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A Primer on Seducing Severus Snape

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A Primer on Seducing Severus Snape

1. Come Up With the Plan

“You’ll never guess who I was noticing today,” Draco said as he sprawled across the couch that the Room of Requirement had conjured for them.

Harry opened one eye and gave his boyfriend an amused smile. “I might.” Draco noticing other people wasn’t unusual. For that matter, Harry did the same thing. They could talk to each other about it, which was something Harry had already learned to value. The war had made him open, but it seemed to have locked other people’s mouths tightly. “Parvati?”

Draco rolled his eyes a little. “Come on, Harry. You know that I have a wide variety of tastes, but they don’t run to women.”

“I didn’t know it until this moment, actually, but thanks for confirming.” Harry swallowed more Firewhisky. “Ron?”


“I know, I only did it to make you whine like that. Anyway, I was watching you at dinner. Your eyes kept going back to Professor Snape.”

“I—you did notice.”

“Of course I did.” Harry reached across the distance between the couches to gently grip Draco’s hand where it was wrapped around a bottle of Firewhisky and, surprisingly, had startled to tremble. “It’s all right. I watch you. And I never said that I might not share the same tastes.”

“I—he still treats you so gruffly.”

“What can I say? If I was attracted to gentle, friendly Gryffindors, I would have fallen in love with someone in my own House before I got together with you.”

Draco flushed, but didn’t look down or away. As he had told Harry the night they’d rambled around the school and talked together—the same night they’d first ended up sleeping together—he didn’t run from things now. He’d had too much of that. He leaned his cheek on Harry’s hand and sighed. “All right. But I’ve felt those attractions before, and nothing much came of them.” He took a deep breath. “This feels more like the kind of attraction that ended with me getting together with you.”

He didn’t run, but he looked as if he wanted to. Harry had had too much Firewhisky and received too much proof of Draco’s devotion before now to snap, though. He leaned back and thought about it, and finally said, “I wouldn’t want you to date me and him at the same time. I do want someone for myself, you know.”

“And you deserve it,” Draco replied fervently, his eyes shining. “I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking that either if we break up, I might pursue him, or that we could all sleep together—” And then he clapped his hand across his mouth. Policy of openness or not, that was something neither of them had ever said before.

Harry’s eyes widened, and then he laughed softly. “Draco, that’s a wonderful idea.”

“It’s a what?” Draco looked suspiciously at Harry’s Firewhisky, as if he thought it might be poisoned.

“It’s a wonderful idea,” Harry said, and took a deep breath. “Fine, confession time. I’ve had fantasies about being with two people at once. I didn’t think it would happen while I was with you, obviously. But now that you brought it up…”

“You’d honestly be willing to be with me and Professor Snape at the same time?”

“Mmm, yes. If he agrees, of course.”

“That’s the sticking point. I don’t see how we can get him to agree to sleep with us while we’re still students.”

“Oh,” Harry said, and tilted his bottle back and forth so that the fire sparked colors from his drink, “I have a few ideas.”


2. Meet the Target’s Gaze

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing with that potion, Potter?”

Snape had gone back to being the Potions teacher after the war, so a semi-competent Auror could hold the Defense post. Harry had been glad, personally, because Slughorn’s fawning was so annoying.

And because Snape was fine to look at.

Harry actually hadn’t made a mess in Potions in a while, given that he wanted to impress Professor Snape instead of alienate him. But there was a purpose to this. He grinned at Draco out of the side of his mouth and looked up to meet Professor Snape’s eyes. “I’m sorry, sir. I got distracted.”

And he made his voice a little breathy, and filled his mind with the vision of what exactly had distracted him. Professor McGonagall had assured him that Professor Snape would never read a student’s thoughts again after the war, but Harry hadn’t believed her for a second.

And right now, he was glad of it.

Of course he felt the moment that Snape dipped beneath the surface of his thoughts. Harry had filled the forefront of his mind with complete honesty: the soft shimmering heat that raced through him at the thought of being with Draco and Snape both at once, the deep curiosity about what an older man was like in bed, and the way that he’d allowed the professor’s arse to distract him today as he was brewing.

Snape pulled out of Harry’s thoughts, but slowly, not as if his own cheeks were on fire. Harry smiled at him, and then turned back and prepared to return to brewing as if he anticipated a scolding like always.

“See me after class, Potter.”

Snape’s voice was low enough to sound as if it was about to send vibrations rolling through the earth. And when he looked up and said, “You too, Malfoy,” Harry felt as though his chest, rather than his cheeks, were on fire.

3. Offer Honesty

Snape stood in front of them after he had closed and locked the classroom door. His stare didn’t waver or change. Harry hadn’t expected it to. He had taken the first risk, made the first move. That didn’t mean Snape would swoon or fall at their feet.

And in truth, Harry thought he might not have respected Snape as much if he had. That the man was so hard to seduce increased the temptation of doing it. He looked at Snape and kept his mind open in case the professor wanted to investigate.

Snape closed his eyes with a slight grimace. “Whose idea was this?”

“I was the one who spoke it aloud, but it’s both of ours,” Draco said.

Harry nodded when Snape looked at them again. “We’re together. I can’t imagine being together with anyone else while staying with Draco. But we both agreed. We both want you. If you want to be with us,” he added, unsure now. There were all sorts of things Snape might say, but instant agreement wasn’t likely to be among them.

Snape was silent. Draco glanced at Harry. Harry gave him the same kind of smile he used when they were drinking Firewhisky, or at least he tried, and Draco relaxed a little.

“I am…flattered,” Snape said at last, sounding as if he was choosing among a great many words, and had finally settled on the one he assumed would make the least fuss. “But I cannot accept the attentions. You realize that you are still my students, and that the scandal would be immense?”

Harry shrugged. “The scandal would be immense if people who can’t keep a secret knew that Draco and I were together. Instead, it’s only our friends. And other people who can keep a secret,” he added, with a pointed glance at Snape.

“Of course I will not betray you.” Snape’s voice was still low, uncertain. Harry realized that he’d never heard uncertainty before there. Even when spitting bitterly at Dumbledore in the memories Harry had retrieved, Snape had always sounded as if he knew what he was doing. “But you must realize the impression it would create.”

“Because we’re your students? Because we’re not underage anymore,” Draco said, taking a step forwards. “We haven’t been for more than a year.”

Draco was twisting his arms a little, as if he was about to wring his hands. In reality, he was showing off his wrists, the way he had when he and Harry first got together. Harry hid a smile at the way Snape’s gaze immediately snagged on the delicate bones. Snape wasn’t uninterested, no matter what he said.

“Yes, because you’re my students. There would be suspicious of improper marking—”

“But you don’t mark the NEWT exams, which are the only ones that matter.” Draco spoke in that soft, lulling tone that had convinced Harry to try so many sexual positions he’d never heard of before he started sleeping with Draco. “And, Professor, I haven’t heard you say one thing in particular.”

Snape stared at him.

“You haven’t said that you think it’s immoral,” Draco said, and reached out to let his fingers glance across Snape’s.

It was too much, too fast, as Harry understood when he saw the way Snape’s face sutured shut. He drew his hand away and said, “You presume, Draco.”

Draco stepped back to stand next to Harry, but he nodded. “I do,” he said.

He didn’t apologize. Harry saw Snape register that omission with flared nostrils and eyes that darkened steadily for a moment.

“Leave,” Snape said.

Harry and Draco nodded to him, and did as they were told. Draco let out a huge shuddering breath the minute they were back in the corridor. “Do you think he’s going to tell the Headmistress?” he asked softly.

“No. We both earned the right to be in NEWT Potions, and he doesn’t want to draw attention to this. He must be hoping that we’ll give up if we’re not indulged.” It was exactly the way Snape used to think of him, and although Harry knew he had changed his mind at least somewhat, he would cling to tried and proven emotions in the face of this change.

He might even hope to see Draco as a spoiled child. It would be easier than dealing with—

Well, their desires. And his. Harry couldn’t read minds, but he could read faces, and he knew what he had seen in Snape’s eyes.

4. Continue Giving

Most of the time, Harry didn’t have an audience when he went to the Quidditch pitch to fly in the mornings. The other Gryffindors thought he was mental to get up at six. Harry shrugged the first time they said that, and kept getting up at six to fly. If he spent some time with Draco after, then no one was the wiser (except Ron and Hermione, who didn’t want to be wiser and would tell no one anyway).

This time, Snape was watching him.

Harry felt the eyes the minute he stepped out of the shed where Madam Hooch still kept all the brooms and equipment, but he didn’t look around. He simply strode towards the center of the pitch with his robes flapping casually around him, and swung a leg over the Firebolt.

Then he spiraled up from the ground.

He didn’t fly as wildly as he usually would, but in ways that ensured he tilted and Snape got a good look at his arse from below. Then he descended in that spiral almost to the grass, and heard Snape say something that he cut off. Probably thinking Harry was going too fast and he might have to intervene to rescue him.

I’ll show you speed.

Harry leaned forwards and unleashed the Firebolt. The air whistled past him hard enough to make him feel as if his ears were bleeding for a second. Then he was flying straight at the stands on the other side of the pitch.

This time, he saw the motion as Snape raised his wand, but Harry ignored it. Getting in trouble and needing Snape to rescue him wouldn’t make him look like the sexual adult that he was trying to convince Snape he was.

He swooped up instead, seeing the blurring brown seats of the stands rush past him, and then the grey overhead as the clouds lightened with the advent of the sun. Harry laughed and spread his arms to welcome it.

There was a sense of stillness from the place where the watching eyes still stared. Harry kept his smile to himself. There, hear me laughing for joy, and then resist me. That will be a lot harder than you think, Professor.

He traced a zigzag path back to the other side of the stands and did loops so small around the Keeper’s hoop that he nearly banged into it. He lifted in the kind of ascent he would use if he’d seen the Snitch overhead and dived again in an improvised Wronski Feint. He plucked a blade of grass and chased it all over the pitch, letting the wind blow it where it willed, but never more than twenty seconds pass between catches.

He showed off his grace and his youth and his aliveness to Snape, and came back to earth quietly pleased, making his way to the showers.

He would have been even happier if Snape had watched him there, too, but it seemed there was still a limit to the man’s interest. He had slipped away by the time Harry came out and headed back to Gryffindor Tower.

But that he had come, and had watched, was a good start.


5. Make Yourself Irresistible

“Professor Snape was watching me today.”

The Room of Requirement had conjured a huge bed for them, and Harry was sprawled on his back beside Draco, his head resting on Draco’s sternum. He raised his eyebrows but didn’t bother sitting up. “Oh? What was he watching you do?”

“Cast spells in the Defense classroom.”

Harry grinned. “He was watching me fly. We’re attracting him in spite of himself, Draco.”

Draco stirred uneasily against him, and Harry sat up so that he could see his lover’s face. Draco was plucking at the edges of the covers, frowning. “But what if watching us just makes him sure that he doesn’t want us?”

“Why would you think it would?”

“Because we’re—I miss the target sometimes. Or once I overpowered the spell and it cracked the shield I was practicing with down the middle. And you might do something that flips you off the broom if you’re trying to impress him instead of just practicing the way you normally would.”

Harry pressed closer to Draco. He’d been almost careless up until this point, drunk on life, laughing most of the time, which made the other Slytherins who had returned avoid him. Only now did Harry understand how deeply he wanted both Harry and Snape. “We aren’t going to do that. If he was watching us to be contemptuous or less impressed, then he would have said something. He probably couldn’t resist saying something. And if he didn’t want us at all, he’d just avoid us.”

“Do you think he’ll avoid us after this?”

“If he was intent on conquering temptation? Maybe.” Harry grinned and reached up to massage Draco’s shoulders gently. “But I don’t think he is. I think he finds us just as desirable…”

He blew gently into Draco’s ear, and pounced on him as Draco fell on the bed with a gasp.

“As I do you.”

And we won’t have to do much to encourage that desire.