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“Minowa! We have a potential brother to pick up!”

Slit-pupiled eyes the color of hot embers flicked open and glanced over at the woman who stood beside her. “Vahzah-- Truly?” Minowa pushed off of the wall, turning to face her. She took note of her partner’s thunderous look, and the fact that she was carrying her medical supplies with her. “Let’s head to the Relay, then. I take it he’s not in good shape?”

The woman fell into step only slightly behind Minowa and reported, “Understatement of the millennia. His own teammates… They hurt him to a point where he needs urgent medical attention. And instead of calling the proper authorities… they left him to die!”

Minowa huffed in annoyance, shaking her head in disgust. “They cannot truly be his grah-zeymahzine if they left him in such a state. Is Ulysses meeting us at the Relay, Bridget?”

Bridget nodded and replied, “He said he would go through before us, to make sure the area is truly secure.”

“Pruzah. Hopefully, he’ll be able to lead us right to our destination.” Minowa stopped beside a computer, typing in their destination as Bridget stepped up onto the Relay pad. “You’re sure you’ve got what you need, fahdoni?” Getting a nod, the ebony haired woman joined the other on the pad, and they only had to wait for a second or two before they were enveloped in shadows. After a moment, the shadows fell away to reveal a decrepit looking base of some kind. “Bridget, does this look correct?”

The blond woman nodded and replied, “Definitely. Can you locate our target for us? Maybe find ‘Ses while you’re at it.”

Minowa nodded, looking forward and taking a breath. As she exhaled, she murmured “Laas Yah Nir!” under her breath in a hiss. A moment later, her eyes were covered in a lightly glowing blue film, and she looked around briefly. “This way-- I believe Ulysses and our target are in the same room.”

Nodding, Bridget allowed Minowa to take point, being the better fighter of the duo. It took only a few minutes to reach their destination, and they entered the room together. It took only a moment for the medic to realize the shape the man was in. “Shit.” She gasped, striding forward and dropping to the man’s side. “Mara’s mercy, they did a number on him.” She quickly called upon her restoration abilities, waving a glowing hand over the man’s body. “Damn. I need to get this armor off of him. It’s interfering with my magic.” She looked up as Minowa joined her, as well as Ulysses. “Any hostiles, Ulysses?”

“No.” The black man’s deep voice came from behind a breathing mask securely attached to his face, dark brown eyes scanning the armor. “Life is absent from this place-- recent departure.” A moment of silence passed before he managed to find a button on the armor that manually released the armor. He pulled several pieces away before sitting back to allow their healer to move in.

Nodding briefly to Ulysses in thanks, Minowa turned her attention back to Bridget. “How does it look?”

A tich had formed in the jaw of the woman in question as she focused as much healing magic as she could into his body. “Not gonna lie-- it’s bad. His sternum is little more than shrapnel, most of his ribs are broken… Looks like he has head trauma too. He’s lucky we found him, he wouldn’t have survived much longer like this. ” A few minutes later, she sat back, sighing before she reached for her bag and pulled out several vials. “I can’t fix some of the damage here-- it’s too severe. I can stabilize him so we can bring him back, though.” She looked to Minowa, who nodded her consent. Bridget wasted no more time administering the liquids. “Okay, he should be safe to move now. Minowa, would you mind taking him?”

Minowa held up a hand, shaking her head. “Ro laan, Bridget.” She took a deep breath, and on the exhaled words “Mul Qah Diiv!”, she began to glow, transparent armor and leathery wings forming around her. She looked up and gave a sharp nod. “Let’s go.” She slid her arms under the man’s form, standing with no strain. “Bridget, keep watching his vitals. Ulysses, open the Relay.”

The black man nodded, dreadlocks gently swinging as he raised his hand, before flicking his hand and wrist out. “I’ll have one of the youngers bring over the armor.” He spared a glance at the shield before dismissing it.

“Kogaan, Ulysses.” A moment passed before shadows once again engulfed the group, and when they dispersed, there was no indication that they had been there in the first place.