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After The Fall

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Louis didn't mean to push Zayn, he really didn't it's just when Zayn get's on his nerves Louis tends to get I guess you could say aggressive and so Harry made it a rule that Louis is not allowed to push/hit Zayn, but Zayn was just pushing him too hard.

That's why Louis is on his and Harry's bed naked on all fours getting whipped with a riding crop.

Louis is whimpering but not whining he knows better than that, whining will just make Harry even more mad and Louis really doesn't want that, he already disappointed enough.

 "I bet you like this, huh slut DO YOU LIKE IT?", Harry yelled tormenting Louis, but Louis knows Harry expects an answer so he answers through the beating on his bum.

"Y-Yes-s si-r", Louis answers whimpering and Harry laughs at Louis making Louis start silently crying, Harry lands the 30th smack hard right on Louis hole which Louis let's out a sob at.

Harry chuckles darkly at and Louis just's let's Harry keep assaulting his sore bum until Harry stops and Louis made sure to count just in case Harry asked.

"How many did I give you?", Harry asks roughly and Louis can barley breath through the tears, but he has to be good, good for Harry.

"F-fif-ty s-s-six", Louis responds and let's out a chocked breath after.

"Hmm, Good boy", Harry praises and Louis smiles slightly, He's happy that he's doing good.

"Turn around", Harry orders in a anything but sweet voice and Louis obeys insistently, He hisses when he feels his bum against the bed.

"Ask to eat me out", Harry laughs and Louis sighs but obeys anyway.

"Daddy, may I please eat you out?", Louis asks and Harry smiles and get's on top of Louis and put's his hole on Louis mouth which Louis immediately licks earning a groan from Harry.

"Oh, yeah that feels good", Harry growls and Louis smiles and continues to lick his rim as fast as he can.

"Fuck my hole with your tongue", Harry demands and Louis obliges without hesitation and Sticks his tongue into Harry's tight hole and starts fucking it with his tongue.

"Yeah, just like that, huh such a whore", Harry laughs and moans and Louis starts silently crying again at the term Harry used, Louis not a slut right?

Louis continues to fuck his hole while Harry moans and insults him.

Harry get's up from Louis mouth and looks down at his sub with cold eyes that were once warm and smacks him on his cheek making Louis sob again and Harry smacks his other cheek harder than the time before which Louis just cry's harder at.

"Bad boy",Harry mumbles and Louis pouts, his cheeks are stained and the tears are slower but are still coming down.

"Turn back around, I'm not done with your ass", Harry demands and Louis cry's harder at that but he can't help that his cock hardens at this.

Harry get's the paddle with holes in it and starts raining down smacks that Louis has no time to count because there coming down so fast that he has barley any time to even register what's happening, that is until the pleasure and pain kicks in and Louis  a crying moaning mess, rutting against the sheets and getting the  sheets wet with his tears.

Louis doesn't even know how much eh got but what he does know is that his ass is going to bruise a lot.

All of a sudden he feels like he's being ripped apart, Harry is entering him without lube or prep, he's going in dry and as much as Louis wants to please Harry he can't do this.

It hurt's so much and he loves pain but this feels so bad.

"YELLOW", Louis yells and Harry pulls out immediately and is by his side rubbing his back gently.

"Do you need to stop?", Harry gently asks and Louis stops sobbing enough to answer.

"I-I j-just n-need lube", Louis answers more calmly and Harry nods and let's  Louis breath for a moment while Harry lubes his cock up.

Harry enters Louis slowly and Louis moans at the burn because it no longer feels like he's being ripped.

Harry doesn't let him adjust and starts fucking him at a speed that makes Louis crazy.

"YES, OH MY GOD DADDY", Louis moans feeling like he's in heaven.

Harry laughs at Louis' eagerness and Harry moans at Louis heat, he's so fucking tight.

"So tight all for me, you're my whore", Louis moans at Harry's words and Harry changes angles and hit's Louis prostate dead on and Louis screams in pleasure.

Harry smirks knowing what he did and keeps hitting it on purpose.

"May I cum PLEASE?", Louis asks pleading, but Harry just smirks.

"No", Harry chuckles and slaps Louis sore bum and Louis gasps at that.

"I'm Cumming", Harry moans and spills his seed inside of Louis who whimpers at the empty feeling when Harry pulls out.

"Do you deserve to cum?", Harry asks and Louis honestly doesn't think he does but he wants to so bad, but Harry doesn't like lying.

"No,sir", Louis submissively answers and Harry frowns at him, any person would say yes.

"Why?"Harry inquire and Louis answers simply with, 

"I disobeyed you and I'm being punished not rewarded", and Harry doesn't think Louis even knows what he's saying.

"You've been good all evening, I'm going to let you cum", Harry decides and Louis smiles but still feels guilty for making Harry angry at him, he never wants that.

Harry flips Louis over and starts pumping him fast, and Louis is bucking his hips into the air.

"MAY I CUM PLEASE?", Louis yells in pure ecstasy and Harry answers with "cum", and Louis does immediately, screaming as Harry pumps him through it.

"T-thank y-you", Louis whispers and curls up in a ball on the bed waiting for Harry to snuggle him.

Harry grabs a cloth and a water bottle from their dresser and washes Louis and himself before taking Louis into his arms and whispering sweet nothings into his ear and playing with his hair until Louis fell asleep.

Harry fell asleep shortly after watching Louis sleep and he put cream on Louis bum just to make sure it doesn't bruise.