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Double-Cross My Heart

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One Month Ago

Loud, thumping music was blaring overhead, and it was making Stan sick. He could barely hear his own thoughts with how loud it was being played, let alone knowing what someone else would say if they tried to talk to him. It didn’t help that he was feeling kind of tipsy. Sure, he was only seventeen, so he really shouldn’t be drinking, but that didn’t stop him when he was ten and it wasn’t going to stop him now.
Kyle sat next to him, rolling his eyes as Stan downed another beer. He was the designated driver of their friends, and he never liked the smell of alcohol, let alone the taste of it. Out of the four of them, he was the only one who didn’t drink the occasional beer.
“This is the problem with Token’s parties,” Kyle shouted over the music. “His parents are never home, he knows where the wine and alcohol is kept, so I always have to come to bring you guys back home.”
“You don’t have to wait for us,” Stan pointed out. “You could just wait for me to call you for a ride or something.” Kyle rolled his eyes again.
“Yeah right,” he replied. “The last time I did that, you couldn’t remember how to use your phone and wandered out into the middle of the street where I almost ran you over.”
“I can’t help it, Kyle,” Stan whined. “You know drinking helped to stop me from literally seeing shit all the time. Besides, I’m making sure not to drink too much.”
“No, I’m making sure you don’t drink too much,” Kyle sighed. “If it were up to you, you’d be under the table or dying of alcohol poisoning by now.” Stan muttered something under his breath that he was glad that Kyle couldn’t hear. “Where’s Kenny and Fat ass?” Kyle wondered, looking around. “I’d like to get out of here.”
“I saw Kenny playing spin the bottle with some of the girls earlier,” Stan replied. “I’m sure they’re fine though.”
Kyle glared at him before pulling out his phone. He didn’t know if Kenny or Cartman would be able to hear their phones over this noise, but he went ahead and sent them both a text anyway. He was surprised when Kenny appeared two minutes later, holding a wine glass in his hand and looking faintly annoyed.
“Really, you guys?” he said when he was within earshot. “You want to go already?”
“We’ve been here for two hours, Ken,” Kyle pointed out.
“Boy, you do not know how parties work, Kyle,” Kenny replied. Kyle glared up at him but didn’t reply as Kenny looked around, slightly confused. “Where’s Cartman?” he wondered.
“I don’t know,” Kyle told him. “I sent him a text, but he must not have gotten it.”
“Should we wait for him?” Stan asked. “I mean, I’m sure he can just walk home, right?”
Before Kyle or Kenny could reply, the phone in Kyle’s hand buzzed, and he looked down at it. It was from Cartman all right. Mostly misspelled and with terrible grammar. He glanced back up at his two remaining friends.
“Apparently Cartman found another ride, so he told us not to wait for him,” he told them. “At least, I think that’s what he wrote. He misspelled every word.”
“Grammar Nazi,” Kenny muttered under his breath, glad that Kyle couldn’t hear him over the music. He and Stan both leaned heavily on their sober friend as the red head quickly led the way to the door and out into the night.

In actuality, Cartman was in one of the guest rooms of Token’s house, completely naked and thrusting himself in and out of Red. The girl was letting out drunken moans of pleasure as he made love to her. They had had way too much to drink at the party, and in the morning, they would both realize what a bad idea this was, but at the moment they thought this was a great idea. Neither Red or Cartman could keep their hands off each other.
“Oh, oh, oh!” Red sighed, grabbing onto the bed posts behind her. “You feel so amazing!”
“You do too,” Cartman gasped, sitting up and staring down at her.
They were shaking the bed something fierce, so it was a good thing that the thumping music downstairs drowned them out. They had already tried two other positions, but right now, Cartman was more than happy to stare down at her and watch her buck underneath him. Red’s breasts bounced in the most pleasing way, and it made Cartman thrust deeper into her. She cried out with pleasure as he did, dissolving into a fit of giggles a moment later that was echoed by him.
Then, Cartman’s phone started vibrating on the nightstand next to them and Cartman couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Kyle was such a buzz kill at parties, he didn’t know why they kept bringing him. He paused for only a moment to quickly reply to the text before going right back to attempting to hump Red’s brains out. He was sure his friends wouldn’t care that he wasn’t going home with them. And he certainly wasn’t planning on going anywhere any time soon.

Henrietta and Pete watched the three of them leave from a far corner of the room. They were hoping that if they stayed in the corner, no one would notice them or try to talk to them. It was working so far. Though, neither of them really wanted to be there. They had been invited by Stan, and Michael had insisted on going, so they were kind of stuck there. Henrietta let out a long, annoyed sigh.
“You’d think if Michael was so adamant on coming he would be here with us,” she growled to Pete. Her friend let out an equally annoyed sigh.
“I can’t believe he ditched us like that,” he agreed. “I haven’t seen him for half an hour, have you?” Henrietta shook her head in reply. “And the guy who invited us just left.”
“I know,” she said. “We should just leave. This party is just full of conformists anyway.”
“Shouldn’t we wait a little longer for Michael?” Pete asked, looking at her in surprise.
“You know there was only one reason why I wanted to come in the first place,” Henrietta pointed out. “And that reason just walked through the front door.” Pete’s eyes softened.
“Yeah, I know,” he replied, barely above the music. In a louder voice he added, “Five more minutes, then we can get out of here.” Henrietta let out a sigh.
“Deal,” she replied. “I just don’t know what caused him to just suddenly up and leave like that. It was like someone had set him on fire or something.”
“He has been acting rather weird and jumpy lately,” Pete said thoughtfully. “I wonder what is up with him. He doesn’t want to hang out as much anymore either, the dick.”
“Come on, he’s ditched us enough times already,” Henrietta argued. “I think we’re allowed to ditch him at least once. Plus, Firkle will get all whiney that we didn’t bring him along despite the fact that none of us wanted to be here.”
“Fine,” Pete replied, forcing himself to stand up. “But I’m blaming you if he gets mad at us.” Henrietta stood and looped an arm through his and they quickly made for the door without another thought.

Wendy wasn’t normally a drinker. She was going to wait until she was twenty-one, like a normal person should. But then her friends wouldn’t stop bugging her. Red kept daring her to do some shots, and finally Wendy couldn’t take it. There was no way she could get herself drunk anyway, not with the liquor provided.
But, five shots later and Wendy could barely remember her own name. This was why she never got drunk. At least, she was pretty sure that’s why she never drunk. She couldn’t really remember at the moment.
She couldn’t find Stan anywhere either. And with her drunk brain, everyone was looking attractive. She had already flirted with Butters, Bebe, and a lamp. When Bebe caught her trying to make out with it, she knew she had to keep an eye on her friend.
Bebe hadn’t been drinking because she was the designated driver of her friends. That, and she didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of her crush. She had seen her crush with another group of girls walking by, distracting her for a very small moment from Wendy. When she turned back, her friend was gone.
Muttering a curse under her breath, she quickly stalked off to look for Wendy. The last thing she needed was for her drunk friend to wander off and get hit by a car or something. Or electrocute herself trying to French a lamp.
She couldn’t see Nichole or Red anymore either. But they weren’t nearly as drunk as Wendy, so Bebe wasn’t worried about them. Yet. She could see Token, Craig and Tweek across the room talking to each other, so she quickly hurried over to them.
“Hey guys!” she greeted them in a shout. “Have you seen Wendy at all? I turned my back for one moment and she was gone!”
“Sorry, I haven’t,” Token replied, shrugging. Craig and Tweek both shook their heads.
“Have you seen Clyde?” Craig asked her. “I want to leave, but I have to wait for him because I promised I’d drive him and Tweek home. But we can’t find him anywhere.” Bebe shook her head in reply.
“You know, Craig,” Token said. “If you want to take Tweek home, I can bring Clyde home myself when the party’s over. I mean, I live here, after all.”
“Thanks, Token,” Craig sighed with relief. “Come on, Tweek. Good luck finding Wendy, Bebe.” Then he took his boyfriend’s twitching hand and quickly pulled him away. Bebe watched them go before turning back to Token. For some reason, he looked shocked.
“So, can you keep an eye for Wendy?” she asked him.
“Oh, I don’t think you have to look very far for her,” Token said, pointing. Bebe turned to where he was indicating and let out a groan.
Wendy was on a couch on the other side of the room. She was laying on top of Jason, and they were making out like crazy. Even from where she stood, Bebe could see that Wendy had already started to unbutton her blouse. She sighed with frustration and marched over to them, grabbing and yanking on her friend’s black hair.
“Ow!” Wendy whined as Bebe pulled her away. “What was that for?”
“Friends don’t let friends drink and cheat,” Bebe growled at her. “What do you think you’re doing, making out with Jason like that? What about Stan?” Wendy blinked slowly at her, like she didn’t know what she was saying.
“I thought that was Stan,” she slurred. Bebe let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.
“You’re lucky only Token and I saw that,” she snapped. “Now, let’s get out here before you try anything else stupid. And let’s just hope that you and Jason won’t remember any of this in the morning.”
Wendy grumbled under her breath, but didn’t put up much of a fight as Bebe dragged her towards the door. This was why she didn’t drink. This was why none of them should drink. Bebe just hoped nothing else would happen at this party and that nobody else made some dumb decision while they were there. She didn’t think she could take it.