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My Jolly Sailor Bold [DISCONTINUED]

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Magnus Chase, along with his team, was one of the most feared pirates out there. He has looted many ships, destroyed huge trading companies and has found many of the rare magical items that are littered across the world. He is also rumored to have his own powers, and some of his crew are also rumored to have powers.

But let's start at the beginning.

Magnus used to live in a port-side house with his mother, Natalie Chase, in a small town in the south of the UK. His mother had moved there when she was young to get away from her family.

He had blonde chin-length hair parted in the center, pale skin and grey eyes. He had a strong jaw and freckle covered cheeks. Normally he wore a loose, white shirt tucked into a thick brown belt that wrapped around his waist. He wore dark gray pants that were tucked into some brown leather boots. He normally wore his hair loose around his face, but sometimes he wore it in a ponytail at the nape of his neck.

Magnus and his mother both loved looking at the summer sea, at the arriving boats, and the early morning sun. They loved going on hikes to some hills close to their town and watching the setting sun's reflections in the water.

His mother worked at the port, checking up on abandoned storage units filled with rotting furniture, old maps and diagrams, books and many other things. Normally she would sell the most valuable items, but some days she found old maps to secret islands near the caribbean, or old parchment with instructions on getting legendary objects like the holy grail, or sumarbrander, the magical sword, some days she found magical mirrors that didn't show a reflection, chests locked with no key in sight, and keys so strange they didn't fit in any locks.

On the days Natalie found these strange objects, she would bring them to Magnus and he would store them in a small, portable box, that also fit his few outfits and drawings.

Though they were quite poor, Magnus loved living with his mom, especially since she helped Magnus develop his healing power. In this world some people had magical powers, magical objects, or special gifts, but in general, these gifted people were frowned upon by society and hated by jealous 'regular people'. Magnus had a special healing ability, that would make him glow and then heal somebody's wound. He could also heal himself quite fast and warm places up with his golden glow. Magnus loved his ability, and his mom would help him train with it.

She did this by giving herself small cuts and asking Magnus to heal them. Once he could easily heal those, she would purposefully hurt herself even more to make him heal her. Magnus hated when she did this, but she always told him not to worry, that he could always heal her, no matter what.

But one day, while looking through one of the older units, Natalie knocked over a chest, then fell a bookshelf, after a closet, and soon Natalie found herself in the middle of a rubble filled storage unit. Trying to get out, she moved one of the bookcases and the ceiling collapsed. Leaving her buried underneath it.

After a few hours of his mom not coming home, now 14 year old Magnus, went looking for her, he looked around the storage units she usually visited but didn't find her. Then he saw a crowd of people around one of the older storage units. He went up to them and saw a team of burly men dragging a body out from under the rubble of the collapsed unit.

"Mom!" Magnus screamed, this couldn't be happening? Why him? Why his mom? Suddenly he felt a grip on his shoulder, when he turned he saw a burly man with a scraggly beard that had lots of braids and beads in it, he had a bandanna on his head and tattered clothes.

"Sorry, kid. She's gone" At that point Magnus' legs almost gave out, his knees were wobbly and his arms sagged. His mother was gone. Dead.


Magnus lived on the streets of his port-side town, he still saw the sunrise, and the summer waves and the arriving ships. But they weren't as beautiful anymore, not without his mom. He carried his small box of gifts from his mother everywhere he went.

Everyday he scavenged for food, he tried to find good places to sleep, but by now he was one of the many homeless guys that would do anything for food. Nobody respected him, at least, people that had money didn't. Other homeless people stayed away from him. There had been rumours about his powers, and anybody with an equal social stance to him could see that he had some sort of aura on him.

One day, as he went to the pub to get some food, he sat down at his place on the bar, ordered some grub, and had a drink. Around an hour later a tall, well dressed man walked in and did a beeline straight toward him. Everybody looked at the man. He was so well dressed and clean, he stuck out like a sore thumb, and everybody gawked at him.

"Are you Magnus Chase?" The man went straight to the point, and everyone watching suddenly lost interest in hearing the young boy's name.
"If I was what would you want?" Magnus inquired, apprehensive.
"Well, I'm on a ship that was passing by, and the captain asked about a Magnus and Natalie Chase" Magnus averted his gaze.
"Natalie Chase is dead" the man looked at Magnus apologetically.
"I'm sorry, but I do have a place on the ship for you, and I believe going out to sea is better than staying here and scrounging around in the streets" Magnus looked at him carefully, then nodded. He got up and followed the tall man out of the pub and to the port.

Once he arrived at the port he saw a beautiful ship. It was light brown with golden and light green detailing, white sails and around 15 cannons on each side. On the ramp leading up to the ship stood a tall muscled man. With blonde hair like his, freckles like his and green eyes, so bright and sparkly compared to Magnus' dull grey ones. Magnus looked like a 16 year-old version of this man. Said boy was so confused he had to do a double take.

"Ah, Magnus, my son, how have you been"