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From Down Under to the Mountaintops

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Cassandra Porcelain Palamino 's alarm clock went off at 5:45 in the morning, though she was awake long before that. She was terrified today was her first day at her new high school, South Park High School. She hadn't heard much about it, though she really didn't ask.

Cassandra walked out of her room, took a left and trudged down the steps that lead into the foyer. The foyer was clothed in Red and Golds, her family's house colours dating all the way back to the days of kings and queens.

From the foyer she walked into her kitchen which was very modern and dark. There was an island in the middle with a black counter top. All the Cabinets were red with gold handles and the dishes were the same, red with some gold accents. Cassandra opened the double door fridge and pulled out the milk, then her coca puffs cereal from the cabinet adjacent to the fridge. She poured herself a bowl and went to sit in the living room to watch some TV.

The Palomino’s living room was very spacious and had, as you guessed, red couches and gold pillows. The 56” TV was hung on the wall in front of the main couch. Cassandra sat down in her favourite spot, pulled up a blanket and turned on the TV.

Cassandra's hands shook slightly as she ate. What if everyone hates me? What if they don't like my accent? Questions speed through her brain as if it were a highway and they all had somewhere to be, a place where the answers would be. When she was finished her breakfast she put her dishes in the dishwasher and walked up to her bedroom.

She opened the door to her walk-in closet and was greeted by many different hues and styles along the walls.

“What should I wear for my first day?” Cassandra thought aloud. She pawed through her many clothes and landed on a strapless dress and cinched at the waist leading into alternating blue and white ruffled fabric. She put on a jean jacket hoping it'd keep her warm enough in this mountain town and a pair of white sandal heels.

Cassandra sat down and began to curl her maroon ombre hair, and when she was done that did a light blue eye shadow look with white eyeliner. Her lips were painted a light pink and she wore a diamond tiara necklace and diamond earrings.

Cassandra trotted down stairs again to let her dog, Rostilav, out once before school and when he was done grabbed her bag, got in her car and drove to her new school.