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“P-please, stop...” He was cracking, as JungWoo held him against the wall by his bad arm, daring him to fight back with the right with an intense stare to the wavering eyes of commitment. He would betray his confidence in one way if it meant preserving his loyalty in another.


...Tell me everything.”

I won't-mh...” The shocked grunt sent a shiver down JungWoo's spine, curved as it was in having to lean down to let his lips press in hard against the young Athena agent's. Even keeping his eyes closed he could hear the misery, feel the heat from his cheeks as they burned for another man. He belonged to Son Hyuk, whether this was a mutual choice or just the misguided affections of a subordinate didn't matter right now, it was going to get JungWoo what he wanted and he'd read that on Andy's face the moment he'd been out of his boss' vision, no matter how he'd tried to hide it.


He was hard already in his hand, the kissing making him weaker as his body reacted in ways he didn't want to permit. Removing his other brashly from how he'd pinned him still before, JungWoo raised his fingers instead to the younger man's hair, brushing the strands lightly at first to test and feeling the swoon in his stature if only for a moment. It was working, their similarities, no matter how JungWoo detested them, were connecting in Andy's mind, pushing them together like JungWoo was forcing on him now and causing shivers of long awaited anticipation. Burying those same fingers in his hair had him moaning low in his throat, a part of him believing these were the advances of Son Hyuk, wishing they were deep down. His mouth opened as he breathed out, a hint of desire to the tone before JungWoo pushed him back in against the concrete and kissed him again. This time his tongue wasn't impassive, this time he was beginning to kiss back as his eyes fluttered closed to the rough way he was handling him, familiar . Just a few moments more and he'd have him answering to his call, they'd have everything they'd need to uproot Athena from within their walls if he could just get him to-


Agent...!” JungWoo knew they would detect where he'd moved to in due time, NTS couldn't let one of their prisoners go missing indefinitely after all, but why now? The Director wore a stern expression to the discovery, eyes not venturing to the shaking mess that was Andy, soon to be as composed and tight-lipped as before, guaranteed to be even more guarded against another psychological attack like JungWoo had almost succeeded in, “...Stop what you're doing. Now.” He'd missed his opportunity, and there was a likelihood that Director Kwon knew that as he stood silent now in the door, security obviously not far behind. He could have let it continue to the end, but this wasn't the way NTS conducted themselves, that was too close to how Athena worked.