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Salted Caramel Drabbles

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“I’M NOT BABYSITTING SOME SHITTY FOREIGN PRINCESS!” Katsuki Bakugo shouted at his boss. The windows of her office rattled as he carried on, causing a few of his fellow sidekicks to back away from the shut door. No one wanted to deal with the explosive hero when he got like this. Only his boss didn’t appear concerned by his rantings.

Said boss simply caught her coffee mug from falling off the desk and took a sip, glasses flashing.

“She isn’t royalty Ground Zero; she is from a pro agency abroad. She’s a sidekick just like you. She is protecting some vital information until the Hero Summit next month, and YOU are charged with being her bodyguard whilst in Japan.”

Steam whistled out of Bakugo’s ears. He slammed his palms down on the desk, leaning over to shout in his supervisor’s face. “SO PICK SOME OTHER EXTRA TO DO IT! WHY ME?” The woman before him simply slurped her drink without reacting. She was well used to Bakugo by now.

“Because you are our number one sidekick. We can’t spare a pro hero – not with the rise in villain activity around the Summit.”

Bakugo knew she was just stroking his ego, but it was true. He had the most arrests of any sidekick at this hero agency, and with his mixed of brains and power, they wouldn’t need to put anyone else on the job. Still, it was a pissy job.

Gritting his teeth, he snarled as the logic seeped in.

“So just give me the intel. I’ll protect it myself.” He grumbled.

“That’s classified Ground Zero.” She replied, “Besides, your charge has a quirk that allows her to protect the information without consciously knowing it. She’ll keep the information safe. Your job is simply to keep her alive until the summit.”

A quirk that stores information, huh? So she was some squint, probably a desk jockey given her first real assignment. If he played his cards right, he could just stash the princess in some safehouse off the beaten track and actually get some real hero work in.

“You’ll have your work cut out for you.” His boss continued. “She has been holding this information for two weeks now and has already been attached twice. I’ve included reports on these attacks in the file.” She pushed a manila folder toward Bakugo. The cream cardboard was stamped with a bright red URGENT across the agency’s logo, the name of the hero scrawled on the tab in his boss’ atrocious handwriting.

“Crystal Beast Protection?” Bakugo read out loud. He sneered at the name. “The fuck is a Crystal Beast?”

“That’d be me.”

Bakugo whipped around to find the office door open, and a young woman leaning casually against the doorframe. He hadn’t heard the door, or sensed her behind him. How long had she been there?

“Welcome Y/L/N-san, please have a seat.” His boss greeted the woman with a polite smile.

Smirking, you scooted around Bakugo to fix yourself a glass of water from the side station, apparently quite at home in his work space. Bakugo glared at you. You were not like any squint he’d seen before, and his brain felt a little fried as he reassessed his whole plan.

Little denim shorts did nothing to hide the shapely legs you kicked out in front of you; and your E/C eyes laughed at him over the rim of the glass. Heat sparked in his chest. He instantly disliked you.

“Y/L/N Y/N, I’d like you to meet the explosion hero Bakugo Katsuki, hero name Ground Zero. He has been tasked as being your bodyguard while in Japan.” His boss spoke, but Bakugo kept his attention fixed on you.

“Bakugo, may I introduce your mission until the Hero Summit. The bleeding hero, Crystal Beast.”

“Y/N is just fine. We don’t really do formality back home.” You smiled, holding out your hand to shake.

Bakugo looked down at your extended hand, then back up to your face. Smooth dark skin framed by H/C hair, mussed from the summer breeze outside. You had three piercings in your right ear. There was something there, under it all. He couldn’t tell what it was. It was infuriating.

“You’re not at home Princess.” Bakugo crossed his arms, ignoring the extended hand.

The smile on your lips twitched, shifting into a lopsided smirk. Your lowered your hand, tucking your thumbs into the front pockets of your short.

“No shit Dumbass. Wouldn’t need you if I was.”

Bakugo saw red. “THE FUCK YOU CALL ME?!”

You didn’t flinch at his shouts or at his cursing. You simply leaned back against the wall, infuriating smirk fixed in place.

“You heard me. Or would you prefer Dipshit?”

“DIE BITCH!” little explosions fired off against Bakugo’s palms.

That sparked something, and the smile dropped as you shoved up in Bakugo’s face. He met your glare head on.



The two of you continued to hurl insults at each other, each getting more creative in their threats as you went. Bakugo’s boss sighed from behind her desk and took another long sip of her coffee.

“Well,” she mumbled to herself. “this is off to a great start.”