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Love for Explosions

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The inn door creaked open, apparently, the proprietors were too cheap to replace the rusty hinges, but to Megumin’s surprise, Kazuma didn’t stir. She slid in through the cracked door, not wanting to chance more noise than she could help and closed it behind her. The sound of rusty metal left her hair on end but her target remained undisturbed and Megumin crept over to his bedside. His blanket was pulled closely around him so she could only see his face but she didn’t need to see his sleepwear to confirm it was her party leader. Speaking of sleepwear Megumin was wearing her’s, or at least her pink shirt, her pants left in her room. She knew that she would not be needing them.

Megumin paused at his bedside, took a deep breath and lept onto the bed on top of Kazuma’s prone form.

“SHIT, WHAT THE-Oh, Megumin?” Kazuma calmed down immediately after he saw the minuscule weight on his body was, in fact, Megumin. As he blinked the remnants of sleep out of his eyes she began to speak yammering something or other about ‘Explosion casting’ and ‘tomorrow’ and ‘Kazuma this’, ‘Kazuma that’

“Me-Megumin, I already said I didn’t want to go Explosion casting tomorrow.” Kazuma groaned as he tried turning to his side again and going back to sleep.

“Kazuma~ I’ll do whatever you want, just come and help me out!”

“Not tomorrow, maybe later we’ve got more important things going on tomorrow.” Kazuma ignored her, though by the tone and clarity in his voice he was much more awake now, he still kept his eyes defiantly closed attempting to shut out Megumin and her protests.

“Rngh, Kazuma!” Megumin shouted, grabbing the boys wrists and holding them down to the sheets.

Kazuma’s eyes shot open in surprise as the entirety of Megumin’s meager strength held his hands down forcing him to face her.

“M-Megumin, are you not wearing-!” Kazuma began as his eyes finally adjusted to the near non-existent lighting and noticed the young Arch Wizard’s lack of pants.

“Kazuma,” She began silencing him with a finger to the lips, “I’m sure a pervert like you doesn't need me to explain what I mean when I say I’ll do whatever you want.”

Kazuma looked at her blankly, his mouth still somewhat agape. His eyes darted from hers to her bare crotch multiple times as his mind raced to process the situation. Megumin worried for a moment that Kazuma was going to spurn her advance, though she could feel under the covers from the tent he was pitching that he was at the very least intrigued. Megumin ground her rear backward to sweeten the deal, feeling Kazuma’s rod stiffen against her butt from the stimulation and she was pleased to see his face twist mildly in pleasure. Kazuma’s hands moved out from under Megumin’s grip easily and he ran them up her legs. They shook slightly as they settled on her hips, his thumbs rubbing lightly against her inner thigh as if he was confirming that he was not dreaming and he could, in fact, touch the girl on top of him.

Megumin gave a smug grin, placing her hands atop his again, holding them against her hips, “You just have to promise Kaz-u-ma.”. She accentuated each syllable, pressing her backside against his tent with each one.

Kazuma attempted to keep a stoic expression but he was obviously breaking with each second of this. Just as Megumin was expecting him to give in, she found herself flying backward and onto the foot of the bed. Next thing she knew Kazuma was above her, having pushed her off of him.

“You think I’m gonna let myself be bribed? You think just because I’m a guy I’ll bend over backward for sex with you!?” Kazuma exclaimed, breathing a tad heavy.

Megumin thought the answer was obvious, but she didn’t say so in fear his scandalized tone wasn’t a mere ploy. Maybe Kazuma was actually upset by her suggestion, though the now unobscured erection in his pants told her he at least liked what he saw. Furthering her confusion was Kazuma suddenly forcing down his waistband, revealing his manhood to her.

“I’d never be able to regain my pride if I didn’t at least take charge of this situation.” Kazuma declared, pulling his pants the rest of the way off and tossing them aside roughly.

He wasted no time in tearing his shirt off along with it and Megumin reciprocated the gesture. Ecstatic that her plan had worked she quickly removed her one remaining article of clothing and by the time Kazuma’s full attention returned to her she was entirely exposed to him, a small blush appearing on her face as a result while her own eyes took in every inch of Kazuma. His biceps were hardly bulging, but his body was slightly muscled, developed just enough to give him a surprising amount of strength considering these finer details of his physique were almost always covered. Of more important concern to her, however, was his cock which was soon to enter her certainly. Kazuma’s dick was big, though Megumin had no actual experience with dicks and it was no doubt due to his absurd Luck stat, though it looked very satisfying and she could see the pre which had begun seeping from the tip.

From Kazuma’s view, Megumin was looking phenomenally alluring. Her body may be small but he found the slight curves of her body remarkably attractive and her small breasts each dotted with a perky pink nipple. He wanted nothing more than to get his hands all over her but for the moment they both sat there looking at the other and waiting to start. Both were shaking slightly, pre-coital jitters as it were and neither was very quick to make the first move despite Kazuma’s proclamation of ‘taking charge’. Their standoff only lasted maybe ten seconds though both felt each one drag on like an eternity. Finally, before Megumin could end it herself Kazuma leaped into action.

Clumsily he pounced atop Megumin, his body shading her from the meager light in the room. He wasted no time grabbing his member and lining it with Megumin’s entrance. Megumin gave a gasp of surprise and she felt Kazuma’s blunt head press against her entrance. She was already wet before she’d even entered his room and being pushed down onto the bed followed by a sight of Kazuma’s fully nude body had more than primed her for his insertion. He sloppily thrust himself into her, without the care she perhaps should have been due, but they were both new to this and had rushed into it half-cocked. Both of them were shaking slightly. Megumin winced a little as she was entered though it didn’t hurt, far from it, she was more than wet enough for a smooth entrance despite his awkward start and impressive size.

They both gave a deep exhale as Kazuma finished entering her, his waist pressed against hers, both of their toes curling as they grew accustomed to the feeling. Kazuma was utterly filling to Megumin whose tiny form was still somehow able to fit his generous cock. To Megumin’s surprise though Kazuma wasted no time, his hips already reeling back before another thrust. Megumin moaned as she felt him fill her for the second time though there was little time to savor it as his penis was pulled back for a third thrust. Before long there was no point in counting, Kazuma’s pace quickening and her, no longer caring. Kazuma’s left hand pressed against the bed beside Megumin’s head while the other held on to her hip, his grip was rough as was the rest of what he was doing, but it didn’t hurt.

“K-Kazuma…” Megumin moaned, a hand holding Kazuma’s to her hip, the other gripping the bed sheets as the bed creaked under their fun.

“M-Megumin…?” Kazuma questioned, his hips slowing in the worry something was wrong.

“Kazuma, no, no don’t stop~.” Megumin assured, her hips squirming at the halted stimulation and her hand moved from his hand, gingerly pressing against his cheek, “Kazuma, I love you.”.

“M-Megumin.” he stuttered before lowering his face to plant a kiss on hers.

Their tongues met as Kazuma resumed, his hips working even harder than they already were. As they broke their kiss Kazuma’s hand on the bed moved onto Megumin’s other hip, his grip on her tightening as he thrust harder and harder. Megumin’s legs wrapped around Kazuma’s hips, locking him between them to ensure he doesn’t leave and that his cock stays in her. Kazuma continued to hump as if his life depended on it, hunched over Megumin as they continued to moan for the other. They were transfixed as it were, paying no mind even to the ruckus Kazuma’s bed was causing or to their own volume, each quite wrapped up in the other and lost in the pleasure of it all. With each moan from one the other reciprocated, they were no doubt waking the whole inn without a care in the world.

Still, passion or no passion, Kazuma was a virgin. And, no amount of lovey-dovey moaning was going to change that he was not accustomed to such intimate stimulation. The feeling of Megumin’s warmth surrounding his member was too much especially combined with the feeling of her hands holding onto his or hearing her moan his name, sooner or later he was going to have to bust.

“Grgh, Me-Megumin~.” Kazuma moaned, “I-I’m gonna-”.

“It’s fine, it’s fine Kazuma! G-Go ahead~.” Megumin reciprocated her pussy quivering in anticipation around his shaft.

Kazuma grew silent as his climax approached the sound of his hips slapping against Megumin’s filled the air along with their own ragged breathing as he readied himself for the finish. Kazuma’s hands tightened on Megumin’s hips as he came, and he bent over to steal another kiss while he filled her. Megumin returned it greedily, her hands reaching behind his head to keep him there with their lips in contact, her tongue pushing its way aggressively past his lips as she felt his hot cum shoot inside her for the first of what she privately hoped to be many times. Kazuma’s hips kept limply pumping, but he had already shot his shot and the energy was rapidly leaving him, his pace slowing. Megumin’s arms wrapped around his shoulders as his body gently fell to rest on top of her. She kept him close and warm, wrapped by her arms now in addition to her legs, the sound of each other’s panting overlaid atop one another.

They sat there like that until they fell asleep together, neither saying a word to spoil the moment though they put their lips to work in other ways. 

Kazuma thought long and hard that night about having come inside of her. God, the idea of having a couple of tykes with her made him giddier than he’d prefer to admit, but under no circumstances could he allow Megumin to name them. He’d at least try to spare them that indignity.