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A Badge Doesn't Hide a Scent

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Eight Years Ago


Bakugou Katsuki was a late bloomer. He didn’t figure this out until he was nineteen though. Most people presented anywhere from the age of fourteen at the earliest and seventeen at the latest (usually). Katsuki, on the other hand, didn’t present his secondary gender until he was nineteen.


He was a new cop, and mostly got slow desk jobs at the time. He had just completed police academy a few months prior, and was stationed at a small office. He had gone into work feeling a bit sluggish, his skin a tad feverish and oversensitive, but he’d chocked it up to a cold and went into work anyway. None of his coworkers had noticed anything out of the ordinary. That’s not what made him rush to see his doctor.


Two of his at-the-time coworkers had been having a conversation about scents. Something about his omega girlfriend smelling like marshmallow fluff or some bullshit like that.

“Omega’s always smell like candy to me.” The guy had said.

“Oh yeah?” The older, fatter cop replied. “What do other Alpha’s smell like for you? What about me?”

The dark haired guy shrugged. “You smell like Thanksgiving food to me.”

“You smell like exhaust to me.” The second cop said with a jolly-sounding laugh that always bothered Katsuki, but that day especially. “What about Beta’s? Hey, what’s Bakugou smell like to ya’?”

Dark hair paused for a second as he scented the air around Katsuki who was trying to poor himself a cup of coffee.  “Like hard candy.” He finally concluded. “Sour apple maybe? Stronger today too.” He scrunched up his nose and Katsuki scoffed.


“Not like I gave you permission to fucking smell me you creep-” Katsuki paused, his lips on the rim of the foam coffee cup he’d filled with black coffee. “‘Hard candy’...?” He echoed, and then almost dropped his cup. Some coffee spilled onto the counter as he set his cup on the laminate counter. “I need to go to the clinic.” He stated.

“Are you not feeling well-?”


Katsuki didn’t stop to hear the rest of what he was saying before he was booking it out of the office. He’d deal with his scolding later. The entire drive to the clinic he goes to for regular check-ups was a short one. He was nearly hysterical as he drove there though.

There’s no way. I thought I’d be an Alpha as a kid. My parents are both Alphas. Is it even possible to have an Omega kid? Maybe I’m intersex or something. That would explain why I never presented-’ The thoughts were jumbled as they entered his head.


He was still completely in his head as he stalked into the clinic, asking for a walk in with his usual doctor, Dr. Cementos. He was a man with very wide shoulders and a deep gravelly voice, a military haircut, and skin so pale it was almost gray. When he told the receptionist that it was urgent, he was able to squeeze in to see his doctor.


“I need you to run tests on me.” Katsuki had all but begged when he sat down in Dr.Cementos’ office, tugging on the collar of his shirt. It felt too hot and scratchy against his skin.

“What for?” Dr. Cementos asked calmly, intertwining his fingers in his lap.

“For-for-” Katsuki waved his hand around his head, as if that would explain everything. When his doctor only blinked, he let out a sigh that sounded halfway like a growl. “My fuckin- My secondary gender!”


Dr. Cementos blinked again. “What about it?” He asked.

“I wanna’ fuckin’ know what it is!” Katsuki exclaimed, voice an octave higher than usual.

“Do you think you could be presenting later?” He questioned.

“Shit- yes!”

“Okay, okay.” Cementos raised his hands in a placating manner. “I’ll get a cup and we’ll run a few tests.”

“Is-is there anyway we can find out today?” Katsuki asked, clearing his throat.

“Of course. It only takes about twenty minutes or so.”


Katsuki about slumped in relief. ‘ It’s probably nothing,’ he'd told himself at the time. ‘There’s no way you can be an Omega. They ran tests on you before. You wouldn’t have been able to become a cop if you were an Omega. ’ He sat for about half an hour in the small, gray room. It was cold in there and he usually puts his hands under his knees to try to warm them up, but that day the cool, sterile air had felt nice on his overheated skin.


“Okay,” Cementos announced as he re-entered the room, paperwork in hand. He had small, rectangular glasses perched on the end of his nose as he read over the results. “It looks like you are in the midst of presenting as an Omega.”

Katsuki’s eyes nearly popped out of his head before he let out a miserable groan. “No fucking way .” He said to no one in particular. “I can’t be an Omega.”

Cementos pressed his lips together uncomfortably. “Sorry Bakugou.” He didn’t sound sorry. “You’re a late bloomer. To be honest, I should have known right away, seeing as how docile you’re acting.”

“I’m not fucking docile.” Katsuki tried to growl, but ducked his head when it came out as more a whine.

Cementos hummed, not sounding convinced.


“I’m going to give you a years supply of suppressants.” His doctor told him and Katsuki’s head whipped up. “It’s covered by your insurance so it won’t be too expensive up front.” His doctor leveled him with a serious expression then. Well, more serious than usual. “Do not take these until after your first heat. You need to present or else it will cause health problems down the line.”

“Health problems?” Katsuki asked.

“Like excruciating heats.” Cementos explained. “And other, more subtle side-effects.”

Katsuki nodded, clenching his hands so hard in his lap he nearly cut into his skin.


“That should cover everything. I’ll give you a few handouts. One is for Omegan biology and where you can find out more about it, and one is for Omega Clinics for Omega-centered problems and check-ups.”

Katsuki nodded again, his head a bit fuzzy, as his doctor handed him a few hand-outs.

“Take a heat leave off work. They should give you about three days.”

Another nod and Katsuki rose from his chair. “Thank you.” He murmured before he went to pay for his suppressants and check out at the front desk.


Katsuki sat stock still in his car for several minutes once he got in. The AC was all the way cold and blasting directly into his face but he was still hot. What would his parents think? Would he get fired from his job? Katsuki let his eyes fall closed. Maybe they would take pity on his and make him a permanent desk jockey. Would he mate with an Alpha some day? Some over-bearing, possessive, aggressive Alpha?


Katsuki’s eyes snapped open. ‘ No fucking thank you.’ He thought as he downed a small blue pill. A suppressant. Then he called his boss, and told him he was coming back into work.


Present Day


No one in the basement, over. ” Kirishima Eijirou’s voice crackles from Katsuki’s walkie-talkie strapped to his chest.

“This better not be another dead-end, Shitty Hair . ” Katsuki threatens into the receiver. He rounds a corner hesitantly, gun out and held close to his chest, finger resting above the trigger. He doesn't smell anyone at the moment. But then again, Katsuki could never fucking trust his sense of smell. His smothered Omega senses.


The walkie-talkie crackles then and Kiri’s voice answers. “ I got a tip from a trusted source, asshole. Over.

“You don’t have to keep saying ‘over’.” Katsuki all but snarles back.

“Drop the gun.” A voice commands from behind him. Katsuki stiffens at the feeling of the cold barrel of a gun pressed to the back of his head.

“Fuckin-” Katsuki pulls a reckless move then, which isn’t uncommon in the least, He whips around, twisting the beta’s gun out of his hand. It clatters to the crusty tile floor and skids a few feet away. “What was that?” Katsuki mocks.


“Firecracker!” Kirishima’s voice exclaims from behind them. “You got em’!”

“How many fucking times  do I have to tell you not -” Katsuki growls while Kiri rounds behind them, clasping a pair of handcuffs over the guys wrists. He begins listing off his rights and shit and Katsuki stops bothering to listen, shoving the asshole forward so they could push him into the back of their car.


“Fuck you guys.” He guy cackles, no longer struggling. “I’m just gonna’ get out on bail.” Katsuki grabs hold of his greasy ass, orange hair and yanks him through the front door. “Like hell you are.” He tells him as he pushes him into the car.


“Suki’,” Kirishima calls to him and Katsuki glances up.

“What?” He snaps.

“Go ahead and drive him back to the station.” Kiri tells him, gesturing to the lanky kid in the back seat. “I’m going to wait til’ back-up shows up to collect evidence.”

Katsuki just nods, jaw tight. “I’ll bring the shit-head back.” He agrees.

“Be easy on him, kay’ Firecracker?” Kirishima almost begs, setting a hand on his partner’s shoulder. “You don’t want to be reported for police brutality.” He sing-songs the last part. As if that’s something to sing about.  

Katsuki tsks and shrugs his hand off, rounding the car to duck into the driver's seat. “Yeah, yeah.” He mutters reluctantly. It’s not like he tries to be nasty. It’s just that all the people they arrest all seem to be cocky bastards. Especially the ones that make and sell drugs. They get lots of money quick and it all goes straight to their head. Even as they’re being arrested, they still have it in their heads that they’re above the law. Katsuki shakes his head as he drives, his knuckles white from being so tense and gripping the steering wheel so hard.


The asshole in the back seat begins to kick his feet against the glass that separates them. Katsuki grinds his teeth together, repeating Kirishima’s words in his head. ‘ You don’t want to be reported for police brutality you don’t want to be reported for police brutality you don’t want to be reported for police brutality’ It becomes his mantra as he drives.


When Katsuki glances in the rearview mirror, he sees the guy glaring at him through the glass, his mouth moving. It’s then he realizes that the asshole is talking to him. He hasn’t been able to hear him while being so deep in his head. He focuses on the muffled words the guy is throwing at him.

“Short ass cop, what the fuck are you gonna’ do? You know what you’ll do? Make my mama real sad. You’ll have a devastated lady on your hands. My fuckin’ girlfriend too. My hot ass Omega girlfriend.”


Was he… Bragging to him about his girlfriend? Katsuki finds himself snorting at the notion. This kid. What the hell does he want him to do? Get mad? Agree with him. Katsuki assumes that seeing him smile makes the kid even more aggravated because the kicks get harder, and right on the back of his head.

“If you keep fucking doing that I’ll write police mistreatment along with drug dealing you fucking shit head.” Katsuki calls back, his blood boiling. The kicks stop after a few seconds.


When Katsuki manages to get to the station without exploding, he hands the kid over to two other cops, who throw him in the holding cell. Katsuki storms back to his bosses office. “Chief-” He starts.

“Excellent job, Bakugou.” Aizawa praises, catching Bakugou off-guard.

“What?” Katsuki asks, suddenly out of breath from whiplash. He’s sure Kirishima must’ve reported everything back by now, which means the Chief knows of his stupid, impulsive move and temper.

Aizawa smirks. “Close the door, Bakugou. I need to talk to you.”


Slowly, Katsuki reaches behind him and closes the door to Chief Aizawa’s office closed.

“How would you like to be promoted to Detective Bakugou?” He questions. Katsuki feels himself sputter, which is very out of character for him.

“Are you serious?” He finally gets out.

Aizawa smiles. “Very.” He says. “You’ve handled multiple big cases and closed even two murder cases. That’s saying a lot for a cop.” He nods while speaking, hands ghosting over some files on hsi desk. “Plus, another detective that has only recently transferred over to our branch has specifically requested you as a partner.”

“Who- why would they request me?” Katsuki questions, eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Aizawa admits. “Though I’m guessing it’s because of your impressive background.”

“Wh-what case has he requested my help on? And what about Kirishima?” Him and Kirishima have worked together ever since Katsuki was transferred over to a bigger city. They’ve been close friends and partners for six years now.

“He’d be working with Kaminari.” Aizawa tells him, which makes Katsuki feela  touch better. Though he’s never been too fond of Dunce-Face Kaminari, Kirishima and him have been friends a while.


“As for the case, it’s a sex trafficking scandal.”

Katsuki’s head whips up. “For real?” He can’t believe what he’s hearing. Sex-trafficking cases are usually huge. Covered by multiple well-experienced detectives and super smart people backing everything up. Multiple sources are used to fake bank account and ID’s. It’s not a small thing.

Aizawa nods. “Will you take the offer or not?”

Katsuki pauses. “How much of a raise would I be getting.” When Aizawa tells him, Katsuki’s jaw drops. “Uh,” He says dumbly before digging his own fingernails into his palm. “Yes. I would uh, like to take the promotion.”

Aizawa smiles thinly, shuffling a few more papers on his desk. “I’ll tell your new partner your answer. Congratulations, Bakugou.”


Katsuki nods. “Thanks Chief.” He then assumes his dismissal, and leaves his office.




“WHAT?” Kirishima shouts before coughing. He was in the middle of eating a Firehouse sub when Katsuki tells him about his promotion. “Wha- who’s gonna’ be my partner?” Kirishima almost whines after he is able to breathe correctly.

Katsuki fains indifference. “Kaminari.” He tells him.

“Oh,” Kiri says, not sounding too disappointed. “He’ll probably be easier to work with then your stubborn ass, Firecracker.”

“Wha-!” Katsuki starts before Kiri bursts into laughter.

“You know it’s true though!” He cackles, taking another huge bite of his sub. Mayonnaise and a piece of lettuce fall onto the wrapped laid on the table under him. Katsuki grimaces. Fucking Alphas. “Well, that’s really great for you.” Kiri continues with his mouth full. “I’m proud. Also jealous, but proud.”


Through his disgust at the messy display that Kirishima is putting on while eating, Katsuki still manages to feel a bit fond of his partner. His stupid dumbass partner that always has his back. He huffs but doesn’t say anything.

Kiri pauses. “Awhh Suki’,” He says in an overly exaggerated, baby tone. “Are you soft one me?” He bats his eyelashes at his ex-partner and Katsuki feels the hairs on his arms raise.

“Of course not you fucking Shitty Hair!” Katsuki exclaims, slamming a hand on the table.

“Mmm-hmmm.” Kiri drawls as he takes another bite, not sounding convinced in the least.


It’s then that Katsuki’s phone buzzes in his pants pocket. It’s a tad odd considering that the only person who texts him is sitting right in front of him. His mom only calls, and he doesn’t really talk to anyone else outside of work. He rummages in his pocket for a moment before he’s able to slide it out and glance at the screen. A new message from an unknown number.


Unknown Number: ‘ Hi Partner! Wondered if you wanted to meet and have some coffee tomorrow and catch up? Talk about the case?’ Katsuki scrubs a hand over his face. Of course he wants to catch up on the case he’ll be working on… and meet the detective who requested him. It’s just that Katsuki hates pleasantries, and he doesn’t usually make great first impressions. Which is honestly just the piss, considering how important impressions are when you’re an adult.


Katsuki’s thumbs slowly type out a response.

Me: sure. what time and where’ Before he can return his phone to his pocket, it vibrates in his hand again. He unlocks the screen to see the new message.

Unknown Number: Kathy’s cafe around eight thirty-ish?’

Another message pops up a second later.

Unknown Number: As long as that’s okay with you anyway’


Kathy’s Cafe is a little place with lots of regulars. It’s a little out of the way from his apartment but it’s not like he hasn’t been there before. He’s actually had several meetings like the one he’s setting up now there. It’s very small and cozy, and the workers never bother you too much and it’s never too loud. If Katsuki is being completely honest with himself, it makes something in him pur. It’s cozy and always smells nice, no matter who’s currently in there letting off pheromones. Out of all the places to choose, Kathy’s Cafe would probably be the best one. He’s more comfortable there; more docile. So, he quickly types out a response and sends it before finally putting his phone away.

Me: ‘thats fine with me. ill meet you there’


“Who were you texting?” Kirishima finally asks once Katsuki has his phone put away. He frowns and glances up at his partner, who simply looks at his expectantly while he lazily wraps his lips are his straw and slurps loudly out of it.

“God, you’re such a pain in the ass.” Katsuki grumbles.

“You love me though, Firecracker.” Kiri tells him.

“An assumption.” Katsuki responds flippantly.

“Am I wrong though?” Kirishima raises his eyebrows.

Katsuki goes to open his mouth to say, ‘duh’, but then he realizes that that isn’t right.

“Like I said,” A slow, taunting grin stretches across Kiri’s stupid face.

“Shut the fuck up, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki says, though it lacks any real heat.


“So,” Kiri gets back on the subject. “Who were you texting?”

Katsuki shrugs. “The detective who requested me to work with him on a case.”

“Oh? What was he sayin’?” Kiri asks, opening the annoyingly loud, crinkly wrapper to take his cookie out. He got a fucking cookie? Is he actually five? Katsuki shakes his head slightly and huffs out a silent laugh through his nose.

“Just wanted to set up a meeting place so we can talk about the case.” Katsuki explains with a shrug, leaning back in his chair and tipping his head back tiredly, crossing his arms over his chest. It’s been a long day.

“Oohh.” Kiri nods, sounding uninterested as he stuffs nearly the entire cookie into his mouth. “Well, that’ll be different.” He comments, speaking with his mouth full. Katsuki winces. “You can’t be calling him a fucker and an asshole right off the bat, though.”


“Well-” Katsuki scoffs. “That’s fucking obvious!” He lifts his head to glare at his friend, who flashes him a smile full of pointed teeth, red spikey hair standing straight up. Maybe even straighter if that was possible, as if seeing a flustered Katsuki gives him energy to live. Kiri shrugs.

“I’m just saying. Don’t lose your temper. He’s gonna’ be your boss, y’know?”

Katsuki pauses. He didn’t think about the fact that the guy he was meeting tomorrow would be his boss. Another wave of dread with a pinch of anxiety rolls over him.

“Fuck.” He whispers to himself.




The next morning, Katsuki manages to get a workout session in and take a shower and blow-dry his hair before he has to throw on some clothes and head out the door to avoid being late. He’d barely managed to get any sleep the night before. He feels nervous. It’s partly what kept him up the night before. Not even working out got rid of all his jitters. He wants to make a good impression on his boss. He can’t come off as impulsive. He’ll just be thrown to the side and his promotion will be ripped out from under him before he even gets to experience it. Katsuki lets it a slow breath, shaking his limbs out minutely before he opens the door of Kathy’s Cafe.


The bell above the door dings as he steps inside. He’s immediately bombarded by familiar coffee smells and sounds. The temperature is cozy too. Not too cold but not too hot. Katsuki feels his shoulders relax a bit as he takes a large inhale of the air around him. He pauses. There’s something… Katsuki stands a bit to the side, glancing up by the counter as he scents the air. He can’t be sure but something smells… Good . Like pine trees and bonfires and comfort and warm, muggy air on a late night in august. It sends a small shiver down Katsuki’s spine as he opens his eyes and glances around-


At a table a few feet away, Izuku Midoriya is standing, one hand on his hip, and the other waving at him wildly when he realizes Katsuki has spotted him. Katsuki feels his jaw drop.

No fucking way .’ He thinks as he walks slowly toward his childhood friend that he hasn’t seen in ages.


He notices a few things: One is that stupid Deku has grown taller than him by… quite a few inches. Three or four. Two, he’s also ripped. Katsuki thought he was in shape. Toned with high endurance. He’s even managed to keep his abs since he was a teenager. Izuku on the other hand, was a goddamn beast.


Izuku laughs, his head tipping back, his head of dark curls bouncing with the movement. Katsuki narrows his eyes. Wha-

“Shit.” He says. Had he said that out loud.

“I try to keep in shape.” Izuku says modestly with a dip of his head, his eyes glinting with mirth when he makes eye contact with Katsuki.

“Don’t get fucking cocky.” Katsuki mutters. “I didn’t mean it like that.”


Izuku raises his eyebrows then as if to ask, ‘what did you mean then?’ Katsuki swallows thickly, trying to avoid his old friend’s stupid green eyes and bulging pectoral muscles. Is it legal for your work short to stretch like that? It’s like anywhere he looks at him is a sin.

“What- what are you doing here?” Katsuki questions, trying to organize his thoughts.

Izuku lets his head fall slightly to the side. “What do you mean?” He asks.

“Like- I didn’t know you lived around here.” Katsuki elaborates with a huff, eyes still trained a bit off to the side. His friend smells so good and comforting, but it’s not helping him to relax at the moment. He’s so tense he feels like his muscles might snap.


“Well, I just moved here recently? When I got transferred for the case?” Izuku sounds confused. That’s when everything clicks into place. Katsuki yanks his eyes to finally meet his.

“You’re my boss?” He blurts out.

Izuku lets out a light, but genuine sounding laugh, rubbing a hand over his jaw. “Well I guess technically, yeah.” He admits. “Though I could never imagine being your boss. So just think of me as your partner.”


Katsuki feels his mouth flap open and closed like a stupid fucking fish. Izuku watches him for a moment before taking pity on him.

“Let’s sit and order, yeah?” He offers.

Katsuki’s mouth snaps shut, jaw tense as he gives a curt nod. He sits down stiffly across from his- partner.


“So, how have you been?” Izuku asks almost excitedly. Katsuki runs a hand over the back of his neck.

“Okay?” He didn’t mean for it to come out as a question. Katsuki clears his throat and tries again. “I’ve been okay. A damn good cop.” He lets himself have a small, brief smug smile. “But besides that, not much.”

“Oh.” Izuku’s gaze glances down toward the counter top as if checking something. “Not married or anything? I figured for sure you would be married to a pretty Omega.”

“Uh,” Katsuki says dumbly, glancing at Izuku’s hands to find no wedding band. “Why an Omega?”

Izuku laughs like the question is an absurd one.”An Alpha like you?”

Katsuki blinks. Does he smell like an Alpha? As if reading his thoughts, Izuku scents the air, his lips parting slightly. “Beta?” Izuku sounds very confused. “But I- Sorry. It’s just that you- And your parents-”

Katsuki snorts then. “They’re both Alphas.” He finishes.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees lamely.

“I thought I’d be an Alpha too.” Katsuki admits before squinting up at his old friend. “You turned out to be one, though?” Izuku nods his confirmation. “Well that’s fucking ironic, huh.” Katsuki murmurs, messing with his napkin.


After a few seconds of silence, Katsuki realizes how he’s lost himself in his thoughts and glances up quickly to Izuku, who seems to have been studying him.

“Well- what about you? You’re not married either.”

“Divorced.” Izuku replies.

“What? Are you serious?” Katsuki is shocked. Why would anyone ever divorce Izuku? With his looks, his easy to get along with personality and the obvious devotion he would show the person he loved, Katsuki doesn’t understand.


Izuku nods but before he can continue, a server comes up to the table and asks then for their orders. Katsuki orders a black coffee with cinnamon while Izuku orders a cappuccino with lots of cream.

Katsuki makes a face of mild disgust. “Might as well have ordered a milkshake.” He mumbles. Izuku smiles. “I like sweet things.” He answers smoothly.


He’s so much… Calmer than Katsuki remembers. More confident. Less jumpy and nervous. Katsuki guesses working as an undercover detective for who knows how many years will do that to someone. He’s more put together and he smells different too. Katsuki chocks that up to have presented but he isn’t sure why the smell is so strong to him. Usually scents and things are quite a bit muted for him, but Izuku’s doesn’t feel that way at all. It’s actually a bit overpowering. If it was an unpleasant scent it would make his eyes water and burn his nose hairs. But the smell is so overwhelmingly safe .


“Uraraka.” Izuku says suddenly, again drawing Katsuki from his thoughts.

“Huh?” He asks, confused as to why Izuku stated another childhood friend’s name out of the blue.

“Who I was married to.” Izuku explains. He seems a bit pained to talk about it, and Katsuki wonders how long they've been divorced for.

“Oh.” He says. “I’m not surprised. She always had eyes for you.”

Izuku smirks- smirks? The Izuku Katsuki knew never smirked. It wasn’t in his itinerary. But oh lord was it in his now. It makes Katsuki’s stomach roll with an unfamiliar sensation.

“Yeah.” Izuku agrees, leaning back in his chair as their drinks are set in front of them. “Well, it didn’t work out. I’m… not really compatible with Betas.”


Katsuki tilts his head and frowns. “How so?” He questions.

“I’m… a Twain Alpha.” He admits slowly.

“Ooh.” Katsuki breathes. He feels his cheeks heat a bit. He’s not exactly positive on what a Twain Alpha is, but he’s pretty sure it’s when an Alpha has two knots, or like a super big knot? Or something? Them being with Betas or Alphas result in really painful sex for both parties, so they have to stick with Omegas. “That fucking sucks.” He sums up. Katsuki wants to push the words back into his mouth as soon as he’s said them. ‘That sucks’?!? Yeah, I guess the thing that ruined your whole marriage does kind of suck. Katsuki cringes at his own words.


Izuku barks a a laugh. “Yeah.” He agrees. “It sucks. The only thing I got good out of my marriage was Molly.”

Katsuki opens his mouth. “Molly?” He echoes. “You got a kid?”

Izuku smiles fondly. “Yeah. She’s seven.”

“Oh, wow. You had her young.” Katsuki comments, still a bit shocked.

“Yeah.” Izuku nods, running his hand over his jaw again. Katsuki watches as his bicep flexes and relaxes once it rests back at his side. “When we were really trying to make it work, despite my… condition, we had her a few months after we were married. An accident of course but-” Izuku lets out a soft laugh. “We were in love and condoms aren’t very effective on me.”


Katsuki nearly chokes on his coffee. At least he has an excuse as to why his face turns beet red as he coughs. “Yeah,” He finally croaks out after a few moments of Izuku trying to pat his shoulder and Katsuki waving his hand away, not unkindly. “I’m sure.” Something flashes in Izuku’s eyes again, something akin to fondness again? Or mirth? Maybe a mixture of both?


“Okay so,” Izuku starts, leaning over in his chair to take out a few folders from the plain black bag by his feet. “I’ll let you read over some of the information we have on the case. There’s not too much but,” He taps on one folder. “We have a plan to get more.”


Katsuki pulls the folder that Izuku tapped on closer to him and opens it. He reads over some of the background information, skims over it really. There are a few names. Some are listed as ‘major sponsors’ some are written just as ‘sponsors’ and a select few are labeled as ‘inside sources’. The names labeled as ‘major sponsors’ and ‘sponsors’ have numbers next to their name as well. Some are huge amounts of it, and Katsuki safely assumes that it’s the amount of money that the police knows they’ve spent while investing in sex trafficking.


Katsuki glances up at Izuku, who is sipping patiently on his coffee as he waits for him to read everything. Katsuki the glasses he uses to read out of his work bag and sets them on the bridge of his nose. They immediately slide down of course, because his face is tilted down as he reads. Over the last few years, Katsuki has sworn that his vision has been going to shit along with his sense of smell. What’s next? His fucking hearing?


The plan is not what he expected, but honestly Katsuki isn’t sure what he expected.

“So basically,” Katsuki starts, sitting up straight and sliding his glasses off his face. “You’re going to pose as an investor, and I’m what? On the inside? How do I get inside?”

Izuku runs his tongue over his stupidly straight white teeth, as if trying to decide how he should word this. “You’re going to be acting as my… merchandise. That I’ve bought.”


Katsuki coughs to try to hide the violent shiver that suddenly wracks his body. He lets out a slow breath. He’ll be Izuku’s what ? Izuku raises his eyebrows.

“I know it’s not the best situation but, I thought you out of all people could handle it. That’s why when I found out you were stationed here, I chose you to be my partner.”

“Of course I can handle it, Deku.” Katsuki grumbles.

“Heh.” Izuku lets out a short laugh, a smile stretching his cheeks. “You called me Deku.”

“O-oh.” Katsuki narrows his eyes and lets his gaze drift to a random spot on the table. “Yeah.”

Kacchan .”


Katsuki sucks in a harsh breath as goosebumps raise on his arms. He yanks them off the table and stands suddenly.

“Fuck!” He barks. Izuku stands too, surprised by his sudden flurry.

“What-” Izuku starts.

“I-I’ll text you, Midoriya.” Katsuki promises as he pushes his bag strap onto his shoulder. “I just forgot about something I have to do today and- I’ll talk to you later about the case! Tell me dates and shit!” His voice raised as he left the cafe, and he let out a sharp exhale as soon as the door shut behind him.


And then he speed-walked the entire way home.