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Gods, Aliens, Near-Death Experiences, Mysteries, oh my.

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It’s been a couple years since Weirdmageddon. The Mystery Kids have still had work after this, but nothing quite as weird, until it happened.

Time froze.

It may have been a couple of minutes, but nobody knew what was going on. However, somehow, the only people unaffected by this were members of the Mystery Kids. They soon set up a memo on Pesterchum


CDP AT 4:13 opened memo on board Mystery Kids

CURRENT mabelPines [CMP] RIGHT NOW responded to memo
CMP: i’m here! wow, time’s acting all funny!
CURRENT coralineJones [CCJ] RIGHT NOW responded to memo
CURRENT dibMembrane [CDM] RIGHT NOW responded to memo
CDM: Is Wirt not going to respond??
CCJ: Wirt doesn’t have a computer Dib!
CDP: Okay, nobody can pretend they DONT see what’s going on?
CMP: you bet, dipdop!
CMP: it’s kind of weird, but i found fun out of it!
CMP: i hid grunkle stan’s fez in the microwave!

CDP: Mabel! This is serious!
CCJ: As much as I think jokes are funny I think this is serious too.
? ectoBiologist [?EB] ? responded to memo
?EB: oh jeez! is this working?
?EB: oh! uh, fair warning, things may start to
CDP banned ?EB from responding to memo
CDM: That was.. weird.
CDP: I don't know how that guy got in here.
CDP: Hold on
CDP: Guys! Time’s back to normal!
CDP: Let’s talk about this next time we meet.
CDM: Alright.
CMP: okay, dipper!
CCJ: Okay.

CDP closed memo.

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 A young man stands in his shared room. Today is not his birthday, nor is it a day of any form of importance. What is his name?

>Enter Name


Ugh, SERIOUSLY? You’ve heard all the names in the book, but that’s the most stupid you’ve heard.

>Try Again

[Dipper Pines]

>Examine room.

Your room is quite neat, things where they need to be. The colors are quite dull and cool. There is the occasional small pile of papers stacked on a desk next to your bed, but your mess is usually well organized. ..That is your side. On the other hand, the other side is quite disorganized, and mostly pink. Clothes are strewn about the floor, posters decorating most of the wall, and did you mention it’s the most overwhelmingly bright shade of pink your eyes have ever witnessed? 

That would be your sister Mabel’s side of the room, your identical twin sister, at that.

>Go back to normal fic format, the writer’s hands are getting tired?


you go back to normal fic format.


You’ve just closed a memo which was rudely interrupted by someone, and are planning on meeting up with the others soon. You pack your bag, and set out the door..


However you’re rudely interrupted again, but not in text format;

You were just pulled into the air! By the wind! ..You can feel hands grabbing your sides, and try to pull them away. You succeed, but unfortunately, you are now plummeting to certain doom. 

Before you black out, you catch a glimpse of a silhouette floating down, oddly spiky hair sticking out and a long hood floating behind them.

you only hear a few words.


”Are you okay?


and then the world went black.