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They were halfway through the monthly Bakusquad movie night--Inside Out, by Ashido's choice--when Kirishima heard Bakugou sneeze for the first time.

It was the first really cold night of the year, and Kirishima was bundled up in his Crimson Riot hoodie, glad he had it to combat the chill. The dorms were heated, but a stray breeze made it in every so often, keeping the room just below comfortable. Kaminari and Jirou were sharing a blanket on the armchair, and Ashido had a fluffy, bright pink robe on over her pajamas. Even Sero, who always seemed to be unaffected by the cold, was wearing a long sleeve shirt instead of his usual t-shirt.

Bakugou, however, refused to admit that he too was human, and therefore was affected by temperature changes. He wore his signature black tank top with flannel pants and no shoes. He sat next to Kirishima, arms crossed during the entire first half of the movie. Kirishima assumed he was annoyed that once again he had been dragged to a group activity, but that changed when he heard the sneeze.

How to describe it... Imagine a kitten and a puppy had a human child somehow (ok maybe don't imagine that) and that child sneezed. That was what it sounded like. A tiny baby sneeze, barely even audible. Bakugou quickly covered his mouth with his hand, but the damage was done.

"Was that a sneeze?" Kirishima asked, smirking. Bakugou shook his head, recrossing his arms. Kirishima persisted, though. 

"It was! Are you cold, Bakubro?" Bakugou huffed at the nickname, but stayed silent. Kirishima ran his hand over Bakugou's arm quickly, ignoring how Bakugou froze under his touch. Just as he suspected; it was freezing. He gaped at Bakugou.

"You're freezing! This is why we don't wear tank tops in the middle of October," he chided, adding a chopping motion that was vaguely Iida-like. This brought out a smirk from Bakugou, although it looked stiff with his cold state. Kirishima crossed his own arms, thinking, then got an idea.

"Here dude," he whispered, taking off his sweatshirt. He knew Bakugou would never take it if the other's were watching, but luckily they were all still glued to the TV. He handed it proudly to Bakugou, who stared at it like it was a mutant creature.

"I d-don't need your damn sweatsh-shirt," he said, shivering with his words. Now Kirishima knew why he hadn't been talking the whole time. He could barely speak without stuttering. He pressed the sweatshirt into Bakugou's arms harder, holding it there until he was forced to grip it.

"You're freezing, man. Just take the hoodie." Bakugou seemed like he wanted to argue more, but he was still shaking slightly, so he gruffly pulled the sweatshirt over his head, taking a good minute to find the head hole. It was about four sizes too big, and he was practically swimming in it, but at least he stopped shaking. He muttered out a thank you, then turned to the screen. However, Kirishima wasn't finished.

"I'll be right back," he whispered, slowly rising from the couch. Bakugou looked a little confused but stretched out on the seat, taking up all the space. Kirishima would deal with that later. In the meantime, he tiptoed to Bakugou's room, folding his blanket and slinging it over his shoulder. Next he stopped in his own room, picking up his own fiery red blanket and adding it to the stack. He knew Kaminari kept an extra blanket in his closet, so he took that too, almost toppling under the combined weight of the blankets. Finally, he got a pair of fluffy socks from his drawer, placing them at the very top of his teetering pile of blankets. He usually only saved them for really cold nights, but decided this was emergency enough.

Barely fitting through the doorway, he stumbled over to the couch, dropping all the blankets onto Bakugou before the explosive boy could react. He waited until his head poked out, red and fuming, before beaming at the grumpy boy underneath all of them.

"There!" he said cheerily. "Now you'll be warm for sure." Bakugou didn't seem to know whether to yell at him or settle into the covers. In the end, he merely glared at him, untangling his arms and legs from the mess of comforters.

"This is so excessive, I swear to god," he whispered heatedly, although he didn't move from under the blankets. Kirishima watched him fondly for a minute before shoving Bakugou's legs to the side, sitting beside him once again.

"You can't hog the entire couch," he said simply. "That's, like, really unmanly."

Bakugou retaliated by placing his legs, which were still covered by three layers of blankets, right on top of Kirishima's lap, grinning maliciously. Kirishima didn't mind, as it allowed him to go along with the next part of his plan perfectly. He reached behind him, pulling out the fuzzy socks, and yanked the blanket off of Bakugou's feet, exposing them to the cold air. Bakugou hissed, and Kirishima immediately pulled one of the socks on. Instantly, Bakugou yanked his foot away, making a noise that almost sounded like... a laugh?

"Don't touch my feet," he wheezed, glaring at him halfheartedly. Kirishima grabbed his other foot, quickly slipping the sock on. There it was; the sort of giggle-like sound. 

"You're ticklish!" Kirishima gasped. Bakugou clasped a hand over his mouth. 

"Shut the hell up!" he whispered, looking around the room. Even after all of that, they still didn't get a single glance from the others. You'd think they would be less invested in Inside Out the third time they watched it, but there they were, barely blinking.

Bakugou continued, relaxing slightly after seeing that no one else was paying attention. "My feet are a little sensitive, alright?" Kirishima raised his eyebrows at this, but didn't comment. Bakugou was easily as stubborn as he was; it was one of his traits that Kirishima admired the most. Even so, he didn't feel like arguing over trivial things on movie night.  Bakugou was still speaking, gesturing to their friends. "If any of the other dumbasses hear, though, I'll never hear the end of it. So shush."

Kirishima mimed locking his lips and throwing away the key; Bakugou rolled his eyes. They both returned to watching the movie.

A little while later, Kirishima felt a tapping on his shoulder. He turned to find Bakugou staring at him, slightly concerned. He was good at hiding his emotions, but Kirishima was better at reading them, and knew that this particular gleam in Bakugou's eye meant he was worried about something. He waited for him to start speaking.

"You're cold," Bakugou stated, not even asking. Kirishima looked down to find he had curled into a ball subconsciously while watching, arms tightly bound around his knees. Under the hoodie, he only put on a tank top, so he was a little chilly. Even so, he didn't want to take it back from Bakugou. He looked cute like that, hair mussed and wearing the gigantic hoodie, sweater paws and everything.

"Nah, I'm fine," Kirishima said cheerfully, keeping the shiver from his voice. He thought he sounded pretty convincing. Bakugou was having none of that, though. He lifted the blanket a little, motioning him over.

"Come here, Hair for brains," he grumbled. "It's warm and stuff, and it would be sucky if you got sick because of me." Kirishima didn't object to sharing a blanket with Bakugou and scooted under, finding it a lot toastier under the layers. 

"Thank, Bakugou," he whispered, covering all but his head in the blankets like a burrito. Bakugou scoffed at him, but muttered, "It's nothing. You brought them anyways."

Kirishima smiled at him. "Yeah, but I brought them for you." Bakugou turned a little pink and didn't respond to this, not that Kirishima expected him to. Bakugou clammed up any time Kriishima said something even remotely sentimental. Didn't stop him from trying, though.

They returned to watching the movie in a comfortable silence. At one point Kirishima realized he was pressed right against Bakugou, but he made no motion to leave. Now that they were under the blankets, Bakugou was back to being a human heat lamp, and his sweatshirt was soft. Kirishima slid an arm around him slowly, as to not startle him, until he was fully wrapped around Bakugou, leaning a head on his shoulder. Movie nights always made him tired, and now especially he could barely keep his eyes open.

Burying his face against him, he murmured a quick good night before succumbing to sleep, not noticing Bakugou going somewhat stiff, watching him out of the corner of his eye instead of the movie.


Bakugou waited until Kirishima's breathing evened out before facing him directly. He was careful not to shift too much, as Kirishima would be able to feel every movement against him. He could feel his breath against his neck, gentle and giving him chills despite all the blankets.

He sank a little lower in Kirishima's hoodie, breathing in the smell of his body wash, something Old Spice and "very manly" in Kirishima's words. He grinned faintly, laying his head on top of Kirishima's and closing his eyes. He didn't really like the winter, but if it meant he got to be in this situation, then maybe it wasn't all that bad after all.