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The one who saved my life.

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Akutagawa had seen those dark wings before. He remembered still, coming from his childhood. One of the disasters the war gave was an extreme poverty, that didn't allow him to eat enough. He was at a point where he could barely move, thanks to the lack of energy. The sound of people coming, probably the enemy. He would die there, for he couldn't escape. Tears would roll down his cheeks as he hugged his knees, fluttering his eyes shut, awaiting for his end.

It was then when he felt it. Soft breeze blowing on his face. He opened his eyes and saw a man with red hair, blue eyes and beautiful features. They were... flying. Akutagawa's eyes widened and he made himself a bit more comfortable in the arms that carried him.

The mysterious man left him in a place where the war wouldn't arrive. And gave him to a family that accepted him. From there, he could have a decent life. Or at least much more decent than the past days.

Akutagawa only hoped... He could see that man, the one who saved his life, again.


Once he was around 20, Ryuunosuke moved to the city. He had become a writer and was starting to have some success once his first two books, Rashoumon and Hana, were published. However, his health made him move to somewhere nearer to the forest.

One day, as he was writing outside with his back leaning against the trunk of a tree, he heard some noise. What could it be? Ryuunosuke quickly rushed to the place where the noise came from. For his surprise, he saw a man with two black wings laying on the ground. It seemed like he had fallen from the sky. Approaching him, he noticed he had some serious injuries. Carefully, he carried him to his house and lay him down on his bed, before starting to treat him. He hoped he would survive.

The more he watched, the more he thought he knew him from before. Until something popped in his mind, making him smile fondly. This man... was the one that saved him when he was little. It was his turn to save him. However, how could he have got such injuries. It seemed as if... someone, or something, attacked him.

At that very moment, someone gave a knock to his door. He left the man in his room and went to see who it was. Two men were there when the door was opened.

"Have you heard something suspicious, or seen something with dark wings? It's a dangerous beast that needs to be hunted down so that it doesn't hurt people." One of the two men in front of him said.

"Sorry, I have not heard anything. I wish you good luck in your duty." And with a respectful bow, Akutagawa closed the door.

They seemed to be simple hunters. But now he knew why the redheaded man was in such conditions. He'd protect him and treat him. No matter what. No one better than Akutagawa knew that this man meant no harm.

A couple of days passed and the ginger opened his eyes. They were of a deep blue. Akutagawa could only remember those blue eyes, his fiery red hair and the black wings. His face was blurry in his memories. But now, he could remember.

"How are you feeling...?" The raven-haired male quietly asked, and the redhead abruptly tried to sit up, moving his wings as if he was trying to escape, scared of him. It was understandable, since he was being hunted him. "D-Don't move, your wounds are still―I don't want to hurt you."

"Who... are you? What am I doing here...?" The redhead spoke, seeming to stay more quiet, but still, it showed he didn't trust him. Akutagawa couldn't blame him.

"I heard a noise and found you in the forest. You were hurt and brought you here to treat your wounds. Please, be careful or they will open up again. Also, those men are gone now, do not worry..."

The redhead seemed to calm a bit. Anyways, he couldn't escape even if he wanted. He was too hurt to run or even fly. "I... I see... Thank you, I suppose.."

"It's my turn to save you this time."

"What do you mean with that...?"

"I suppose... you don't remember me. You saved me when I was little. I couldn't move but you carried me and brought me to a safer place. I have not forgotten you, in all these years. I wanted to see you again to at least... thank you."

"Oh, so you were that child. Humans have already done so much damage. I didn't want you to die there, being only a child. In all honesty, I had watched you from before. I distanced myself from you just so you would be safer, because people soon started to hunt 'things' like me."

"Things...? You're... You're like my angel. You saved my life and poured light into it. I... I want to take care of you. Let me at least do that."

The redhead could only smile at that. He nodded his head and lay down again. It hurt to even be sitting like that. "Can I... ask your name?"

"Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. May I know yours...?"

"Chuuya Nakahara. If you were wondering, I'm a tengu."

"Chuuya... It's as beautiful as you." He blushed at his own comment, looking aside not to look at the tengu directly.

The tengu only chuckled. "Ryuu... Look at me." When Akutagawa did so, Chuuya pulled him closer to kiss his cheek. "Thanks."


After a few weeks, Chuuya healed completely. It was time to... say goodbye. Ryuunosuke was so saddened because of this. He didn't want this to happen. He didn't want to say goodbye to Chuuya. Because if he did so, he probably would never see him again.

"Why the long face?"

"You... You are healed. Do not get me wrong. I want you to heal but... It only means we will say goodbye and will never see each other again." His chest hurt and he felt tears almost going down his cheeks.

"I will come back, I promise." Chuuya wrapped his arms around Akutagawa's waist, pulling him close to leave a kiss on his lips.

The human's eyes widened, and he returned the kiss. Eyes fluttered shut and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Please, come back. I'll miss you, Chuuya."


After a few weeks, Chuuya came back, knocking at Akutagawa's door. Akutagawa didn't take long to open it, wondering who could it be. When he saw the tengu was back, he was quick to hug him, what made the redhead laugh.

"You're back..."

"I'm back, forever."