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Rehab? How'd We Get Here?!

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Uh, warning

This story is all over the place, and has lots of time skips

Its also super self indulgent

Lots of SeroDeku as well because I like that ship

And it'll be mainly Deku x Bakusquad

Its gonna be poly at one point

Im gonna enjoy that

Okay, moving on

The story line kinda derails after Deku sees Baku soooo

Be prepared for that I guess

Also, important note for my non existent plot

Deku was taken when he and Baku were still 3, so Baku doesn't think Deku is quirkless, and they're both long lost best-of-fucking buds.

So this means Baku has a soft spot for Deku because im gay.

Which means when they meet, it'll be nice and sweet and fluffy and something I'll enjoy writing. Ofc, however, they'll both be crying because salty eye juices is my ideal cup of breakfast water.

Also, they recognize each other with layered delay. Take that how you will.