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Before The Fall

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Hogwarts 1990 

"Do you know the ceiling is charmed to reflect the weather outside, I read it in the Hogwarts History " a bushy haired eleven year old spoke to her companion standing next to her in the line of students waiting to be sorted in their houses.

"I am Hermione Granger by the way and you are .." the girl asked .

"Tom Riddle" the boy responded still surprised and staring at the bewitched ceiling in awe.

"Which house do you think you will get , personally I want to be in Gryffindor "Hermione smiled warmly just as the Gryffindor table clapped enthusiastically to welcome the newly sorted student in their house. 

"Slytherin " 

"That's the best house " before hermione could say anything to tom riddle a head full of bonde hair appeared in front of her. 

"But of course get into the best house have to be the best of the lot "the pale boy continued.

"And only a pureblood could be the best amongst all , I am Draco Malfoy by the way "

"That's not true , a person's calibre should be judged by their capabilities and not by the blood in which they are born in , that's highly judgemental to classify people without actually knowing them " Hermione could see Draco sneer at her in disgust just as she cut in his great speech about the pedigree of wizards and witches and then all together ignored her before sauntering his way towards the Slytherin table following his sorting.

Tom riddle was next and he was sorted into the same Slytherin house he wanted.

And soon she heard her own name.

"Hermione Granger "

"Oh no ,okay calm down" nervously she skimmed in front of Minerva McGonagall just as her name was called. 

"Mental that one , I am telling you " Hermione forced herself to remain calm as she heard  the redhaired boy whisper to another boy in glasses standing with him , she already was introduced to them on the train to hogwarts , apparently they didn't like her or had some issues with her.

But that didn't matter as other children always had some or other issues with her  and she told herself they hardly mattered in the long list she pushed aside the sadness dwelling in her heart and calmed herself before the sorting hat settled on her big head. 

"Hmm , welcome to hogwarts ..such a young and keen soul you are .." Hermione stilled herself as she heard a voice in her head .

Ravenclaw is the house for the seeker of knowledge and it will perfectly suit your intellectual pursuits but you don't want to be there do you .." the voice continued.

"Hmm ..but where to put you , Gryffindor will definitely cultivate your courage but a worthy ally of your calibre you will only find in Slytherin.."

Hermione gasped at the sorting hat and quickly amended in her head "But they only take purebloods" , wasn't that's what malfoy...the blonde oaf said before .

 "it's time for a bit of change , don't you think.." 

The sorting hat immediately sang "Slytherin" and Hermione knew she was straightaway heading towards the unexpected she never even asked for.