up, “Well, if you two young people will excuse me, I think it is time to try and rekindle an old friendship,” The man said and after the goodbye, was seen going to help Indra as he tried to struck conversation with the general.

“I miss her, you know?” Murphy said as he and Raven scooted closer together on the log of wood they were sitting down on.

“Emori?” She asked him as he nodded his head. Of course, she knew he was missing his girlfriend. She hadn’t become anything of the sorts to Luna and already missed the nightblood.

“Yeah, She is my first love, you know? I never thought that I would ever fall in love with anyone and given how we met, I wouldn’t have betted that it would be her either but, the more time I spent with her, the more I started to see that we were alike in many ways. We were both survivors, we both would do what he had to, we had a similar sense of humor, and so many things and I started to fall in love with her, even when I spent those three months trapped inside that bunker, I still thought about her and when I met her again at the mansion, I knew I wanted to be with her and I consider myself lucky that she decided to take a chance on me,” He said opening up his heart to the girl he had hurt so much at one point and that now he considered one of his best friends.

“Well, me and L, don’t see like such a love story compared to you guys because we had so little time together, but she was different, you know? With Finn, now I can see that our relationship was one sided, he loved me as a friend and I loved him as more and to not hurt me, he went along with it until obviously he met Clarke and fell in love with her. But he didn’t love me, he didn’t even see how much he was hurting me every time he rushed to her side even when she didn’t need him, how he was always searching for her in the middle of the crowd, wanting to be near her, it hurt so much, and he didn’t even see it. Not until I had the balls to call things off because not even that, he had the courage to do it for me,” Raven said as she continued,

“Then, he made that stupid decision to do you know what, not because our friends were missing but because Clarke was missing. He was searching for her, not for all of them,” She said, and Murphy couldn’t help but agree.

“Yeah, I could kind of see that too. He was asking for all of them but only really seemed to care about what was happening with Clarke. The way he killed the guy who had Clarke’s watch? I mean, I admit I kind of egged him on to kill the guy, I was still a remarkable douchebag back then, but I did it because I didn’t think he would do it. He just pulled the trigger and walked off like it was nothing. I never thought he would do something like that. Not peaceful Finn,” Murphy said to her and she nodded.

“Yeah me too. Then, they wanted him dead and I panicked. I still hated you for what you did to my leg and I took it out on you, which I am sorry for, by the way. It was a crappy thing to do,” She said to him sincerely, but Murphy just shook his head.

“With everything I did to you and everyone else back then, that was considerably less shitty than I probably deserved it,” He said dismissing her apologies. He understood why she had done it and couldn’t blame her. In her situation, he would have done the same.

“And then when he died, I was feeling as if I had lost the last family I had, like I was suddenly all alone and I started to push everyone away, simply focus on my mission which was to help Bellamy disable the acid fog. And then, Wick came along, and he was there, and he was helpful, I didn’t want to feel alone so I used him and then threw him away as if he meant nothing, which was another shitty thing I did. But things between us wouldn’t have worked out anyway. We’re too much alike to ever be anything but friends,”

“And then, I met her, and I felt drawn to her, to her eyes. There was so much pain in them, just like there were on mine and when we got to the island and we had the talk near the boat, I realized I was attracted to her. I know, terrible timing but it happened. The more time we spent there, the more drawn to her I felt, and when I had that meltdown and she took care of me, that was when I realized I was falling in love with her and if the world hadn’t been about to be destroyed I would have taken a chance and would have wanted to see where it would lead us,” Raven finished saying and Murphy gave her a genuine smile.

“Now, you will have that chance and hopefully without any world ending threat looming over our heads,” He said to her and she nodded before she laid her head on his shoulder and he put his head on top of hers.

“I hope so, Johnny. I really hope son,” She said to him and he hummed in agreement as they stayed like that, drawing comfort from one another, happy that they had the chance to do things over and become such good friends as well as to think about the two grounders who captured their hearts and hope that they too have a chance to be happy this time around with the people they had already chosen, even if they have to make the two grounders fall in love with them all over again. They were certainly worth the trouble.

However, that might not be as difficult mission to accomplish as they imagine.

Chapter Text

The walk from the Mountain and back to Arkadia was done completely different than Clarke remembered when they had walked this same path after the defeat of the Mountain Men and despite everything that happened today, at least that was a reason for her to be happy. How couldn’t she be? The last time they did this, she had just decimated an entire population to save her friends and she was feeling completely suffocated by that weight as she kept replaying every moment of it trying to find a different solution for the problem as if that would somehow help her but coming up empty.

Given what Cage was doing, she had no time to think of another solution, if there was even one, she did what she had to do but that didn’t mean that realizing that she had been left with no other choice but that one made it any easier on her because it didn’t. Not even Bellamy pulling the lever down with her was helping her deal with it because in the end she knew that it wasn’t up to him. She knew she was grateful for his support during that moment, but that was all he did, support her decision. Her, not his. Her decision. She was the one who gave Monty the order to open the airlocks, it was her idea, it was her responsibility and most of all, it was her burden to bear.

The trip back home from the Mountain last time was done in complete silence, not only by her but by everyone else as well. No one said a word on the whole way back, all knowing that what happened in that place was haunting them all, and it was to cruel to be talked about so soon, if ever, and that there was no place for even a sound to be made. Not even those that were hurt made even a grunt of pain. She wasn’t sure if that silence was better or worse for her, but it was what it was. She was lost on her own mind and she suspected everyone else was as well.

This time around things were definitely better. All the way back, Clarke and her friends joked around and had a bit of fun. They would make fun of someone and have a good laugh over something that happened and there were tears but this time it was of laughing so much over a joke Max told them. Even Bellamy entered the joke and started playing with them as well and so did Clarke. She had to admit that there wasn’t even comparison between the two times as this one was the kind of environment she spent three months in exile dreaming of.

Her Dad and Jaha were up in front along with some of the guards and they were talking as well but Clarke couldn’t hear what it was from the distance but that was okay by her. She trusted her dad to handle Jaha and his craziness. He knew and agreed that his friend was losing sight of what was really important in his quest to become more powerful than her. She knew that between him, her mom, Kane and Wells, they would all be able to keep Jaha in check, at least for the moment, until Clarke could put her plan into motion.

“Hey Clarke,” Gavin called her, and she turned to look at him. “Turned grounder yet?” He joked and everyone laughed including her before she answered.

“Not yet, and you Gavin. Turned a man yet?” She said and they all wooed, and she shuffled his hair as they laughed a few more.

It was long eight hours of walking from the Mountain to their camp but in a much pleasant way, it felt like the time passed by faster and they finally came to see the gates of Arkadia in front of them. This time around, with her friends was nice and for a small amount of time, it helped her forget her fight with Lexa but the Commander was never too long away from her mind and Clarke sobered up a little bit as she let the others continue the joke as the gates opened and they started entering while she stood behind overlooking them. Finn continued on walking with them but Bellamy stayed back by her side the same way as he did before. The two of them stood watching their friends be reunited with their families and friends.

“I think we deserve a drink,” Bellamy said to her and she chuckled that he said the same thing as he had last time though with the difference of a smile in both of their faces.

“This time, I promise you we will have more than one. I kind of really need it,” She said to him sincerely and he nodded before he frowned a little as he looked at her.

“Are you sure you’re okay? I didn’t think you would be coming with us, I thought you would have stayed in camp. Grounder trouble?” He asked her and she sighed before shaking her head in negative.

“Girlfriend trouble,” She said truthfully, after all he did know about her and Lexa, she knew that she would be able to trust him with the information so why the hell not? He nodded.

“The fight? I couldn’t help but notice how you went to talk to her and the state you were in once you came out of it,” He asked her taking a guess and she nodded.

“Yep. Things were said, mostly from my part and I think that maybe the distance will help both of us to cool down before we can revisit the topic again,” Clarke said to him and he nodded.

“Will you be going back then? You’re not staying for good, like your Dad and the others?” He asked her and she nodded. No matter how big their fight was, Clarke would never leave Lexa again. This was only a momentarily trip.

“Yes, I’ll just spend the day here. There is a horse and you didn’t notice but a grounder has followed us. My guard. He can take me back when I want to.” Clarke said and Bellamy looked around searching for the guy but he couldn’t see anything.

“Where the hell is he? Are you sure someone has followed us? I didn’t see or hear anyone, much less someone with a horse?” He asked her and Clarke nodded smiling.

“Yes, and you won’t see him, unless he lets you so give it up. We are not grounder trained in the arts of stealth anyway. We made to much noise to hear anything as subtle,” Clarke warned him and he nodded, understanding her words.

“Well, then, forget about him. I say we make the most of your time here and have fun for once,” Bellamy said smiling at her and as she looked ahead and smiled, she nodded.

“I think I’m about to do just that,” She said, and he frowned at her until he heard, “Clarke!” he looked back and saw Charlotte running towards them, most specifically Clarke and throwing herself at the blonde who chuckled. “Woah. Slow down, comet,” Clarke said hugging her little sister.

“You’re back. I was worried that something had happened to you, Mom or Dad but he said that everything was fine,” Charlotte said to her and Clarke kissed the top of her head as she smiled at the younger girl.

“I’m alright, so is Mom, I promise, and I am here with you. There is no need to worry, okay?” Clarke said to the girl who nodded her head before hugging Clarke one more time then pulling back finally noticing the presence beside her sister.

“Hey Bellamy. Sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Charlotte said looking at him once she pulled back from Clarke a little and he smiled at her.

“Hey Charlotte. It’s okay, I could see how much you missed your sister. How are you?” He asked her and she smiled at him and at what he said. She loved hearing other people acknowledge her place in the Griffin family.

“I’m good. Glad you’re back and safe.  What about you? Was it difficult inside the Mountain?” She asked him curiously as any teenager and he smiled at her.

“Better. And it was but your sister and Raven helped make my life easier and thanks to that we won and saved everyone,” He answered her, shuffling her hair and Clarke smiled at them.

“Why don’t we go inside?” Clarke said to them and the other two nodded at her. They walked inside the gates as they closed behind the small group and Clarke watched up close the reunions as she stayed with Charlotte close to her.

Clarke wondered how the reunion had been like the last time. She had been talking with Bellamy and was too busy leaving that she didn’t get to see any of it. She hadn’t wanted to see any of it. She couldn’t stay to see a parent cry as they held their child, knowing that the only reason that was possible was because she committed genocide, because she murdered innocent people, children. The pain of what she did was crushing her enough without that image, that would have been the nail on the coffin, as people used to say in the Old World.

However, now that although she abhorred her actions, she had made her peace with them, she couldn’t help herself but ask if it had been anything like this, if there had been honest smiles on her people’s faces or if there had been forced ones like the one she had to give them until the end when she simply turned and walked away from it all. She wondered what would have happened if she had stayed. Would she have fought with Jasper because of her role in Maya’s death? Would she have adapted to the new Arkadia? Would she have developed a better friendship with Bellamy than the toxic one they ended up having before?

She didn’t know any of those answers and she also knew there was no point in asking them. Things were what they were now. The past can be used for comparison and for learning purposes, but this is their reality, a very good one at that, and this is the world where Clarke needs to live in now, this was her moment to enjoy the fruits of her labor in changed the past to achieve a better future. With that in mind, she clutched Charlotte closer to her. “I missed you Charlie,” Clarke said sincerely to her and the girl hugged tighter as well.

“I missed you too, Clarke. I wanted to go with you,” The young girl said as she looked up at her big sister and Clarke shook her head, sighing.

“Believe me little sis, you didn’t. There was fighting and death and too much blood. It was not a pretty sight to see and I am glad you didn’t see it,” Clarke said mournfully.

“But you managed to save who you wanted to save, right?” Charlotte asked her, understanding what Clarke had said to her and the older Griffin nodded smiling.

“Yeah, we did. The innocents were spared and only the guilty will be punished. So, it was a victory. But I had wished there wasn’t a need to fight at all, however their leader thought different and gave us no choice but to use force to win,” Clarke said to the little girl who nodded her head understanding what her sister was talking about.

“You gave them a choice even when they might not have deserved it. You tried to save them all even those that were responsible for the horrors they inflected, Clarke. In the end, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?” Charlotte said and Clarke looked at her.

“When did you grow up?” She said jokingly and Charlotte smiled. The two of them were so into their conversation that they didn’t even notice that Bellamy had left their side and only noticed their father’s presence when he came up behind them and hugged them both.

“Two of my beautiful girls together. I am one lucky man,” Jake said smiling at them as he kissed Clarke’s head and then Charlotte’s as well as hugging them tighter.

“Hey Dad,” Clarke said to him as she pulled away from Charlotte to fully hug him, the smaller girl doing the same, putting him right in between them.

“When is Mom coming back?” Charlotte asked them.

“It will be a while yet. There is still much for her to do there,” Clarke said to her and the girl nodded. “And much for me to do here as well,” Clarke said, and her father looked at her.

“You will be talking to them about the donations of the bone marrow now?” Jake asked her and Clarke nodded, shrugging her shoulders.

“Yeah, since I’m here already, why not? But let them have this moment of joy first, then we will go straight to business,” Clarke said to him and he nodded.

“Clarke, are Murphy and Raven okay? I haven’t been able to talk to them yet,” Charlotte asked her, and Clarke nodded her head at the girl.

“They are all perfectly fine. Murphy and Raven, along with Kane stayed there to help with everything that may need to be done still. I will radio then to talk to you okay but why don’t we take use of this time for you and tell Dad and I, what have you and our people been up to since we left?” Clarke said and the small girl nodded as Jake kissed them both before they all walked away to a little table before sitting down and letting the newest addition to their family tell them everything. Clarke was happy but not completely and she figured she wouldn’t be until she solved her issue with Lexa, but she pushed that from her mind and focused on her sister. She could think about what to say when she saw Lexa again later. For now, Charlotte would have her undivided attention, the little girl deserved it.

Chapter Text

Clarke let a couple of hours pass by for the fathers and mothers to reunite with their kids and for her own friends to rest a little before she asked her father to call in everyone so she could speak with their people. She had originally planned for her father to do this but since she was already here, she decided to do it besides if anyone had any doubts about the procedure, she would be better equipped to answer it than him, so she decided to steel herself for whatever negativity may come her way because of it and to face this thing head on.

Bellamy had gotten her a stoop high enough and went to the entrance of the station while everyone gathered around to hear what she had to say to them. She took a deep breath and stepped up as she was able to see everyone that was waiting for whatever news she was about to deliver to them. She looked to her side and found her father’s comforting and encouraging gaze and gathering the strength she needed to do this and with a deep breath, she started speaking, hoping that she would be able to do this the easy way.

“Today, you have all been reunited with your sons and daughters that were trapped inside Mount Weather and that is a victory that cannot be overlooked. Despite all the odds stacked against us, with the grounders’ incredible help, we were able to secure the return of 59 of our people. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get there in time to save everyone and some of them have died, their bodies were burned along with the grounders who gave their lives as well so I would like for all of us to say our prayer to them in respect,” Clarke said to them.

“In peace, may you leave this shore,” She said, and they repeated. “In love, may you find the next. Safe passage in our travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.” She finished and they repeated each sentence.

“May we meet again.” Everyone said in unison and after it there was a minute of silence in honor of their dead. Once it was over, Clarke took the spotlight again and carried on with her speech.

“Our people’s return was thanks to the effort of many people and some of them were from Mount Weather themselves,” Clarke said as she continued her explanation, “Bellamy infiltrated the Mountain and was our spy inside their walls, thanks to him and the work of two of our best minds, Raven Reyes and Kyle Wick, we were able to destroy the acid fog and march inside that place. However, I would like to highlight the fact that none of that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the help of some Mountain Men, who were ashamed of their leader’s actions and helped us from the start. One of them in particular, Maya Vie, who is now their appointed President was an important key to our victory,” She said and continued,

“Things is the Mountain Men, the innocent people that is living inside that place they need something to be able to walk outside without dying. Bone marrow transfusion. Our bone marrow. Which is why I am here today to ask you to donate some for their treatment.” Clarke said and the people started whispering amongst themselves. “I know it sounds scary to hear that. Especially for some of us. I know and I understand but there are children inside, men and women who fought for us, strangers that they didn’t know,” Clarke explained.

“Those people in there were one of the reasons why you can hold your son and your daughter in your arms again. Without them, our victory would not have been possible. Bellamy can attest to that. Bellamy, please,” Clarke called out for him and he looked around before he came to her side and stood in front of everyone. He looked at her and she encouraged him to go on and so he spoke.

“As soon as I got inside, I was sent to the harvest chamber and I would have been drained of my blood if Maya had not saved my life, helping me kill one of their guards and guiding me inside the place to help me get to my friends,” Bellamy said giving his testimony.

“Your own children can attest that the people of the Mountain risked their lives to hide them from the security, some even got killed for it,” Clarke said and many of their friends spoke up all at once to confirm what she was saying and she was glad they were on her side in this. It would make things very much easier for her. Once they were done, everyone looked back at her. “I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Me and my friends have donated some and my mother, Doctor Abby Griffin is overseeing the whole process,” She said.

“I have donated, my friends have donated, we just need a few more volunteers,” Clarke said to them. “I will never make you do this if you don’t want to. If we cannot raise the number my mother said it would be needed than my friends and I will have to donate it all on our own, but I have hope that at a time like this, the Sky People will reattribute their gratitude and do the right thing,” Clarke said and looked at the people and waited before a hand rose up.

“I’ll do it,” Clarke looked around and saw that it was Miller’s dad, “If you say they are the reason why my son is still alive and why I have him back, then I would like to thank them by doing this.” He said firmly and Clarke nodded at him and Miller hugged his dad.

“I’ll do it too. They gave my daughter a chance,” Someone else said and Clarke smiled and soon hands started rising in the air and she smiled as she looked at Bellamy who smiled as well and at her father who was chuckling. She had done it. Clarke raised her hands and asked for silence so she could speak again.

“Those who want to volunteer, Finn and Bellamy will be gathering your names. Also be prepared to leave tomorrow morning towards the Mountain for the donation. And thank you very much for doing this. I believed in you and once again, you didn’t disappoint. I appreciate it,” Clarke said to them and they nodded and clapped their hand, applauding her and she smiled before she stepped down and went to hug her Dad while Bellamy steered the volunteers away towards where Finn was waiting with a piece of paper.

“I did it, Dad. I did it,” Clarke said hugging him and he smiled hugging her back tightly.

“I knew you would, kiddo. I knew you would. When you want something, you find a way to get it,” He said to her and she chuckled at him before pulling back as he looked at her. “I want you to know that I am so very proud of you for everything you have done. Not only in this battle but since we sent the 100 of you to the ground. I am the proudest father in this whole camp. In the 12 clans of the grounders as well,” Jake said as tears fell down on her face.

“Thanks, Daddy. That means so much to me, you will never know. I love you so much,” She said and he smiled.

“I love you too, Kiddo. Even more,” He said to her and she hugged him by the waist burying her face on his chest and relishing on the fact that she had him with her again and that she heard those words from his own mouth and knew that he truly meant them. It wasn’t just her imagination telling her that to make her feel better, he said it. Her Dad. Her father said the words and that meant the world to her.

Their father and daughter moment was interrupted by Jaha calling for her. “Clarke, the council would like to speak with you and you as well, Jake,” The man said to the two Griffins and walked inside the Station with the other council members following behind him and throwing a dirty look in Clarke’s direction and she scoffed once the last one passed by and she turned to look at her dad and saw the same expression reflect on his face and she smiled before she spoke to him.

“They are going to piss me off, aren’t they?” She asked him.

He looked back at her. “They are pissing me off already,” He said to her and she smiled before she held his hand and the two of them entered the station together and walked towards the council room.

“Dad, Jaha is going crazy over the power he feels he is losing to me,” Clarke said lowly to her father and he nodded.

“He can’t accept that he already lost that power and you took it by merit, not by force or by wearing a pin. You earned the people’s respect and, in the process made them loose the respect they had for him. He’s not going to be easy,” Jake said to her.

“I can handle Jaha and his idiotic council, of course, not counting with you, Mom and Kane,” Clarke said to him and he smiled at her.

“I know. And I also know that they are aware that they are the ones who can’t handle you,” He said to her and she smiled at him as they came to the room and the doors opened for them and they entered the room to find the councilors sitting down around the table and they also sat down side by side, with their hands still clasped together.

“So, what is that you wished to discuss with me?” Clarke asked them trying to sound polite.

“We have been watching the way you have ported yourself with the obstacles our people have faced since the first few of you came down here. I am proud to say that they would not have survived without you and your guidance and leadership skills. Skills that many can never possess,” Jaha started and she knew he was preparing the terrain for the blow that was sure to come soon enough. She nodded pretending to go along.

“Thank you for the compliments,” Clarke said to him and he smiled at her.

“You’re welcome.” He said and turned serious, “However, now, we have to see that our people’s leadership is here, in this council, in the Chancellor and as much as you have contributed for our people’s survival, now that the battle was won, we believe it’s time that things go back to the way they are supposed to be and that the council takes over leadership of our people as we have done for generations in the Ark.” Jaha said and Clarke just looked at him. “We don’t want to sound ungrateful for everything you have done, for the accomplishment you have are many indeed,” Jaha explained to her.

“But we can no longer ignore that we are being led by a child, no less a child that was sent to the Sky Box for brutally attacking a Commander of our Guard,” One of the council members, a woman named Debby said distastefully and some of the others agreed, Jake was about to speak up in his daughter’s defense, but Clarke squeezed his hand and when he looked at her, she shook his head at him letting him know that she doesn’t want him to do that. He frowned but nodded understanding that this is a battle she needs to fight on her own.

“Debby.” Jaha spoke and the woman looked at him.

“She is a child, Thelonious.” The woman said.

“Debby is right, Thelonious.” A man named Claudius said. “From the records, we can see that she is barely 18 and indeed was convicted for her behavior and what is the purpose of this Council if she gets to make all the decisions regarding to our people? Take the donation for example, we should be the ones to make the decision to let or not our people volunteer, not her. The time for her to step back and let the adults do their job is here,” Claudius said, and Clarke only looked at him as he said those things.

“I’m sorry, Clarke, Jake but we agree that this council is the one who needs to be in charge. It’s time you let us lead our people as we always have, Clarke,” A woman named Janet said and at least she was more polite and gentler with her words than the rest even if the sentiment was the same.

“Well, as you can see, we share the same opinion,” Jaha said and Jake looked at his friend.

“Not all of us. My wife, Marcus and I do not share the sentiment. Clarke has done more for us in the short amount of time in which she was the appointed leader of our people than this council has done in the time we have been a part of it,” Jake said and Clarke called to her father while shaking her head and he stopped talking before she looked at the people in front of her and could only think how embarrassing they were.

“If you want to get your power back, feel free. I am sure as heel not stopping you, but you know who is? The people. They don’t trust you to lead them the way they trust me, so you can try however you like but when push comes to shove, it is my approval they will look for, not yours. Go ahead. I don’t care about your bureaucracy, never have and never will. I will continue to take care of my people, that you cannot stop me from doing it. So if you have embarrassed yourselves enough for the day, I will enjoy a moment of peace with my friends. See you later, Dad,” Clarke said to them before she kissed her father’s cheek and left the room.

Chapter Text

After the meeting with the Council, Clarke had left. She needed to breathe a little and she was kind of getting suffocated inside of the station, so once she was out and she was able to breath fresh air, she allowed herself to look around the camp. It looked different from the way it had been when she returned after her many months in exile and she could see how much her people had worked to make this place feel like home, how they have started to settle down roots in hopes that they would finally have a peaceful life, one that they had dreamed of for a very long time, never believing they would be the ones to have the chance.

She could also see how much Kane, her mother, Bellamy and Raven had helped with that. She had no doubt that it was the four of them working together that put this place in order and started changing from an unorganized camp, to a prosperous settlement. All of that could have continued if only Pike had not come along with his xenophobic ideas of superiority and destroyed whatever chance her people had of receiving help from the Coalition and the other clans to make their people thrive, and their own clan to grow better and bigger.

Clarke was lost in her thoughts about the past and what this peace between both people could mean for their future that she didn’t notice a presence beside her until this person wrapped their arms around her waist and she startled before she relaxed realizing who it was. She looked down at the small body wrapped around her own and couldn’t help but think of the change she was able to enact on the young girl’s life by reaching out to her and offering her a hand even before she found herself drowning in an ocean of pain.

The Charlotte she had met in the other timeline had been a shy girl, with terrifying nightmares born out of horrible memories, she had been an impressionable kind, who hadn’t known how to deal wither emotions and who ended up killing an innocent person because of the mistakes of another. A kid who had almost let an innocent person die because of a crime she had committed and who had chosen suicide as a way to escape her problems and for what Clarke judged, to be reunited with her parents wherever they were.

The Charlotte that was hugging her now was a happy kid. Surely, she still felt the death of her parents but Clarke, their friends and her family had made sure to show the girl that they were there for her and that helped her go through that difficult time and not succumb to the pain of the experience. Instead, it made her stronger and Clarke was incredibly proud of her. She was happy that she was able to offer the girl a family to count on, new parents who loved her very dearly, friends who were there to tease her or simply hug her. She had saved the young girl.

“You think way too loud, Clarke. What is going on in that mind of yours?” Charlotte said after a while of silence between them. Clarke chuckled before wrapping her arms around her sister.

“Yeah, I know that. I have been told so before and I was, actually thinking about you, silly. About how many things happened to you in less than a year and how you are the strongest 12-year-old girl I know,” She said kissing the top of Charlie’s head.

“Well, it wasn’t easy losing my parents because of the Ark’s idiotic laws,” Charlotte said, and Clarke chuckled but remained silent allowing the younger girl to speak, “but, I had all of you with me and you made it easier to bear. The pain. You al made sure to know that even though I lost them, I wasn’t alone. I had all of you with me, so I tried to focus on that and day by day, it hurt a little less. I still miss them but now, when I think about them, I think about the good memories we had and not the one bad memory of when they left,” Charlotte said to her.

“Well, I don’t think I can express how proud I am of you, Charlie. And I think that wherever your parents are right now, they are watching over you and I know that they will be as proud of you and we all are. You are one amazing kid, you know that? We love you very much. I love you very much. Never forget that,” Clarke said to her and Charlie looked up smiling at her.

“I love you too Clarke, all of you. You guys are my family. I am glad you talked to me that day at breakfast. It changed my life,” Charlotte said, and Clarke smiled.

“I am glad for that too. Now, tell me something I know you wouldn’t have told me in front of Dad. Are you interested in any cute boys?” Clarke said in a teasing voice and Charlotte shook her head, chuckling at her sister antics. “Any cute girls?” Clarke said and Charlotte shook her head.

“There is no one. Not be a snob or anything, but the kids here are too immature you know? They just want to enjoy themselves and spend their time playing. I want to spend my time helping Mary and Peter. If I was to be interested in any boy or girl, it would have to be someone that could understand that,” Charlotte said to her and Clarke was in awe of the girl. She has grown up so much.

“Well, I completely understand that, and I feel that if that really is the case, then you would have a better chance with the grounder kids. I have met a few and they are exactly the way you describe. I met a girl, I think she was about your age during the time we bombed the bridge, remember?” Clarke asked and Charlotte nodded. “Well, she had been severely hurt. The bomb had hurt her badly and when I asked Anya why she was there, she told me that was how they trained their seconds, like an apprentice. The girl is currently recovering in TonDC. Who knows? You may become good friends with her once you meet,” Clarke said to her.

“What is the girl’s name?” Charlotte asked her and Clarke answered, “Tris,” Charlotte nodded her head. “Yeah, maybe we can be friends,” She said, and Clarke smiled.

“Or when you want and alliances between us and the grounders are more secure, you can come with us to Polis. The Commander told me she has kids she trains to succeed her one day and form what she told me, I think you would like to meet Aden. He is maybe a year older than you and the most promising of them. He seems to be a really sweet and mature young man,” Clarke said, and Charlotte also nodded her head.

“Tris and Aden. I think I will like to meet them,” Charlotte said, and Clarke smiled at her before she saw Bellamy from a distance calling for her to join him and their friends for the long-awaited drink. She nodded at him and he smiled before going back to their table.

“Hey Charlie, the others are calling me to join them for a few drinks. Will you be okay by yourself for a while? Dad is talking to Jaha, but he should be done soon to be with you. Or do you want me to wait for him with you?” Clarke said and Charlotte shook her head letting go of Clarke.

“You don’t have to wait with me, Clarke. I am a big girl. I need to go check on my patients here too. I have somethings to study too. Mom said she will be taking me in full time as an apprentice once she is back from the Mountain. I will be fine. Go ahead and have fun for once,” Charlotte said smiling and Clarke smiled right back at her before she nodded. They hugged one more time, said their goodbyes before they each went their separate ways. Meanwhile inside the station, in the Chancellor’s office, Jake and Jaha were talking, or more accurately, arguing with each other about what have been discussed in the meeting and what had been said about Clarke.

“I can’t believe I am hearing these words coming out of your mouth, Thelonious. Since when did you become so intent in having power? When did our people’s needs feel in you lost of priority and your own greed became number one?” Jake said to the man.

“What exactly do you want me to say Jake? I am the Chancellor, yet ever since we have sent the kids down here, what have I been able to do for our people? Your daughter simply took over and left me without a chance to do my job,” Jaha said as Jake shook his head.

“Have you stopped to think why people reach out to her to make the choices and not you? Why they see her as our leader and not you? Because unlike you, unlike any of us from the Council, Clarke actually knows what she is doing. She knew exactly how to deal with the grounders, she knew how to protect the kids, she knew what to do to get them back from Mount Weather with the minimal number of casualties. Can you tell me that you would have done a better job? The answer is no, Thelonious,” Jake said.

“SHE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME THE CHANCE!!!!” Jaha said and Jake could only shake his head. His friend was losing control and he didn’t think there was anything else he could do.

“And this tantrum you’re throwing just proves why she shouldn’t have. I never thought you to be this kind of person Thelonious. I am deeply disappointed in you,” Jake said before he walked away from his friend as well.

Jake and Jaha met when they were little kids and quickly became friends. Thelonious was there when Jake met and fell in love with Abby as he was there for Jah when he met Amira, his wife. They were there for each other for the births of Clarke and Wells. Jake was there for him when Amira died and for everything that happened in the last 30 something years of friendship and yet he could no longer recognize the man that had been in front of him. He was a completely different person and Jake wasn’t sure he wanted to be friends with that person.

When he came out of the Station, he saw Charlotte sitting down almost as if she was waiting for him and he couldn’t help but smile. After the horrible conversation he just had with the Council who belittled the incredible work Clarke had done for them and the conversation with Jaha who was behavior like a petulant child who had his favorite toy taken away from him, he just knew that the only thing that would be able to put a smile on his face was one of his three girls and for the look of it, it would be the youngest one.

Although Abby and he weren’t Charlotte’s biological parents, they came to care for her as they cared for Clarke. It had made their day when the girl asked them if she could call them Mom and Dad, if she could be part of the Griffin family. They had wanted to ask her themselves but preferred to let the girl choose when she was ready for that. Whether they shared blood or not, she was his daughter, through and through. Jake couldn’t feel happier or grateful for how lucky he got to have three amazing women in his life.

“Hey, little one. What are you doing out here by yourself?” Jake called out to her and Charlotte looked up from the book she was reading and smiled when she saw him.

“Hey, Dad. I was waiting for you and catching up to some reading on anatomy that Mom told me to do,” Charlotte said as he moved to sit down beside her and lean back against the metal of the Station and put his arms around her as she leaned into his chest, feeling comforted and happy to have found the Griffin family, she had no idea what would have happened to her if Clarke had never approached her that day and she had no hurry to think about it.

“Where is your sister? Has she been called to fix yet another problem?” He asked her jokingly and she chuckled at him.

“Not yet but I am sure that until she has to leave again, that will come up. But for now, she was called to have a few drinks with the others. They are celebrating their return by getting wasted,” She answered him, and he nodded.

“And you, didn’t you want to go with them too even if you wouldn’t drink any alcohol?” He asked her and with how close she was to Clarke, he wasn’t sure why Charlotte wasn’t there with her sister. Charlotte shrugged.

“I guess I could go, after all someone would have to be their conscience, but I think you might need me more than Clarke does right now since Mom isn’t here and all,” Charlotte said and smirked at him while Jake full out laughed at the young blonde.

“You know, I am starting to think that you can be much wiser than a lot of these so-called adults,” He said to her and she simply shrugged as she adjusted herself against him and picked up her book and he simply sighed.

“Big surprise. Being a grown up only automatically means you’re old, Dad. Wisdom has nothing to do with age and it is time you and the rest of our people finally learn that,” She said as she continued reading where she left off and Jake looked down at this 12-year-old and after his encounter with the council and Jaha, he couldn’t help but agree with her words.

“I think I am starting to learn, little one. I think I am finally starting to learn that,” He said as he rested his head against the metal structure of the Ark and they stayed in a very comfortable silence, feeling content to have this bonding moment between the two of them.

Chapter Text

After Clarke left, Lexa had to sit down a moment to take a break from all of the running emotions that happened in a matter of half an hour. Not only did she fight with more than half of her generals, she also had the first fight between her and her girlfriend and she absolutely hated it. She knew that between the two of them, this would be the first of many fights, after all they were both very stubborn, but she still hated it and hoped that they could talk about it and make up really soon because the thought of being mad at each other didn’t settle well with Lexa, but with how Clarke seemed to be angry, she knew it would take a while.

Meanwhile, her duty didn’t give her a rest, as it usually never did. Now there was the matter of who would succeed the generals that she killed. Lexa, more or less, knew about many of the seconds and she had an idea on more or less who Anya would choose for the role left by the dead generals she killed, however there was one in particular in which she would have to step in and she found she had doubts about doing this at all. Clarke had on one of their nights together, before the battle, talked to her about Echo kom Azgeda, an Ice Nation spy that Bellamy came to care for and that was with them at the end of Praimfaya and Clarke had asked her to find a way to keep the girl away from Nia.

Lexa had not understood what was so important about the girl that Clarke would make such a request, especially since she came from a clan that wanted both Clarke and herself dead but the blonde explained that from what she got to learn about the girl, she was not actually a bad person but she was loyal which compelled Lexa to ask Clarke what made her think that a simple talk from Lexa would be enough to sway the girl to their side and Clarke had said that during their time together in the wake of Praimfaya that Echo was always by Roan’s side and that they seemed to have a understanding of sorts.

Lexa then got thinking about some conversations she had with Roan in which he talked about a few friends he did have and she briefly remembered him mentioning someone named Echo and so Clarke’s request had become even more interesting for her, given that this person could be close to who Lexa hoped to soon enough proclaim the new King of Azgeda, but it was still a gamble to put this person as general of Azgeda but Clarke insisted that if they could reach her, she would be a good addition against Nia, when it came down to it so now Lexa found herself pondering that decision. Was it the best for her people? She would have to wait and see.

Ryder, get Anya,” Lexa called out to the guard staying outside and heard him leave in search of her general and she knew Anya wouldn’t be too far away and she was proven right when almost immediately the woman entered her tent.

You called for me, Commander?” She said as she came to stand in front of Lexa on the throne and the younger girl nodded her head.

Have you chosen all the new generals?” Lexa asked her and Anya shook her head in negative.

Not all of them. I am having trouble choosing the generals for Azgeda and Rockline. I am not sure I trust either of the former generals’ seconds anywhere near you,” Anya said and Lexa nodded, grateful for the concern for her safety the woman showed.

I understand. For the Rockline clan, there is a warrior there called Malik. His older brother is one of my royal guards, Shane. I think he could be trusted,” Lexa said as she remembered this piece of information and Anya nodded, making a note to go check this Malik guy for herself.

Anything else, Lexa?” She said, taken the liberty of forgoing the formal treatment given that the two of them were alone in the tent and they could speak freely with each other

Yes, there is something else I must talk to you about. Actually, I need your advice about it,” Lexa said talking to the woman who nodded though surprised a bit.

Of course. Advice with what exactly?” Anya asked her curious of what could the younger girl be thinking that seemed so serious and Lexa sighed before she started speaking.

Amongst the Azgeda prisoners that were rescued, there is a spy. Her name is Echo. Now, I have spoken to Roan about many things during his stay in Polis and I remember that during one of these conversations we had that he mentioned that this Echo was a friend to him so I have been wondering, would it be a good decision to get her as the new general of Azgeda or is it too risky? What do you think about it?” Lexa asked her friend and former mentor who seemed to frown deep in thought.

Why do you think she is important that you would offer her such a prestigious position? One that could give her direct access to you? Especially if she is a spy. You know how Nia likes them, loyal and obedient,” Anya asked her former second who sighed.

We both know that now with the Mountain Men destroyed the Coalition is in danger of breaking and Nia will be coming for me finally. It is just a matter of time. And we both know I plan not only to win but to make Roan the new King. Wouldn’t be an advantage to have one of Nia’s spies on our side? Yes, it would be but it is also a risk that I’m not sure is worth taking. Which is why I need your opinion in this matter, should I or should I not name her the new general?” Lexa asked her and Anya took a deep breath before she started speaking,

It’s not an easy decision, that’s for sure. It is a gamble but even if you make her the general, she can’t have access to the tower or meeting any more than anyone that was a part of the Ice Nation delegation, could she?” Anya said and Lexa shook her head, “Anyone of Azgeda in Polis is a risk you’re taking, for all we know every single person in the delegation is spying for Nia and it is ready to do her bidding. We have our own spies in her territory as well as some infiltrated in her army, on the high ranks of it,” Anya told Lexa and the younger girl nodded. Anya was right about that.

If you think that we can get this Echo and Roan on our side, then why the hell not? Whatever happens, you can always kill her as you killed the one before her. Or let Indra doing. I swear her hand was itching to grab her sword and kill that son of a bitch,” Anya said to her and Lexa seemed to think on her words and nodded.

You are right. Every single person of the Azgeda delegation could be a risk to me so I will choose her for the job. Thank you, Anya,” Lexa said to her and the woman only nodded.

But if I may ask, do you think that using Roan, you can get her to trust you over her own Queen? You do know that Nia makes sure her people worship her,” Anya said to Lexa who sighed.

Indeed, I know but I am not trying to earn her trust, not now. It would be impossible to imagine such a thing but I am hoping I can at least put a seed of doubt in her mind as to the true nature of her Queen. Even if just for a moment, she questions if I am telling the true than that will already be a win because doubts spread like fire and it is hard to extinguish them, especially when it is based on the truth and like we said, we both know how and why Nia want them to worship her. She gives them no other choice,” Lexa said to her once mentor.

And once upon a time, there were those who doubted that you would be a good leader,” Anya said to her and Lexa smiled.

They still do, Anya. They still do.” Lexa said to her chuckling a little as they both nodded before she turned serious again, “Go to the Azgeda section and call this Echo here along with Luhan,” Lexa ordered Anya who nodded and walked out to do just that. Luhan was the supposedly next in charge but that would change quite soon. Lexa adjusted herself and waited before Anya came in announcing them and the two warriors walked inside.

As usual, it took them a bit longer to acknowledge her with a bow but they knew better than to disrespect her after she just killed so many. “Commander.” Luhan said followed by Echo who greeted her the same way as she observed the woman before speaking to them.

I have called you both here for a simple reason. Your previous general was stupid enough to challenge me to a fight, he dared question my rule as Commander and he met his end. By my understanding, Luhan would to be named the new general of Azgeda for being Linus’ second, however I decided to change that and make Echo the new general,” Lexa said it one go, and both of the warriors were shocked by what they heard.

Commander, I don’t understand,” Luhan said, frowning his head in confusion about why she would do such a thing and Lexa nodded understanding it before she explained.

It’s quite simple, you are not yet a full warrior and therefore shouldn’t be the one leading the Azgeda army, not yet at least. You will find another First and continue on your training and once you are fully trained, you will be Echo’s second in command to replace her should anything happen to her for whatever reason,” Lexa said to them and she knew she made a good point. The boy was young and inexperienced, this being his first war, but by unspoken rule as Linus’ second, the role was supposed to be his.

I understand, Commander,” Luhan said to Lexa and he was honestly relieved of not having the responsibility of the position on his shoulder so soon. Maybe one day.

You can leave now. The new general and I must talk.” Lexa said to him and he nodded before walking away from the tent, “Anya, stay outside. I want privacy for this conversation,” Lexa gave the orders and Anya tensed.

Commander.” She said as a warning that she didn’t trust the woman but Lexa just raised her hand and Anya nodded, understanding the gesture for what it was, a dismissal, before doing what she was told, finally leaving the two women face to face.

No scars. A spy. Am I right?” Lexa asked her and Echo had a passive face, one Lexa knew so well. “I asked you a question general. It is only polite and respectful that you answer it.” Lexa said calmingly bring her arms across her chest, gripping the blade she had in between her armor, just in case.

Yes. I am. Commander,” Echo said finally and Lexa nodded her head, figuring out that reaching this woman would be harder than she thought but once again, this would not be the first time she convinced a spy to double-cross their leaders.

You may be wondering why would I know you or trust you in such position, given the history between both our clans, more specifically, between your Queen and I,” Lexa said and the girl scoffed.

You don’t trust me and I don’t trust you, so yes, I am wondering,” Echo said and Lexa nodded.

No, I don’t trust you obviously but I know someone who does. Roan is a friend of yours, is he not?” Lexa said and the girl tried to keep her composure by the smallest twitch of a muscle, Lexa could see with how well she was paying attention to the girl, “He told me about you during one of our conversations when I asked him if he had any friends back home. Yours was one of the names he said. So, I decided to give you a chance. Luhan is not ready for the role and Roan holds you quite the high regard so why not?” Lexa said to her.

However, you are loyal to your Queen who wants to see me dead which brings us to an impasse. How do you think we solve this impasse?” Lexa asked the warrior who shrugged.

I don’t know, you tell me Commander. You are so knowledgeable. You must know everything,” Echo said to her, with sarcasm in her voice as Lexa smirked.

How long have you known Roan for? Answer it,” Lexa said in a semi-authoritarian voice and Echo seemed to be pondering whether or not she should reveal such information but decided to do it anyway. It was not like it would harm her in any way to say so she took a deep breath before she answered.

I have known him for 15 years,” She said honestly and Lexa nodded her head in affirmative.

That is a long time. I ask myself, why do you think he is in Polis and not in Azgeda? Answer it,” Lexa asked her in the same tone of voice as the other woman frowned.

Because you kept him as your prisoner for what happened to your lover, not allowing him to return home as punishment for it, was it not?” Echo said defiantly to her.

No, that is wrong.” Lexa said to her and Echo titled her head, just a little, “If that is the story your Queen has told you, then I am afraid she is lying. He was sent to Polis by your Queen to be killed for what happened to my lover, not imprisoned. I was merciful and let him live, instead of striking him down but the point is she wanted him dead. Did you know that?” Lexa asked the woman who looked at her and Lexa could see the seed entering her mind.

What do you think she had in mind when she sent him to Polis with the head of my lover? What do you think she thought my reaction would be? To kill the messenger, perhaps? If so, why personally send her son to such a fate. Have you asked yourself those questions before, Echo? I don’t think so but maybe now it would be a good time for you to start and maybe you will realize that you don’t know your Queen as well as you thought you did and believe me, you don’t. Perhaps, now you will see her for who she is,” Lexa said looking at the woman who seemed struck by confusion and Lexa knew she had accomplished her mission.

For now, this will be all. For the next meeting, I expect to see you at your new post and I look forward to dealing with you, Echo Kom Azgeda,” Lexa nodded at her and Echo gave her a small bow before she left and Lexa finally relaxed a little, being around Azgeda was always a tense moment for her because from them, she always expected the worse. Thankfully, there was no problem this time and she knew that she was able to put the seed od doubt inside the spy’s mind, which now would only fester once she started questioning everything she thought she knew about her Queen.

That was the problem with the Azgeda population. Nia has them trained to not think, if she says something, they just accept and not one of them seemed to be able to ask even themselves why she did such a thing or what are the benefits of such decision. But that was fickle because the moment they started it, Lexa was pretty sure she would have her work cut out for her and perhaps would even be a rebellion happened in the cold territory. However, she would take the small win she had to day and wait for what was to come for her decision in regards to the new general and maybe former spy of her biggest enemy.

Anya came inside once the other woman left and stared at her. “Are you okay? She did anything to harm you? She will pay with her life for it, if she did,” Anya asked her and Lexa shook her head.

No, I was the one that did something to her. The seed has been planted and now, we wait for it to grow. And once it does, something tells me Nia will have one less spy on her side and I will have one more on mine,” Lexa said to her general.

What did you tell her to make you believe that that is a possibility?” Anya asked her, curious about what method she had used and Lexa looked at her. 

I simply told her the truth about Roan’s banishment or at least his punishment so we are good for now. But, either way, keep an eye on her for precaution. I still don’t trust her,” Lexa said to her and Anya nodded in affirmative.

Very well done, Commander. Well done,” Anya congratulated her. Lexa smiled before the woman started to give her the update on the generals she had chosen or the job and all in all, Anya did a very good job. Lexa knew and had very good impressions of all of them so that would be a good place to start. However, once she dismissed Anya, her mind brought her back to the argument she had with Clarke and she wished that the girl would come back soon so they could talk about it. She hated being apart from her Sky Girl but for now, Lexa decided to focus on her work so she started to pay attention to what ANya was talking and went back to work.

Chapter Text

Clarke had followed Miller to where her friends were and she sat down beside Bellamy as he finally served the drink that they talked about so many times before, making the two of them laugh at their inside joke. She was happy to be there with them, to have saved them, to have achieved a much better outcome than the last time she did this, to have not run away the same way she did before, for enjoying herself. She was thankful for all of them for helping her complete part of her mission, however, she couldn’t say anything of that to them.

But even as she sat there, drinking and joking, her thoughts once again went straight to one subject, her girlfriend. Her fiancée. Lexa. Clarke was definitely feeling herself calmer now than she was when they were talking about the issue at hand and if she thought about what they discussed, she could see Lexa’s point of view and even understand what happened or better yet why it had to happen, which she judged was what Lexa was trying to get to understand to begin with. And she admitted that the other girl had valid reason for doing what she did. She was trying to prove her strength to make sure that her people didn’t question her, which could have been dangerous for them both as well as for everyone else.

But at the time that she was able to understand all of that, all she could see was Lexa and the danger she had been in, she could see each of the generals going towards her, trying to hurt her, trying to kill her, she could see every attempt they did to win against the woman she loved and she could feel the dread she felt expecting on of those attempt to pay off and once those thoughts entered her mind, everything just became about that and she may have said things she shouldn’t have or run away when she should have stayed or been intolerant when she should have tried to understand her girlfriend better.

But Lexa also didn’t seem to try and understand her point of view and didn’t try to understand where she was coming from. The brunette knew about what she had to go through watching her die the first time around, but she couldn’t understand what that did to Clarke on an emotional level. It was torture. She was a good healer and she could do nothing to save the one person she had wanted to save the most and all she could do was to slowly watch the girl bleed out in front of her and kiss her as she drew her last breath. It was a horrible experience that broke something in her and Clarke never wanted to go through that again. Losing Lexa.

She wanted her to understand that, validate her worry and assure her that it wouldn’t happen again, but she suspected that adrenaline and emotions were running high for Lexa as well and that they both said what they didn’t want instead of what they really wanted. Which is why Clarke thought that this distance did them good. It helped her come to terms with her own thoughts and feelings and to perhaps find the best words to express what she was and is feeling about the fight and maybe it had the same effect on Lexa as well and when they talked about it, they would make up and things would be alright between them again.

She loved Lexa so much and an argument like this would not change that, to be honest nothing ever would, she hoped that the brunette has understood why she left and didn’t get the wrong conclusions but she would be returning to camp soon enough and they could talk them and put all the cards on the table and get over this small bump in the road of their relationship. Clarke had those thoughts in her head when a small cup was put in front of her and Bellamy sat down beside her with another glass and a bottle of booze.

“It seems we are finally able to cash in that drink you promised me all those weeks ago,” He said to her and she nodded her head smiling while she watched the others joke around.

“Alright but I have to get back to the camp soon. Although I trust Kane and the others to take care of things, I want to be there,” She said to him and he nodded filling in their cups, and they clinked them together before doing drinking it all at once.

“Oh my God, what is this?” Clarke asked as she felt the burn down her throat and Bellamy chuckled as he felt the same effects as she did.

“I got it on the Mountain. It’s called tequila. Good, right?” he said as he filled their cups again.

“Strong, that’s what it is,” She said jokingly, and they drunk it again and she coughed again smiling. This was nice. They had gathered many tables and out them together, so each small group was talking, and she couldn’t remember when they had ever done this. Never, probably.

“How are things going on?” Clarke asked him as she settle back against her chair, trying to avoid Finn, who was staring at her and Bellamy did the same.

“Well, if you are asking me about the volunteers, we had more than 70 but we stopped at number 50th. Your mom said that they would only need 35, I’m giving her 15 more just in case so that is going very well indeed,” He said to her as they continued drinking.

“And you? What did Jaha want?” He asked her and she sighed, taking a large gulp. And she had to take a deep breath to calm down her anger thinking about the words the man said to her.

“He was the asshole he has always been, trying to be more powerful than I am. His bruised ego showing as well as the council’s, what else do you think?” She said and he filled their glass again.

“Cheers to that, my friend,” He said to her and they drank.

“Truth, he and the council wanted to politely tell me to fuck off and let the adults take charge now. As if they have done a better job than me. They would never had made a truce with the grounders, they would have rather we go to war or run away from here and our friends in Mount Weather would be dead by now,” She said to him and he nodded.

“Yeah, I mean, you kept us alive since day one and made all of this possible. And let’s not even talk about how you stopped me from causing the death of 300 of our people,” Bellamy said to her and she nodded.

“Exactly my point. I know I’m young and that I am not the Chancellor but I’m not a child for them to try and treat me like one. Not wanting to sound convinced, but I am a better than leader than all of them combined,” Clarke said and Bellamy nodded.

“I know, they think that just because they’re old that means they know better than us but if there is one thing we know better than them is this place. We have been here for almost a full month more than they have and you have been our leader through everything that has happened to the 100 and our people as whole. They can’t just try to replace you like this, the people will not like it,” Bellamy told her, and she nodded.

“They know that, which is why they want me to step back. Only thing is that I won’t. Cheers to the youth who inherited the Earth,” Clarke said to him drinking again.

“Cheers,” He said and they dank again, “What about you and that person? How did that happen anyway?” Bellamy asked her and she smiled at him and at his question. Luckily, the others were not paying attention to them, “I mean, we all kind of knew there was something there since TonDC, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast,” He said to her and she nodded.

“I know and there was from the first moment I met her. Neither did I but there was just something that I couldn’t resist when it came to her and soon, I found myself falling quickly and deeply in love,” Clarke said to him and he looked shocked at her.

“Love? You sure that is what you feel for her? Isn’t a little too early to say that?” He asked her and she nodded her head understanding what he is coming from.

“I get what you are saying. It took me by surprise too but yes, I am sure it is love. We complete each other in a way no one ever could, and I know it seems too early to know, but that is what we both feel for each other. There is absolute no doubt in mind that I love her,” Clarke said to him and he nodded seeing her sincerity before he looked around and his eyes settled on Finn.

“I don’t think everyone will take to that news once it comes out. Especially him,” Bellamy said motioning to the guy with his head and Clarke looked at him as well and sighed.

“Well, I’m sorry for that. I never meant to hurt him, I really didn’t but I am not going to live my life thinking about everyone else. I deserve to be happy and I am, with her. Finn will have to accept that,” Clarke said to him and she took another shot at her drink.

“Ouch. That was cold, Clarke. The guy is head over heels in love with you and it is actually quite painful to see him try everything her can to get your attention. Even now,” Bellamy said looking back at her and she sighed.

“Actually, no it isn’t cold. He will be hurt but he will move on. Finn thinks he is in love with me, but he doesn’t even know what that means yet. It means looking inside someone’s eyes and seeing a version of yourself you never knew existed because you needed them to bring it out of you. It’s feeling like home is not a place but a person. It’s looking at someone and think that this is not the first time you met them.” Clarke said some examples of how she felt with Lexa.

“It’s looking at someone and feeling the need to keep them safe and out of harm. Or feeling like they are important to you even if you only just met them,” Bellamy said seeming out of it and Clarke looked at him shocked by his words before she watched him come back to reality.

“Sorry, I spaced out a little. What were you talking about?” He said to her and she chuckled as she looked at him and smiled teasingly.

“Bell, are you in love with someone and you are holding out the information from me?” She asked him and he looked at her and knew that there was no way out of it.

“I don’t think I’m in love with her yet but there was something there, I guess. I mean, if we had the chance, I may see myself falling for her,” He said shrugging and she leaned forward.

“Okay, since you know who my girlfriend is, you have to tell me who is yours,” Clarke said although she already had inkling to who he was talking about, but she still wanted him to say.

He looked at her and sighed before he spoke. “Okay, so when I was in the harvest chamber in one of the cages, I started banging against it, trying to get out but then this woman said something in their language and I told her I didn’t understand what she was saying and she figured I was a Sky person and when I nodded, she spit on my face then I told her we were allies,” He said smiling at her and she smiled back at him.

“Woah, you really know how to make a first impression on a girl, don’t you Blake Boy?” She said to him and he chuckled at her leaning back against his chair as well.

“Well, do you want to hear the story or not? I have no problem to stop talking about it. It would probably save me from a lot of embarrassment and teasing from you,” He asked her, and she chuckled before motioning for him to continue.

“Go on Romeo. Don’t stop on my account, tell me how you swooped your Juliet off of her feet or better yet, her cage,” She said to him and they both chuckled.

“Well, later some of the guards came and they were going to get her, so I made some noise to distract them from her and to draw attention to me and it worked. They took me instead and started draining me for my blood. Maya came along and helped me down but there was a guard and he was going to kill me but the girl, Echo’s her name, she held his arm before he could do it and I was able to get the upper hand and I killed him. She saved my life. I wouldn’t have been able to get inside the Mountain if she hadn’t intervened too, so I promised I would come back for her and I did,” He told her.

“Wow. What a story. It really does sound like a Romeo and Juliet kid of meeting, don’t you think? One look at her from across the cage and you’re a goner,” She told him, and he nodded.

“Well, yeah. I know but there is something different about her and I don’t know, I just feel good when I’m around her. I would like to get to know more about her, but she will return to her clan and I won’t be able to so there’s that,” He said to her drinking from his glass and she smirked at him.

“Well, luckily for you, I have a good relationship with a certain Commander, and I could, you know, put in the word for you to keep your Juliet closer,” Clarke said, and he seems surprised before he moved forward and smiled.

“Really? You mean that?” He said to her and she nodded at him. He laughed as she joined him and laughed as well. “That will be awesome,” He said, and she nodded.

“I got your back, Romeo. Trust me. You will have your chance to properly court your Juliet. Although I think she will be the one sweeping off of your feet and throwing you on the ground if she is anything like Lexa or Lincoln,” Clarke said to him, and he chuckled before he grabbed the bottle and lifted her direction.

“More?” He said offering her and she nodded moving her cup forward.

“Go right ahead.” She said and he filled it along with his own and they raised their glass. “To the grounders,” She said and he smiled.

“To the grounders,” They downed their drinks and put their cup on the table.

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” They heard and looked to see Miller and the others looking at them as Clarke once again tried to ignore Finn’s stare. It was starting to irritate her. “Nothing in particular. Bell was telling me how he managed to get out of his cage and infiltrate the Mountain,” Clarke said as they pulled out some more bottles from their bags.

“Where is all this alcohol coming from? Seriously. Did you guys assault their liquors cabinet or something like that?” Clarke joked and Miller and Bellamy nodded.

“Pretty much. We couldn’t survive on Monty’s moonshine forever, could we? That things is disgusting. No offense, Monty,” Nathan said and started pouring some more drink for them.

“None taken but next time, you try to create alcohol from nothing. See if you can do a better job at it, Miller,” Monty said to them and everyone started to laugh.

“Burnt,” Clarke chuckled as she joined their laugh while teasing Miller and as everyone joined the general conversation, Clarke took a chance to look around and from the distance, she was able to se her Dad and Charlotte by the entrance of the station and seeing them so cozy made her heart flutter at the cuteness of it all and she was happy the girl was bonding with both of their parents. Knowing that they were okay, Clarke tuned in back in to the conversation her friends were having about who had hooked up with who and the topic brought Clarke to the thought that the only person she is hooking up is miles away from her. Maybe, she will stay a while longer, but she will probably go back before it is night time. That was the plan.


But plans don’t last very long in battle, do they?

Chapter Text

Lexa finally finished the meeting with her new generals and she already preferred them to their predecessors. Four of them were in awe of her and according to her personal generals, were all incredibly loyal to her, her views and were also very angry at the disrespect shown to her by those who spoke in the name of their clans. They even made sure to tell her that those words said by the previous generals were not shared amongst their people which was a very good thing for her to hear. It meant she wouldn’t have so many problems as she was afraid she would, given the unhappiness some of her decisions may have caused amongst her people.

Two of the other generals preferred to bow their heads, recognizing her as their Commander but they mostly stayed quiet and of course, there was the new Ice Nation general, Echo. Lexa had not known the woman personally but she had indeed talked to Roan about people in his clan that he trusted would side with him if it ever came between a choice of him and his mother and Lexa remembered that Echo was one of the names he said would support him and that knowledge and Clarke’s personal request made it for her to nominate the girl to the post.

The thought of Clarke brought a sigh out of Lexa as she relaxed against her throne, that was once again, her choice of resting place. During the meeting, it was easy for Lexa to push the thoughts of the blonde from the front of her mind since she was needed to deal with her people’s troubles and problems as well as given them directions if they needed. Lexa had always been able to push her feelings aside if it was time to take on her Commander duties, something that used to unnerve Costia to a great length and which would be funny to Lexa to do just to see how far she could push the girl’s buttons before she exploded in a very adorable display of irritation and anger, Lexa thought fondly.

But now that she was alone with her thought and there was no immediate problem that needed her to fix it, Lexa couldn’t help but let the blonde invade her mind and take control of it as it was usual for her to do it. She thought back about their fight and the fact that the fight did not go where Lexa had hoped it would and she knew it was partially her fault. Not because she fought her generals despite Clarke’s complaints of how she shouldn’t have, but because she was not able to talk to the blonde about it. She did not find the right words to get Clarke to understand her and she believed neither did the blonde.

They were both running on emotions, her in adrenaline, Clarke in worry and it was not a good combination for a talk of the weight and importance for their relationship in the future as this one was, is. Lexa knows that this is a subject in which they have to broach and talk it out civilized if they want to make their relationship work. She needs to understand Clarke’s point of view and she needs the blonde to understand hers so they can try and reach a common ground that works for both of them so that they don’t have to keep fighting about the same thing over and over again every time a similar situation happens.

However, Lexa knew it was not going to be an easy conversation to have with the blonde. She remembered that when she had the same talk with Costia it was not as hard and she credit that to the fact that unlike Clarke, Costia never had to watch her die and the fact that for her it was their way, a way she believed in and so it had been a lot easier to talk to her than Lexa believed it would be to talk to Clarke even because even if she didn’t like it, Costia did always see herself as one of Lexa’s subject and although she often treated her as just Lexa, Costia would not push her limits, no matter how much she disagreed with Lexa’s decision.

And pushing her limits is all Clarke has done since the first time they have met, and it is one of the many things that first drew Lexa towards the blonde. The fact that they were equals and that Clarke knew how to demand that equality from her without being disrespectful. It was one of the reasons why Lexa bowed down to her after Clarke had to do it in the summit. It was not only because she had wanted to do it, or because she wanted to show Clarke that she was serious about what she was saying and swearing to the blonde.

It was because she wanted Clarke to see that Lexa didn’t want her to be less equal to her even if Lexa could never do it in front of anyone else. She wanted Clarke to know that even if Heda could never bow down, that Lexa could and that it made them equal. That is how their relationship always was, it was one of the reasons why Titus hated the blonde so much in comparison to Costia. Because her former lover never had a say in the Commander’s business, never expressed or had the power to interfere with a decision but Clarke did and quite often.

Costia and Clarke had many similarities between them but this was one point in which they were opposite. Clarke was fierce, a leader, hard headed, a partner in life and in duty. Costia was gentle, a merchant, a wild spirit and a lover. They were different and Lexa needed to remember some times that it meant she needed to treat them differently. Costia was raised with fighting and death, Clarke wasn’t. Costia wouldn’t question her on something like this but Clarke would and she needed to learn how to deal with the blonde’s questioning character.

Lexa was done for the day and take some time to rest so she walked out of the tent and in the direction of where her horse was, Gustus never too far away from her as his position as her personal guard demanded of him, Anya seemed to be coming with her as well. “Commander.” The general said nodding and Lexa nodded back at her before turning to Ryder with a message.

I’m going back to camp, Indra will be in charge of anything here,” She said to Ryder who nodded before leaving to deliver the message to the general as she went up to her horse, mounting it and galloping away with her generals following closely on their own horses, to guarantee her safety on her trip.

It took them all about half an hour to get back at camp, especially now that certain routes could be taken safely, with the Mountain Men no longer being of any danger to them. As soon as they reached the camp, Lexa got down from her horse and a warrior came to take its reins and him away as Lexa made her way back to her tent which had everything she needed in this moment and that was her bed. Once she was inside her tent, she spoke to Gustus and Anya.

I’ll meditate so I do not want to be disturbed. Not unless it is something that absolutely needs my attention. If you can deal with it, do it,” She said to them and they nodded.

Of course, Commander,” They both said in unison, “Have a nice rest and trip,” Anya said to her as she left along with Gustus and Lexa was finally alone.

She stripped down from her armor, shoulder pad and boots, staying in just her tank top and her pants as she sat down on her bed with her legs crossed. She closed her eyes and concentrated and tried to relax her mind while meditating and soon enough, she was able to go to the Citadel. Clarke had not had access to the Citadel even when she took the Flame herself. Differently from the City of Light where anyone who took the chip had access to, the Citadel had a mind of its own and would let in those who they judged to be worthy.

Clarke was not a nightblood so she was rejected, passed by the Flame without even knowing about this place. Having been in the City of Light herself, Lexa had to admit that Becca took her time in creating the Citadel. It was a beautiful place, the completely opposite to the coldness of the City of Light and given the AI who was in charge of it, Lexa was not even surprised. The Citadel was like an old word white castle surrounded by nature and water. Trees and animals running around, rivers flowing through it. A river in special had its course through the inside of the castle and it was mesmerizing. Lexa still remembered the first time she came here as soon as the flame was inserted in her neck. She had been in awe.

In the Castle, every Commander that has died, and now only live in the Citadel, had their own quarters and it was always a very big one with elements they loved as well as reminders of their respective clans. For an example, Trina kom Floukru, her room reminded Lexa of a boat, the river that passed through her room had many fishes. For Ava kom Azgeda, her room had things related to snow and the coldness her clan was famous for and so on. Lexa wondered if she still had her own room in here given that she had died even if it was in the other timeline.

“The answer to your question would be yes. Your room is still here and as you left it, Lexa,” A voice behind her said as Lexa stood in the entrance and turned around to see her favorite Commander after Becca Pramheda herself. Ema kom Louwoda Kilron Kru was the 10th Commander in their history and a very good one at that.

Ema was the youngest Commander in their history to have ascended, Lexa having the second place. Ema had only been 10 years old when she rose to the throne and was not ready for all the war that she was faced with back then, however she was wise beyond her years and lasted a total of 6 years in command before the Great Wars started and she died to save her only remaining nightblood from being slaughtered. Even though she was much younger, Lexa had always found Ema to be a very good listener, a wise adviser and the one who most understood Lexa’s desire for change and always encouraged her to do just that.

Ema,” Lexa said to the girl with a smile on her face and the girl smiled right back at her.

Hi Lexa. It’s been a while since you have been here and not since you have regained your memories from the Valley,” Ema said as they hugged and Lexa nodded.

I know, things just have been so busy, I almost didn’t find the time to breathe, much less come here,” Lexa said pulling back from the hug and they smiled.

I can see that. I have been watching and I am glad to be the first one to congratulate you in finally getting rid of the Mountain threat. You did good, kid,” Ema said and Lexa smiled.

Kid? I’m older than you. You haven’t forgotten that piece of information, have you?” Lexa said teasing the younger girl as they usually did whenever they met each other.

I’m sorry but if I was still alive, I would be 67 years old so no. You’re still the kid,” Ema said to her and Lexa chuckled, Ema always called her that anyway.

You said that my room is still here. Why? How? Shouldn’t it have been reset when I came back to life?” Lexa said to her friend and Ema smiled.

Why don’t we go there and talk on the way about whatever is bothering you that you have decided to come and see me?” She said and Lexa nodded as they started walking, “Well, as you know time and reality are different in the Flame. The Valley reset time but it could not reset the Flame so while the version of you who stayed here merged back with your mind, the changes made here for you stays. Got it?” Ema explained to her and Lexa nodded.

I think so.” Lexa said and looked around, “Where are the others? Noah is usually always by the river and Kira is usually not too far away from wherever you are. It’s weird not seeing her around you,” Lexa asked about the 5th Commander, Noah kom Sangedakru and the 9th Commander, Kira kom Louwoda Kilron Kru. Being her predecessor and her big sister even though she was younger in appearance, Ema was always the closest to Kira who was 17 years old. She was only Commander for 4 years during the time the Great Wars happened and she died poisoned by her servant that was a spy from an enemy Clan.

We had a fight and she is taking some time for herself,” Ema said shrugging and Lexa smiled. Being sisters meant constant fights, “Well, here we are.” Ema said as they stopped in front of two big doors and Lexa had them open and she was greeted with her room. Her room had two things which were important to her. Trees going around the room, reminding her of her clan and the roof of her room was the sky and it would darken at night and clear in the day, it was her remainder of Clarke. It was also filled with books given her love for them.

I miss and don’t miss this place at the same time. You know what I mean?” Lexa said as she looked around and Ema nodded her head with an understanding look on her face.

Yes, perfectly.” She said and Lexa nodded, “So I was watching you during that fight and I have to say you were amazingly good,” Ema said and Lexa smiled as she picked one of her books and looked at it.

Thank you, but I didn’t do much. They were just not that good and were making for poor generals which also meant weak army,” Lexa said as Ema sat down on her bed.

Agreed. But I also saw the fight you had with the Sky Girl. Clarke, is it?” Ema said and Lexa nodded sighing as she turned around and rested against the table and put the book down before she crossed her arms.

Yes, we ended up fighting because of it and now that I had time to think about it, I feel bad for how we both handled it,” Lexa said and Ema crossed her legs up.

Well, you know that I was not in any relationship during my time as Commander so I am only speaking from a no experience perspective. I may be wrong, but I think you were a bit insensitive towards Clarke’s feelings,” Ema said and Lexa looked at her.

You think so?” She asked and the young girl nodded her head.

That I know from experience because I do that on a daily basis with Kira. She is always worried even here where there is nothing to worry about, no danger lurking around in the corner and sometimes I lose it and berate her for it but I understand that she loves me so much that the thought of anything happening to me is unbearable to her,” Ema continued,

I think that maybe for Clarke is the same thing. Clarke had to watch you die in her place with a bullet that was meant for her, as Kira had to watch me die to protect her. It is hard for them not to remember that and the pain that comes with it, but with an aggravating feeling which is the fear that it will happen again. That we will get hurt, that they will fail to save us and will lose us again and sometimes that fear clouds their senses, their mind and they say stuff they don’t mean, they berate us for things they should understand.” Ema said to her.

Look at you for an example. You had a bad experience with primarily being the reason that Costia was killed and even though Clarke is a different person and nothing like that has happened to her, just the thought of it happening makes you want to keep her locked away somewhere safe, doesn’t it?” Ema said with a knowing look on her face and Lexa nodded.

The same thing is for Clarke except it is ten times worse because she didn’t see someone else die, she saw you die and she couldn’t do anything to save you. She is terrified that she will lose you again so she wants to lock you away somewhere safe too. You can’t fault her for that Lexa. She loves you and that means she will always worry for your safety the same way you will always worry about hers. What you both need to do is to find a common ground that can work for both of you so you don’t have to keep having the same fights about the same things again and again. That is just my humble opinion, of course,” Ema finished giving her opinion.

No, you are right but I think that the problem with me and Clarke is that for all the love we have for each other, we have both been hurt by each other and we haven’t talked about it. We have unresolved things between us and are just overlooking them in favor of being happy to be reunited. Maybe for us to have a way forward, we have to revisit our past and deal with what needs to be dealt with so that we can finally move on together,” Lexa expressed some of the thoughts that have passed through her mind on her way to her camp.

Absolutely. That is the way to make a good base for your relationship to stand on. Once you get the chance, talk with her. Lower all of your walls and let her see the wounds she created on you and help her do the same. When you do that, talk and more importantly listen to her feelings and to yours. Try to understand things from her point of view and help her understand things from yours and I am sure things will be much better for the two of you,” Ema said and Lexa nodded her head, resolving herself to do just that.

I will do that. So now that we have potentially solved my problems, why don’t you tell me what your fight with Kira was all about?” Lexa said to her friends who groaned in response and proceeded to tell her everything. She didn’t have a good relationship with all the other 13 past Commanders but Lexa was good that at least she had a true friend in Ema, someone she could always count on to be honest and help her with whatever she may need. The two of them spent some time just talking and catching each other up on what was going on. Lexa was happy that she decided to come here. Maybe when she returned, things could be fixed between Clarke and her. She had to at least try.

Chapter Text

Time was spent differently in the Citadel than it did in the real world and Lexa always made sure that she would know how much time to spent there as to not lose too much time in what you would call the normal world, but given that there was no pressing matter that she needed to deal with regarding her people, she spent some more time in the Citadel than she usually did. To her, it seemed like a few minutes, almost as if she had just arrived but when it finally came time to return and she opened her eyes, Lexa looked around and realized that it was already nighttime and her tent was with the usual candles lit.

She wasn’t one to usually spend so much time in the Citadel even because she wasn’t fond of all the Commanders. She despised some of them, especially the one who came before her and so she tried to avoid those Commanders at all costs, which sometimes meant making her visits even shorter than they were already supposed to be and when she wanted to stay there for a longer period of time like she did today, she would steer clear of their path as best as she could and Ema would always help her with it, not being able to stand them herself.

Even Kira helped them sometimes. She was a better diplomat than Ema was though Lexa judged Ema to be the better leader between the two sisters but in the matter at hand, Kira was a better choice because she was mostly a pacifist and a person with high tolerance for stupidity so she was the only one among the three of them that could deal with those arrogant and stupid Commanders, even if all they thought about her was that she was a weak Commander and a disgrace to the blood for having died so quickly after her ascension however she let the insults go and would drive them away from her sister and Lexa.

There had been times in which Lexa and Ema had fought with them, physically or whatever you could call it. They had exchange punches and kicks around, especially after Costia died and they made fun of her for her weakness. Lexa would lose her head and fight with them and Ema would always join in to be on her side and fight with them too so Kira, knowing that, started to pull them away whenever they would come close to avoid such things happening and Lexa was thankful for that. If she wanted to have trouble, she would stay in the real world where there was more than enough for her to deal with already.

Lexa sighed as she stretched her body from being in the same position without moving for hours on end. She was feeling a lot better after talking with Ema and now she felt that she could understand Clarke better and that they could have a good conversation to make up for the fight they had earlier on. But as she thought about it, she realized that Clarke was not here, at least not with her in the bed so Lexa put on her boots, grabbed her coat and walked out of her private quarters and looked at the rest of the tent but Clarke wasn’t there either.

Lexa was beginning to worry. From what she could see from the candles, it was late in the night and she couldn’t help but wonder. Why wasn’t Clarke there with her in their tent as usual? Then, Lexa thought that perhaps the blonde was with her friends talking to them in their tent and without thinking too much, Lexa walked out of her own tent and in the direction of theirs, hearing the guards following her however this time, she didn’t send them away, there was no need to and she may need them.

“Can I come in?” Lexa called out from outside their tent, she could and had the right to just barge in but she chose to be respectful and to ask permission first.

“Of course, Lexa. Come on in,” Lexa heard Raven’s voice say and she lifted the flap and walked inside taking a look around and noticing the lack of blonde hair around. The only one that were there was Raven and Murphy who was already in his bed and Raven who was working on something by the table. Lexa’s heart picked on the speed fueled by her worry.

“Where is Clarke? I thought she would be here with you,” Lexa said to them and Murphy sat up on his bed and shared a look with Raven, seeing that there was something wrong.

“We haven’t seen Clarke since she went inside your tent after you once the fight was done and came out looking pissed off,” Raven said to her before looking at Murphy who confirmed it.

“Yeah, we both thought she had been with you this whole time, you know, making up,” He said and now Lexa was truly worried about her girlfriend and shook her head.

“No, we had a fight and she walked out of the tent and I didn’t see her again. I thought she was with you inside the Mountain so I came here and went to meditate. When I woke up, I realized it was late and she had not returned,” Lexa said to them worriedly, “I will gather a search team to look for her,” Lexa said to them and was about to leave when raven stopped her.

“No, wait a second before you do that,” Raven said and Lexa stopped and looked back at the mechanic not understanding why she would ask Lexa to do such a thing when something could be seriously wrong with Clarke. She could be in danger or she could have been taken.

“I cannot wait Raven. If Clarke is in danger, we need to find her as soon as possible.” Lexa said irritated but raven shook her head.

“I know you are worried so are we but just listen to me first,” Raven said to her and Lexa looked between them before giving her a nod to continue, “Before the fight, Clarke had talked to her dad to take her friends back to Arkadia and they were set to leave right after the fight,” Raven said to her and Lexa looked at her.

“Yeah, I remember I saw them getting ready before you came out of your tent and proceeded to murder those idiots,” Murphy said agreeing with Raven, seeing where she was going.

“What does that have to do with Clarke’s disappearance?” Lexa asked them, not quite getting what that had to do with Clarke’s safety.

“What Raven is trying to say is that maybe Clarke went with them back to Arkadia and is still there, right Raven?” Murphy said looking at the mechanic and the girl nodded her head.

“Yeah, they were going to get donators for the bone marrow transfusion. Maybe she thought it would be good to go there in order to cool down,” Raven suggested and Lexa admitted that there was merit in their idea.

“But why hasn’t she returned yet? It is very late. She should have been back by now,” Lexa asked them and Raven and Murphy both shrugged.

“Maybe she lost track of time or simply thought it would be better or safer to come back tomorrow. If she is there, then she is definitely safe and there is no reason to worry,” Murphy said and Lexa shook her head.

“There was a guard with her and she knew about it. He could protect her until she was back here. It’s his job. There was no particular need for her to stay there, without warning me about it at least.” Lexa said with worry in her voice and they stood in silence before she spoke up again, “Is there any way you can check if she really is there? Just in case. To make sure that she really is safe and is in no danger or missing.” Lexa asked them and Raven nodded her head.

“Yeah, I gave Jake a radio with a line directly to mine. Let me see if I can get in touch with him,” Raven said grabbing one of the radios, turning it on. “Jake, it’s Raven. Do you hear me? Over,” Raven said and waited for the response but there was nothing so she tried again. “Jake, it’s Raven. Answer me. Over,” She said and once again there was nothing but the third time she tried, there was a response.

“Raven?” A young voice said and Raven answered it.

“Charlotte? Is that you?” She asked as the other two watched and listened to it.

“Yeah, it’s me. Dad is sleeping. What is it? Is something wrong?” Charlotte asked her.

“No, nothing is wrong. We just wanted to know something. Is Clarke there? In Arkadia?” Raven asked and Lexa waited on baited breath for the answer.

“Yes, she is. She came with dad and the others earlier today. Why?” They heard and Lexa let out a deep breath that she was holding in. Clarke was safe, nothing bad had happened to her. She was okay that was all that mattered.

“We didn’t know where she was and got worried for her safety. Nothing bad happened to her, has it? She is okay, right?” Raven asked the girl as Lexa listened to their talk.

“Okay wouldn’t be the word I would use to describe Clarke right now,” Charlotte said and Lexa felt her worry return ten-fold.

“What is wrong with her?” She found herself speaking up.

“Who is that?” Charlotte asked not recognizing the voice.

“That is the Commander. She is here with us, she was worried about Clarke too,” Raven explained to the young girl.

“Oh hi, Commander. Nice to talk to you,” Charlotte said and both Raven and Murphy smiled as the mechanic stood up.

“This is the button to speak. You keep it pressed it and when you’re done, you let go,” Raven said giving the radio to the older girl.

“Okay,” Lexa said grabbing it as raven joined Murphy on the bed, both sitting down and watching the Commander talk to their young friend. “Nice to talk to you too, Charlotte. Clarke has told me a lot about you,” Lexa said and did what Raven said and it worked.

“That’s awesome.” Charlotte said to her, happy that someone so important like the Commander would take time to learn about her.

“Why did you say that Clarke was not okay?” Lexa asked her and Charlotte chuckled.

“Well, you see, the others got a hold of alcohol from the Mountain and they made a little party and they were drinking a lot,” Charlotte explained.

“Jackasses, they didn’t even wait for us.” Murphy said and Raven elbowed him in the ribs and made him shush.

“Charlotte, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you go check on Clarke for me? I just need to hear her voice to be sure she is alive and well even if she is drunk,” Lexa asked the girl.

“Sure, I’ll take the radio in case she wants to talk to you,” Charlotte said agreeing readily to do it. She would also like to go check on her sister, maybe she could be needing someone to take care of her hangover.

“That would be very kind of you,” Lexa said and waited as the girl continued pressing the button and they could hear everything.

“You know Clarke told me about you too. I really wish we could have met already. You seem like a really nice person based on what she told me,” Charlotte said to her and Lexa smiled.

“So do I. You sound like a very smart girl and I can assure you that Clarke is very proud of you,” Lexa said and she was sure the girl was smiling.

“Thanks,” They continued talking until Charlotte came to Clarke’s quarters. “I’m here. Let me open the door,” Charlotte said and Lexa waited and heard as the girl entered and closed the door behind her but they also started hearing some noises and laughter and Lexa immediately recognized one of those voices as Clarke’s. Raven and Murphy didn’t know what to do.

“Clarke?” The girl called for her sister but nothing. “I think she is in the bedroom.” Charlotte said in the radio and walked closer to the bedroom and the voices got louder.

“Oh my God. Bellamy, stop,” They all heard Clarke’s voice and the words perfectly. Lexa’s stomach dropped. No, there is no way that Clarke would do something like this to her. Not after everything they went through. This had to be a mistake.

“You’re the one who told me to take it off. Careful, that’s my shirt you tossing around,” They heard him say.

“You don’t need it. You’re hot,” Clarke replied and they laughed some more.

“Come to bed, will you?” They heard Clarke say.

“Someone is eager to get me in her sheets.” Bellamy said.

“Think you can handle me in bed, Blake? Let’s see you try,” Clarke said and to Lexa, that was more than enough, she sighed.

“Charlotte, you should go back to bed. I heard all that I needed to. Thank you for helping me with the task,” Lexa said in the radio. Raven and Murphy looked at each other and they were in shock. What the hell as Clarke doing? When they heard Lexa’s voice, they heard the strain in it and they both felt for her.

“I’m sure nothing is going on between them. If you want to talk to her, I can just go in,” Charlotte said trying to help the situation of her sister with the Commander. She suspected there was something more happening between them so she was really confused now.

“No, you get out of there and go back to your room and go to sleep. You hear me? Do not open the door,” Lexa said to her firmly and the girl nodded, turning around and leaving the room closing the door after her and started walking back to her room. Something in Lexa’s voice made her do what the girl was telling her to.

“I’m sorry.” She said in the radio once she was back inside her the quarters she shared with her parents since Clarke had her own.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Charlotte. I was worried for Clarke’s safety but she is perfectly fine so now I’m not worried anymore,” Lexa said trying to pretend for her. “I’m the one who is sorry for waking you in the middle of the night as asking you to go there. I hope you can continue to have a good night despite my interruption,” Lexa said and the girl smiled sadly even if the commander could not see it.

“No problem. You too. Have a good night, I mean,” Charlotte said to her and Lexa sighed but tried not to let her feelings show on her voice.

“I will, thank you. Nice talking to you, Charlotte. Goodbye,” Lexa said tightly.

“Nice talking to you too, Commander. Goodbye,” She said while Lexa turned around and offered the device back to Raven who stood up.

“It’s not what you think,” Raven said trying to defend her friend. She had no idea what could be going through Clarke’s head at this second but surely even drunk, she wouldn’t do something like this to Lexa, or would she?

“He was in her bedroom, shirtless and she invited him to her bed and to make love to her. Was that not what we heard?” Lexa asked her and Raven didn’t really have anything to say to that. The words were really clear.

“It’s Clarke, we are talking about. She wouldn’t do this to you or with Bellamy. She didn’t do anything with Finn even when you were not together. There has to be a good explanation for what we heard,” Murphy said standing up and looking at Lexa who looked back at him.

“Maybe there is but right now, I wouldn’t care to listen,” Lexa said tightly, clenching her jaw, “I should go back to my tent and sleep, tomorrow I have a very busy day. Thank you for your help and you are very loyal friends. Clarke is lucky to have you both,” Lexa said turning around and leaving the tent as Raven took a few steps after her before she turned around and looked at Murphy.

“What the hell did Clarke do, John?” Raven asked and the fact she used his first name meant that it was serious and it really was.

“I have no idea, Raven. No fucking idea,” He said and they were just shocked by what happened as Lexa but both still hoping that there was another explanation for what they heard but they agreed on one thing.

‘You screwed up, Griffin.’

Chapter Text

In Arkadia, hours before anything happened, Clarke was with her friends and they were drinking and joking around. There were around 10 of them, they were all together and having the greatest time. This was one of the things that she had wished they could have done the first time around, spent some time as just teenagers enjoying the new world they were a part of, without a second care for anything serious and she was glad they were getting the chance to do that now. “Oh my God. You’re disgusting,” Clarke laughing at a joke Del made and the others nodded laughing around as well.

“Hey but seriously, I was a first witness to Jasper trying to flirt with Maya and he was a disaster. Worse than Miller around Monty,” Harper said, and everyone laughed teasing the guy who despite his darker skin was visibly blushing.

“I did not flirt with Monty, you did. You were all hugs and kisses with him. You think I didn’t see it? I saw it, Ms. Obvious,” Nathan said pointing back at the girl.

“Ooh. Jealousy. Would you look at that?” Monroe said and they all laughed at the debate going on between Miller and Harper about who was the biggest Monty flirt of them two.

“Monty and I are just friends. And if you would like to know most of our conversation when we weren’t fearing for our lives was about his crush on you.” Harper said drinking.

“He has a crush on me?” Nathan asked her and she nodded.

“No, I’m not flirting with Monty. Nope, no way. Not at all. Me? What? You’re crazy,” Bellamy said mimicking Nathan’s voice as everyone crackled in laugh at that.

“Stop, you asshole. I hate you,” The guy said throwing a piece of wood on the guy who only laughed harder. “What about you? You gave Atom a hell of a speech and a punishment when you caught him kissing your sister. What about Lincoln? Did you give him one?” Nathan asked.

“For him to end up on the receiving end of Lincoln’s strength and skills? The guy is stupid, but he is not suicidal. At least I don’t think so. You never know,” Finn said having joined in the fun.

“Very funny, Spacewalker. Very funny. No, Lincoln and I talked and sorted out our problems. He loves her and will protect her so we’re good,” Bellamy said to them.

“Look at him being all grown up,” Clarke said teasing him too and he shrugged at her.

“I had to, right? I mean, can’t keep being childish in this place or else I wouldn’t last two seconds,” He said and she nodded at him knowing he was right.

“You’re 23, being the oldest which means you’re the dad here,” Monroe said motioning to the group, and they laughed at that.

“More like irresponsible and over protective big brother. Oh wait, you are that,” Clarke said joking and he chuckled at her.

“I have no wish to be father of anyone so soon. I am still too young for that,” Bellamy said to his friends and Nathan went for the mercy blow.

“Hey, Octavia doesn’t have the chip, does she? How about being an uncle? You dig that one?” Nathan said and Bellamy frowned and then looked scared.

“Clarke, is that…” He asked her and she smiled at him.

“Possible? Very much so. Octavia can get pregnant tonight. Many times over,” She said teasing him and he out his elbows on the table and his head on his hands.

“No, no, no. That is not happening. Not a chance,” He said to himself but everyone heard it and started making fun of him for it.

“Can you imagine a little grounder running around. ‘Uncle Bell, Uncle Bell, did you see my sword? Mommy said I could start training,’” Finn said in a kid’s voice and Bellamy growled.

“I hate the lot of you for making me think of that.” He said as he poured three cups of drink and downed them in one shot. 

“Slow down, cowboy.” Del said to him and he still sighed. They continued on the teasing and the drinking, the joking around and Clarke was happy. She looked around at them, these people that she hadn’t known for even half a year and who were now people she considered friends, people she would do almost anything to protect, to keep them safe. People she would kill and die for. That she has done all the above, one way or another.

She couldn’t help but wonder. How long did it take before they felt good enough to do something like this after Mount Weather last time around? Did they ever do this? Or did they just lived one day after the other, enjoying whatever happy moment they had but always worried about the next? She didn’t know, but she hoped this time around that she could help them avoid those worries in the long run and have a decent and prosperous life down here. They deserved it after everything they have been through and she did too.

She wanted them to be different than what she remembered from when she returned here after the three months she spent away. She wanted Bellamy to never think about massacring three hundred innocent or let and help a madman get it power and almost destroy all of them because he was hurt by losing someone he cared about. She wanted Miller not to have to work as a spy to defeat a terrible leader and lose his boyfriend because of it. She wanted Harper not to suffer to a breaking point for the things she had done and that she regretted it so much.

She wanted Monty to be happy and in peace and have his best friend with him always. She wanted Jasper to never break beyond recognition and for him to never lose Maya and have a real chance at a relationship with her. She wanted Finn to be able to find himself apart from what he felt from her, for him to find his place in here. She wanted for Kane and Callie to have a family and to be incredibly happy. She wanted her parents to see the beauty of the Earth and live in it. She wanted Charlotte to grow up and be the amazing person she was meant to be.

She wanted Octavia and Lincoln to always have one another and to find a place to settle down. She wanted Wells and Jessica to grow stronger and to help run this place when it came the time for it. She wants for Murphy to find Emori and be with his girlfriend and his real friends, his family, always. She wants for Raven to find her happiness with Luna and for her to not suffer so much again as she did last time. She wants Anya, Indra, Gustus, Aden and the other nightbloods to always be there for the Commander.

And most of all, she wants Lexa to be happy and to have the chance to create all the changes she dreamed for her people and for her to live a long life so that she can see the future she is making for them. And last but not least, for herself, what Clarke wanted was very simple. Perhaps the simplest out of all the others and at the same time the most difficult one too. She wanted Lexa. Period. She wanted to always be the cause of the brunette’s happiness. She always wanted to be a reason why the woman would smile or laugh.

She wants for them to have the life together they are meant to have. She wants to be there for the good and the bad days, she wants to be with the girl for the rest of her life that she will try and make as long as possible. She wants for them to have a family and to have the happiness they deserve, the happiness they could only ever have with each other. She wants to wake up and see Lexa by her side, she wants to go to sleep in her arms every night. Clarke wants Lexa and everything that comes with that. Whatever obstacles, they will win. Together.

The group spent a few more hours and drinking until they were kicked out of the small bar that had been built but by then, they were all already too drunk to do anything about it so they just left going back to the station and their own dorms. Bellamy was really wasted so Clarke offered to help him get to his room and they all ended being separated. Finn was the most wasted, having passed out and being carried by Del and Nathan, Harper was clinging to Monroe and so on. “I don’t have quarters,” Bellamy said to her and she nodded.

“You can crash with me tonight, but you better not snore, or I will kick your ass out of my room,” She said to him and he smiled at her and nodded.

“Hey, we will go this way. See you guys tomorrow,” Clarke said to their friends and they nodded as they all broke until small groups.

Clarke walked with Bellamy towards her quarters and opened the door as she pushed him inside. She turned around to look down the hall to check if they woke up anyone but there was nothing, so she closed the door, locking it. She turned around searching for Bellamy, but he didn’t seem to be nowhere in sight until she looked at her bedroom door and saw it opened and she sighed walking towards it and entering her room finding him, sprawled out on her bed, starfish position. “Really?” She said to him, incredulous and he looked up at her.

“You’re a very good friend and I’m hot, you know that?” He said to her. She chuckled and shook her head at him. She leaned against the wall and removed her boots as well as her jacket before she walked to her bed and lay down.

“You can sleep here and in my bed, if you get your boots off. I am not going to have mud on my bed, Bellamy Blake so get your drunken ass up,” She said and started pushing him until he groaned sitting up as she lay down on her bed and watched as he tried to remove the boots, growing irritated for not having the balance and while she laughed at him, she briefly heard someone’s voice and even her name being called but with Bellamy’s groan and her level of intoxication, she wasn’t sure she wasn’t hallucinating. She watched him and laughed.

“Oh my God, Bellamy. Stop,” She said as he almost fell down trying to get his boots off. Bellamy then stood straight and removed his jacket throwing away and did the same with his shirt, throwing it her way, hitting her in the face. She made a ball with it, threw on the air and tried to kick it away with her feet.

“You’re the one who told me to take it off. Careful, that’s my shirt you’re tossing around,” He said to her as he made another attempt.

“You don’t need it. You’re hot,” She said to him and they smiled laughing some more. She finally tossed the shirt aside.

“Come to bed, will you?” She said tired and wanting to go to sleep. She already knew she would have a massive hangover in the morning, she could at least try to get some sleep in before facing the new day and the pain she would feel once she woke up.

“Someone is eager to get me in her bed sheets,” Bellamy joked around smiling at her and she raised herself on her elbows.

“Think you can handle me in bed, Blake? Let’s see you try,” She said to him smirking and he looked at her and the bed and took impulse before he threw himself on top of her as they started laughing around. Somewhere in her mind she could swear she was hearing voices apart from theirs, but she wasn’t sure about it, so she just focused on her friend. When they stopped laughing, Clarke swore that she heard a door close.

“I think I heard something,” Clarke said lowly to him, but he didn’t seem to be hearing what she was saying anymore.

“Not uncle. Celibate,” Was his only response as she pushed him away from her, laughing at his words and decided to go check out what made the sound she was sure she heard. Clarke opened the door to her bedroom and looked around but there was no one there so she walked over to the door of her quarters and opened it, stepping outside and looking around the hall. There was no one else there but her.

“I’m officially going crazy,” She said to herself before she went back inside and closed the door. She sighed and yawned as she went to her bedroom, opening the door and looking at the bed only to see that Bellamy was deep asleep already and hogging all the pillows. She smiled at him and walked outside for a few minutes before she came inside the room towards the bed and out a glass and two pills on her bedside table. Painkillers for the morning and pulled the covers up to his shoulders, kissed his head and smiled down at him.

“Good night, Bell,” She said to him. She walked out of the room, grabbing her jacket and his along the way and closed the door behind her. She had a small couch and she went to lay down on it, using their jackets as pillows and once she was finally remotely comfortable on the couch, she crossed her arms over her chest and thought about Lexa. She hoped the girl was not worried though she knew Lexa would be. She wondered if it wasn’t the case to try and talk to her. Clarke even thought about it getting the radio to get Raven to tell Lexa she was okay but the tiredness was finally taking control over her body, her eyes were closing and she was asleep in less than a second later and thought of Lexa were reserved for her dreams.

Chapter Text

The next moment Clarke opened her eyes after that last line of thoughts going on inside her head, all she could see or feel or hear or care about was the raging pounding that was going on inside her head and that she brought upon herself after drinking so much the night before. She knew it was morning already and she knew she had to wake up so she rubbed her eyes trying to get rid of the remaining sleepiness she had and clutched her head as she tried to massage the sides of her face to see if it would help and it did minimally but it was something already.

She stood up  from the couch at once and the dizziness and nausea hit her with all the strength they had and she couldn’t help but run to the bathroom and throw up a few times which helped her stomach but did not help her head, in fact, it only made it ten times worse and the pounding doubled the intensity and would just not stop. Once she was sure she would not throw up anymore, Clarke cleaned herself and the bathroom and after washing her mouth, she walked out and grabbed a glass of water and the painkillers and took two of them.

She went back to the couch and fully realized that it was already morning of the next day and she worried about what Lexa would think about where she had spent the night or if she was safe but if Lexa hadn’t come here looking for her was because she knew Clarke was safe and not in any danger except from too much drinking. She sighed relieved. She had not planned to stay here for so long, but time ended up passing by when she was having fun and she didn’t even notice. She hoped Lexa wouldn’t be too angry with her for this on top of their fight.

She grabbed her necklace and looked at it. Even now that they were together, Clarke still kept it with her for times like this when they were apart so that Clarke could have her girlfriend close to her heart and her mind. She clutched it and kissed it before she heard some noise coming from the bedroom and judging by the grunts of pain she was hearing, Bellamy was waking up as well and she smiled and waited for it and he didn’t disappoint. She saw the door open and saw him run to the bathroom followed by the gag sounds he was making.

She just kept drinking water to help with the hangover. She didn’t think she would be drinking so much anytime soon if ever. The having fun and enjoying herself, she enjoyed but this one? She hated this part of it all, the having to be sick for almost an entire day. She was brought back from her thoughts by Bellamy coming out of the bathroom and she noticed that he was only in his underwear and she chuckled at the sight. “You know, you look horrible. Actually, I think miserable would be more accurate,” She said to him and he clutched his head.

“Don’t scream. My head is going to explode right now,” He said, and she smiled at him, happy that she hadn’t drunk as much as he or Finn did or else, she would have been way worse.

“There are two painkillers and water by the side of the bed. Take it and put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see that,” Clarke said to him and he smiled at her.

“I’ll have you know that many, many people want to see this, just not you,” He said to her and she chuckled at his antics and the ease friendship they were developing again.

“That is right, Blake. So do me a favor and put your pants back and a shirt too,” She said to him and he nodded walking back to the room. A few minutes later he came out already with his pants and boots on and was putting on his shirt back.

“I feel like shit.” He said as he sat down beside her and grabbed his jacket and clutched it closer to his body and she smiled nodding her head at him.

“Welcome to the club.” She said to him and motioning for the water and the cup there and he poured some for himself before he pushed his hair out of his face and turned to look at her.

“Thanks for letting me have the bed and sorry for taking your bed,” He said to her and she smiled and slowly shook her head.

“You’re welcome and what are friends for if not helping their horribly drunk best mates?” She told him and he nodded at her, “But if it makes you feel any better, as it does to me, Finn is even worse. He flat passed out, Nathan and Del had to carry him, he was dead unconscious,” Clarke said and he smiled along with her.

“Is it bad that it does make me feel better that he is with a worse hangover than me?” He asked her and she shook her head.

“I don’t think so but if it does, I will take this sin with me to hell, so you are not alone,” She said and they laughed lightly, their heads still pounding but getting better by the minute.

“We need to get out and face the sun and the world full of noise,” He said to her and she nodded at him.

“I will take a bath first but don’t worry about that. We faced worst odds than that, haven’t we?” She said to him and he smiled at her nodding

“Damn right, we did. We can do this. Let’s go,” He said to her and stood up turning to her, “You’re going back to the Mountain?” He asked her, and she nodded.

“Yep, then after everything it’s settled, I will go to the camp. I need to talk to Lexa about our fight. I don’t want to leave things the way they are now between us. Hopefully, today, we will both be able to understand each other better,” Clarke explained to him and he nodded.

“Well, then I see in half an hour by the gates,” He said, and she nodded.

“Okay. Good luck,” She said motioning to the door, and he nodded.

“Thanks,” He said and walked past her and opened the door both being hit with the noises coming from everywhere, “Jesus Christ,” He said before walking outside and closing the door behind him.

Clarke smiled and stood up herself. She walked to the door and locked it before she started removing her clothes and walked towards her bathroom and took a sponge bath to get the stink of alcohol and vomit out of her body and in 15 minutes, she was finished and wrapped herself in a towel and walked to her room and grabbed a new set of clothes. It was a black pair of pants, a dark blue short sleeved shirt. She was getting dressed when there was a knock on the door. She walked towards it in only her underwear.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“Charlie.” The voice said and Clarke smiled before opening the door careful not to be seen by anyone who was outside. The girl got inside the room and Clarke closed the door behind her with a smile on her face.

“Hey, Charlie, I was not expecting to see you here so soon. Don’t talk too loud, I still have an annoying headache,” Clarke said as she kissed her little sister’s head and walked back inside her room.

“Clarke, can I ask you a question and you promise to tell me the truth? The absolute truth, no matter what it is,” Charlotte followed her inside the room. Clarke was putting on her pants and nodded though she noticed the tone of voice Charlie was using.

“Sure. Ask me anything,” Clarke said as she buttoned her pants.

“Is there something going on romantically between you and the Commander?” Charlotte asked and Clarke stopped and looked at her in surprise.

“Why are you asking me that?” Clarke asked her but Charlotte shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter. Just answer me. Are you two together?” The young girl asked her, and Clarke had promised so she nodded.

“Yeah, we are. But don’t tell Mom and dad, I want to introduce her to them,” Clarke said smiling but Charlotte only frowned.

“How could you do this to her then?” Charlotte said to her and by the tone of her voice, Clarke’s smile faded.

“Charlotte, I don’t know what you are talking about.” Clarke said truly confused by what her sister was talking about and Charlotte shook her head.

“How could you cheat on her with Bellamy?” Charlotte said disapprovingly and Clarke shook her head, shocked and utterly confused.

“Charlie, I didn’t do that. I would never do something like that. What the hell are you even talking about?” Clarke said frowning and Charlotte just stared at her searching for something. Something that she seemed to not have found because her expression softened.

“You remember everything that happened last night? Everything?” Charlotte asked her, hoping that she would be right on what she is thinking, and Clarke chuckled nodding her head.

“Yep, unfortunately. There were some things I wished I had forgotten though. Some information that have scarred me for life but other than that, I do remember everything. Believe it or not, I was one of the most sober members in that group. Can you believe that Finn passed out? Bellamy did too. He took the bed and I had to sleep on the couch. But why are you asking me if I cheated on Lexa with Bellamy?” Clarke asked her and Charlotte’s face took a sorry expression for her sister.

“Because I think you are in big, big, enormous trouble, Clarke,” Charlotte said to her and Clarke crossed her arms still in only just her pants and bra.

“What do you mean?” Clarke asked her and the girl seemed to think if she should say anything about what happened last night, “Charlotte, you’re scaring me. Whatever it is, you can tell me,” Clarke said taking a more approachable stance not to frighten her sister who nodded.

“Well, last night, I went to sleep early since I would have to wake up early today and dad did too,” Charlotte started and Clarke nodded, she knew that already. “Well, in the middle of the night I woke up to go drink some water when I heard the radio you said Raven gave Dad and someone was calling for him. I recognized Raven’s voice so I picked up worried that something bad had happened to her but when I spoke to her, she was asking me about you, if you were here,” Charlotte said and Clarke sighed, she had imagined that.

“I didn’t tell anyone where I was coming so I imagined she would call,” Clarke said to the young girl and she knew that Raven would have told Lexa about her whereabouts.

“Well, this is where it gets complicated and I don’t know if I have the guts to say this twice so let me say it all at once without interruptions, okay?” Charlotte said getting nervous and Clarke frowned but nodded.

“Okay, go ahead.” She said and the younger girl took a deep breath before she started.

“So, it turns out that the one who really wanted to know where you were was the Commander. I talked to her and she sounded really nice and really concerned for your safety but anyway, I told her you were with your friends drinking and she asked me to go check on you just to be sure that you were perfectly okay even if you were drunk, her words,”

“So I told her I would bring the radio in case you wanted to talk to her and we talked all the way here and since I knew the password, I entered your room and well, to resume the story, she heard you and Bellamy, what you said about his shirt, him being hot, about him coming to join you in bed and when I told her I would call for you, she told me there was no need and that I needed to leave and go back to my room. So I’m pretty sure she thinks you cheated on her with Bellamy. There I said it,” Charlotte said and looked at Clarke who was pale.

“Charlie, tell me that is not true,” Clarke asked her with a quivering voice. This couldn’t be happening. This must be a nightmare. Clarke knew that deep down despite the fact that Finn is alive and apparently in love with her again, that Lexa has always been truly jealous of her relationship with Bellamy and the connection and friendship they have here and the one they had in the past. For her to think that Clarke had slept with him, that was not happening.

“I’m sorry but it is true, Clarke,” Charlotte said apologetically. Clarke turned away from her and started putting on her clothes as fast as he could.

“I need to go and talk to her. I need to explain,” Clarke said as she put on her shirt and put on her boots, “What time is it, Charlie?” She asked the girl.

“It’s almost midday. Dad already left hours ago with the volunteers,” The younger girl and Clarke sighed, that meant Lexa would be in the Mountain working.

“Okay, if anyone asks for me, I went to the Mountain and I don’t know if I will be back today or even tomorrow, okay?” Clarke told the girl who nodded at her.

“Okay, I’ll tell them,” Charlotte said to her sister and Clarke kissed the top of her head before she grabbed her jacket and run out of the room leaving Charlotte behind. Clarke ran through the station, bumping into people but not giving a damn about it. All she cared about was to get to Lexa and explains everything to her girlfriend and make sure that she knows that Clarke would never do such a thing, that she didn’t want anyone except for her. She needed to make this the fight they had before right. She had to.

She ran through outside the station and crossed camp until she came to the gates. “Open it,” She ordered the guards and they did just that, she walked a few steps aside and raised her arms swinging them from side to side, calling the guard that was there to come to her.

“Clarke, hey. You ready to go?” Bellamy said joining her and she shook her head.

“I can’t, something bad happened and I need to fix it.” She said to him as she saw the grounder coming through the woods on a horse.

“What happened? Can I help?” Bellamy asked her. She shook her head.

“Lexa called Charlotte last night through the radio and she took it to my room and Lexa heard us joking in my room and now she thinks I’m cheating on her with you. I need to explain everything alone. You would probably only make it worse,” Clarke said to him and he had a shocked expression on his face.

“Skai Prisa,” The grounder called for her and she turned to him.

“I need your horse immediately,” Clarke said to the man and he nodded, getting down from it and helping her get up.

“I will be in the Mountain. Go there,” She said to him and he nodded.

“Sha Prisa,” He said. She simply turned the horse around and started galloping away from there as fast as she could, entering the woods, right now, she didn’t care about anything, she just couldn’t lose Lexa, not to anything much less a misunderstanding like this. And as she walked through the woods, she only hoped that it wouldn’t be too late and that she could still fix it. She needed to believe she could. She didn’t come so far to have a second chance with her just too lose Lexa to her own stupidity. She had to fix it. She had to fix. She had to.

Chapter Text

After waking up, Lexa was immediately hit with everything that happened the day before and especially what happened at night. She couldn’t go there, not this early in the morning or her day would be ruined and today was really important for her people, so she decided to do what she does best. Compartmentalize her emotions and push it far away inside her mind until she was ready to revisit the topic. So once that was out of the way, she went about her morning routine, getting ready as her Trikru warriors started breaking their section of the camp.

She had Ryder warn everyone that she wanted things done as fast as possible. She wanted to be in TonDC before midday. She had breakfast before she left her tent so her warriors could get it down and once everything was ready, Lexa walked over to her horse and got up on it before she started on her way to the village with her selected group of warriors following her, Gustus and Anya on her side, a little behind. Both of them already so used to tuning in with whatever mood she was in that they both knew to stay quiet and let her deal with whatever was bothering her on her own until she asked them for help.

During the whole trip to TonDC, Lexa decided to let herself think over the topic and once the floodgates were opened, she could do nothing but to think about Clarke and everything she heard in the radio the night before. A huge part of her kept reminding her of all the promises Clarke made her and all the times the blonde expressed verbally or not how much she loves Lexa, how glad she is that they are back together, how happy she is that they are not wasting time anymore, that they are finally together, of how much she wants a life with her, to have children, to spend the rest of her life with Lexa.

That part reminded her of every kiss, every touch, every whisper of love, reminded her that Clarke wouldn’t be the kind of person who would do something like that. Reminded her of how much Clarke hated what Finn did to Raven with her and that she would never do the same to Lexa just because they had their first real fight, that Clarke loved her more than that and that she wouldn’t betray Lexa like this. The part that Clarke was the one willing her to fight the bullet on her stomach to stay alive for her. The part of her that believed in Clarke’s love.

But there was another part of her that had appeared since the attempted feast at TonDC when Bellamy knocked the supposedly poisoned cup from Clarke’s hand and stood in front of her to protect her from Lexa and her warriors. The part that noticed how much Clarke depended on him, that believed in him to come through from inside the Mountain. The part of her that reminded her of how much Clarke worried about him when he was inside that place, worried that he would get hurt more so than she did with all the others.

The part that reminded her of what Roan said to her of how Clarke had been rebellious to come with him and how she acted when Bellamy appeared and how she begged with him not to hurt Bellamy, even promising to go willingly with him even to what she believed would be her own death. That reminded her of Clarke begging her to spare his life even despite the atrocity he committed to her people for no good reason except that he wanted to. That part of her that always seemed to think that there was something different between them.

Clarke had been in love so to speak with Finn when they had met and not soon after that she had to kill him herself and Lexa now knew that he had been her first sexual experience in the other life and that if Raven had not been in the picture, they would have been together but Clarke didn’t need Finn, not in the way she had needed Bellamy until the end, not how she still needs him even now. Did she need Lexa like that too? Or was that a feeling reserved for him and only him? Lexa didn’t know and she hated herself for even having to question it.

Lexa shook her head and try to stay focused on the present and nothing else. Soon enough, the entrance of the Trikru village came to view and once they reached it, Lexa stopped her horse and so did the rest of her entourage who followed her and got down from their horses. Lexa was ready to enter when Anya approached her. “You okay?” She whispered to her former second who looked at her and shook her head, not seeing the point of lying.

Not particularly, but I will be,” Lexa said to her and the commander mask was back on and Anya understood the dismissive. Lexa walked in and was greeted the same way and even more cheering happened this time and she judged it was because they have heard of their victory in the Mountain and Lexa softens her features a little and allow a small smiled grace her face as everyone started getting on their knees in respect to her and she stopped before she turned around and spoke to them.

People of TonDC,” She said, and they all looked up, staying on their knees, “Today, it will be the day in which we shall prepare ourselves for what comes tomorrow, the trial of the Mountain’s leaders, the ones responsible for so many of our people’s death,” Lexa said.

She motioned and the bags were removed from their heads and they were surrounded by grounders and faced with the angry cries of the people they hurt for years. Lexa raised her hand and motioned for Indra and Anya to take them to the cells and the women did just that followed by a few other guards while Ryder stood by Heda’s side. “Tomorrow, they will receive our justice, we will honor those we have lost. But today, I want you to enjoy your families, your wives, husbands, children with the knowledge that they will haunt us no more,” Lexa spoke to her people who looked at her in awe.

Sha Heda,” They all said and she nodded before she turned around and walked away going back towards the place in which she had used both times to plan the war with Clarke. Ryder came inside along with her. “Commander, do you want anything?” He asked her as she circled around the table and nodded.

I want my throne, there,” She said to him and pointed at the place and he nodded.

It shall be done. Anything else Commander?” He asked her and she shook her head.

You fought bravely, and you deserve to be with your family. Go be with your husband and your daughter, Ryder. Give Sayd and Rana my best,” Lexa said to him and he gave her a smile.

Thank you, Commander. I certainly will,” He said before he turned around and finally left her alone. She sighed and unclasped her shoulder pad, putting it on top of the table along with her sword and she unbuckled her coat as in no time at all, warriors came through the door carrying her throne and with Ryder’s instructions put it on where she wanted it. Once they were done, they all greeted her and left but then Indra and Anya came in.

Do you need us for anything else, Commander?” Indra, who had joined them midway through their journey, asked her as she looked at them and shook her head.

No, Indra. Thank you. Everything is fine, go be with your families. I will try and rest a little. Maybe I’ll meditate a little,” She said to them and they nodded. Indra bowed and walked away but Anya stayed, and Lexa sighed looking at her.

What is it Anya? Is there a problem you need me to deal with?” Lexa asked her friend and the woman shook her head.

No, I just wanted to say that when you are ready to talk you know you will always be welcome to my home. I trust you haven’t forgotten the way,” Anya said, and Lexa smiled at the memory the woman was referring to.

No, I haven’t and when I’m ready, I will pay a visit. Does that work for you?” Lexa said to her and Anya gave her a small smile and nodded.

Very well. See you in a while,” The general said and walked away from the room leaving Lexa alone with her thoughts. The young Commander sighed and turned around leaning against the table and facing her throne. She closed her eyes and remembered herself, young, covered in black blood walking the distance with everyone looking at her and she made the same route as she climbed the steps like she did then and slowly lowered herself into it feeling the weight of what she was.

Meanwhile in another part of the village, Anya walked through the houses and greeted the people that were still around the place talking about how amazing their Commander was and how lucky they were to have her in the throne and leading them. It pleased Anya greatly to hear those words because she, more than anyone, knew them to be true. She served as a warrior in the Trikru army for the last Commander, Lexa’s predecessor, and he was as despicable as they come and nothing like Lexa. In fact, he was her exact opposite.

He was everything Lexa was not or would ever be. He was selfish, careless, irresponsible, uncaring, bloodthirsty, cruel, mean, didn’t give a damn about their people as long as he got what he wanted. He was driving them towards the Great Wars again and he was in the brink of getting it when he had a heart attack and died. Everything went on hold for the duration of the Conclave and war was all the legacy he left for Lexa who had no choice but fight in over 50 different battles for her first year she was Commander alone.

Anya knew that it couldn’t be denied by anyone with a working brain in their heads and that she was right in saying that Lexa saved them from themselves during one of the worst periods of time in their history at great sacrifices to herself, Costia being one of the prices she had to pay for wanting better for her people, all of them and even then she didn’t falter, she went on with her plans. In her small body, Lexa had more strength than all the clans put together and Anya truly admired for that and for all the may qualities she had, not only as a leader, not only as Commander but as Lexa too.

Anya came to a stop in front of a house and opened the door to it, getting inside. She walked a few steps in and was greeted by the warmest of smile and one she had missed terribly. She got rid of her sword, of her headpiece and her coat before she moved forward to a pair of waiting arms and a tight hug, one she didn’t know she needed so much until she was enveloped in it and a familiar and wonderful scent filled in her noise. Now, in this moment, between these arms, Anya could say that she was finally home.

I missed you,” Anya said and heard a chuckle she had missed.

We haven’t been apart for more than a week, An,” She heard of a voice she had missed the sound of even more and smiled.

I know but somehow I managed to miss you terribly in that amount of time,” She said and felt a kiss on her neck before she pulled back and looking into a beautiful pair of hazel eyes who reflected the love she knew was showing on hers.

Well, I am completely entitled to agree with you. I also found myself missing you terribly,” Anya closed her eyes at those words.

I love you, Tori,” Anya said. Never one for complex declarations of love but she always said exactly what was important.

I love you too, Anya,” Tori said as Anya finally kissed her wife, sighing against her lips. It would be surprising for those who didn’t know her to see her like this, so soft but Tori has always been able to bring that side out of her and apart from Lexa, the only one she ever let see it. Tori was her wife, they had been together for the past 14 years, married for 13 of them. Tori was not Trikru, at least not by birth, she was born in Broadleaf and moved here to run away from an arranged marriage her uncle wanted to force her into.

The two of them met a little after 4 months in which Lexa had become her second and it took them about three months to get together and had been since then. Tori was there for everything that happened in her life for the past 14 years, she was there for all of the years in which she was Lexa’s mentor and Anya could not imagine her life without her wife by her side.

How is she? Is she okay? We barely had time to see each other when she was here before the war was set to happen,” Tori said talking about Lexa who was someone important to both.

Something definitely has happened since yesterday and she is very distant and sad, but I told her than when she was ready to talk, she knew where to find us,” Anya replied to her.

Do you think she will come and talk to us?” Tori asked her and Anya nodded.

I know she will. As soon as she feels she is ready to talk. But until that happens, we have some time for ourselves,” Anya said with a smirk and Tori copied it, smirking herself before they walked to their bedroom to catch up on the time they had spent apart. Anya knew how lucky she was to have Tori in her life and once again she reminded herself to always shower her wife with love so that even if she wasn’t one to say it, that she got to at least show her.