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Eddie gets adopted

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It doesn't happen all at once. It happened slowly, over months. Before Eddie knew it, he essentially got into a relationship with his symbiote and was simultaneously adopted by his ex-fiance and her boyfriend. It started like this...

The past two days his internet connection was spotty. Normally Eddie would just work through it but he just got hired and wanted to do a good job. He couldn't take his time like he used too and needed to get his article done with enough time.

After groaning in frustration for the hundredth time, Eddie sees Venom materialize next to his shoulder.

“Dear, you should call Anne and Dan. They'll let us work at their place. It's been two days and we need to work.” Venom reminded Eddie for the second time in fifteen minutes.

“I know, I know V.” Resigned and annoyed; Eddie tells Venom to get their phone while he packed up the laptop.

Venom holds up the phone to Eddie's ear, Anne picks up and answers.

“Hey Eddie, everything ok?” She asks.

“Yes and no.” Eddie replies.

“Internet isn't working Anne.”

“Oh hey, Venom! Shoot you're working on that article still. You must be otherwise you wouldn't say anything about the internet. Did you want to come over here and use ours?”

“If its not too much trouble Anne. We won't be in your hair.”

“Dan is on a 16 hour shift at the hospital and I'm going to be out the door pretty soon. Come on over.”

15 minutes later at Anne's.....

“Okay Eddie, there's snacks in the cabinet and food in the fridge. Venom's stash of chocolate is above the dishes. You can set up on the side table by the window. I know how involved you get, so please make sure you at least drink something. Venom?” Anne turns to the 'scarf' Eddie was wearing.

Venom lifts his head from where he was curled around Eddie's neck. “Yes Anne?”

“Make sure he eats something? You know how he is.” Eddie already wasn't paying attention to the conversation; too busy setting up his computer and pulling out his papers. Anne huffs a fond sigh as she grabs her keys, giving into impulse she steps in close to them. She grabs his head with her hand, gives Eddie a kiss on the cheek and pecks Venom's forehead. Eddie absentmindedly murmurs out a “have a good day”, already thinking of how to plot out his outline. Venom just hums in response.

Waving her hand, Annie steps out the door and closes it behind her. Anne didn't know why she had to kiss Eddie and Venom goodbye but she didn't regret it. It was more of a force of habit really, developed with Eddie and then continued with Dan. She shrugged as she made her way to her car, it was going to be a good day.

“Eddie...” Venom starts, Eddie sits down and starts shuffling papers. He hums indicating he's listening.

“She kissed us. She's with Dan, why would she do that?”

Eddie shrugs, “That's what she does. Nice isn't it?” Venom bobs his head in agreement. Kiss forgotten, they get totally absorbed in their work.