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The Sin of Protection

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~Levis pov~

Night time was the only time I had freedom to walk around and sort through the millions of thoughts I had running around in my mind. The peaceful darkness that embraced my body let me calm down all the worry, irritation, and stress that I had accumulated in the past few hours. However no amount of darkness or night could relieve me of the guilt I had lodged inside my heart. It had been there for over 100 years and it wasn’t disappearing anytime soon.

I walked around in search of my next meal while trying not to acknowledge the looks of respect as I walked along the street. I still blame myself for how I am, even though Kenny was the one who turned me 419 years ago. Stupid old ass man, I was only 19. If I could, I would rip his throat out and watch him bleed out in front of me. I hate that dick, but unfortunately I cannot do that.

Not because I'm not physically able to, but because I'm afraid of what it will cause. Also because drinking the blood of relatives will literally burn your mouth off. I guess Kenny figured out a way to prevent that though, because I walked in on him drinking my brother dry my last year in high school. I lunged at him when I saw that.

I tried to stop him and save Farlan, but..I wasn't strong enough to fight Kenny’s will. With one look of his beady red eyes I was frozen and forced to watch as the blood drained from his body. The overwhelming discouragement that filled me when I saw his lifeless body fall from Kenny’s mouth consumed my soul. I could think was ‘if I had been stronger…i could have protected him.’

“This is to teach you a lesson about crossing me. You cannot refuse to become who you are meant to be” was all he said as I could feel my emotions turning off as I stared into Farlans empty eyes. He hadn't been the first family member to be killed before I couldn't protect them. My younger sister Isabel was taken as well. Not by Kenny but I still counted it. I gave up so much to protect her. The night of Farlans death Kenny came into my room and forced me into turning and to be honest I let him. I couldn't lose another family member because I wasn't strong enough. I did it to save her life.

I continued walking around until I saw a nice looking woman walking alone down the street. I walked up to her and used my irresistible charm on her. It was a power I had mastered when I was a fairly young vampire and now it was impeccable. She of course fell for it, humans can’t resist it after all so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I lead her to the mansion Kenny and I lived in and then up to my bedroom. Another side effect of being the product of a human and vampire couple is an endless unsatisfied hunger for sexual pleasure. Even if I fucked someone everyday it would still drive me crazy. It was like a never ending itch in a place you can’t reach to scratch.

So I use the people I feed from to temporarily satisfy both my blood thirst and sexual needs. She was boring just like every man or women I had used the same tricks on before. When I had finished fucking her senseless I leaned down and licked her neck to find her vein, then I sunk my fangs in and covered her mouth with my hand to stifle her screams. She soon went limp underneath me and I drank until she was dry.

Then I got up, whipped the blood and sweat from my body, then put on new clothes. I wrapped up her body in my sheets and carried her bridal style out of my room and down stairs. I took her into the kitchen and laid her on the floor. I went into the fridge and grabbed a wine bottle that had wild blood in it and pour some into her mouth. Because she had be bitten and drained she immediately drank the blood. But instead of it turning her it worked like acid and melted her whole body from the inside out.

I looked away while it happened and plugged my nose because the smell of wild blood is horrendous. Wilds are vampires who were once normal but went mad with blood lust after not feeding for more than 2 weeks. They will kill anything they can find to try to satisfy their thirst for blood, but it never does. If one of them bites you then you die within 2 days because they have poison on their fangs that stops your heart once it gets there through your bloodstream. Normally it only makes vampires extremely sick but it kills humans.


When her body had fully dissolved I picked up the sheets and walked to the door to go outside and throw them in the trash. I came back inside and closed the door and locked it, noticing Kenny leaning against the door and smirking.

“I'm proud of you know, you’re turning into a fine vampire to continue the Ackerman name.” he said following me as I walked up the stairs. I stopped and turned to face him.

“Is that all you care about?”

“No, I care about you, that’s why turned you all those centuries ago.”

“Tch….right, caring isn’t what I would call raping someone and threatening them into letting you turn them.”

He waved away my words with his hand. “There's a special job tonight and I want you to run it.” I looked at him confused.

“Why not just have your dog Nile run it. You let him do everything.” He looked away trying to grasp words.

“It doesn't matter why. I want you to do it nephew.” his gaze landed once again on me.

I looked away and off into some distant dream of how it was before all of this. When mom was still alive.

“You're in charge of this. You have no choice, besides with the way you treated that “poor” human I would guess you actually enjoy the act of taking a pathetic humans life.” He smirked. “Is my guess the correct answer?”

I didn’t respond, I didn’t like it. I never had liked killing people because I needed them to live. I didn’t want to become a monster like the rest of my family- like everyone else in this world. Everyone was a monster in some way. Vampires killed people for blood, hunters killed vampires because they are viewed as beasts. This world is full to the brim with monsters and I wanted to be the exception. But here I am turning into what I fought back for so long.

When I didn’t answer him Kenny became mad and started to yell at me. “Levi Ackerman! Answer my question!” I turned around to glare at him and he returned my glare.

“I don’t have an answer for you.” I calmly stated back to him. He walked up to me until our chests were almost touching. He looked down at me with piercing red eyes and I slowly averted my eyes with a growl. Because of him being the one who turned me, I wasn’t able to stare directly into his now red eyes.

The way vampire pheromones work is fucked up. The stronger will gets everything. They make you say and do things you don't want to do. Because of kenny being the stronger will I also wasn’t able to physically hurt him, so all hopes of revenge for what he did to Farlan or myself was were gone.

He grabbed my jaw and brought my face up but I still averted my eyes. “Look at me.” He demanded and my eyes flickered to his before I looked away. His grip tightened and I clenched my teeth together, but I looked him straight in the eyes.

“Tell me the answer to my question. Now” he demanded

“I…I don’t like killing innocent people just so I can live…in fact I hate it. I don’t want to become a monster like you.” I said everything I didn’t want too. After I had finished I averted eyes again.

He took a step backwards and grabbed my upper arm, pulling me with him as he walked up the stairs. He entered my room and threw me against the wall. My back hit it and knocked the air out of my lungs. I fell the floor before getting up immediately and bringing my fists up defensively. I couldn’t hurt him but I could still defend myself.

He walked up to me and glared down into my eyes. “Caring is weakness.” He said bringing his fist back and I put up my arms to try to block it, but he lowered his aim last minute and dealt a hard punch in my stomach. I doubled over slightly but tried to keep my focus on defending myself. He hit my face this time, making the skin burn and sting where his hand had touched. “Feelings make you weak.” He continued. “The weaker you are, the more people will take advantage of you and hurt you. Trust is weakness.” He said kicking my legs out from under me, causing me to fall to the ground. I instantly brought my knees up to my chest to protect it and covered my head with my hands and arms. “Being anything like a human is weakness.” He said grabbing a fist full of my hair and yanking me into a sitting position. “And most importantly…” he wiped the blood dripping down from a cut on my cheek with his finger and licked it off the digit with a satisfying hum. “Love is weakness.” He said throwing my head to the side, letting go of my hair and making me fall to my side on the ground.

I lay there on the floor watching him leave the room.

“Remember Levi, you are an Ackerman…You're a monster at heart whether you want to be or not. He said before closing the door and leaving me bleeding on the cold floor. I took deep breaths as I lifted myself off the floor, hearing my ribs crack as I did so. With one final wince, I was up and using the wall for support I made my way to my bed. “Fuck…” I mumbled as I lifted my shirt and stared at the endless bruised skin and bleeding areas. I looked at the clock, 3 hours till the job I was being forced to run. With a sigh I laid down and watched as the cuts on my arms slowly healed themselves.

A woke up a few hours later to the sound of numerous vampires in the downstairs entry way. Wincing I stood up out of bed and walked to the closet to get dressed. Once the task was finished I headed downstairs, greeting the guests once I was visible.

“Glad to see you healed nephew.” kenny whispered to me as he smiled at the other vampires in his presence. I groaned at his fake concern.

“Alright everyone, settle down it's time for a quick briefing. My nephew, Levi will be leading this tonight and as most of you know we are going after a traitor to the vampire race, Grisha Jaeger and his family. He has betrayed us by working with the humans and helping them hunt and kill our kind for the past 57 years. Tonight we right this wrong and bring justice down upon his household!” Kenny ended his speech which set everyone into a yelling frenzy of agreement. I stood by him silently as people filed out the double doors and into the streets in a mob. “ and that is how you lead a group of vampires nephew, study it. You'll be doing it one day too.” he walked out the doors as well, and once his scent was gone I let my facade down and grit my teeth in pain as I held onto the railing of the staircase for support. ‘My wounds aren't healing as fast as normal. Fuck’ I thought as i headed out the door, putting my healed facade back on as I met up with the others.

Once we arrived at Grisha’s house, Kenny instructed that i kick down the door and demand he show himself. I did as I was told and Grisha was nowhere to be found. “They ran…” Kenny mumbled, his angry beginning to boil. “Let's find them, spread out!” he yelled to the crowd. He told me to follow him and I did. We walked around searching until we came to the border between the human lands and our lands. In the distance Grisha and his family could be seen.

“Traitor! Come back here and face your punishment, you won't find refuge in Ercin or anywhere else!” Ercin was human city in the direction Grisha was headed. It was said to be the town he was helping.The borders that lined up with the human lands were lined with a salt substance that prevented us from pursuing the family further. “Levi go kill them.” I looked at him confused.

“But… I'll disintegrate if I go over the salt.” I argued.

He leaned to my ear, whispering,“No you won't. You're more human than you are a vampire, you'll be fine nephew.” If I had a choice I wouldn't have, but I couldn't resist a direct order from the man who turned me, so obediently I crossed over the salt, unscathed. I pursed the family, smelling the fear in the young boy and women who was with grisha. Once I caught up with them I stared Grisha in the eyes. And then slashed mt claws across his throat, severing his jugular and ending his life. His wife screamed and dropped to her knees, weeping. A small glimmer of sympathy ran through my mind as I broke her neck and she joined her husband. The last one left was the child. A young boy around the age of 9 with brilliant golden eyes. I knelt in front of him.

“Do you know what I am?” I asked him. The shocked boy nodded and pointed to his canines. “That's right. Do you know what's about to happen?” He nodded again, and he started to tear up, gazing down at his family's bodies lying dead on the grass next to him. I looked back at kenny and then at the child.

“Don't worry, you won't join them tonight kid.” I said, grabbing his head with both hands and placing my thumbs in his temples. I reached into his mind and pulled the memories of what just happened from him and replaced them with ordinary ones. I removed my hands and he fell to the floor in a heap. I stood up, grabbing the bodies of Grisha and his wife and took them back to Kenny.

“What was that..” He was on the verge of anger, I could feel it.

“He's just a child, I took his memories from him so he won't remember any of this as he grows up, don't worry.” He growled lowly. “I did what you asked, I killed these two, let me have this one uncle.” He softened and nodded.

“Fine, I'm proud of you.” then he ordered everyone to head back, announcing justice had been served tonight.

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Mikasa's pov-

Cold wind, as sharp as a knife, has been my one constant companion since I was a child. Even now, it refuses to leave. The roar of my motorcycle brought me back from my deep thoughts and pushed me into reality. I try not to think about anything off topic while on a mission, I guess I slipped up. I shook my head, freeing myself from the reminiscing feelings and focusing on the ancient brick wall in front of me. This was what separated the city where the vampires lived and the rest of us, the city of Koletis.

Once I reached the wall, I turned off my bike and hide behind a patch of nearby bushes so that the patrols wouldn't see it during the night. I rushed to the wall, pulling the mask up over the bottom portion of my face and began to climb the wall. The city of Koletis was an interesting place. It was almost stuck in time compared to the rest of the world. Even the headmaster is not quite sure as to why the vampires live as if they were all in the Victorian era, but that's the way this city is. After I scaling the wall my next move was figuring out where Christophe's house was.

My target was a vampire named Christophe Verdance. He was a brute and a disgusting pig. He belonged to a spot on Kenny’s board of directors and only really cared about starting wars. Kenny is a very crafty man and because of this, he has denied Christophe what he truly wants for decades, to be the head of the military. Most likely he knows about Christopher little side gig and wants to have control over his military, instead of giving it up to a trigger happy war activist.

This vampire was deserving of so much more than death. He sold weapons to radicals on the vampire's version of the black market, trying to stir up trouble and start an all-out war on the humans. He also is the ringleader of a sex trafficking group that kidnaps widows of their victims and sells them for gold. He is in every way a monster.

I pulled out my cell phone and opened the map of the city, trying to figure out my path to his house. After a few moments of study, I had a clear and direct route. I dropped down from the top of the wall onto the cobblestone walkways below and headed on my way. I climbed the side of a building a few blocks away from my targets house and settled on the roof. I unloaded my trusty Barrett M98B sniper rifle. This roof had a clear view of Christophe's top floor, luckily for me, which means I didn't have to reposition.

I set up my rifle and sunk down onto my stomach, turning on the x-ray function on my scope so I could see where the bastard was. Fortunately for everyone outside of the wretched city, our technology moved on. “Gotcha…” I mumbled once I found him. He walked from his bedroom and went out of range just as I was about to pull my trigger. “Fuck I swore. I packed everything up and moved to a roof that was a bit closer, which also had a good view of the lower level as well as the upper. The roofs are close enough that I was able to jump from one to the other until I reached my desired roof.

Once ready and aimed, I lined up with my target, placing my finger on the trigger. He moved from the living room to the door, opening it for someone. Kenny walked into the room and I growled under my breath. I pulled my finger off the trigger and grabbed my phone, I placed it in its own stand and opened my lip reader app. With this app, it tells me what they are saying as long as it can see their lips. It’s moments like this where I am thankful I was born a human.

“Kenny, I trust you have made a decision as to what we will do about your… heir…” heir? He means Levi. the conversation peaked my interest.

Kenny looked away from my camera. He obviously said something major because it floored Christophe.

“Are you sure about this? I may be a hard ass but I know how important family is, after all, he's the only real family you have left. You lost everyone else.”

“Bull...shit…” I said, placing my finger back on my trigger

“You don't have to remind me, Christophe.” Kenny seemed frustrated. “But I have no choice other than to kill him.” he ran his fingers through his hair. Kill him? He's going to kill his nephew? I heard all I needed too. Aiming for the vampire's undead heart, I pulled the trigger and released the silver bullet into the air. A direct hit. However, I would have to celebrate later. Kenny immediately was surveying the area, and his eyes locked on my location. I quickly packed everything up and climbed down into the streets below, pulling my hood up and blending myself into the crowd, careful to keep tabs on Kenny. He walked out of the house and searched through the masses of people, his eyes locked on me. I scurried through the people, with him right on my tail.

I slipped into an ally way, leading straight back to the place my bike was on the other side of the wall. I sprinted to the wall, glancing behind me to see if Kenny followed me. “Good, I lost him” I thought, but then when I turned around, there he was standing in front of me.

“That was one hell of a shot. Most adults in my military forces would have gotten that accurate of a shot. Which means a teenage girl like you must be from the academy if you made that shot.” he said, playing with a bloody silver bullet in his fingers. My brows furrowed and I pulled out my switchblade, taking a defensive stance. He chuckled.

“That's cute” he smirked, reveling in how frustrated I was internally with all his comments, although they would never appear on my face. I carefully calculated the situation, studying his expression, he gave away very little about what he was thinking. I lunged at him with my knife, but he grabbed my wrist with one hand, pulling down my mask with the other I smirked and exactly as planned I used my second knife in my right hand and used it to mark a huge gash into his side, using the distraction to climb over the wall. I looked back down and to my surprise, Kenny just stood there bleeding and staring at me with a hint of confusion on his face. I jumped down from the wall, rolling to brace the landing and hoped on my bike, speeding away back to the academy.

Once all unpacked back in my dorm I made my way to the headmaster's office. I knocked, receiving a “come in” as an answer.

“Sir, I have information to report along with the results of my mission,” I said. He motioned a ‘proceed’ with his hand. The mission was a success. Christophe is terminated. However, during my mission, I acquired some information I think you would like to know. Kenny came to visit him just as I was about to kill him. I waited to hear their conversation and during which I found out that Kenny is planning on killing his nephew Levi.” the headmaster turi=ed in his chair to face the window,

“Thank you, Mikasa. I will definitely put his info to good use. And congratulations on your success. Enjoy the day off.

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Eren walked to his dorm with a grin plastered to his face and thoughts of murder and sweet revenge going through his head. He was going to make that bloodsucker pay for what he did. Eren’s parents had been killed by a vampire when he was 8 years old. Then it was confirmed they had been killed by Kenny in cold blood a few years later. Eren had vowed to himself that he would kill Levi to repay Kenny for his actions- a life for a life. He arrived at his dorm and opened the door to find his sister, Mikasa, reading something on her phone.

“You guys will never guess what headmaster Smith had to say to me.” Eren said excitedly. He sat down on the bottom half of the bunk bed he shared with Armin. His bed was the top one because Armin was afraid of heights, but he decided it was too much work to climb the ladder to get to his bed.

“I'm guessing you got a new job judging by the serial killer like expression you had when you walked into the room,” Mikasa said, not removing her eyes from her phone.

“You’re really good at reading people, ya know.” Eren said sincerely. He had always known Armin was smart and good at assessing the situation, but he had never known Mikasa to possess the skill of reading people.

“It’s you Eren, you’re an open book with your emotions. And besides, you get that look every time you have a job, so it’s easy to pick up on.” She said, finally looking at him.

“I do not…” Eren mumbled, getting up and walking to his closet. He picked out a pair of pajamas and walked into the bathroom. He closed the door, took off his uniform, and jumped into the shower. He walked out of the bathroom 20 minutes later, rubbing a towel on his head to dry his wet hair. Jean and Armin were talking quietly by the door, while Mikasa was still on her phone. Honestly, was she ever not on her phone? No, the answer was no, she was always on her phone.

Eren walked over to Armin and Jean in the corner, ignoring the dirty looks from Jean. “Hey guys, what’s going on?” he asked.

“None of your business Jaeger.” Jean Replied with venom in his words. Eren glared at him.

“Whatever it is, it’s obviously making Armin uncomfortable, so it’s completely my business, horse face.” He turned to Armin. “Are you ok? Do I need to kick this horse’s ass?”

“No...I'm fine…Jean and I were just arguing over my job again.” Armin said trying to calm his roommate down.

“For the last fucking time Jean…” Eren began, pronouncing Jean's name wrong on purpose, making his eyes twitch in irritation. “Armin can make the choice of where he works and doesn’t need you controlling him.”

“I'm not trying to control him jaeger, I'm only trying to protect him, from Erwin.” Eren scoffed.

“Yeah right. Get out of my dorm before I take my anger out on you.” Eren threatened.

“You wanna go ocean boy?” Jean challenged, moving closer to Eren until their chests bumped.

“Hey, come on now guys,” Armin said moving to break them up. They kept on glaring at one another, paying no attention to what Armin said. “Guys….” Armin started again but was stopped by Mikasa putting her hand on his shoulder. She stepped up to Eren and pulled him away from jean by his ear.

“Eren, no fighting.” She simply commanded at him, letting go of his ear. He glared at Jean and absentmindedly rubbed his red ear. “I think it’s best if you leave now jean.” He grumbled something incoherent and opened the door.

“I’ll come by your dorm later,” Armin said to him and then he left.

“Eren, how many times are you going to fight with jean before you learn that it doesn’t solve anything?” Armin said with a sigh as he sat on his bed. Eren sat next to him and sighed as well.

“I don’t like how he treats you Armin, and I'm not fighting with him. I'm standing up for you.”

“He’s just worried about me being taken from him,” Armin said defending his boyfriend.

“Then he doubts your love for him.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Someone can’t be taken unless they allow themselves to be. By him saying you will be taken he’s implying that you would allow yourself to be.” Eren explained, feeling rather proud of himself for coming up with that.

“That was actually quite deep in meaning Eren.” Armin sounded surprised, to say the least. He had never known Eren to say anything deep like that, but here he was, saying deep things.

“Don’t encourage him, you’ll make his ego skyrocket even more.” Mikasa said from the couch she at on. Once again she was on her phone, eyes glued to the screen as she spoke. Eren looked at her with an unamused expression.

“So... Who are you assigned to kill this time?” Mikasa asked.

“Is that why headmaster Erwin wanted to see you?” Armin asked as he got up to change into pajamas.

“Yeah, and you’ll never guess who.” There was a pause as both teens turned to look at him questioningly. “He assigned me to kill Levi Ackerman” Eren finished, a maniacal grin coming onto his face.

“See, there’s that look again” Mikasa said without looking up from the screen of her phone.

“You aren’t even looking at me so you can’t know.” Eren said crossing his arms.

“Its true Eren… she’s right” Armin said. Eren gasped and pretended to be sincerely hurt.

“Armin! How dare you! I thought you were on my side?! I’m so disappointed in you.” Armin laughed and continued on his way to the bathroom to change.

“Back to the subject of your job…” Mikasa said, but before she could give Eren the usual ‘you shouldn’t go alone’ speech. Eren interrupted her.

“I’m the only one that can do this, even the headmaster said so. So no you can’t come with me, yes I will be careful, yes I’ll try not to get bitten.”

Mikasa looked at him unamused. Armin stepped out of the bathroom and stopped awkwardly. “You guys ok..?” he asked hesitantly.

“Yes, we’re fine.” Mikasa said getting up and pocketing her phone, for once. “I should get going, I told Annie I would watch a movie with her to celebrate my successful mission.” She said moving towards the door. She waved as she left and then silence fell once again over the room.

“So…Levi Ackerman huh….that must be pretty big for you.” Armin said breaking the silence.

“Mhm. I'm finally going to get revenge on Kenny for what that bastard did to my parents.” Eren said.

“How are you going to deal with the whole….seducing thing? I mean…you can’t let him know that you’re immune, so are you just going to go with it?” Armin said while motioning for Eren to get off his bed. Eren got up and scratched the back of his head.

“I never really thought about that…. I guess I would just go along with it…I mean, there’s nothing else I can do since I can’t give myself away.” Eren shrugged at went to climb the ladder for his bed. He got settled in bed and then groaned. “Armin can you turn out the light?”

“Yeah, I'm going to go visit jean really quick and then I’ll be back.” He said turning out the lights and leaving the room.

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Jean and Marcos dorm wasn’t that far from the one I shared with Eren- only a few doors down. I knocked lightly and Jean answered the door. He had a toothbrush in his mouth and ran to his bathroom when he realized he needed to rinse his mouth out before it over flowed.

I noticed Marco sitting on the couch in their room and waved at him. “Hey Marco.”

“Hi Armin. How are you?” he greeted back setting down the book he was reading and motioning for me to accompany him on the couch.

“I’m doing well, how are you?” I asked sitting down.

“I’m good.” He replied and smiled. I looked down at the cover of the book he was reading.

“Mythology huh…I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff.”

“I find it extremely interesting. I think it’s cool how each god represents their own part of this world and has their own unique traits and powers.” I nodded in agreement.

“I see you too are having a nerd fest.” Jean replied as he came out of the bathroom. I looked up at him.

“So are we going to talk about how tall, blonde, and handsome has a crush on you?” Jean asked, crossing his arms.

“He doesn’t have a crush on me Jean, and I not quitting my job simply because you can’t handle your jealousy.” I said in a stern voice. I may be shy but I know how to hold my ground when it comes down to it. Jean just scoffed.

“I know a crush when I see one Armin. It’s there and I don’t want to lose you.” He said. Then I remembered what Eren had told me.

“Someone can’t be taken unless they want to be.” I stated standing up and crossing my arms. “Does this mean you think that I will cheat on you?” Anger was boiling inside me. I had given so much to jean. My time, money, even my virginity. And he had the balls to doubt that I loved him.


“I… I don’t think that I just…” he sighed. “I’m sorry for acting like I did, I let my jealousy get to my head.” Jean said looked at the floor ashamed. I sighed.

“I know you only meant to protect me…” I said cupping Jeans face and bringing it to where our eyes met. “I will never leave unless you give me a reason too.” I leaned up and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you” I whispered and put our foreheads together. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

Then he cupped my face, brought it up and kissed me. There was more passion in this one. He grabbed my thighs and bent down slightly so that he could lift me up, all without breaking the kiss. I opened my eyes and in the corner I saw Marco grabbing his book and getting up to leave. I guess he got the message.

Jean carried me over to the couch and gentle placed me on it, breaking the kiss in the process. He lifted my shirt over my head and I lifted my arms up so that he could get it off easier. Then he started to unzip my pants before I put my hand on his to stop him. “No sex tonight please.” I said and then released his hand. He stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“Can I at least give you a blow job?” I thought about it. He had apologized, which he rarely did because he thinks his view is right and everyone else’s is wrong. He deserves it.

“fine.” I replied and he continued unzip my pants. He pulled the down to my ankles and I gasped when the air hit my cock. He grabbed the base and pumped it a few times before bending down to flick his tongue across the head. My back arched slightly and he smirked. He took the whole thing into his mouth and sucked, bobbing his head up and down. I grasped the fabric of the couch but I couldn’t grip anything.

He brought his unused hand up and intertwined our fingers together. He took all of me into his mouth until his nose was buried in my pubic hair. He moaned, sending vibrations through my body, which caused me to moan as well.

He released me from his mouth with a ‘pop’ sound, and licked a stripe from the base to the head. He grabbed my cock and ran his thumb in circles on its head, smearing the pre-come over it. Then he took it in his mouth again.

“I-im almost th-there” I yelled as he sucked particularly hard. He continued his actions until I came in his mouth. He swallowed all of my seed and then moved up to kiss me.

He pulled back and cupped my face.

“I don’t understand why you put up with me.” He said running his thumb softly over my cheek. I brought my hand up to lay over his.


“Because I love you believe it or not.” I replied in between harsh breaths. I still was coming down from my high so I wasn’t breathing normally. He leaned forward and kissed me again.

“I love you too.” He said, then he pulled out his phone and looked at the screen. “It’s almost midnight, you should get back to your dorm.”

“Yeah, i'm sure Marco would like to sleep now.” I said laughing.

I said my farewells and headed back to my dorm. I slowly opened the door and found Marco asleep on the couch. I shook his arm to wake him up and he awoke with a yawn.

“Hmm? What? Oh…so you and jean are done then?” I blushed at what he was suggesting.

“Yeah, you can go sleep now. I’m sorry for kicking you out of your dorm.” I apologized. He nodded and headed out the door. I climbed into my bed and pulled the blanket up to my shoulders.

“are you and fuck face still together?” I heard Eren mumbles sleepily from above me.

“yes we are, and stop calling him that.” I scolded him. Him and his stupid ass nicknames again. he will never learn.

“Well I thought it was pretty accurate…I mean, doesn’t he face fuck himself on you?” I blushed.

“E-Eren! Don’t say thing like that so bluntly!”

“Didn’t deny it~” he said in a sing song voice. I groaned and pulled the blanket up over my head. He chuckled and silence followed.

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Levi lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. A thousand million thoughts ran through his head. Thoughts about Isabel, and that stupid hunter who killed her. He wondered if he regretted it, and then scolded himself for even suggesting the bastard had a heart. He sighed and leaned up with a groan. His whole body hurt from Kenny’s assault the other night. It would heal in a few days, but until then it would hurt like hell. He stood up from the bed and leaned against the nearby wall for support. He decided he needed to take a shower and walked over to his bathroom. He made it to the room when there was a knock at his door. He didn’t answer, but inside walked Kenny anyways.

“we have a party this weekend. You should be healed by then. It's only Wednesday and the party is on Saturday night. I'm picking up your suit from the dry cleaners tomorrow, I expect you to be there Saturday.” He said before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Levi groaned as he continued his path to the shower. He hated how Kenny always acted like him being hurt wasn’t his fault. And now he had to attend a party and act like everything is perfect between them when it wasn’t. He growled in frustration and sat down on the end of the bathtub, resting his face in his hands. Maybe he would find someone to use to satisfy himself at the party. That would also give him a reason to leave the party. It would kill two birds with one stone. He sighed, ‘well that’s one good thing that will come out of this event.’ He thought, getting up to grab a towel, slowly undressing, careful not to touch his bruised ribs.

He winced when he stretched too far when taking his shirt off. But finally, he hoped in the shower and cleaned himself. Once finished, He used a hand towel to wipe the steam from the mirror, staring at his reflection. He sighed. He hadn't visited Isabel's grave recently...maybe he should do that today. He dried himself with a clean towel, careful not to aggravate any of his injuries in the process. Isabel would be 420 years old in a few days, he sighed as he got pulled out his clothes from the closet and started to get dressed. if only he had been there.

Once dressed he walked down the stair to leave the house. “ where are you going nephew” Kenny leaned against the doorway, his arms crossed.

“Out.” Levi continued to walk towards the door, expecting Kenny to stop him or ask him more questions. But Kenny just said ‘have fun’ and then the heavy wooden doors slammed behind him.

The night sky was a welcoming sight, the feeling of freedom filling his lungs as he walked towards the grave site. As he walked down the cobblestone path that leads out of the city the memories flooded his head. He watched as he saw a younger him running towards the gate, out of breath and worry in a pit in his stomach. He remembered the feeling like it was yesterday. He knew something was wrong, didn't know exactly what but he knew something wasn't right. He searched for his sister in all her favorite places, the last one being the hills on the outskirts of the city where she loved picking flowers for him and Farlan. He opened the gate that led outside, continuing to watch the picture around him. His form sprinted up the hills, searching desperately for Isabel and then focusing on a body lying lifelessly on the green grassy hill a few yards from where he stood.

He ran over to it, kneeling and rolling her body over. Tears filled his eyes as he grit his teeth and let out a high pitched cry. He buried his face in her stomach, blood staining his skin from the stab wound in her abdomen. The tears fell down, and anger flooded in. Kenny walked up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

“I know this is the hard nephew. But you'll get through it.” through heavy breathing and gritted teeth he almost whispered.

“I will kill the bastard that did this,” he promised to the body in front of him, her teal green eyes dulled and blank.

“I know who killed her.” he stilled and looked up at him.

“Who.” the anger flooded into his body, morphing into a rage and settling in his heart. he felt the pain like he was still kneeling there making those silent promises to himself. he stood where he was years ago and looked down at the gravestone that replaced her corpse. he reached his hand out, hesitating before running his fingertips over the cold stone.

“I'm sorry Isabel, I still haven't avenged your death. Please forgive me.” he sighed, closing his eyes for a few seconds before reopening them. his eyes widened a bit when he saw the flower sprouting from her grave. It was the same type of flower she used to give to Farlan And him when she was little. She was always so sweet. Giving flowers and baked goods to her teachers and neighbors. Anyone who would accept it, she would give too.

he gently touched the petals of the flower, the purple hue igniting his soul. he smiled softly at the ideas that she was here, even after all this time.

The party started soon and he was dreading every moment of it, but he would do it for her. he stood up, a reignited purpose burned in him as he headed to the house. Saturday was going to be interesting, he could feel it.

Chapter Text

Armin’s pov~

“Time to wake up.” I said, throwing a pillow upon Erens bed and hoping I hit his head. I heard muffled grunts of displeasure and smiled. I had hit my target. “It’s almost 9 Eren, time to get up, you have a meeting with the headmaster in an hour and I have class so I can’t be here to wake you up again.” I said putting my hands on my hips. He looked over the edge of the bed and glared at me.

“Why do you insist on depriving me of sleep, what did I ever do to you?” he said, his word still muffled by his pillow. I chuckled.

“You made me late more than 10 times just this semester. I can’t baby you anymore, I’ll lose my job.” I crossed my arms and he looked away. He knew it was true.

“Fine whatever.” He muttered before sliding out of bed. He walked to the dresser and grabbed clothes, then headed over to the bathroom.

“Good. I'm leaving now, make sure you aren’t late for your appointment with the headmaster.” He poked his head out from the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth.

“What does he want?” he asked, toothbrush making him sound weird.

“He wants to talk about your job. He found an opening for you to get to Levi.” I said grabbing my bag and heading to the door. “I’m leaving now. Don’t be late.” I said pointing a finger at him. He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, I know… mom.” He smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and left the room. I had about 10 minutes until class started. I walked down the hallway to my first class and searched through my bag for my report for this period. My search was unfruitful. It wasn’t in my bag. I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to think of where I had put it. I retraced my steps yesterday and realized I had been writing it in Erwin’s office. I had 8 minutes left, if I ran I could make it in time.

I ran to the administration building and into Erwin’s office, my report was laying on the desk. I walked in and grabbed it, then turned around to leave but stopped when Erwin came walking in the door.

“Hello, Headmaster Erwin sir.” I said smiling at the older man. He smiled as well and his eyes softened.

“Good morning Armin.” He paused and looked around confused. “Why are you here, don’t you have a class at 9:30?”

I nodded. “Yes I do sir, but I left my report here and it’s due the first period. “ I held up the portfolio for him to see.

“Ah, I see. I read it by the way." He pointed to my report and he moved around me to sit at his desk. “It really has a lot of good points in it.” He said as he sat down.

“Well thank you. Writing about the biology of what happens to the decaying bodies of vampire victims isn’t exactly my most known topic, so I did a lot of research for it.” I shrugged.

“Seems the research paid off, it’s an excellent paper. You have a talent with writing.” I smiled.

“I try.” I shrugged again, and I heard the bell ring. I looked at my phone, 9:31 am. “I'm sorry but I have to go, the class just started so I have to hurry,” I said walking out the door.

“Wait, Armin. I can give you a pass.” I stopped and looked at him.

“I thought the only passes we have are for teachers, not students?” I had read the handbook at least 3 times, had to for tests to be Erwin’s secretary, and it never said that there were passes for students. Their motto is “not being on time is a punishable crime.” They didn’t take tardiness lightly, and because of this and Eren being lazy, I had cleaned the whole academy more times than I had ever cleaned anything in my whole life.

“Well, yes, but I can make an acceptation for you.” He said getting out of the chair. He walked me to my class and when we entered the room everyone stared.

“Please excuse Mr. Arlert from his tardiness. He was with me, it's my fault he's late." I tried to avoid looking at all the eyes on me. I glanced for a few seconds and my eyes stopped on jean. He was glaring at Erwin with his hands in fists. His eyes darted to me and I immediately looked to my right.

I sat down in my seat and pretended to focus on what the teacher was saying and not the looks the whole classroom was giving me.