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“Ah… yeah… Just like that, Doc… Y…Yeah…” 

Scout groaned, toes positively curling as Medic sucked him off. He’d start off by engulfing him down to his very hilt, then holding his place for a few spellbinding seconds as his tight throat swallowed around him, then gingerly bringing Scout back from the edge by coming back up and pressing gentle, loving kisses to the swollen shaft. It was the Doctor’s favorite routine, but Scout would be damned if he called it repetitive or monotonous. 

A muttered curse as Medic stopped a moment to swirl his tongue around his swollen head, and the red, glittering blade of the scalpel came into view again. Scout watched eagerly as the man flicked his wrist expertly, the thin blade slipping beneath the folds of his skin. It didn’t hurt too much, really. Felt more like an annoying sting – like that of a tiny bug or something. But then, there came a slow, steady oozing of red blood, and Scout couldn’t contain his excitement. 

Medic purred deep within his chest and climbed up on the hospital bed as if he were a panther stalking his prey. He straddled the boy and pressed their slick cocks together, using one hand to pump their shafts in unison and the other to trace giant, flowing gothic symbols onto the boy’s chest. 

Scout moaned with bliss, writhing in his restraints, eyes drinking in the sight of the crimson red scattered over his torso. He would have liked it if Medic made it sting a little more, but at this point, he was getting too lightheaded with pleasure and blood-loss to care. 

“Doc…” the boy croaked with a wide, sloppy grin plastered all over his face.
“Y…Yes, meiner… Schatz…?” Medic panted, face flushed and body dripping with sweat.
“G…Give it to me…” 

Medic smirked and licked up a few droplets of blood from the boy’s chest, prompting a soft purr in response, and rose to his feet. A few seconds later he was back, with his Kritzkrieg hooked up to what looked like an odd, modified breathing apparatus. It had to be wheeled closer to their hospital bed since all the equipment was quite heavy. 

Scout was cooing weakly as Medic strapped the face mask on his face, and flipped a switch on the Kritzkrieg’s nozzle. The machine whirled to life. 

Scout took a deep breath, exhaling peacefully as his wounds slowly began knitting together and glowed a soft blue. It took much longer to heal this way, but it was ten times as rewarding. 

Medic straddled the boy, sucking on Scout’s shoulder and continued toying with himself. It wasn’t long before Scout began giggling as the fumes clouded his mind in euphoria. Medic knew the feeling all too well, having to resort to a few quick huffs on the battlefield once or twice or… ten times. It also had the amazing quality of heightening every pleasurable sensation, which was a big reason the two used it in their play. 

Medic was busy fingering himself, his fingers coated with medical lubrication. When he felt he was ready, he slowly eased himself down on Scout’s erect cock, earning a moan from both participants. Medic chuckled, pumping his cock, and began rolling his hips on top of the younger boy. 

Scout moaned again, his skinny limbs trembling in their restraints. His skin was glowing a faint blue color now, as the healing vapors started to saturate his entire body. The vapors felt cool and soothing to the touch, sending a shiver up Medic’s spine as his own skin began soaking in the excess.

Medic huffed, lying flat against Scout as he pressed their bodies together. More skin-on-skin contact meant more of that addictive drug would leech into his system. He rolled his hips on top of Scout, shivering as the vapors made the cock inside of him feel unnaturally cool, as if he were a refrigerated cadaver. 

“D… Does zhat feel good, Liebchen…?” Medic rasped, lovingly stroking his lover’s cheek.
“Yeah, yeah, Doc…” Scout huffed, his voice slightly muffled by the mask he was wearing.  “You know it does… God, you drive me fucking crazy...”

Medic just chuckled darkly to himself, sucking and biting at Scout’s exposed neck. Oddly, the Kritzkrieg had an added effect of making his lover’s skin taste slightly minty as well. It was something that always caught him by surprise, no matter how many times they used it.

Gasping from the faint jolt of pain that came with a particularly hard nip, Scout groaned and tried rolling his hips up some more into Medic’s delicious warmth, restraints be damned. The older man groaned, matching the younger’s intensity as he gyrated his hips on top of him.

“Doc…” Scout gasped, face flushed as he rapidly approached his peak. “I’m… Getting close…”
“Meine Liebe… Me, too…” Medic whined. He tended to get a bit squirmy when he was close to his release, and now was no exception. Scout couldn’t help but smirk a bit once he noticed Medic wiggling his hips in that telltale way.

“Leave me in, Doc…” he grunted, thrusting against Medic eagerly. “Wanna breed ya…”
“Yes, Scout…” Medic hissed, pumping himself and biting into his lover’s lean shoulder. “Fill me up… Make me yours…”

It only took a few more thrusts before Scout delivered his promise, moaning richly as he buried himself as deep as he could go into the older man, coming in thick spurts. Medic bit down even more, drawing some blood as the icy cold semen filled him to the very brim. He followed close behind, arching his back as his own cum painted the lower expanse of their stomachs. 

For a few moments, they simply laid there, not moving, taking comfort in the familiar feeling of their bodies pressed together. Medic closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Scout’s breathing evening out, the soft humming of the Kritzkrieg, the thump of his lover’s heart through his chest. The feeling of achieving an orgasm was pleasant, of course, but this was what he yearned for most of all. 

After the two of them had a moment to catch their breath, he shot a smug grin at Scout, adjusting his now-crooked spectacles. “Feeling better now, Scoutchen?” he purred as he undid the younger boy’s restraints and took off the mask so that he could plant a loving kiss to his lips.

Scout just laughed, pulling Medic back down for another warm embrace. “Yeah, I do.” He graced Medic with a gentle peck on the lips. “You’re the cure to any illness, Doc. Love ya, man.”
Medic returned the chaste smooch with a deep, passionate kiss of his own. “Und ich liebe dich, Schatzi.”