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They were at it again.

Dean and Jensen were fighting for what was like the third time this week. 

He sucked in a puff of his fag, feeling the smoke enter his lungs. So calming, so soothing. He blew smoke out through his nostrils, sighing in content. A hand ran up his bare thigh, to soothe over his tight jean short, a warm breath ghosting his ears, whispering in a lust filled tone, “Feel Good baby?”

He gave a light moan as his ears were nibbled and sucked on. He bit his bottom lip as the skilled hands of his boyfriend massaged him through his jeans. He said, “Mmm Gabriel. Not fair. We just had sex, ahhh!”

Gabriel bit onto his neck, just below his earlobe, hand squeezing and working Sam harder making his balls tighten and before he knew it, he was coming hard and rough with a cry of deep ecstasy into his jean shorts. 

He heard Gabe chuckle beside him, before planting him one final peck on his gaping mouth. The older man winking, “Now I can let you go”.

“You’re an asshole”, Sam laughed breathlessly. He reached for Gabes head pulling it towards him to lay a dirty hard kiss onto his juicy lips. “Thank you. Now I gotta go change”. He shifted as his jizz began to cool and feel uncomfortable. 

He opened the car door and was about to climb out when he felt a hand on his elbow. He quickly glanced back at Gabes worried face, “Will you be ok?” His lover jerked his head in the direction of their falling apart trailer just as breaking of glass sounded within.

This is why he liked Gabe. The man wasn’t like any of his clients and genuinely cared for his happiness. And was the reason he had left sex work. His boyfriend encouraged him to get educated and would provide him cash whenever he needed it.

Their relationship was kept on the down low though due to the fact that he was only 14. And that having sex with a minor is prohibited or against the law. He cared about Gabe and was willing to sacrifice until he was of the right age. Though the sex would definitely continue.

He laid another peck on his lovers lips, “I’ll be ok”. His ears picked up on more vulgar words being thrown back and forth between Jensen and Dean. He sighed, “Besides, they’re probably going to have loud vigorous sex after their fight. They always do”.

“Ok baby. Good night then”.

“Good night Gabe”.

With that he headed toward his chaotic poor excuse for a house.


A plate came flying his way before he managed to dodge allowing it to smash against the thin trailer walls. He yelled in disbelief, “What the fuck Jensen? You want me to fucken lose an eye or  have a concussion?!”

Jensen threw back, “Well maybe you’ll stop checking out skanks in front of me or maybe give that brain of yours some common fucking sense!”

“Seriously!” He huffed out incredulously, “This is about some damn girl!”


He was getting extremely irritated, “I wasn’t checking Lisa out!”

Jensen replied mockingly, “Oh so it’s going to be a ‘she was checking me out, not me checking her out thing now’? I fucking saw you checking her ass out and she was OBVIOUSLY flaunting it for you!” His boyfriend belted out.

He couldn’t help but retort, already riled up, “Maybe I need someone fresh to bang instead of your same boring ass!” He didn’t see the slap coming until Jensens palm connected his cheek.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Jensen blasted out with fury filled tears in his eyes.

He had simmered down a little but still his blood was boiling. He grabbed a hard hold of Jensen’s arm as his boyfriend/brother pushed past him. He kept his grip when Jensen tugged hard, “Stop it Jensen we are going to talk about this!”

“Fuck you!” Jensen tried and failed to pry his arms out of his grip, “Let go of me Dean!”

“I’m not letting you go Jensen!”

Jensens hateful tear streaked gaze actually made him loosening up a little enough for Jensen to dislodge his arm from his grip. His boyfriend shoving him hard across the chest making him stumble a few steps back, spitting out, “We’re done Dean!”

His head ached right now, all his rage now dissipated, saying more calmly, “Jensen you don’t mean that. Let’s talk about this”.

“Fuck off! I have nothing to say to you!” With that Jensen slammed their room door shut. 

He thumped his fist against the wall, feeling the skin on his knuckles split open, “Fuck!”

He heard their creaky screen door open and close shut. His eyes now turned to focus on Sam. And somehow his anger spiked again when he saw the way his baby brother was dressed up and in a slightly disheveled state. He ignored the warm wet liquid dripping down his knuckle, “Is this the time to be coming back Sam?! Its 11pm in the freaken night! Never even bothered to answer any of my calls or texts either!”

Sam just gazed down at the floor which served to irritate him more. His little brother muttering, “I’m sorry Dean. I was out with friends”.

“Dressed like that?!” 

Sam bit nervously at his bottom lip, “I’m sorry Dean”.

He sighed tiredly, “Go to your room Sam. And we will talk about your night activities later”.

Sam nodded before he headed into his room.

He blew a breath out through his mouth and headed towards their pitiful fridge, opening and grabbing a beer out of it. He unscrewed the cap and threw it somewhere before taking a hugh ass long gulp.

Oh yeah that’s good.

He finished the bottle in another long gulp before dumping the bottle into the trash bin. He rolled his shoulders and centered himself. Time to fix this shit up.

He proceeded to he and Jensens shared room, trying the handle and finding it unlocked. 

Well that was a good sign

He entered and closed the door quietly behind him. His eyes fixed on the covered lump on the bed. 

He made his way quietly to the bed, chuckling off his clothes till he was clad only in his boxers. He climbed onto the bed, lifting the covers and slowly fitting himself behind Jensen. He could hear sniffles and feel trembling. His eyes immediately tearing up as guilt and self hatred flooded him. He wrapped an arm around his boyfriend’s waist, holding his lover close to him, peppering  soft soothing kisses onto Jensen earlobe and neck, murmuring, “I love you Jen. No one will ever take your place”.

His heart stirring when Jensen quietly threaded his fingers into his. 

Yeah they would be ok.