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They were at it again.

Dean and Jensen were fighting for what was like the third time this week. 

He sucked in a puff of his fag, feeling the smoke enter his lungs. So calming, so soothing. He blew smoke out through his nostrils, sighing in content. A hand ran up his bare thigh, to soothe over his tight jean short, a warm breath ghosting his ears, whispering in a lust filled tone, “Feel Good baby?”

He gave a light moan as his ears were nibbled and sucked on. He bit his bottom lip as the skilled hands of his boyfriend massaged him through his jeans. He said, “Mmm Gabriel. Not fair. We just had sex, ahhh!”

Gabriel bit onto his neck, just below his earlobe, hand squeezing and working Sam harder making his balls tighten and before he knew it, he was coming hard and rough with a cry of deep ecstasy into his jean shorts. 

He heard Gabe chuckle beside him, before planting him one final peck on his gaping mouth. The older man winking, “Now I can let you go”.

“You’re an asshole”, Sam laughed breathlessly. He reached for Gabes head pulling it towards him to lay a dirty hard kiss onto his juicy lips. “Thank you. Now I gotta go change”. He shifted as his jizz began to cool and feel uncomfortable. 

He opened the car door and was about to climb out when he felt a hand on his elbow. He quickly glanced back at Gabes worried face, “Will you be ok?” His lover jerked his head in the direction of their falling apart trailer just as breaking of glass sounded within.

This is why he liked Gabe. The man wasn’t like any of his clients and genuinely cared for his happiness. And was the reason he had left sex work. His boyfriend encouraged him to get educated and would provide him cash whenever he needed it.

Their relationship was kept on the down low though due to the fact that he was only 14. And that having sex with a minor is prohibited or against the law. He cared about Gabe and was willing to sacrifice until he was of the right age. Though the sex would definitely continue.

He laid another peck on his lovers lips, “I’ll be ok”. His ears picked up on more vulgar words being thrown back and forth between Jensen and Dean. He sighed, “Besides, they’re probably going to have loud vigorous sex after their fight. They always do”.

“Ok baby. Good night then”.

“Good night Gabe”.

With that he headed toward his chaotic poor excuse for a house.


A plate came flying his way before he managed to dodge allowing it to smash against the thin trailer walls. He yelled in disbelief, “What the fuck Jensen? You want me to fucken lose an eye or  have a concussion?!”

Jensen threw back, “Well maybe you’ll stop checking out skanks in front of me or maybe give that brain of yours some common fucking sense!”

“Seriously!” He huffed out incredulously, “This is about some damn girl!”


He was getting extremely irritated, “I wasn’t checking Lisa out!”

Jensen replied mockingly, “Oh so it’s going to be a ‘she was checking me out, not me checking her out thing now’? I fucking saw you checking her ass out and she was OBVIOUSLY flaunting it for you!” His boyfriend belted out.

He couldn’t help but retort, already riled up, “Maybe I need someone fresh to bang instead of your same boring ass!” He didn’t see the slap coming until Jensens palm connected his cheek.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Jensen blasted out with fury filled tears in his eyes.

He had simmered down a little but still his blood was boiling. He grabbed a hard hold of Jensen’s arm as his boyfriend/brother pushed past him. He kept his grip when Jensen tugged hard, “Stop it Jensen we are going to talk about this!”

“Fuck you!” Jensen tried and failed to pry his arms out of his grip, “Let go of me Dean!”

“I’m not letting you go Jensen!”

Jensens hateful tear streaked gaze actually made him loosening up a little enough for Jensen to dislodge his arm from his grip. His boyfriend shoving him hard across the chest making him stumble a few steps back, spitting out, “We’re done Dean!”

His head ached right now, all his rage now dissipated, saying more calmly, “Jensen you don’t mean that. Let’s talk about this”.

“Fuck off! I have nothing to say to you!” With that Jensen slammed their room door shut. 

He thumped his fist against the wall, feeling the skin on his knuckles split open, “Fuck!”

He heard their creaky screen door open and close shut. His eyes now turned to focus on Sam. And somehow his anger spiked again when he saw the way his baby brother was dressed up and in a slightly disheveled state. He ignored the warm wet liquid dripping down his knuckle, “Is this the time to be coming back Sam?! Its 11pm in the freaken night! Never even bothered to answer any of my calls or texts either!”

Sam just gazed down at the floor which served to irritate him more. His little brother muttering, “I’m sorry Dean. I was out with friends”.

“Dressed like that?!” 

Sam bit nervously at his bottom lip, “I’m sorry Dean”.

He sighed tiredly, “Go to your room Sam. And we will talk about your night activities later”.

Sam nodded before he headed into his room.

He blew a breath out through his mouth and headed towards their pitiful fridge, opening and grabbing a beer out of it. He unscrewed the cap and threw it somewhere before taking a hugh ass long gulp.

Oh yeah that’s good.

He finished the bottle in another long gulp before dumping the bottle into the trash bin. He rolled his shoulders and centered himself. Time to fix this shit up.

He proceeded to he and Jensens shared room, trying the handle and finding it unlocked. 

Well that was a good sign

He entered and closed the door quietly behind him. His eyes fixed on the covered lump on the bed. 

He made his way quietly to the bed, chuckling off his clothes till he was clad only in his boxers. He climbed onto the bed, lifting the covers and slowly fitting himself behind Jensen. He could hear sniffles and feel trembling. His eyes immediately tearing up as guilt and self hatred flooded him. He wrapped an arm around his boyfriend’s waist, holding his lover close to him, peppering  soft soothing kisses onto Jensen earlobe and neck, murmuring, “I love you Jen. No one will ever take your place”.

His heart stirring when Jensen quietly threaded his fingers into his. 

Yeah they would be ok.


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He was hesitant to get up for breakfast. Hopefully Dean and Jensens make up sex last night helped ease the tension some and hopefully divert his eldest brothers attention off him.

He had never expected Dean to pay much attention to the way he dressed. It was his style ever since he hit puberty and his brothers have never commented once on it. Of course his brothers also didn’t know of his former extracurricular activities and of his relationship with Gabe.

And he planned to keep it that way. Hopefully.

He was broken out of his thoughts due to a sudden rapping of knuckles on his bedroom door, at the same time Jensens voice announced, “Hey Sammy! Get your bitch ass outta bed. Breakfast is ready kiddo”.

He groaned, throwing his pillow against the door, snipping, “I’m coming jackass!” And there goes the normal wakeup call of the Winchester family.

He forced his lazy self to get up, trudging grumpily out of his room with figurative fingers crossed. He hoped this was a normal Winchester breakfast which was hardly the case, like ever. He couldn’t remember the last normal breakfast they had and that thought alone was disconcerting. 

He walked into their rust bucket of a kitchen to catch Dean huddling Jensen against the sink, sucking on the latter’s neck while the sandy blonde moaned lightly. He huffed, folding his arms along his chest, “Seriously guys! You have a bedroom you know!” He plunked his ass down by their little round dining table, ignoring Jensens hum of pleasure as Dean attempted something else on his brother/lover.

Dean and Jensen being together never really surprised him. They always had each others backs from a very tender age especially when their drunken father used to beat the crap out of either one of them. They always comforted each other after serious beatings. They always snuggled, hugged or found ways to make each other happy again. And as time went on and age progressed, their brotherly comforting morphed into a romantic one. And by the age of fourteen, they started having sex albeit secretly. They only showed their want and love for each other when dad wasn’t around.

Speaking of dad, the man was AWOL again. He has been for nearly a month now. This did not worry them though because this was their father’s normal routine. He would go on a drinking spree, disappear for a few months at a time before showing up, beating the crap out of the boys, using up all the money they had saved up before repeating the cycle again. 

He cringed when he thought of the last time their dad was here and attempted to beat the crap out of Jensen. Let’s just say Dean didn’t take it so well and defended his boyfriend/brother which resulted in a hugh assed fist fight with their dad. Their shady neighbor's heard the yelling and breaking of things, deciding to intervene by calling the cops. Which he was thankful for otherwise their dad would have ended up dead. Like seriously, Dean was ready to kill and that scared the crap out of him. Soon after, their dad disappeared once more.

He was stunned out of his depressive thoughts when Jensen slapped a palm onto the table, making his plate of food rattle before him. Asshole. He shot his second eldest brother a glare only to have Jensen smugly ask, “What're you thinking of Sammy?”

His eyes couldn’t help but catch the numerous hickies littering his brothers neck. He replied snarkily, “Did you have a run in with a swarm of mosquitoes last night?”

Instead of Jensen replying, Dean did but not before nipping at Jensens neck, “Yup he did. He didn’t stand a chance. The mosquito was real thirsty”. The eldest laying a soft peck onto Jensens smiling lips.

He rolled his eyes. Great! Dean and Jensen were in the lovey dovey mood. He shoved a large chunk of egg into his mouth. He thought that for the first time, breakfast would go a little smoothly until of course Dean decided to ask while sipping on his cup of coffee.

“So Sammy. Wanna tell me where you really were last night?”

Sam swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes meeting Jensens surprisingly nervous ones and then Deans piercing ones. Oh crap, that was Deans ‘Don’t lie to me’ look. His eyes flickered back down to his plate, heart thumping as he tried to come up with an answer that was convincing. He cleared his throat, digging around on his plate with his fork, “Um…I was with my best friend Corey. We were studying for an upcoming test that’ll happen this coming Monday”.

It was pin drop silence for a few seconds before Dean asked in a undoubtedly firmer tone, “You think I’m going to take your answer seriously when you can’t even look me in the eye!” It wasn’t a question but a statement.

His gnawed at his bottom lip before sparing a glance up at Dean. Bad idea as his brothers eyes bore into his making him more nervous. He stammered, “I-I’m not l-lying I s-swear”.

His brother clicked his tongue, “I don’t believe you Sam”. Deans voice becoming venomous, “You want to know why?”

“Dean-“, Jensen tried to interfere.

“No Jensen! I’m not going to let this slide! Not after hearing what others are saying about our baby brother!” Dean clipped back.

He felt dread fill him up. His hands were starting to get clammy and his heart was palpitating. Oh God, what did Dean know?

Dean once again directed his stone face at him, “I heard some rumors Sam. Some of my close friends are saying that they have seen you during after school hours hanging around with Balthazar Milton”. Dean adds, “He’s apparently a well known pimp”. Deans jaw ticking, “Wanna explain that Sammy?”.


Uh-oh he could see that things were going to get a little out of hand soon. 

Especially when Sam was super obvious with his ‘deer caught in headlights’ look. 

And right now, Dean was a shark, chasing after it’s prey.

He placed a hand on his lovers, “Dean maybe now ain’t the right time hon”. He tried to use sweet words hoping his lover would take the bait. 

But his lover was relentless. Dean slammed a fist on the table making Jensens heart jump and Sam gasp out in shock. The man growling in a low dangerous tone, “Sammy answer the fucking question?”

He watched his younger brother stutter, “I-I….He umm…I used t-to work f-for him D-Dean”. His little brother quickly adding, “But I don’t anymore. I’m done”.

Oh Christ almighty. 

He watch Deans whole demeanor change. His lovers whole face morphing into a look that could kill. It was a look he had seen on Dean the last time their father and his lover got into a fist fight. He knew he had to do something otherwise his little brother would end up getting hurt. Dean was beyond his tipping point now. He licked his lip, “Dean let’s go for a drive yeah?”

Deans fist clenching on an off on the table as he stared Sam down. He knew that Dean was probably trying to reign in his temper, however, a quiet Dean was not a good sign at all. He glanced at his little brother who was frozen on the spot, scared shitless. He quietly and calmly stated, “Sam go to your room”.

His little brothers frightened hazels met his before nodding carefully. His little brother smart enough not to utter a word nor breath too loudly. He watched as Sam carefully slipped away to his room, closing the door gently. 

He spared a look at Dean whose burning gaze was now fixed on Sam’s closed door. He slowly threaded his fingers into the hair on the back of Deans head, murmuring, “Baby. Let’s go for a drive”. He ran his fingers down Deans neck, “Maybe we can park somewhere quiet and I can let you do me in the back seat of the Impala. We haven’t done it in the car for quite some time now”.

He could feel Dean loosening up. His lovers voice still a little tight as he uttered, “Yeah let’s. I can’t be here one second longer or I am going to blow”. With that Dean dragged his chair back and headed towards the screen door.

He blew out a breath. 

Well that was certainly intense. 

He got up and followed his lover to the Impala ready to distract Dean.


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He squeezed at the steering wheel hard, the rev of baby’s engine getting louder as he continued to put more pressure on the throttle, eyes focused on the road ahead. What the fuck was Sam thinking working for that fucktard Balthazar Milton? How could his baby brother think of selling his body for money? What the fuck was that kid thinking?! He thumped a fist on the wheel, bellowing, “Fuck!”

His lover’s concerned voice sounded to his right, “Dean slow down”.

He blinked repeatedly, anger ebbing away, slacking his hold on the steering wheel and releasing his foot off the throttle lightly. He muttered tightly, “Sorry babe”. He shook his head, disappointment and frustration still lingered within him, admitting, “What the hell was Sammy thinking Jen?! Why would he do that?!” He finally spared a glance at his lover, meeting worried green eyes.

“I don’t know Dean but we won’t be asking him when we’re all hyped up in anger. Sam doesn’t need our wrath, he needs our understanding and support during these difficult and confusing times”. Jensen huffed, looking out the window, “God knows our dad didn’t give us any of that, so it’s up to us to be there for each other in our times of need”.

His eyes were back on the road, Jensen’s words a mantra in his head. He knew his lover was right, they all relied on each other heavily because they were all they had. They had all struggled and are still experiencing a life that was very tragic and unfortunate. He spotted the field up ahead, a dusty road running through, he took a turn in, mumbling in a soothing voice, “Ok Jen. When we get back, we’ll hear him out”.

He hummed as Jensen nipped at his jaw, a hand now massaging his bulge making him groan. Jensen sucked a lobe into his mouth, massaging with his hot tongue before letting go with a wet pop, purring into his ear, “You know I’m still loose from all the fucks we had this morning Dean. Now I feel so empty”. His lover almost whined.

He felt his cock twitch and leak at Jensen’s words, his breath coming in short pants, “F-Fuck babe. I’m going to tear your ass up!” His voice was a solid gruff, hearing his zipper being pulled down.

Jensen then slipped his hand into his boxers, fingers gracing his hard cock before going lower until Jensen began to palm at his swollen sack, rolling his balls in the talented hand. He shivered and shook as another dollop of cum leaked out. The car swaying slightly as Jensen began to suck on the skin on his neck while murmuring, “You better hurry the fuck up Dean or I’ll just have to fuck myself with the dildo I keep in the glove box for desperate times”.

He growled, “Oh hell fucking No!” He turned the corner ahead, driving straight into a hidden spot. That ass was his!



He was worried. He gnawed at his finger nails, pacing back and forth in his room. It’s been an hour since he heard the Impala’s engine rumble, speeding away down the highway. And ever since then, he had been restless.

He knew his brother Jensen was trying to save him Dean’s wrath by distracting his brother and he was thankful for that, however, at the end of the day, he would still have to face his brother.

He was conflicted right now. What if Dean was still utterly pissed at him and gave him one mother of a hiding when he returns? Not that his brother has ever laid a hand on him before, but it could happen. Especially when Dean now knew he was involved in something age inappropriate like sex work. And that look on Dean’s face when he just took in the revelation was one he had never seen aimed at him before; it was scary.

Maybe he could run away? Maybe he should run away before Dean and Jensen come back?

He was already shoving a few clothes into his backpack before his mind could supply him the answer ‘Yes’. Maybe he’ll just stay at Gabe’s for the time being until things mulled over. He was just shoving his boxer briefs into his back pack pulling the zipper shut and shouldering a strap when the sound of their squeaky screen door was heard opening before it slammed shut with a resonating ‘clack’.

Oh God! Dean and Jensen were back so sudden!

But then he furrowed his brow as he thought, but I never heard the Impala come back. He didn’t have to wait on an answer too long when there was sound of a glass shattering on the floor, blood running cold when a deep gruff slurry voice he hadn’t heard in a month yelled out, “ammy! Den! Jsen! Where….da….FUCK….isssss….beer?!” His heart starting pounding hard against his chest as panic and fear began to engulf him the moment their drunk father started knocking frantically at his door. “am…ooo-pen….fucking….door!”

He closed his eyes, please Dean and Jensen, hurry back.



He loved getting fucked like this. He loved being pounded hard on his brothers hugh cock. He loved it when Dean gripped him on the side of painful while destroying him. He loved having rough sex with his lover.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah Dean!” He cried out as Dean’s cockhead nailed his prostate good and proper, he was seeing stars. He could feel his lover attempt to shove in deeper, expanding him more, “Ohhnn!”

A heavily panting Dean growled and continued to slam in further, “AH! Yeah you like that baby!”

His own cock was bobbing furiously due to the plunder he was going through. The precum dripping onto the leather seat below as well as sticking to his belly when his cockhead hit his tummy. He could feel the height of his pleasure approaching fast as Dean worked his ass good from behind. He knew his brother was close as Dean’s erratic rhythm was off paced and his lover’s heavy breathing increased to almost gasps.

His toes began to curl further in, he dug his fingers hard onto the back support of the front leather seat, body trembling while white hot heat spread further from his groin all the way to his cock. What finally drove him over the edge was when his lover slammed hard onto his prostate, holding himself in and letting out an animalistic guttural cry of pleasure, releasing hot spurt after spurt of cum deep into his fluttering hole. His own orgasm allowing his eyes to roll back into his skull as he coated the leather seat below him. He let out a dry moan, “Mmm Dean. I love you”.

Dean nipped and panted against his mid spine, voice hoarse as he answered, “I love you too”.


His lover was back in good spirits. The time they reached home, it was already dark. Christ they had practically spent the whole day alternating between sex and food and MORE SEX. Their super active libido was a gift.

However, he could sense something was wrong the moment he glanced at the darkness that the trailer was engulfed in. He found himself saying out loud, “Why hasn’t Sam turned the lights on already?”

Dean sighed, “Maybe the twerp is at his friends place?” Even his lover’s voice carried a hint of worry.

Deep down, he knew that something was not right. He shoved that feeling deep within him, shrugging, “Maybe you’re right. Come on lets go inside. I’ll make us dinner”.

They walked towards the run down trailer feeling better, however, the moment they were a step away from the screen door, the strong smell of alcohol filtered out and assaulted their nostrils. His heart began to thump wildly. His brother looked at him with wide eyes and a bloodless face. They knew who was home.


Despite that knowledge, he was only worried about one person. He stuttered quietly, “S-Sammy?”

God forbid anything happened to their baby brother whilst they were away.

He would never forgive himself.


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“Dean", Jensen whispered shakily while grabbing at his brother’s elbow.

Dean saw his brothers eyes was wide in fear. He pressed a finger to his lips waiting for his brother to acknowledge the silent order before moving lightly on his feet further into the trailer. The main goal was to get to Sammy's room with as less noise as possible.

The kitchen and living room was a joined space, hence it was easy to catch sight of the culprit lying spread eagled on the wooden floor, right hand clutching an empty bottle of Jack with its actual contents already spilled onto the floor.

Both Jensen and Dean’s eyes caught all the shattered plates and cups on the floor before their eyes met. Jensen swallowed and shook his head at Dean before he nodded in the direction of Sam's door.

Dean’s own heart was beating so hard that he swore he could hear it in this very eerily quiet space. Nevertheless, they proceeded cautiously towards their little brothers door.

Dean juggled the door knob lightly, calling out lightly yet sharp, “Sammy! Sammy open the door! Its Dean!”

Meanwhile, Jensen stood with his back to his brother, watching their father with hawk eyed precision. His eyes widened as he caught his father’s fingers twitching. He frantically whispered, “Dean hurry! He's moving his fingers!”

“Sammy! Sammy!” Dean knocked almost quietly on the door. “Sammy Its me Dean! Open the door now!”

Jensen’s heart felt heavier every moment longer that Sammy didn’t respond.He watched as John maneuvered himself to his lie on his side. That was the exact moment the door to Sammy's room creaked open. 

Dean gasped, seeing Sammy's disheveled state. His eyes examining every nook and cranny, “Did he hurt you?!”

“No but he tried to burst through the door so he could hurt me”, Sam’s shaky voice answered.

“We need to get out of here Dean! Dad's stirring!” Jensen nudged his brother.

Dean spared a glance at their dad, seeing the man’s eyes begin to flutter open. He grabbed Sam and Jensen by the elbow, heading towards the door, not caring that their heavy footfalls echoed around the house.

Just when they reached the screen door, a chilling voice called out with slight confusion laced within, “Dean?”

He looked just in time to catch their father standing up, expression changing from confusion to anger in an instant when he probably realized what they were doing. He shoved Jensen and Sam out the door, barking, “Go! Go! Go!”


They were already clambering into the car just as their father stumbled out of the house. The old man wobbly on his feet as he braced on the screen door for support. For a second, Dean froze as his eyes met his dad's menacing gaze.

Jensen slammed his hand repeatedly on the dash, “Go! Go! Go! Dean!” Whilst Sam made his ear ring as he yelled from the back seat, “Hurry Dean!”

Their father had slowly began to descend down the miniature steps with a determined look. Oh God! The man was coming after them! He turned the ignition and jolted the gear stick, pressing his legs on the throttle and stirring the car away from the man who accidentally tripped on his own feet, falling onto the dirt ground.


Dean glanced into his side mirror seeing nothing but dust and the shape of their father on the ground.

He didn’t know what they were to do? He didn’t know where they would go? All he knew was that he had to keep Jensen and Sammy safe until everything settled.


Jensen glanced at his brother, seeing Dean’s focus on the road ahead. He looked into his side mirror seeing that they were driving further and further away from their Podunk town. In fact they had just passed the welcome bill board with no signs of slowing down. His focus shifted to Sam who was asleep in the backseat before meeting the side of his brother/lovers face, asking, “Dean where are we going?”

Without taking his eyes off the road, Dean answered, “Somewhere away from this shithole of a town Jensen so he can’t find us".

Jensen sputtered, “Dean how are we going to survive?” He added matter-of-factly, “In case you haven’t noticed, we left all our money and clothes in the trailer!”

Dean still ignored him, “I don’t care about that Jensen! We are going to start over somewhere!”

“What?!” Jensen scoffed, “And how are we going to survive till then huh?”

Dean’s speed decelerated a little, “There’s a good friend of mine that had offered us to live with him if ever need be. He says we can occupy the cabin beside his, dine with him and in return we work for him”.

“You mean work without any means of getting cash! How is that going to help us in the long run?!”

“He will pay us ok!”

“What’s the catch?!” Jensen eyed his brother suspiciously. Was there more?

Dean swallowed, gripping the steering wheel hard, “Nothing”. He knew he needed to change the subject, meeting Jensen’s ‘I don’t buy your shit' eyes, “Look would you rather risk our lives going back to that hellhole we grew up in or would you take the opportunity to have a better life if or when presented hmm?!” He added, “The next time, we might not be so lucky to get away with our lives so just be thankful".

He was still a little skeptical and suspicious of Dean’s decision particularly the part where his brother brushed off his question about ‘What’s the catch?’. It left an unsettled feeling in his gut. On the other hand, he knew Dean was right, if they went back, there would be life staking risks involved. It was something he wasn’t going to take with Sammy.

They were big brothers first.

Big brothers always protect their younger siblings from any sort of danger.

He let out the breath he was holding, “You’re right”. He met Dean’s eyes, “But as soon as we gather enough money to head out and survive on our own, we're out of there”.

Dean quirked his lips, but inside his heart stung, “You got it babe".

Dean tried to keep his tears at bay as he headed down the road of heartbreak.


Chapter Text

The road on the way to wherever Dean was planning to go was dusty and graveled. Soon they were stopping by a lakeside and before them were three medium sized beautiful cabins.

Jensen followed his brothers out the car, taking in the lush green and quiet surroundings. He whistled, “Well this is certainly a slice of heaven”. He glanced at Dean, “This friend of yours owns this place?”

“Yup” Dean popped the ‘P’.

Before Jensen could say or ask anything more, the gravelly voice of a man called out, “Dean! It’s good to see ya boy!”

The two shook hands. Dean replying, “Hey Baz! Great to see you!”

The man then nodded to Sam and Jensen, “Presume these are your brothers?”

“Yeah. This is Jensen and Sam”. Dean introduced, “Jensen, Sammy, this is my good friend Baz”.

Jensen took in the man in oily and grease covered coveralls, extending a hand, “Nice to meet you Baz”.

“Likewise son”.

Sam also doing the same.

After greetings, the man shot Dean a raised brow, “So kid, you here to take up my offer?”

Jensen furrowed his brow and before Dean could reply, asked, “What offer?”

Baz just aimed Dean a skeptical look, “You haven’t told them”.

Dean just shook his head, “No Baz. But I will”.

“Well you do that son. I’ll inform my daughter that you’re here”. He turned and headed back towards the cabin.

Somehow, Jensen had a bad feeling brewing in his gut and it seemed like Sam was picking up on it too.

Sam asked, “Dean what is Baz going on about?”

Dean just let out a loud sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose as he paced back and forth by the front of the car. The man stopped and spared a weary look at his brothers, “There’s a catch if we want to stay here”.

“You mean an agreement or some sort of a deal?” Jensen blurted in an impatient tone. “Apart from the one about working for him in his garage as repayment for staying here”.

The eldest just huffed, “Yes Jensen. And he’ll pay us for the work we do in the garage”. Dean gnawed at his bottom lip, this time eyeing Jensen with fear laced in sadness, “For staying here, he has asked that I fulfill his only daughters wish”.

Jensen couldn’t help the dread that was beginning to fill him up. He shakily uttered, “W-What wish Dean?”

After a long silence, Dean’s eyes fell to the ground, digging the heel of his shoes into the soil, almost whispering, “His daughter wants me to be her partner. To wed her”.

Jensen was sure he heard wrong. So why was his heart palpitating so hard, “W-What?”

Both brothers jumped when Dean thumped his fist onto the hood of the car, barking, “Damnit Jensen! You heard me! Baz’s daughter Sophia wants me to be her husband!”

Soon Jensen’s heartache turned to anger. He grit out, “Husband?”

“Yes Jensen”, Deans angry tone had changed. The next words were filled with dread as he glanced at Jensen eyes filling up with tears and pain, “Baby she wants me to be her husband. That’s the only way Baz will let us stay here and work to earn cash”.

Immediately Jensen shook his head, “No! That’s not going to happen Dean!”

“Then what do you propose we do Jensen? Huh?” Dean’s anger was coming back, “We don’t have any other choice?”

“There are many choices Dean!” Jensen pointed to the dusty road they had just drove down, “We drive back, and find a town and a job”. He added, “This is not the only solution Dean!”

“Jensen we were living on wages that was enough for just the week, we could not save a damn buck! We don’t even have money for gas!” Dean frantically uttered, “How are we going to survive out there huh? We don’t even have proper work experience and I guarantee that no one is going to hire a couple of inexperienced teens!”

Sam just glanced back and forth between his fuming brothers. Christ this was probably going to turn into a major argument. Hopefully a non-violent one. He could see that this was going to create a major gap between Dean and Jensen. He tried to add, “Hey we can find work Dean. I am sure”.

Dean shot Sam a steel cold look, “Oh you mean like selling your ass to get some cash Sammy?”

“Don’t say that to him Dean!” Jensen grit out, “We are getting in the car and we are leaving”.

“I’ve already made up my mind Jensen! I’m going to take the offer!”

Jensen felt like the air had been knocked out of his lungs. He found his heart almost combusting with angst, voice almost weak as he said, “What happens to us Dean?”

The eldest knew exactly what Jensen was referring to. He swallowed, “I don’t know Jensen. All I know is that I will fulfill Sophia’s wish so that we can start anew. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made”.

Jensen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Suddenly anger burst through his being and before he knew it he strode up to Dean and shoved the man back, “So you’re just going to give up on us!” (Shove) “You’re just going to marry some skank!” (Shove) “You’re just going to break your promise to me” (Shove) “Did you even love me Dean?” (Shove) “Or maybe you were already shagging her while you were doing me”.

Dean growled, grabbing onto Jensen’s wrist, “Jensen stop it! This is not only about you ok? I’m doing this for us!”

Jensen tried to pry his wrists out of Deans grip, yelling, “Then tell me Dean what happens to me and you?!” He could already feel the tears running down his cheeks as the fight began to slowly leave him, “What happens to us Dean?”

Dean’s grip loosened and finally let go of Jensen’s wrist. Seeing Jensen like this broke him but he knew that something needed to be done. For his family. He closed his eyes, took a step back and uttered the most painful and heart shattering words, “Jensen we can’t be us anymore. I will marry Sophia so we can have a better life”. Dean opened his eyes and saw Jensen’s eyes finally devoid of emotions. His brother just standing there looking lifeless, “I’m sorry Jen. I truly am”.

What really broke him was when Jensen just wiped at his tears, shrugged and replied in a stoic cracked voice, “Very well Dean.” With that his brother just walked towards the trunk of their car, “Let’s get our things Sammy”.

Sam witnessed something horrific today.

Dean majorly messing up and Jensen finally giving up.


Chapter Text


The atmosphere became tense after Jensen and Dean’s massive breakup. Well more so, Jensen was the one that seemed to shut himself off to everything and anything. His brother didn’t even react to Baz introducing an overly excited SOPHIA to him- he just slapped on a smile with unreadable empty eyes and shook her hand as if there was nothing wrong.

And if he and Dean looked at each other with worry well….

He and Dean both knew that THIS Jensen was a bad Jensen.

Of course, Dean would always try to hurry things through, as if trying to put everyone out of their misery- well he would say just to get Jensen away from the already stressful scenario. Yup! His eldest brother still cared for their brother.

Another reason that Dean was just hurrying introductions up was because SOPHIA was literally invading his personal space and EVERYTIME he would catch Dean’s eyes drifting to Jensen. His brother was worried of his ex-boyfriend or brothers reaction. Well, only to be shocked when Jensen payed them no heed and rather occupied his time talking to Baz.

Christ it felt like everything was a ticking time bomb.

Having enough, he cleared his throat, “Um so where are we going to bunk? We all are so tired and need rest some”.

Baz nodded and looked apologetic when he uttered immediately, “Of course! My apologies!” He addressed his daughter, “Sophia why don’t you get supper ready while I show the boys to their cabin”.

Sophia instantly replied, “Of course father”. Then she ran a hand down Dean’s bicep, a cheeky look gracing her features as she asked in a sultry voice, “Dean can stay with me though”.

“Nope!” Baz replied in an instant earning a scowl from his daughter and a look of relief from Dean. “Dean will not be staying with you….Yet”.

Dean immediately picked up his duffle, dislodging himself from an irritated Sophia, and made his way to Baz, “Lead the way, Baz”.

Mhmm. His brother wanted to skedaddle out of here. SHOCKING!

He watched as Dean wanted to help Jensen with his duffle (the one they kept in the car in case of emergencies such as these), only to have Jensen shoot Dean a ‘Fuck Off’ look before shouldering his duffle and following after Baz.

He watched Dean’s adam’s apple bob. Yup, the man knew he was so screwed. Like DUH! What did he expect after the way he just treated Jensen? - That all would be sunshine and daisies?

He sighs, shouldering his own duffle and following after his brothers.

Let’s just get settled first because after would be one hell of a shit storm.



Who the hell does Dean think he is? – Wanting to be all supportive and shit towards him after literally taking a hammer to his heart- shattering it to pieces? After just erasing all those years they had spent building their beyond brotherly feelings for each other?

Fuck him and fuck SOPHIA.

He can fucking have her! – Fucking dickweed!

As for Baz, the guy was very accommodating and caring. It wasn’t going to be right for him to hate or show hostility to the guy. He was after all, helping them find stability. And for Sam, he would continue to hold up his manners.

Didn’t mean he wasn’t heartbroken. No! He was completely shattered but he was not going to be a pansy about it. Over the years, he was used to Dean hurting him physically, emotionally and verbally and because of their unwavering love for each other- they always ended up fixing things.

But now- he just felt completely broken. Somehow, this nasty breakup seemed like it was unfixable.

All his energy was drained and he just didn’t want to deal.

Then, as if Dean breaking up with him wasn’t hurtful enough- he had to witness a very beautiful Sophia practically rub herself all over his boyf- ex- boyfriend. Let’s just say, it wasn’t hella easy to keep his tears and anger at bay. He had to remind himself that this is what Dean wants. SHE is what Dean wants.

He is brought out of his depressing reverie when they enter the cabin just next door to Baz’s.  Like Baz’s cabin, it’s quite impressive in size and interior design. It has a varnished wooden interior (from floor-walls-to ceilings), it has a fully stocked kitchen, a lavish living room which included a fireplace and four bedrooms.

It was quite overwhelming because he had never lived in such a place as this nor has he ever dreamt of living in such a place. He could also tell by Dean and Sam’s owlish expression that they were probably having the same reaction or thoughts as he.

Baz smiled, “Now you can come over for supper today. But as of tomorrow, you can work on cooking your own meals- as you can see I always keep the place fully stocked for any expected or unexpected guests”. He gestured, “All is yours to explore”. He then turned to Dean, “We will talk later about our arrangements son”. The man then tapped Dean lightly on the shoulder before heading out.

He hated the way his heart squeezed at the man’s last comment. He hated that all of this was the result of Dean’s so called sacrifice. He could feel his anger settle in once more, before he could stop himself he scoffed, “I hate this place!”

“Jensen”, Dean uttered almost tiredly. “Please stop”.

Oh boy, how his blood boiled. He turned around, glaring at Dean, “Shut up Dean!” He spat out, with his hands gesturing around, “This is not fucking us!”

Apparently, Dean was starting to get irritated as the man’s face completely morphed into a hardened look. His brother grit out, “When are you ever going to be grateful!?”

“Grateful!?” He let out a stone cold laugh that even he didn’t recognize. His voice dropping a few octaves lower, “Grateful? Grateful about you having to sell your ass to some bitch just so you can get us a luxurious start? Fuck that!”

He could see Dean’s hold on his anger slip. He could see the moment the terrifying side of Dean surface. Somehow, he felt satisfied that he was riling Dean up. His brother sounded like a wild wolf when he growled, “What did you just say?”

Normally, he wouldn’t push Dean’s buttons when he was this pissed. However, today, he felt like fighting. He found himself stomping over towards his brother, jabbing a finger repeatedly into the man’s firm chest, ensuring his eyes carried his complete disapproval as he stared his brother down, gritting out, “You heard me Dean! You’re so good at telling Sam off for selling his ass to sugar daddies yet here you are doing the same?” He hated bringing Sam into their debacle but at this point he was aiming for hurt so he didn’t really care.

Dean slapped at his finger, shoving at him till he fell on his ass, “You take that back!”

He found himself getting on his feet so suddenly, shoving at Dean just as hard making the man stumble back till his back hit the door hard, barking, “You’re nothing but a hoe!”

All he felt next was the cracking of his jaw and the painful split of his lip before he got knocked back onto the floor. He landed hard on his elbows, feeling a click on his right elbow before excruciating pain shot up his arm. His vision was fuzzy and a metallic taste filled his mouth. The dancing spots behind his eyelids suddenly made an appearance and before he blacked out, he heard the indistinct voice of a terrified Sam scream “Dean!”