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Born in Red

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“We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!”

Two boys laughed as they began heading up the road towards Smythe Mortuary. The couple had returned from an evening spent out in the town. Watching movies, eating at their favourite diner and now they were just recalling some of their favourite things about the movie they just saw.

“You know?” The taller of the two spoke. “I could never forget a moment with you. That guy in the movie is clearly an idiot. How could anyone forget any moment with the most handsome guy in the universe?”

The other snorted at that. “Are you comparing our relationship to two oblivious but obviously in love idiots? Also, I think you just called yourself an idiot.”

“I never said I was an idiot!” he said offended. “I meant that guy was for forgetting what was clearly an intimate moment.”

The shorter boy shook his head and let out a chuckle. “You are an idiot, Lance Serrano. But you're my idiot.” he stopped on the first step of the porch and looked down into those deep blue eyes he'd fallen in love with. How could anyone leave that?

Lance smiled and brought his lips up to his boyfriend's. When he felt his fingers run through his hair when the kiss was returned he brought his own hand and wrapped them around the other's waist.

When they pulled apart, the two remained locked in each other's gaze for a moment before Lance broke the silence. “Good night, Keith.” he whispered.

“Good night, Lance.” Keith responded.

It was getting late and time for Lance to return to his own home. His car was parked down the road and it was a bit of a walk up and down the pathway to the mortuary Giving one last smile towards Keith, he turned around and shoved his hands into his jacket, heading back down the road.

Keith remained on the porch until he could no longer see Lance's silhouette in the night. He entered his home, an old victorian home that the town believed had been in his family for generations. Well, adoptive family.

Once the door was locked, he turned around to face the foyer and waved his arms above his head. The lights in the room flickered on. No use of a switch whatsoever. He then removed his coat and in one swift motion, it flew towards one of the empty coat hooks across the room. He doubted his family would be asleep at this hour, they always stayed up or didn't sleep at all. They did at least stop bugging him when he returned home from dates or hanging out with friends in general. Keith headed upstairs in the direction of his bedroom and once he slammed his door, the lights went out on their own.



October twenty-third was now only a week away. Keith stared at the date on the calendar app on his phone. His sixteenth birthday was fast approaching and he'd be expected to join and begin training with the Blade of Marmora.

The Blade of Marmora was one of the several witch covens out there. Another well known one was the Galra. The Galra Empire had wiped out many other covens, witches, magical beings and even mortals, in their fight to gain power. While still large, what stopped them from taking over completely were the few remaining covens, such as the Blade of Marmora. Keith had never met any Galra witches before, but according to his sister, Allura, she had stated that the Galra had been trying to convert witches into their coven and even force young uncovenated witches to join instead of their initial birthright coven. Keith was lucky to have a family that warded them off and wouldn't be able to get in any form of contact with him. Not that he would join them. He cared about mortals too much to ever think about overthrowing them and they didn't exactly approve of witch/mortal relationships. It was even odd they'd consider someone who was the result of a witch/mortal union.

Guess the more numbers the better or something.

But for as long as he could remember, Keith had been told that the Blade was where he belonged. The coven had been formed centuries ago as an attempt to overthrow the Galra empire. His mother had been apart of that and was one of their higher ups. So he had some legacy to live up to. And while they did not care as much on mixed relationships, in order to start his training Keith would have to leave his mortal life for an undisclosed amount of time. There was even a possibility that once he finished, most, if not all, his mortal friends would have grown old and died. That had been a downside to having unlimited power.

Having washed and gotten himself ready for school, Keith made his way downstairs to the kitchen where his family was already having their breakfast.

He wasn't exactly related by blood to them. Coran, was the one who owned the funeral home and also owned the house. He had settled here when the town was founded and due to witches' long life cycles had been here since. Of course he did have some sort of magic that made the townsfolk unaware of the fact he was unageing and they just believed it was his grandfather who had built the place and it would continue as long as he lived here. After his parents died, Coran had taken him in. He wasn't part of the Blade, but had been apart of the Altea coven. The Galra had taken the coven down centuries ago and him and Allura were the only ones left. While they could have joined other covens, they chose not to in respect of their coven. But they did alley themselves with the Blade and other covens. Which was part of why Coran had taken Keith in after his parents died. That and also the fact that he seemed to take in lost witches. Another he'd taken in was Takashi Shirogane, or Shiro for short. He was once part of the Galra coven, having been convinced to sign with them when he turned sixteen. But he eventually began to disagree with their ways and methods, that he left. Of course, having been part of the Galra Empire he had committed several acts frowned upon by most covens, including the Blade, he had been sentenced to house arrest for some time. So the border of their property was as far as he could go. Allura had been the daughter of the leader of Altea. She had been learning to take over when the Galra had attacked and destroyed all their records and history. Leaving her training incomplete. Coran had then been the one to teach her, but since he wasn't one of the higher ups, he couldn't teach her everything. This led to Allura to learn the ways of other covens and with their permission, use their practices. The three of them were all honorary members of the Blade of Marmora and were responsible for teaching Keith their ways. Didn't stop them from teaching him their other coven traditions. Many covens were starting to form larger covens together and some saw Keith being part of the change being raised by multiple covens. The main issues with combining covens were mostly traditions. They couldn't decide what to keep and what to remove. Hopefully someone who'd been raised with multiples could decide that.

A lot of pressure to put on a teenager.

Coran was known to be the their uncle and legal guardian and the other three saw themselves as siblings. While Keith was the only one who actually looked his age, the others had a couple of centuries on them and were definitely not the age they appeared. Shiro looked to be somewhere in his twenties, Allura appeared only slightly older than Keith but younger than Shiro and Coran looked somewhere in his forties, maybe fifty.

“Morning Keith, my boy!” Coran greeted, handing a bowl of whatever he's cooked up this morning. Looked like his usual green goo.

“Maybe I'll just grab a bite from Sal's.” Keith said, clenching his teeth at the food.

“Nonsense. You'll need your strength up for next Friday and this is highly nutritional for growing witches.” Coran brushed him off.

When he wasn't looking, Keith pointed his finger towards the bowl, but before he could try anything, Shiro spoke.

“Keith.” he crossed his arms and eyed him.

The teen frowned, sticking his lip out. “Oh come on, I was just gonna do a little teleporting spell to get rid of it.”

“We all know that because you're not sixteen yet you don't have full control of that. Last time you teleported green goo it ended up in the body I was performing an autopsy on.”

“You're not working on a body now.” Keith pointed out.

“Not the point. You eat what's in front of you.” Shiro pointed towards the bowl in front of him.

Keith sighed and picked his spoon up, mindlessly playing with his food. He then looked at his spoon and smirked towards Shiro, who raised an eyebrow at him. “So you want me to eat what's in front of me? So that means I should eat this spoon too and this napkin.” he gestured to the other items in front of him.

Shiro stared at him with confusion and shock. Allura was the one who chuckled at his antics. “You're such a little shit.” she shook her head, but was highly amused.

“I was just going by what brother dearest said. He wanted me to eat what was in front of me and so I was just making sure.”

“Is it too late to join a different family?” Shiro sighed.

“Probably. But thanks to your sentence, you're stuck with us until the covens decide you can go.” Allura said. She then faced Keith and went serious, causing the boy to stop laughing. “Food aside, I do believe there is a more pressing matter to discuss about your upcoming birthday.” She waved her hand and a book came flying towards her, landing in her hands. She then handed it towards Keith, who curiously took it and began skimming through the pages. What he saw were images of different animals.

“You'll need to start looking for a familiar. These are the one's registered with Marmora.”

Familiars were entities who usually took animal form and accompanied witches. Aiding them with their magic and providing a form of protection for their charge. Shiro had a black cat who had a similar tuft of white hair like him named Kuron. Keith thought it was cliché he even chose a cat or maybe he's the reason for the stereotype that witches had cats. He would've been old enough. Allura had a couple of mice for her familiars. Plachu, Chulatt, Chuchule and Platt. And Coran's familiar was an anteater named Yelmor. You'd know Coran was trying to communicate with it when he did what he said was the mating call. Made some alarm in the mornings. Didn't make sense why he did it though, since familiars had telepathic links with their charges.

Keith put the book down and looked back up at his family. “I was thinking I could just send out a want ad for a familiar.” he knew the idea wasn't unheard of, but he figured it'd be better to call for one as that way the familiar would choose him.

“Interesting idea.” Coran gave a nod, stroking his mustache.

“I'd rather you choose a registered one since they are more tamed, but as long as you have one by next week I see no problem.” Allura shrugged. She was definitely more traditional than the others. Keith understood. Her coven had been destroyed and many of their ways had been erased. It only made sense she'd want them to preserve their own coven's ways. Not that Keith knew all the rules. But he got the basics.

“I better get started on that summoning a familiar spell.” Keith announced and grabbed his things.

The three heard the door shut behind him. Shiro approached Keith's abandoned plate and frowned. “He didn't even eat the goo!”



The mortuary was built near the forest on the outskirts of Arus. The forest was large and it was believed by the townsfolk that it was never ending and if you ventured in too deep you'd never make it out. Some even said you'd see or hear strange things in the night. Keith knew better. It was because of witches. This was where they could perform their spells and rituals in private. Heck, this was where he was to have his ceremony to join Marmora. Not where he was standing in particular, but deeper into the forest. Right now, he was still able to see the house. But it wasn't like a lot of people came to their property unless they needed a funeral planned. So he was safe to perform where he was. He took a fallen branch and began drawing a pentagram.

“To those who seek a master,” Keith rang the bell in his hand once. “I, Keith Kogane, call upon thee,” he rang the bell once more. Now here was the part he could make up and bring in his terms. “to not only ask for a companion by my side, but for someone who seeks a partnership. One who will allow my help in exchange for their services. We will be not two seperate entities, but one.” And then a final ring.

That should do it. Now all he had to do was wait for a familiar to answer his call. These things took their time and the spell would remain until it was answered. Knowing if he didn't leave now, he'd be late for school. If he could turn back time, he would. But Allura had scolded him how time travel was advanced magic and that it shouldn't be messed with in the first place. Would a few minutes kill anyone?

She did not approve of that argument.

Well, hopefully by the end of the day he'd have a familiar. And even if he didn't, there was still a week to find one.

As he reached the road, Keith could see Lance already waiting in his car. When the boy caught sight of him, he leaned over towards the passenger side and opened the door for his boyfriend.

“Ever the gentleman.” Keith smirked and entered the car.

“My mamá did raise one.” Lance stated proudly.

Keith just rolled his eyes at him. “I can name a few occasions when you weren't. Like for starters, starting a rivalry with me in primary. It wasn't until year eight when I finally asked you out you put that dumb rivalry aside.”

“Okay. First, I was offended you didn't recognise me from our kindergarten class when we ended up in the same class again in year four. Which made me believe you thought you were way better than me. So I had to prove you wrong.” he started. “Second, by the time we were in high school, I realised you were actually kinda cool and wanted to wait for the right time to ask you out. Which, by the way, you beat me to it.”

“To be fair, we were like five when we supposedly met and you didn't really do anything to stick out for me.”

“Excuse me?! I specifically remember kissing you cause I thought you were a girl with your long hair. How does one forget that?!”

“How was I suppose to know that the same Lance from my year four class was the same Lance who kissed me in kindergarten. All I remember was crying and being freaked out that some weirdo kissed me. I didn't care much for who they were. Also, who kisses a random person in kindergarten?”

“I thought you were pretty. Even when I realised you were a guy.”

“Not really a valid excuse back then, but I'll take it now as your official boyfriend.”

“Who would've thought I'd end up dating the kid I kissed in kindergarten ten years later?”

If Keith were honest, he did remember the kiss, but not who gave it. Just that he avoided the kid for the rest of the year. It wasn't until they ended up in the same class again where Lance reminded him that he remembered. So he just tried to avoid him best he could. He had no luck since Lance announced they were rivals and tried to one up him every time. Not that it worked out for Lance. Keith was a natural at whatever he did (and no, he didn't use magic). So of course Keith came out on top which angered Lance. They did start hanging out during their final years of primary and got closer that their rivalry was now friendly competition. It didn't completely stop when they began dating.

Also hanging with Lance, also meant Keith would hang with his friends.The other two in their group were Pidge and Hunk. Hunk worked at Sal's and was probably the greatest cook ever. He was also very caring and protective. One minute, he could be a giant teddy bear. But the second someone threatened the people he cared about he'd be ready for a fight. So don't mess with Hunk or his friends. Pidge was a tech genius, but was also a conspiracy theorist. Both her and Keith hit it off because of that. She was mostly fascinated by Arus' history since it involved rumours of a cult that turned out to be witches. Not that there was any solid proof. Keith knew the truth, but he wasn't suppose to tell or even confirm it. So he usually just nodded and gave tidbits of information.

“I'm telling you! Witches are among us!” Pidge announced.

“If they've been around for hundreds of years, then why hasn't there been any confirmed witches?” Lance scoffed. “Can you believe her, Keith?” he asked.

“Just because you've never seen one, doesn't mean they don't exist.” he shrugged.

“Betrayed by the love of my life!” Lance made a motion of staking his heart and playing dead, leaning his head on Keith's shoulder.

“Knock it off.” he he pushed him off his shoulder.

“Could we just stop talking about witches.” Hunk shuddered, not really a fan of the subject.

“But it's part of our town's history.” Pidge stated.

“No. What the founders of Arus discovered was a cult.” Lance corrected. “It's only believed to be witches because it was during the times when people believed that anything weird meant witchcraft.”

“Then explain how after all these supposed cultists were burned that the town's suffering finally ended? The drought finally ended, sicknesses stopped and mysterious disappearances stopped happening.” Pidge challenged.

“It had been summer. It's always hot here during that time. Immune systems finally evolved and we made better medicine. And idiots stopped getting lost in the forest.”

“I still believe it was sorcery.”

“Admit defeat!” Lance turned to face her, holding his arms in the air and walking backwards. Failing to notice someone opening their locker behind him.



In one of the offices, a woman watched the group of friends walk past from the small window on the door. Her gaze remained on the dark-haired boy in red who was currently laughing at the taller boy stumbling into a locker.

The Kogane boy is almost her spitting image.”

The woman turned towards the cat perched on top of one of the filing cabinets.


The woman was the school's history teacher, Ms. Honerva. At least, that was what they believed. Since Keith started at Arus' high, she had began teaching, even managing to become the boy's favourite teacher. Unbeknownst to him was that she was Haggar, sent by Lord Zarkon, leader of the Galra Empire, to convince the boy to join them. While she had managed to gain his trust, convincing him to join a rival coven without outing she was a witch herself was a little trickier. But with years of observation she came to realise that his mortal side was a weakness and could be used against him.

His birthday is almost upon us. How do you plan to convince him to join the Galra?”

“Mortals are more emotional then we are. Being half is no exception. He'll want to choose the option that allows him right to both worlds. We just have to convince that the Galra will give him that.” she turned to her familiar, Kova.



The witch conversation had been dropped after that morning and now the four friends were sitting at their table enjoying lunch. Although the topic of discussion could be changed. Once again, his three friends were bugging Keith about his birthday.

“I already told you my family has something planned and I can't miss it.”

“Come on, it's your sixteenth birthday and it happens to fall during a lunar eclipse. That is a sign you have to celebrate it.” Pidge said.

“It's not like I'm not celebrating it.” Keith stated. “I'll just be celebrating it with my family instead of you guys.”

“They can't let you out for a few hours?” Lance asked. “I don't know where it is, since you've failed to mention details aside from family gathering, but can't you just join us for like an hour and then leave?”

“My family's been planning this for years. Sixteenth Birthdays are a big deal for us. I can't just throw away years of planning like that?”

Keith was known to be very secretive. While he was more open to them, being his friends, and even more open with Lance, they still felt he was hiding something big from them. They knew he was adopted, but still had ties with his biological family. When they asked why he didn't stay with them, Keith said that they didn't really have time to raise a child and thought it'd be better he stayed in the town where his parents' grew up. So he was left to be raised by a family friend. They also never met that part of the family and had only seen Coran, Allura and Shiro from time to time. They've actually never really seen his house aside from the parts open to the public during a viewing when they attended.

“Fine.” Lance gave in. “We won't celebrate your special day on the actual day, but don't think we won't celebrate the second you come back. You deserve cake, balloons, presents and the whole she-bang.” he threw his arm around Keith and gave him a wet smooch on the cheek.

Keith laughed and wiped the drool of his face, punching Lance in the arm. But despite enjoying the moment, none of his friends noticed when his smile dropped because he knew that party was likely never going to happen.

“Trust me, Keith. It's going to be a birthday you'll never forget!” Lance yelled out. Keith could only force out a smile.



“And so these thirteen criminals were charged for the murders and left to be burned and hanged at Blackink tree. A tree named because after they were burned remained standing and the bark became the colour of ink.” Ms. Honerva went on. “To this day the tree still stands as a reminder to any future wrongdoers of what could be their fate and is also a reminder of the dark times ending that had plagued our town.” she finished. Most people knew the story since small towns always tended to make a big deal of big events that happened in history. It was also a scary story told to the younger kids to get them to behave. Lance remembered his older siblings teasing him about it. Didn't scare him as much now that he was older, but young Lance had been scared shitless.

“Since the anniversary of the burning will be in a few weeks, I ask all of you to research what your families did during the time these events occurred.” she walked towards Lance, who slowly brought his gaze up to her. “Do you know anything about your family's history?”

“I know I was related to the McClains who didn't found the town, but arrived during the town's early days and were present during the burning.” While he wasn't apart of the founding families like his friends, he still could find his maternal grandfather's name in the history books on the town. The other half of his family had migrated from Cuba decades ago. The actual founding families had been the Koganes, Garretts, Holts, Iversons, Griffins and the West family. All the other families arrived not long after and grew until they had the average population for a small town. Less than half the class could find their names in the history books. Others would have to look elsewhere.

“Have you ever wondered why your family came here?” She had a dark look in her eyes and Lance could've sworn her eyes went completely yellow for a second. He excused it to lighting and gulped before continuing to speak.

“Not really. Maybe they liked the scenery.” he shrugged.

“Well, I hope this assignment will give you more insight.” she drew back, but kept a sinister smile on her face. Remind him again why this was Keith's favourite teacher? Okay, he knew why. For some reason she favoured him and gave Lance a death glare. It actually started when he and Keith became friends. Worse when they started dating. Was she afraid he'd corrupt him or something? Keith was still Keith. Lance may have gotten him to loosen up, but he still focused on keeping grades up and knew where his priorities lied. So what was Honerva's deal?

He was relieved when the bell rang, signalling not only the end of class, but the end of the day too.

“Does anyone else get chills from her?” Lance said as the group left the classroom.

“It's just you. She's strict but she actually does teach and interact with her students. Unlike most teachers.” Pidge stated.

“I'm usually creeped out, but she has never really given me any weird vibes.” Hunk told him. Even the guy who usually agreed with him on weird feelings didn't see it.

“How about you Keith?” he turned to his boyfriend.

Keith just blinked at him and then shrugged. “I'll admit she's a little more involved with her students and focused on her work, but she''s never steered me in the wrong direction.”

“What was I thinking asking her favourite student?!” Lance exclaimed in an exaggerated tone.

“I'm not her favourite!” Keith denied.

“Dude, yes you are. The second you put your hand up to answer her question she'll pick you without fail and all her feedback on you is positive. She doesn't just praise your effort in school work, but your personality too. Most teachers say you need to socialise more and be more involved with group projects, but she doesn't say any of that. Honestly, I think she has a thing for you.”

“What?!” Keith looked shocked. “She's more than twice my age. She just sees the good in her students, even troubled ones.”

“Okay, maybe she just hates me.”

“You do tend to joke around a lot and not take things seriously.” Pidge pointed out.

“Hey!” Lance frowned.

“I better head to Sal's to start my shift. I'll see you guys later. Dinner is on me.” Hunk farewelled.

“One of Hunk's dishes! I'll definitely be there.” Pidge grinned excitedly. “I'll see you two lovebirds later.” she waved to the two and they were soon left alone.

“You in?” Lance took Keith's hand in his and began walking out of the school with him.

“Definitely.” Keith nodded.



Seeing as there was time to kill before meeting with their friends, the couple made their way to the forest surrounding the mortuary.

“I've always liked the forest. It's quiet. I've always felt at home here.”

Lance watched as Keith spoke. He definitely seemed at peace here.

“I've always been more of a beach person.” he admitted. But it was nice out here too. Despite the stories about the place. None have actually been proven true, but it added to the creep factor. Yet, seeing Keith looking comfortable and just being content here, Lance could forget all that and enjoy the beauty that was Keith Kogane.

He saw Keith give him a smile before turning and walking deeper into the forest, prompting Lance to follow. “I might not be coming back after my birthday.” his voice had fallen to a whisper, but Lance had heard it and he reacted by throwing questions towards Keith.

“WHAT?! What do you mean? How long have you known? Why are you telling me this now? And why in the woods? Does this mean you are breaking up with me?” He saw Keith's face and could see he was hurting.

“It's a school. My mum attended there and so did everyone on her side of the family. It's a big opportunity for me.” he explained.

Why was Keith only telling him now? “If you were afraid I'd be mad, you don't have to worry about that.” He knew the subject of Keith's parents was a touchy one. He would've understood if he wanted to be able to be close to them in some way. “Look, I'll admit it is a bit of a shock to hear you might suddenly be moving to a different school. But that doesn't mean we still can't be together. We can still talk and see each other outside of school.” he ran his fingers through his boyfriend's hair.

“Except it can't be like that.” Keith blurted out. “I won't be allowed outside contact and it's...” he looked like he was struggling to find the right word. “too far to get to.”

“I would swim oceans for you.” he grabbed both his shoulders. “I get you want to be able to be close to your mother, but why would you take an opportunity that basically strips you of your life here?”

Keith sighed and then looked around at where they were.

“You know this was where I was born.” he said, talking as if Lance wasn't there.

The subject change took him by surprise, but he figured he'd hear him out. Maybe Keith might reveal one of his secrets or at least explain why he'd just up and go right out of town without saying goodbye to him and their friends.

“Pretty sure most of us were born in Arus hospital.”

“No. I was born in this very spot.” he motioned to where he was now standing. Lance raised an eyebrow at him.

“I've been wanting to tell you since we started dating. I know you respect that I have secrets and will let me tell you when I'm ready. I was born here because dangerous people were after my parents and they needed a place where my mother could be kept safe while she gave birth to me.

I need you to be open minded here, Lance.” he eyed him waiting for confirmation.

Lance hesitantly nodded.

“I wasn't just born mortal. Because of my mother, I'm also half witch. I can do spells, perform magic by waving my hand. All sorts of stuff.”

“You're a what?” Lance's eyes widened. He knew Keith had secrets, but he was expecting he had a weird fetish or something. Not being a witch.

“When I turn sixteen I'm expected to become apart of a coven. Mainly the one my mother was apart of.”

This hadn't been the kind of secret he was expecting. Earlier they were joking about the idea that witches existed and then Keith just straight up admits that he's been one the whole time? He technically said he was half, but that was beside the point.

“You're messing with me?” he smiled in disbelief. Keith didn't look like he was. Which meant that he was telling the truth. That caused his smile to fall.

“Serious? You're a witch?! Oh my god!” he scrunched up his hair and shook his head. When Keith called his name and approached him, Lance hesitantly stepped back. “I need you to stay away from me while I figure things out.”

Keith looked hurt by that, but he refused to back down. “I know it's a lot to take in. But I need you to listen to me right now.”

“And if I don't you'll use a spell to make sure I do. How many spells have you casted on me? Did you cast a spell to make me love you?” he couldn't believe Keith would do that. Up until now he was sure his feelings had been real, but learning Keith's secret was making him jump to all these accusations. Before he could say anymore, Keith pulled him close and heard him whispering in his ear.

“Take back these words of regret. Make the one I love forget.”

Lance blinked a couple of times and found himself in the forest with Keith.

“How did we get here?” he asked confused.

“We were walking and I said I wanted to see the scenery.” Keith answered.

“Oh. Okay.” Lance slowly nodded. “I guess the scenery is nice here.” he shrugged.

“How about we go home and then meet up at Sal's later?”

“Sounds good to me.”



What was he thinking telling Lance?

Oh, maybe the fact that he was his boyfriend and had that much trust with in him. But seeing how he had reacted. Even accusing Keith of using magic to make him love him felt like a stab to the heart. It made him realise that mortals would never accept witches and what they did. His father must have been one in a million or maybe his mother did spell him. After all, he never knew them.

“You okay, Keith?”

Apparently he had tears forming in his eyes and Shiro had noticed. Keith quickly wiped them away.

“I told Lance.” he stated blankly.

“You told Lance?” Shiro raised an eyebrow.

“I told him I was a witch and then I erased his memory of it. You should've seen how he acted. He was freaking out and thought I made him love me and...I don't know.” he shook his head.

“Hey.” Shiro held him by the shoulders. “I'm sure Lance didn't mean it. He was probably scared and didn't know what to say. You also did throw a huge secret at him unexpectedly.”

“But if that's how he reacts, how could I ever tell him?” Keith looked up expectantly to his brother.

“I don't know what to tell you since I've never been in this position. But you need to have faith in him that he will eventually accept you for who you are.”

Keith gave him a smile, but the events from earlier still hurt. He had wanted Lance's opinion if he should sign over to the coven or stay here and live life as a mortal. But of course things took a bad turn. Even with the way he reacted, he still loved him and wanted to spend his life with him.

Why couldn't someone else be born a half-mortal, half-witch?

Making his way past Shiro and up to his room, Keith heard breaking glass. He quickly entered his room, clenching his hand, ready to summon whatever offensive spell he knew. Which was only a gust of wind at this point. It was suppose to be a fire, but since he hadn't signed onto a coven yet, it was all he could do. It'd be effective enough.

He carefully examined his room. His window was broken and would need fixing. He'd also have to clear up the glass. Great.

Keith Kogane.”

A voice echoed in his head which made him jump and he quickly turned around. He could see a figure. Not a human, but some kind of animal. He gulped before speaking. “Yes.” he gave a nod.

I am here to answer your call.”

A familiar.