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Melting Ice

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Seido was huge! You’d been picked up to join the newly formed softball team at Seido. Honestly, you were proud to stand on the field with these thirty other girls. Seido’s softball team was nowhere near their baseball team, but holy shit you were ready to play. You had come from pretty damn far, from across the world to be specific. Your parents had been against the whole thing to start with, but after days on end of begging them to let you go they eventually caved. So now you stood in front of Seido’s gates. The dorm rooms, they’d built a section off of the boys’ baseball dorms to adapt to the new sport.

“I can’t wait to start!” You cried with a huge smile.

“Why is there someone screaming like Sawamura here?”

Tearing your gaze from the sign above the door, your eyes fell on a cocky looking blond kid. Raising a brow you put your hands on your hips and stared him down until he was uncomfortable.

“Kanemaru! Stand in the batter’s box for me!”

You jumped at the loud voice that turned the corner. There was a short boy next to him, bubblegum hair covering his eyes and broadcasting a shy nature. Beside him there stood a tall boy with a faraway look in his eyes, telling you of his air headed nature before you’d even managed to have a conversation.

“Who would stand in the box for your crazy pitches?! Idiot!” Kanemaru, you assume, shouted back, a vein pulsing in his head.

“What do you mean crazy pitches?!” The brunet screamed, causing you to wince.

“Eijun, calm down.” The pink haired boy stated with a slight smile, probably trying to defuse the situation.

Meanwhile you were trying, and failing, to take it all in. From their uniforms, it wasn’t hard to draw the conclusion that they were on the Seido baseball team, not to mention the conversation they were having. The thought alone was exhilarating. You’d be sharing practice areas with these boys.

“Ah! Sorry. Were you lost?” The pink haired boy seemed to clue in to your existence with a shy smile, completely different from the one he’d been offering the loud boy just moments before.

“Oh! Me?” You asked, pointing a finger towards yourself. Now all the boys were staring at you and you couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious. Playing with your hair you shied away from the conversation a little, eyes pinned on the strands in your fingers. “I’m looking for the dorms for Seido’s softball team…” You muttered softly.

All of the boys seemed shocked by this news, for the three who had their hair parted normally had wide eyes.

“She plays ball!” The brunet shouted excitedly.

“Idiot, don’t yell in her face!” Kanemaru hissed.

“I don’t mind taking you.” The pink haired boy stated with a shy smile. “It’s actually on the other side. I think it’s the schools way of keeping the guys and the girls from…” The pinklet lead off before coughing into his hand, cheeks darkening as each word left his lips.

“Keep them from doing what?” The brunet questioned innocently and you noticed how the pinklet’s features grew even pinker.

“Nevermind Eijun.” He muttered.

“Thanks. My name’s [your name].” You stated with a smile.

“Haruichi Kominato.” The boy responded before scratching at his cheek.

“Oh! Haru then!” You called with a smile.

Everyone’s eyes widened again and made you feel as if you’d done something wrong.

“Oh! I forgot that in Japan you guys use last names! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude!” You rushed the words out of your mouth, embarrassment burning on your cheeks. “I’m from Canada, I’m still getting used to the customs here. Again, I apologize.” You brought your head down in the customary bow.

“Your Japanese is pretty good for someone who’s just learning the customs.” Haruichi stated with a slight chuckle. “I’ll just call you [your first name]. Is that ok?” He asked gently.

Your embarrassment left in turn of a smile.

“Well, I’d heard of Seido years ago. And I really, really wanted to play here. The only issue is that they only had a baseball team. But a few years ago they announced a project to bring softball into the program! I was so excited I started studying Japanese then and there.” You chuckled lightly.

“You’re quite devoted…” Haruichi smiled before the brunet cut in.

“You’re a first year right!” He practically yelled, earning a deaf nod from you. “I’m Eijun Sawamura! Call me Eijun! I’m gonna be Seido’s ace!” He broadcasted proudly.

You chuckled lightly at the boy’s enthusiasm before your gaze was dragged to the quiet tall boy, who seemed to have a challenging glare set on Eijun.

“You must be a pitcher as well.” You stated, earning a nod from the taller boy.

“Satoru Furuya.” He said with a slight nod.

“It’s getting really late, I’ll take you to the girls’ dorm.” Haruichi cut in with a more confident smile. “We’ll probably be seeing each other a lot since you’re a softball exchange student.” He said as the two of you made your way towards the other side of the campus.

“True. Though I don’t think I can pitch from the mounds you use.” You answered with a sigh. “I’d probably try and compensate and end up throwing high balls. No good.” You said with a sigh.

“You’re a pitcher?” The pinklet asked with a smile.

“Eijun might think he’s Seido’s ace, but you’re already looking at her.” You said with a wink, causing the shorter boy to chuckle.

“You guys throw with a different form right?” He then muses as the two of you walk along the dimly lit path.

“Yea, the windmill.” You declare with a peace sign. “Would actually love to watch you guys at the baseball club try and throw that kind of pitch.” You tack on with a grin.

“I’d love to see you hit Furuya’s fast ball.” Haruichi returned without missing a beat.

Both of you giggled before the pinklet paused in front of a gate. Looking up, you took in the freshly painted sign, you nose wrinkling at the smell of paint.

“This is it.” Haruichi stated with a smile.

“Thanks Haru. I appreciate you showing me where the dorms are.” You said as you set your bags down and stretched your arms. “I think I’m like the last person to show up.” A sigh left your lips before you reached down for your bags. “Nothing like being fashionably late.”

The pinklet brought his hand to his lips to cover up another bout of giggles. Honestly, he was probably cuter than any girl you’d seen in your life. His soft, pink locks covering his eyes only seemed to add to the allure.

“Man, it’s so unfair…” You huffed, causing the other to hum in question. “Don’t worry about it.” You then added before shrugging. “I’ll see you around.” You waved over your shoulder before letting yourself into the girl’s dorms.

Knocking gently, you pushed your dorm room door open. The lights were on and a petite short girl with short blond hair looked up from a gaming system. Setting your bags down you rushed to wave, kicking the door shut behind you.

“[your full name], pitcher, nice to meet you!” You called excitedly.

Pausing her game, the short blond girl stood up, brushing the crumbs of her last snack off of her thighs before sticking her hand out to shake yours.

“Airi Rikako, shortstop. Call me Airi.” She grasped your hand and shook it with a confidence you wished you could exert. “I claimed top bunk, so yours is the bottom.” She then added before looking down at your bags. “Need help unpacking?”

Blushing lightly you shook your head, declining her offer before scrambling to put your things in the plain dresser Seido offered.

“I’m ok!” You declared before smiling.

“If you say so. When you’re done come place COD with me. I’m tired of these damn noobs.” She huffed before crossing her legs and grabbing her controller.

“Oh! I’m like… horrible at COD…” You muttered, the embarrassment creeping back up to your cheeks.

You hear a tongue click as you plug your phone in. Chuckling nervously you got back to putting your stuff in drawers. Registration had handed you a couple practice uniforms that brandished Seido’s name proudly, along with a game uniform. The dark blue uniform was rather nice and had Seido’s name written out in scarlet, letters encased in gold. Blue jersey, white pants and a white cap with a proud ‘S’ scrawled in the middle. Sighing softly you scrutinized the pants before chucking them on top of the dresser. It was a period mess waiting to happen.

“I thought the same thing when I looked at them. Jersey’s nice but I would have preferred black pants and a blue belt. Guess we can all have what we want.” Airi murmurs before running her fingers through her short blond locks.

“Honestly. Tampons is it then.” You state with a sigh.

“No kidding.” She said before she growled. “Fucken camper.” She hissed before a replay of her dying flashed across the screen.

You had no idea what an RV had to do with dying in a game of COD, but you weren’t about to ask and incur her wrath. Turning towards your bed, you chucked a fluffy blue body pillow onto the bottom bunk before checking your phone battery percentage.

“Are you ready for practice in the morning?” Airi asks as she chucks the controller to the side.

“Five am, before classes start eh?” You asked before Airi simply raises a brow.

“Look, I knew you weren’t Japanese, but now I know you’re Canadian.” She said before giggling. “Nobody say eh here.” She added, not at all deterred by the red staining your cheeks.

“It’s a habit! I can’t just shake it…” You muttered, your voice dying off as your cheeks burned.

“It’s fine. It’s kinda cute. Makes you exodic.” Airi says with a wink before grabbing her Seido cap.

She brushed her short bleached locks back and pulled her hat on over it, keeping it out of her face.

“Have you met any of the baseball team?” She asked as she stretched her arms over her head.

“Yea, met Haru, Eijun and Satoru.” You said with a shrug. “Haru showed me to the dorms. Apparently I was about to let myself into the guys’ dorm…”

“Aren’t you adventurous on your first day?” Airi asked with a slight smirk.

Your cheeks exploded with heat again.

“Quit picking on me!” You hissed as Airi laughed.

She grabbed her wallet before nodding towards the door.

“Fine. Let’s go get some drinks, on this endowing upper classman.” She said as she bowed exaggeratingly to let you leave first.

“You’re older than me?!” The thought boggled your mind.

“I’m no grandma, but ya. I’m a second year. Been at Seido since my first year. Been playing ball since I was four. I settled for the track team to keep my stamina up while I waited for them to finalize their softball program.” Airi stated with a shrug before she pulled your dorm door closed, locking it behind you guys.

“Woa! That’s amazing. And a lot of commitment. Your upper classmen in the track team weren’t upset that you were leaving for softball?...” You asked.

“Nah, I was clear about my intentions on day one. I participated in practices and workouts, but for the most part I’m more of a sprints kinda girl and less long distance.” Stopping next to the machine, Airi pulled out some coins before buying a can of coffee. “What do you want?”

“Uh…” You read through the drinks, not very inclined to drink any of them. “Don’t you guys have like, regular juice?” You huffed before getting to the bottom. “Oh! Orange juice please.”

“You’re such a kid.” Airi huffed out a laugh before punching in the code and letting the machine chuck it into the bottom for you.

You smiled as you took the drink from Airi with eager hands. So far so good. Seido was starting to look promising and your roommate seemed pretty cool too! You couldn’t wait to get into the grind of things starting tomorrow.