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Heavy is the crown

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Gitae has had a lot of identities in his life. Previously a diligent son now a doting and sweet younger brother, the guy next door helping at the restaurant, the cute web novel lover, the Mad Dog, Black Leopard’s best kept secret, his ace in the hole, murderer.


He has juggled them all, switches between them with the kind of fluidity seen only in actors and dancers. Seamless, transitionless, were it not for the change in his eyes, you could never tell them all apart.


But here and now, Gitae wishes he could strip them all away, just be Gitae, and lay himself bare before Chisoo.


Sweet, wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, funny, kind, sexy, sensual, generous, amazing Chisoo.


Chisoo, the Flying Dagger.


It was just a job and Gitae has some manner of professionalism and pride. It was so easy to open a line of communication. And it wasn’t as if the web novel Chisoo was writing wasn’t good . One hit man to another, Chisoo had talent in the way he interjected his life as Flying Dagger into the novel. It was a skill to be envious of.


And then they were messaging each other all the time. And then they were deciding to meet. And before he knew it, Gitae was making out with Chisoo on the couch, hungry for it, wandering hands and mouths.


Gitae had lost count of just how many times he and Chisoo had gotten each other off that night.


And only when Chisoo picked him up and threw him back on the bed the next morning, when Gitae’s heart skipped a beat at that beautiful and bashful smile on Chisoo’s face, had he realized what had just happened.


Gitae had made the most fatal of mistakes.


Gitae had gotten too close to the mark.


Or maybe Chisoo was too good at pulling him in.


Chisoo who just gave and gave and gave. Gave Gitae such soft and beautiful smiles, like he couldn’t believe his luck that he got to be with him. Gave Gitae his hand to hold when no one was looking, apologizing for his skin, rough from “work” and washing his hands all the time. Gave Gitae little gifts, little pieces of himself, and eventually a drawer in his apartment. Gave Gitae his heart, unassuming, unconditional, bruised but still beating as strong as ever.


And Gitae couldn’t help but reciprocate.


So when Black Leopard told Gitae to run interference, “Kill if you have to,” Black Leopard had specified, Gitae wanted to stab him in the eye socket and run. Or rather, stab anyone that looked at both of them funny, pack their bags, and move somewhere no one could find them. Change their names, make a new life together, unburdened by the blood stains on both their hands.


Jeju was nice this time of year he heard. Maybe Chisoo would enjoy that.


But that was just Gitae talking, just an aimless wish.


Mad Dog knew that Black Leopard was serious and had his eye on Gitae’s sister. Not that he’d do anything to risk Mad Dog turning on him, just “insurance.”


And so Mad Dog covered his face and tried his hardest to suppress Gitae, and fight Flying Dagger.


And if he was lucky, Flying Dagger would kill him first.


God he hoped Flying Dagger killed him first.