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Humanities Strongest and Hope Lemons

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"Damn it why did we have to spend all day cleaning?" Jean complained from behind me as my friends and I went to find our commanders. "Don't let Captin Levi hear you" Arimin advised from my left side, as we walked down the hall way to the meeting room. "I hope there in their I'm to tired to wander round here looking for them" Shasha whined. "If that's what we have to do that is what we have to do" Miska said from my right. "Captin told us to check in the minuet we were done" she finished.

"And we didn't do that because you and connie fell asleep" Jean snapped. "Yeah and the rest of us had to do your assignments, damnit" I snapped. Connie looked away while Shasha stared at the ground. "Hey" Miskask whispered harshley at me, "he just found out about his family. Back off. " Sasha was a lost case. But Connie was a still suffering from the news his family had been expiremented on and turned into Titans. It was taking a toll on the other man. "Sorry man" I muttered as we reached the door. He just nodded, refusing to meet any eyes.

I knocked on the door. "I wonder if their in there what is it like almost 11:00 pm" Ardmin said. "Well find out soon enough" Jean answered, "damn it man, knock harder. I wanna get this over with" he continued. "Deal with it horse face" I snapped. Before knocking again.

I was gonna knock for the third time when Hangi opended the door. "Oh its our little titan and his partners in crime" she squilled jumping up and clapping. She was acting weirder than normal. A foreing scent on her breath. "I don't wanna" I heard someone shout behind her. "Hangi send them away before he makes a fool of him self" I heard a male voice behind her. If I placed the name right then it was Commander Edwrin. "Captin Levi told us to see him when we were done cleaning" Ardimin said. "Your gonna make a fool of your self" the commander told someone in the room.

"Um.. is everything ok" Connie asked. "No, and its really funny" Hangi replied. She had a smile plastered on her face, one bigger and creepier than normal, which I never thought was possiple. "I have no idea how to reply to that" Connie replied. "I'm so confused" Shasha said. "You never seen a drunk before?" Jean asked, "I'm not drunk" Hange claimed."No offense Hange-san but its ovbious" I told her. To which earned me a look.

"I've never been drunk before, never had a slip. But you can smell it on her breath" horse face complained. "Um..Hangi do you mind where we can find Captin Levi?" I asked attempting to get the conversation back on track "He told us to come and find him when we were done cleaning. I assume he'll want to check our work."

"Eren!" I head Levi scream from the meeting room. "Captin?"

"Don't let any of them in here" Edwin ordered, he leaned in our view point which was mostly blocked by Hangi. He was fighting with someone body. "Let us in Hangi, the commander needs help" I told her, confused as to why she wasn't helping him herself. We wanted to help but she blocked the door turning to whine, "aww but boss man."

"No and that's a fucking order" he snapped.Hangi looked at me than behind her and repeated the process before grabbing me and dragging me in the room. "Stay here, I'm sure you'll be amused soon" she cooed before slamming the door. "Here shorty, look what hange has for you" she pointed to me but my eyes were not paying attention to her antics. My gaze was locked on what was unmistakly a drunk, struggling to get free Captin. "What the hell? I told you no" The commander was holding levi who was trying to get to me. "Why the hell did you do that?" Edwin asked the mad scientist. Who began jumping down, "oh come on, hic. let them go at it I wanna watch".

"You are sick" Edwin told her, Levi was trying to say something but his mouth was being blocked by the commander. "I'm so confused" and I really was. I cocked my head to the side. "Were all drinking" Hangi began to explain. "Let me go. I want Eren" Levi managed to get out. "I wont waste my time, as hell get a hold of you soon " Hangi began as I began to back up. "Um captin?"

"You want a tip, the minuet he gets free I would run. Sometimes Levi likes to chase his prey" she advised. "I cant hold him" Edwin grunted as Levi began to fight dirty. "Eren, hes gonna break out in a few moments. Hell I wouldn't give him that long until he broke through" Hange singsonged clearly enjoying the display.

"Mine! Mine! Mine!" Levi shouted. "Um, I'm whose" I stupidly asked. "Mine, damnit ! Mine! Mine! And when I get lose I'm gonna fuck you." He told me. My eyes widended. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "And this is why I got you drunk so that you would finally act,hic" the women besides me snickered.

"Damn it Hangi. Eren run before he gets lose" Edwin ordered. Levi manged to get his hands lose and was fighting harder against Edwin and was just about to get lose. I turned and booked it past the female mad hatter. I barley managed to shut the door before he broke free. It was probly safe to assume that the bang against the door was Captin Levi running into it. I was so dead in the morning. But that was the last thing on my mind. All that mattered right now as not getting caught."What the hell?"Connie asked. Everyone had done just like Hangi said, waiting outside the door. What did she think this was, a comedian show?

Behind me the locked door was starting to give. I heared cheering coming from the room. . "Eren where are you going?" Miska called after me as I took off, not dumb enough to linger in that place any longer.

I reached the stair way just in time, the door finally collasped. I looked around the corner to see him comming after me. Unintentionally letting out a yelp I raced down the stairs. "Get back here hic" he ordered closing in. 'Hell no' I thought, not daring to tell him that though . There was not telling if he would remeber that or not come morning and I didnt feel like having to clean the courtyard for the fifth time this week or getting a beating.

"Captin your drunk please lets stop and talk about this" I encouraged over my shoulder as we broke building line, booking it into the sourounding headquarters woods. "Alright" he replied. I stopped. And got tackeled."I cant believe you felt for that" he muttered. Holding my hands captive above my head, placing him self over my body, he was so close that I could smell the acholol on his breath.

"Captin?" He just smirked, licking his lips. He locked our mouths together in a intimate embace. I gasped a the sudden contact giving him optional opptunity to penitrate my mouth with his tounge. In the begining my eyes were open but as he lapped at my insides of my mouth with his tounge they closed as pleasure began to build. He lowered his body from loaming over to full blown laying on.

"Captive. Please stop your drunk" I attempted to snap my captor out of his stupor but he ignored my protests. He kissed me again cutting of any form coming words. This was a dream come true, kissing him, being desired by the man I secretly loved. But I didn't want this for our first time. Not out here in the woods, not drunk when in his right mind he wouldn't touch me passed beating me. He probly wouldn't want me if it wasn't for the alcohol. Those thoughts were like ice to me.

Using a maneuver taught to us in training, my last resort. I barley managed to throw off the heavy captin. Runing for my life I barley managed to scale a tree in which I climbed high, well out of the heavier captians reach. To say my escape pissed him off would be an understatement.

He tried to order me down and come what may I refused, deciding the best course of action was to stay put. Dispite him leaving.

Although staying in the tree might of worked the first time. I should of taken the opertunity to take off with the chance had been presented to me.I recognized the sound of the 3D maneuvering gear before I saw anything. "Oh shit". I knew I was in deep shit way before my feet hit the ground. Weaving in and out between trees, I tried to gain some foot hold of space. No amount of speed would give me the ability to get away from humanities strongest. Brutally he ran me into the ground.

"Can't have you getting away now again, can I, hic, as much as it was fun chasing you" he whsipered in my ear before licking my ear shell. He tied my arms above me head with his belts.

"Captin stop" I begged, he paused "why you were into it?" I tried to explain it to him. He lifted an eye brow, "you think i'm going to regret it. Haha do you know how long I've been wanting you?" I gave him a look of disbeilf. "You say that now but what about when your not drunk. What are you always calling me, titan boy, brat...Not to mention that you threaten to kill and beat me everyday" I snapped my temper rising. "I only do that to keep you away. But I just can't care any more. Your mine and that's the end of that."

"What do you mean ? " I snapped torn between being anoyed and being confused. If I could of hit him trust me I would have. "You want me to explain it fine, I like you,really really like you. I wanted to fuck you since the first moment I've saw you" he admitted. Which surprised the hell out of me, I thought he hated me due to the way he treated me. "Your not serious?...." I asked, hysterically lauping a little, this had to be a joke. "You bet I am " he replied.

He began his assault against me once more, kissing me. I was losing it. He was not the only one craving this. I had wanted and loved Levi since I joined the corps.

I gasped when he sucked on the curve of my ear, then attacking my throat, sucking and kissing. "Aww..ummm" I moaned. "That right, love moan for me" Levi encouraged. He let go of my head, putting his hands to use elsewhere. Before I knew it he had my shirt off of me. It was a cold night but I felt none of it. Levi was so hot in both aspects. Levi racked his hands down sides. Making his way back up my upper body he pinched my nipples. "Um your hard with just one touch" he whispered before beiging his mouth on skin assault. All the while his eyes were locked on mine. They were glazed with lust. I kept my eyes on his, it was difficult, all they wanted to do was close in pleasure.

He bit and licked my chest. I locked him to me with my bond wrists. "Eren" he whispered lifting his head. "No don't go" I whinned. He chuckled, "trust me I am not going any where. I just need my hands how else am I going to get my shirt off, let alone get into your pants?" He broke free of my grip and did exactly as he told.

He pressed my almost naked body into the grassy ground. The only clothing I had on was my underwear. "Um...Levi" I groaned. "I love it when you say my name" he whispered. He sat between my legs, his gorgeous chest bare. It was covered in scars from fights long ago and in bruises and cuts from recent ones. He had a eight pack, a freaking eight pack. I leaned up and returned the attention that I had been given.

"Aww damnit Eren, damn you can suck" Levi shouted, grabing the back of my head and holding me to his chest where I laved his nipples. I pulled back to see his face as I sat on his lap. "Aww I could come just from this " he told me leaning into my carasses.

"Let me suck you" I pleaded craving the act I had only observed before. It was by accadent that I caugth Marco and Jean in the act. It was before the wall fell while we were still trainies. Luckly I had been able to get away without being caught.

Now I recalled those shocking moments so that I could pleasure the man I craved, recalling the moves Marco made to please Jean. "Umm now theres an idea" Levi purred, before standing and dropping his pants. I knew he was hard but damn, he was not only huge but his length was impressive. "Levi I've never done this before, I don't know if I can" I told him, more unsure then ever. His eyes lite up with shock, "don't tell me your a virgin."

"I'm sorry" I apologized looking away, it was a defently a damper on the mood. Or did it. "Hot damn" Levi leaned down to kiss me, "thats what I wanna hear."

"What do you mean?" I asked, 'who would of known he would take that so well?'

"This means Im the first to fuck that ass of yours, the only one that ever will. Understand me Eren I will be the only one to fuck you. Now, theres no need to be scared, Ill lead you and show you want to do" he instructed lightly pulling me to his cock, his swollen red thick veined cock.

Holding his eyes I licked him hesitantly. "Hmm just like that" he encouraged", growing bolder I began to lick the whole thing. "Good boy,umm...Suck." I did as instructed, when my lips first wrapped around him Levi thrusted up into my throat with no warning causing me to choke. He drew back allowing me to breath. "Sorry, love. Lets try that again."

I sucked him, eveuatlly being able to take him all the way. Half way through him giving me oral sex lessons ,he grew impatient. Eventually just forcing me take it. But that was also a turn on. It shouldn't be but it was. "Aww thats it I can't take it any more" he proclaimed. He pushed me on my back before stripping me of the rest of my clothing. "I need you" he told me before grabbing forcing four fingers down my throat. "Levi, I want you, I need you, please captin" I whinned. Craving my hard captain however, i was forced to wait while he prepped my ass.

" I know Eren, I know. Here let me give you this". He placed the sliva soaked fingers against my ass, begining to push one in. I yelped at the painful intrsion, the nose not pertuing him in the least. Pleasure and pain combined, concoting together as four fingers made their way into me.

"Thats a good boy, stretch for me, there you go" he encourged throughout. "Thats right, suck daddys fingers in." He began to scisor and move them around. Moans flowed from my lips. "If only you could see your self" he whispered in my ear, leaning down to lick at the sliva drolling from my mouth. "Your tight, pink whole swallowing me up. Its empty isn't it wants some bigger doesn't it." I moaned at his dirty words. "Daddys gonna fuck you so hard. And your gonna love every minuet of it arn't you?" I jerked and moaned in his arms, begging almost incoherntly at what was passing through his lips. "Daddys gonna fill you up, your not gonna know where you end and I start. My seeds gonna fill this needy hole," he withdrew momentarly before thrusting the back in, I cried out in escansy, I was almost ready to fly. But it wasnt anything physical that sent me over the edge, ""Don't worry by the end of the night I'll have messed up this greedy seed eating hole, you'll be so full theres no doubt that you'll have been knocked up."

I screamed as white flew from my cock. It wasnt until I came down from my high did I relieze that the smirking tiger over me had removed his fingers.

"Please, please, please" I begged. "Now thats what I like to hear" he smirked before shoving me onto my hands and knees. "This is my favorite position" he murmored right before he plunged his teeth into my backside. No sooner did I finishing yelping did he begin to spank he. "Eren, your mine, say it" he demanded, forcing me to his will over and over again. Before I knew it I was chanting the words. They were cut off my him bitting my kneck, "your my baby mama, arn't you Eren, you get pregnat for me won't you? "

"Yes, yes anything you want. Please knock me up I want your baby" I screamed. "Then take it nice and deep",I screamed as my entrence was torn up. The pain was worse then when I had lost my arm. "No, no. It hurts, don't! No more!" I shouted and begged desperaly wanting it to end, the pleasure no longer present, having been knocked out of the ball park by pain. I tried to get away but he was heavy and my hands were tied. "The pain will go away" Levi told me in my ear, his breath was labored. "Please."

"Please what?" he asked licking my spine making me shutter with pleasure a slight distraction. "Please make the pain stop."

"Dont worry I will. "Except he didnt not right away. He thrusted again. I shouted in pain . He contuined to do so dispite his promise. Eventually the pain faded into a numbing pleasure. Instead of crying in pain I was now crying in passion. "Urg the steam, could never of imagined" Levi moaned behind me, his speed increasing, you could hear the noises of pounding flesh comming into contact with one another, you could hear the noises of made by our throats. Our cries, moans and my pleas for more."Your mine, Eren. You understand you are mine. No one else gets to touch this ass or your cock. I'm going to pierce and tattoo my name all over your mind and body no one will ever mistake my claim let alone you."

"Oh, yes Captin. Do it. Prove to me I am yours!" I encouraged. "Here comes the first batch Eren, receive my sperm well" he informed me inbetween his panting and grunts. "I'll have a baby inside of you before the night is over" he proclaimed. "Yes do it! Fill me up! I need your sperm!"

"Oh little boy, your getting my sperm," and I did. Within moments of his saying those words he shot his load into me. It was a chain reaction.

"Good boy" he praised when we collapsed on our sides, attempting to catch my breath was hard when you were still being jacked off. "Dont worry the fun isn't over yet."