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a crooked way

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The man took a deep breath, standing near the bed of the soundly sleeping and half-decade old child and staring down at him, his beloved son. Jin RuSong. 

It's the only way, he thought to himself and convincing himself to do the thing he had decided to be the best move. Killing his son, the fruit of a taboo relationship between him and his half-sister, Qin Su. The enmity he feel for his late father seemingly flared whenever he thought about that he married his own sister. It's quite revolting to others but to him, there's more disgusting things to be disgusted with like his dead father who deserved to be damned in hell. 

Jin GuangYao had always told himself that when he ever did become a father, he'll never be the kind that his child would grow to despise, never be the one who didn't held affection to them. 

Although, the worst thing he can do was to murder his own child just to keep his position and never let the scandal get out. He could also frame it against those opposing pest, hitting two birds with one stone.


Perhaps, he can't never be the best parent with so much blood tainting his hands.


Jin GuangYao was on a middle of sliding Hensheng out of his sleeve when A-Song stirred from his sleep, eyes fluttering open to stare at him, innocently. The Chief Cultivator slid the flexible sword back and knelt down next to the bed. He would then grasp his child's tiny hand, smiling softly. 

"Papa?" the child groggily mumbled, trying to grasp his father's hand. "Are you here to play with A-Song?"

Jin GuangYao shook his head, still smiling softly and not letting go of the child's hand. "It's already late, A-Song but tomorrow, I will play with you. The whole day, do you want that?" he softly asked, hysterically laughing in his head. 


Would there be a tomorrow for you after this?


A-Song would smile brightly, nodding his head excitedly, "Yes! A-Song want that!" he beamed at him and Jin GuangYao want to end himself rather than his child but he can't do that. 

They talk for a slightly bit which almost frayed his nerves and resolution but this is the only way. 

It's the only way. 

No other way, right?


Jin GuangYao tucked his child to bed, "You should go back to sleep, A-Song." he then planted a kiss on his forehead. "I promise, you'll have my whole day tomorrow."



"Papa is the best and A-Song loves Papa." A-Song said with a warm smile before closing his eyes and fall asleep, quickly. 

A glare of a blade passes his peripheral vision and after a few moment or so, the color red was staining the sheets under his child's body. 


Jin GuangYao took a shaky breath, his jaw, clenched and his hands would fall at his side. He then let his own head drop on the side of the bed, near where his child lay. 


Loud yet muffled wails would resound throughout the room. 

"Forgive Papa, A-Song..."

"It's for the best..."


Yet, was it truly for the best, in the future? He didn't know.